How I Run My Business and Travel the World! 🌎

hello from Amsterdam this month I traveled from my home in Panama to Malaysia to London and then to Amsterdam and I wanted to share with you how I run my business while traveling so here are my best tips for making it work first I embrace the mindset that as long as I have my laptop I'm good to go I couldn't run my business from anywhere in the world I just have to be flexible and make it work things are going to be totally different from your time zone to where you're working to how productive you can be and you just have to be flexible and okay with these changes so of course there are going to be times where you are just taking a full-on vacation you're not doing any work at all and that's wonderful and you need to make time for that as well in this video I'm talking about those times where you want to be doing both you want to be traveling and working while you do so now with that in mind it's your business you make your hours when I'm traveling some days I'll work a lot other days I'll work very little and other times I'm working very strange hours for example in Malaysia I was working from like 8 P.M to midnight and that worked because it allowed me to explore during the day and spend quality time with my family so it really depends what we have planned for that day and rather than having super strict set work hours instead I'm planning my work day around any activities or day trips that we want to do now I have to give a disclaimer when I set up my business it was very much with this lifestyle and this level of flexibility in mind so it's really simple I have lots of systems in place and I have mostly passive products that don't require a lot of my ongoing involvement so that has made this a lot more doable so just keep that in mind as you're designing your business like really thinking about the type of lifestyle that you want to lead so having a model like that is going to make doing this much easier if you have a lot of client calls for example it is definitely more difficult and you have to run around to different co-working spaces and be a lot more concerned about the internet connection still there's more co-working spaces than ever so I still think you can make it work so for a trip where I'm going to be working as well here's what I pack my laptop laptop case iPhone iPhone charger Mac charger also this International adapter my notebook pen and then I bring my equipment for filming which is super super simple just my Shure mv7 mic which I love and my Logitech 4K webcam that's what I use for all YouTube videos course videos zoom interviews anything that I might need so for the most part I'm working from cafes Cafe hopping is one of my favorite things to do so I am just putting my laptop in my bag and going adventuring around and trying to find places where they'd be cool if I set up and do a bit of work on this last trip it was really nice we would adventure around and then just do a few pit stops along the way get a little bit of work done or do some journaling and it made for a really enjoyable exploring and work day this is probably the thing I research the most I'm looking for bright spaces with comfy seating and spaces that look like they'd be okay with us pulling out our laptops so I go into Google Maps look for coffee places around me then click on one go into photos and I scroll over to Vibe and I'm like studying studying what the cafe looks like and if I think it's good for work if I have a call or meeting it's possible that I'll be able to do it from my hotel or Airbnb so when I first arrive I do a little speed test see what we're working with and then if not that's when I go to a co-working space they will have awesome internet for you they'll have little call rooms that you can use and you'll be good to go purposely I do keep calls limited but I do have a team meeting every Monday I have a membership where I host a weekly call every Wednesday and then on Friday we have a meeting all about Tim's Club our non-profit that we launched recently so yeah I do have some calls that I need to attend to and I will use zoom for that of course like we are all using for every call now let's say that I need to film in an Ideal World you will batch your content before your trip and then you won't have to do this but you know if you haven't done that like me and you need to do it while you're traveling that's totally okay as well in that case I will do it from my hotel or Airbnb and I am just trying to find the best possible filming position that I can that means that I am working with the natural light and positioning myself to the window as best as I can and just making the best of the situation and the background and trying to make it look as aesthetic as I possibly can sometimes this is going to work great other times not so much but the background is not the most important part of your content so here's an example of what it will look like it's very much a makeshift setup I'll often be sitting on the floor but it totally works so when you travel really use this as an opportunity to get more inspired which you will so this is a huge benefit of traveling you're going to feel more inspired and you're going to feel inspired to create content so while you're there just take as many video clips as you possibly can you're going to be able to use this as b-roll so just footage in the background of your reels your tick tocks maybe in a future YouTube video so just kind of keep that in the back of your mind as well like what can I be filming what can I be capturing um that you can then use in the future so as you can see it's all about being more flexible than usual now I mentioned Zoom for any meetings on top of this I use the tool that I love so much Asana to keep myself organized when you are traveling all around it's easy to feel a bit scatterbrained so having a tool like this it tells me exactly what I need to be doing and when is very helpful that's also what I use to communicate with my team so I'm still able to be totally aware of what's going on in the business and to Outsource things to them and then other than that for any in between communication that we need to do then we're using slack it's just like a little messenger app but for business and it's really handy there's an app on your phone so you're always still plugged in to what's going on and you can be there for your team when needed so that's it it's not too complicated but this is how I make it work I hope this video was helpful for you let me know if you have any questions at all in the comments down below and tell me if you have any trips planned coming up I would love to hear about it thank you so much for watching and I'll see you real soon with another video thank you [Music] foreign [Music]

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