How Digital Creators Build Generational Wealth

how to create generational wealth as a digital creator online step one is all about creating your digital publishing business you could be a YouTuber you could be a Instagram influencer you could go down the path of SEO and blogging so you go create content that helps other people and that's how you grow your audience but then you've got to grow your email list because all these algorithms are a little tricky and they might shut you down so you gotta really build your list and that's the heartbeat of the cash flow from your digital Creator business now most people when they get this digital content business figured out and they start printing cash flow from their laptop they go and jack up their lifestyle right they go buy the new car they go buy the new watches as a way to try to display to the world look how successful I am that ain't the path to generational wealth what you want to do is invest in cash flow assets personally I'm investing in real estate deals with my additional cash flow because I one get an asset that'll be there for a very long time and number two my cash flow is now getting me more cash flow

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