Get RICH with A.I. – I Cracked The Code!

are you tired of all the hype around AI chat GPT and how these tools are supposed to help you get rich well I've got some news for you the real power of AI lies in its ability to make you money not more content and I've cracked the code on exactly how to do just that introducing my secret chat GPT money code in this one hour live training I will show you how to unlock the power of AI to make real money you've probably heard all the buzz about AI being used as a content creator but let me tell you that's just the tip of the iceberg in this training you'll learn how to leverage AI to make money in ways that you never thought possible think about it AI never sleeps it never gets tired and it can analyze data at a lightning fast pace and with this secret chat GPT money code you'll discover how to use AI to find profitable niches create killer content that people will pay for and automate your business so that you can make money even while you're sleeping and the best part you don't need tech skills or experience to get started my secret chat gbt get rich AI code is designed to be easy to understand and Implement even if you're a complete beginner so if you're ready to unlock chat GPT and AI to get rich online smash that like button because we're starting right now [Music] when I first started my business over 20 years ago it was pretty difficult I was trying to make money online trying to figure out this whole internet marketing thing and it seemed like the secret was all in copywriting the kind of words you put on paper and back then before I actually started my online business I was a magician and this is actually what I look like there you go try not to laugh too much but that's the actual ad that I ran in the magic magazines and I ran an ad in the magic magazines that said magic balloons comedy and fun and it cost me about a hundred and seventy dollars to run this ad with my picture in it right and I was able to get like five or six different bookings for magic shows and kids birthday parties and churches and things like that and it was pretty good because I was like okay I'm spending 170 I'm making 600 to 900 a month sometimes even more but I think I can do better and little old magician Marcus actually called up a guy that was in the magic magazine who promised to get me more bookings and he said hey man you know I got this course about doing magic and making money with magic and I've made as much as thirty thousand dollars a month with magic and I was like wow I would like to make that kind of money and yes this does have to do with AI keep watching very important and I was like yeah I'd like to make that money but I don't have any money to buy your course so he said okay come on listen to me I'm going to tell you what to change your ad to and if it works then come back and buy my course with the money you made I said hey fair enough that sounds great right and so he said change your ad from Magic balloons comedy and fun to make your child's party Unforgettable and little old markets over there realize that changing the ad from Magic balloons comedy and fun to make your child's party Unforgettable was the difference between five or six or even seven bookings a month and like 20 to 30 bookings a month or five times the income and I was like wait a minute this is pretty crazy and then I went like crazy trying to learn all kinds of things about copywriting because I was hooked I was like why would just words on paper be the difference between like being able to make a good living and not and so I started studying different things online about copywriting and understanding what's going on and why certain letters in certain magazines would make so much money for example if you were to take a look at some of these ads we have here this one here is for the famous sea monkeys right made a bunch of money I've actually become a collector of these here's another one that started a whole phone company business and then another one here which started the now Nerf business and what we need to understand is that these people writing these ads make lots of money there are people who write ads just like this they change words on paper to make millions and millions and millions of dollars years ago I interviewed someone who was a study he was a student of I believe it was Gary Halbert and he was talking to me about how he started this business and he ran ads online and in magazines and was able to make 77 million dollars in a couple of years and I thought this is this is crazy I mean the most I'd ever made was a million dollars a year so these numbers didn't seem real to me and today fast forward you know I'm not that same person back then I was struggling I wrote my first sales letter in 2001 and it sucked it didn't make any sales it was terrible so what if I could show you a secret code to day to use with AI to make this magic no pun intended happen what if I could show you a way to make that happen where you could sit there and you don't need copywriting skills you don't need to be like these Nerf people going out there and saying hey wait a minute I need to get paid what am I going to write right and you look at this Nerf ad and it's very clearly designed to go to the parents right not the kids because the kids aren't buying anything they're telling their parents to buy stuff which is important and that person got paid a lot of money and today what we're going to talk about ladies and gentlemen is exactly how this works I believe I've cracked one of the biggest codes when it comes to Ai and that is understanding the market and creating something and ladies and gentlemen I got a secret for you that intro that you watched was created with AI more about that in just a minute let's talk about how this stuff works I think we got a lot to go over today we're going to go through this and understand exactly how everything works but first we need to have our coffee here all right so what we're going to do is we're going to go over this chat GPT code we're going to talk about how this is going to make you money now if you're paying attention this could change your life just like years ago when changing an ad changed my life only I didn't know how to write the ads best I could come up with was magic balloons comedy and fun now over the last month I have tried really hard to get chat gbt to replicate those results I've actually gone in and I tried to have it write my magic ad right I think it was down here somewhere where I said write this ad for me and you can see here this is actually the copy from the intro right you can see here this is the exact thing I took out hi there folks because I'm not a country boy right I didn't want to have that in there and I thought it was better just to start it straight away and it was very interesting because I was like wait a minute this is actually as good as stuff that I've written and chatgpt is a robot I'm a human who's been studying copywriting for the better part of 20 years and by studying I mean I'm kind of obsessed with it like I sit there and watch TV and I I get mad when when my wife and kids skip the commercials because to me that's my favorite part because I want to make money now when we start to understand this we can see that AI can actually craft things that are going to make money now a lot of people think that the secret to AI is all in SEO content email content and video content they think that ai's strong point is all about more content how many of you guys by show of hands let me know in the chat box smash the like button tell me somehow if you think the internet needs more content right are you like hey you know what we need more puppy videos and we need more articles that's what the internet really needs is more articles no I don't think so and I think that people are really missing the point when it comes to the power of chat gbt because ladies and gentlemen you sitting right there can make money if you know how to prompt this correctly in this training we are going to go through some prompts that I have some of them that have never been revealed before which are on this page here right and I'm going to show you where to get all these prompts as well because I believe that the power of chat GPT the power of AI sure it writes good content and we're going to have it do that because content brings traffic but how many of you guys have used chat gbt to make content make videos do all this stuff and you're sitting there and you're wondering where the money is you're like okay where when am I going to get paid I've been hearing about this chat gbt stuff and ladies and gentlemen smash the like button if you're excited for this because I'm actually going to show you how to sell a ClickBank product using the power of chat GPT copywriting all right we got a lot to go over I know there's a lot of videos you could go watch right now this one is going to be the one that could possibly change your life if you understand exactly what we're doing here all right so now we have yes chat GPT can make SEO content we go through and I'm like okay great yeah you know I'm using chat GPT all the time to rank for keywords it works right I think we rank for like luxury SUV we rank for a bunch of termite words I rank for some make money words we got sites ranking all over the place they're getting traffic but the problem is how are we going to make money with that and what we're going to do here is we're going to go through and say well I think what we need to do is focus on sales okay very very very important we are going to focus on sales because sales unfortunately because a lot of people hate sales now I'm one of those weird people who's like I love sales I think it's great I I like helping people and I think the reason most people do not like sales is because of the fact that they think salesmen are kind of sleazy they think they're they're not ethical now when I talk about sales what I'm talking about is helping people make informed decisions about products that are really going to help them very important because we look at this and we're like okay how can I turn these things into sales there we go I've got to move the pen otherwise the mouse starts going crazy on me all right the pen actually acts as a mouse and you know all right so what we need to do is we need to focus on sales now I've been playing around with chat GPT for quite some time I am going to give you some of the prompts that I'm going to use today I'll show you where to get and we'll have them copy and paste them and use them to your heart's desire now when we look at this what we notice is that chat GPT does work really good for stuff like this okay I went through and I found out that there was a keyword right so if you go to your keyword tool like this and you type in like how to clean or maybe we could do something over here and do something like uh best time or best day Airline okay best day to buy airline tickets or airplane tickets or whatever okay I think it was best day best time what was best days to buy airline tickets yeah what was the best day to book flights that was it best way to book flights there we go all right and we can see here that best day to book flights was actually a pretty popular keyword and it's like okay it's got some traffic there 15 000 people a month that means of 500 people a day and I think yeah good we are on the right screen that means if 500 people a day are searching for the best time or the best days to book flights now how many of you guys are like okay yeah I could have chat GPT write content for that no problem super easy but Marcus what about the money show me the money right show me the money because yeah anyone can get traffic that's easy what we need to do is we need to understand what to do with this okay so now I can go to chat GPT and I could say yes create me some content and ladies and gentlemen it did a fantastic job booking a flight can be a daunting task finding the right deal can be even and it goes on and tells us everything about hey here's the best time for Delta here's the best time for this here's the best time for this this and this now this is great because I could put this up on Facebook I could make a video I could do SEO I could get traffic of people looking for hey I want to book a flight when's the best time smash the like button if you're getting what I'm putting down here now how do I then turn this into something that's actually going to make money and enter ladies and gentlemen drum roll please smash the like button if you are ready enter prompt number one all right so we're going to go over here and we're going to do prompt number one all right let's go over here there we go we're gonna go over here and we're gonna find prompt number one prompt number one is the Dan Kennedy style ad now I went through and this is the test that I did right this is the one where we went through and talked about the magic thing because I thought to myself if I can reverse engineer what is going on over here right if I can reverse engineer this and go from Magic balloons comedy and fun which made very little money to make your child's party Unforgettable I think we're going to be on to something how many of you guys are excited and you're like yes I think we're on to something here I think if we can if we can trigger this this is going to be a big money maker and it's going to be a heck of a lot of fun so I went through and I said since I Know Dan Kennedy is the guy that the guy who told me the magic ad thing learned from I knew okay yeah he's pretty popular I'm sure people know this guy and I'm sure AI knows this guy too so what I said is rewrite this ad in the style of Dan Kennedy magic balloons comedy and fun your child is the star call Marcus so I went through and I I kind of prompted and went on and said okay uh the first one was are you ready to create a memorable magical experience okay so it already without any prompting it said Memorial which is close to Unforgettable how many of you guys are like oh my God this is just okay I'm getting it because this word is what made the money I think I'm on the wrong camera here let's see this word this word right here this is what made the money okay how many of you guys are like that type Unforgettable in the Box type Unforgettable in the comments if you're like okay I'm getting it this this okay this is making sense so we see that I already did it then I said you know what you wrote a whole paragraph I don't need a paragraph I need I need something better Unforgettable party entertainment magic balloons comedy call Marcus now this is this is getting pretty good this is starting to be like this is what that guy told me that made me money all right how many of you guys are getting It smash the like button this this is going to change the way you do stuff now next I said now make it a statement because this was a statement make your child's party Unforgettable boom statement done deal give me a call right very important it said experience Unforgettable party entertainment with magic so it starts to get a little wonky and a little weird but I think with some ingenuity you can make money how many of you guys are believing this you're like okay I I get it you made money with this this is the same skill that I made money with for over 23 years I've put millions of dollars in my pocket as a solo act until now I got some employees now to help you guys with the stuff we got going on and I'm looking at this and I'm like okay if we can reverse engineer this this is the key this is the key right um and Steve says right when you ask chat GPT to write in the style of Dan Kennedy did it reply I charge nineteen thousand dollars a day and that is what Dan Kennedy charged to write you a sales letter and Now ladies and gentlemen Dan Kennedy is in this and then I went on and I asked it something more intriguing I said from the two ads I provided magic balloons coming fun make a child's party Unforgettable what did we learn wait wait a minute Marcus are you saying are you saying that you can have chat GPT learn stuff you're saying you could have it exactly watch watch what says this is gonna get insane all right now it told me in terms of structure the ads use concise straightforward language and then it says to create a perfect an effective promotional message you need to talk about the benefits and everything like that so it's actually helping me learn then I said because ladies and gentlemen after I ran my magic business I also ran a company that got limousine services search engine rankings so I'd go out there I'd find limousine companies and I would say hey I'm going to get you ranked on the search engines you're going to make money we did a video on this uh Monday you can see it in the description but watch this one first because you're gonna like it here and I was able to get these people customers and I wrote an ad now let's see how it did on that ad and then we're going to talk about how to do this on your blogs even if you don't have an SEO company this is very very important okay so what I said was Now using what we learned wait a minute you just told chatgp to learn something and then it learned it and then you told it to use what it learned on the next thing yeah check this out it said rev up your limo business with high search now I thought that was a little bit cheeky as I gotta rev up your business you know that's like hey you know zoom into sales you know I was like that's a little weird so I said make it a little bit better and it said drive your limo business to success with our expert SEO and booking so okay good then I said make it more like example number two of the ad you just learned about right this is like literally having a copywriter who has all the genius of people that pay lots of money or get lots of money charge lots of money only they don't know it so they charge nothing right they're sitting there and they're like it's like this okay this is the problem with AI here's the problem it's sitting here and it's like gee I don't know what to do because I'm AI I know all this stuff because I'm a a genius but I don't know that I'm a genius and I don't know what to do with it and if you could teach AI what to do with what you want to re to get humans to respond to ads ladies and gentlemen you have a tool in your pocket after watching this webinar you will have a tool in your pocket that's going to walk you through and help you make money when used correctly now disclaimer are you going to go out there and just get rich overnight no the average person trying to make money makes nothing the average person trying to make money also doesn't get what you're about to learn let's talk about this so here we are we're checking this out we're like yes this is looking pretty good and we're getting good ads then I went through and said well make me an email make me an email I made me an email that I can send to limo companies and make this work okay then it went and tweaked it and I had a little bit of test now one of the things that I learned from Gary Halbert who's another good copywriter hint this is coming up in just a minute is using facts in marketing using facts in marketing what kind of facts can I share with people that will make them buy stuff according to the study 90 of limousine companies use online marketing there was another one that said online reviews online reviews and ratings are crucial to the sex success of limousine businesses with 85 percent of customers trusting online reviews that is something that'll sell now I can craft my ad and say hey with our SEO stuff we also handle the online reviews which are 80 percent of all this stuff right very important so we're starting to look at this and we're like great this is working now we wanted or I wanted to take this a step further and say well great Mark is fine you got some magic shows you sold some limousine companies some stuff but Marcus old buddy oh buddy what about me what about you sitting there watching me what are you gonna do with this how is this going to put money in your pocket well get your notepad ready pay close attention and watch this two or three times I'm not kidding there's a lot of stuff you can watch this will actually help you make money if used correctly smash the like button if you're digging it so we're gonna go through and I said all right how about a sales letter could chat GPT write a sales letter and not just any sales letter so I crafted this this is one of many prompts we're going to give you I'll show you where in just a minute write a sales letter in the style of the guy or gal Gary Halbert for the product content at scale that automatically writes AI content and optimizes it for search rankings with table of contents plagiarism Checkers and passes AI content test so I don't really have to do a whole lot I just say hey this is what the product does now write me something get ready this is going to get crazy in just a minute because we're going to go through lots of these I didn't even remember um Sugarman Sugarman would be a good one to use too but we're going through and we're like okay this is it and remember when I started my business I was in this mobile home that got bulldozed like after we moved out of it they bulldozed it and that's it's all history but that's where I learned this skill and you're learning it right now so we're going to go through and it says Dear fellow marketer are you tired of spending countless hours and it goes through and makes us a sales letter now this is like an okay sales letter but again we need to understand some extra stuff what we're going to do is we are going to look at the grates okay when we look at the greats like Gary Halbert we're looking at the structure of the letter all right let's look at this structure here okay here's the structure this is what made money right he's got all this stuff here bullet point bullet point ideas facts everything like that here's another one right how to make money with your credit cards notice the structure another one notice the structure right very important that we look at the structure now I have said multiple times on webinars on trainings on these videos that content structured differently can make you rich and a lot of people think that you know make money online is new but this is an ad from like the 20s they also think that print on demand and everything's new it's been around for a long time that's what you're going to learn here now I wanted to look at the structure so we could say something like now add some features and facts as bullet points okay and it's going to go through and it'll do this for us now notice here features AI powered content generator that produces high quality content at scale optimizes content for search engine rankings increasing website traffic and engagement includes table of contents it's very good then it gives me some facts right very very very cool so I could literally prompt AI to write in the stale the style stale of everyone right anyone I want that has enough content online so I went through and I said well what if we could do this same kind of thing but use old Billy Mays right you remember Billy Mays he's like the guy who sprayed the bottom of the the boat and he's like hey this Flex Seal got me across the Nile or whatever it is great salesman the guy was amazing so I said write a small ad to be shown on a blog post come on come on up here all right we got to pay attention to this here this is very very important okay what I'm doing is I'm prompting AI to note where the person came from okay so in order to get this result in order to get this result here magic balloons comedy and fun and flip it into make your child's party Unforgettable what do we need to know well I need to know where this ad is being run am I going to put it on a billboard on I-5 in LA am I gonna put it in the National Enquirer where am I going to put this ad well I actually put this ad in the Parenting Magazine so knowing that was key and let's test it and see if this actually works the way that we're saying it right so when we go into the magic ad where was it there's one of these here but when we go into the magic ad we could actually go through and say okay how can we make this work for the Parenting Magazine right that would be key and we'll try that in just a little bit there it is okay here it is right now write the magic ad for The Parenting Magazine that helps parents with parenting stuff right it'll handle through and it'll write the ad um actually did that just nail it I mean make your child's party Unforgettable did did that literally just nail it and I think it did and guys I gotta tell you you might be watching this training and you might be saying Marcus this looks too good to be true this looks interesting but does it actually work how do I know that these words are going to make a difference well it's made a difference in my life and millions of other lives that's why copywriting is such an important task so when we're going through we're looking at this and you are getting a skill with chat GPT that could potentially make millions again disclaimer the average person makes nothing the average person trying to make money online doesn't do anything they don't make anything they put five pieces of content out there and say why am I not rich this stuff don't work right well it does work if you actually pay attention so let's keep diving in when I go through and I was saying okay the puppy course okay so this is one I said write a small ad to be shown on a blog post about taking care of a new pup wait a minute so I could go out there and I could say write this ad for this blog post that ranks for this keyword it will get the intent and it will make it work so I went through and I said okay write the ad it's at attention new puppy parents are you struggling to train your furry friend blah blah blah blah good and then I said now write it made some coffee here and the friendly persuasive Style of Billy Mays attention pet parents are you tired tired of dealing with a new puppy who just won't listen do you feel like you're losing the battle against chewed up shoes rip furniture and accidents all over the house will have no fear because the solution to all your puppy problems is I mean how many of you guys are like that'll sell I can turn that into a video just like I turned the beginning of this training into a video from chat gbt that is something where if you had a video with this on your page you have ai created or you do the work to create it yourself this will sell how many of you guys are like that'll sell and if you're not like that old cell trust me I've had billions of visitors to my websites multi-multi-millions of people watching my videos I've made millions of dollars I've made some mistakes in the beginning when I got a lot of traffic I didn't understand this I understood a little bit but then when I got into paid traffic I learned I need if I'm paying for every visitor to my website I need to convert this and that's why I learned this skill and now I'm kind of bummed out because this skill is now in chat GPT all right so we're going through and I'm like okay now right in the persuasive style of Billy Mays and it actually does the work for me right actually does the work for me now I go through and I'm like okay right the beginning of this webinar right now I went through and talked about how to write emails and everything like that now I promised at the beginning of this training that we would actually try this on something live how many of you guys want to see me try this on something live using this ClickBank product how many of you guys are like okay if I could sell this ClickBank product I think it pays 30 to 100 depending on what it is it's called the Nano towel right how many of you guys are like if you could show me how this works how to sell this I will watch every video you put out for the rest of your life now I got to pick that up but anyway how many of you guys are like that smash the like button if you're like yes this will this will be a game changer this will be a game changer all right so here we got these Nano towels cleans only with water safe healthy green economical if you can learn how to write that better or if you could teach AI how to write that better you can make lots of money so let's go through and take a look at what it actually did with the Nano towels so I said two things I said okay could you make me a sales letter and could you make me a infomercial okay now when we go through we're going to look at this I'm going to say okay I need a keyword okay first rule of marketing first rule of marketing marketing 101 is up where do we go I think we lost our camera there let's turn it back on Gotta Love Tech stuff this camera like overheats sometimes I don't know that's what you get for buying fancy cameras markets there you go all right we'll have to use the other one here okay so the first rule of marketing I think we're looking at this one here is no thy visitor right Know Thy visitor if you're gonna do an infomercial you need to know what people are watching on that infomercial if you're doing a live training you need to know what people are watching on the live training there we are the camera is back all right fancy camera you need to know who your person is if you're doing the ad in the magic magazine or in the Parenting Magazine you need to know who you're talking to that is rule number one of copywriting now the cool thing about this is all I got to do is tell AI what's going up right I'm like hey here's what we're gonna do so what I'm going to do is I'm going to find a keyword that I think I could use to get lots of traffic that would be interested in the Nano towels okay that's our goal that's our project that's what we want to do now I can get traffic anywhere how to clean a TV screen 24 000 visitors a month right so I could go through and talk about how to clean a TV screen I can go over to chat GPT and I could say and and one of the things we need to learn too is to kind of like rig the game in our favor and prompt this to think like us but also like the copywriters in a very simple way so we'll go through and I'll say right Let's see we could use a little prompt here an article about how to clean a TV screen using paper towels and other items okay so it's going to go through and it's going to write this now I'm going to pretend that this is the best article on planet Earth or pretty good okay that's actually not that bad all right so now what we have here is a loaded piece of content okay now I got a little confession to make all right let's go over to the the confession box all right I got a little confession to make and that confession is is that whenever I write a blog post make a video any piece of content online I rigged the game in my favor by purposely loading it with stuff that I think will sell like if I find a keyword how to clean a TV I don't just want to make an article about how to clean a TV I want to get paid right how many of you guys out there you want to get paid and you're like I want to get paid that's what I want to do I don't want to mess around I want to get paid and the way you're going to get paid is by creating this article with the purpose of selling a product creating content with the purpose of making the money this is super important 99.9 percent of online would-be money makers miss this they just create content because they feel like it I never do that I look at the data so and that ladies and gentlemen that's what chat tpd and AI does it looks at the data so we're going to go through and I'm going to make this piece of content loaded by saying paper towels now I thought of that because I'm like okay what is this replace this replaces paper towels so I could go through and be like hey are you tired of wasting paper towels get these towels but instead of Chachi PT is going to say some stuff that'll make it sell okay so we're gonna go through and Drew says links are most important not necessarily I think what's most important is the verbiage right because if you have links and I have the right verbiage I win okay very important so we're gonna go through and we're like okay here's our article on cleaning the TV with this so we already got microfiber cloth so now I could go through and I could say great now knowing the audience wants to clean stuff and not spend money on paper towels they are gonna throw away throw away write and add for the Never throw away Nano paper Nano towels or whatever okay this will go through and it'll write an ad for this now it does this ad now I can include this ad on my page you might say well Marcus isn't this going to ruin the SEO well it might it absolutely might ruin your SEO but but if it isn't that the whole point Marcus don't you want to get rankings yes so what I'm going to do ladies and gentlemen come on up here this is this is another secret that I've learned from doing this since pretty much the dawn of time right I do have gray hairs if you look closely which thanks to our new overhead hair light they probably show better than ever but at any rate what I'm going to do trick of the trade is I'm going to make this sales letter ready ready ready you're gonna love this an image I'll just take an image program I'll snapshot this I'll make it look pretty and I'll put that image right there in the text there you go pretty simple and then I make the image clickable right so I would have a little Blue Link at the bottom that says click here to get the Nano towels boom that is going to get conversions now I can also go through and say now make it small enough to fit on a banner ad okay do I want a banner ad there you go so that would fit on a banner ad okay introducing never throw away Nano towels eco-friendly and cost effective cleaning solution our Advanced nanotechnology or whatever it is right very simple how many of you guys are getting this right you're like okay this this is making sense because now I could literally take any keyword why isn't my dog eating okay so we could go through create content about why isn't the dog eating and then we could say um in the style of copywriter Gary Halbert Wright and info info this is a new one I'm learning as we're going along here right in advertorial about why dogs don't eat then talk about pet insurance and some of the costs of Pet Health Care without insurance and sell the insurance at the end for just seven dollars a month okay boom have you ever wondered why your furry companion sometimes tends to not eat it's going to talk about it and then it goes into pet insurance now add some benefit bullet points about pet insurance costs versus expenses and how much they can save boom so we're going to go through and now we're getting this and we're like oh now I got something I can use right how many of you guys are understanding this and you're seeing the power of weight this is ai's hidden money code this is something that you could use for anything you want to make your your Facebook posts better you can use this again what we can do is we can take a list of these top copywriters and we can say right in the style of now of course you want to be ethical copywriting you have to be ethical you have to be ethical in everything but copywriting when you're talking about persuasive stuff it's very important to always be ethical always make sure that it's not plagiarized but we can go through and use these we could say now use the style of Joe Sugarman I think that's how you spell it Sugar Man there we go Sugar Man no h there we go right and then I will go through and I'll talk about this and these people have cumulatively sold billions of dollars of product so if I could go through and use billions of dollars of experience and have ai do what it does best which is analyze immense amounts of data right when I was first learning here's what I did right so this is what I did I was first trying to learn copywriting I was stuck no one was teaching me anything I I didn't know what to do I was like how am I going to get this how am I going to write a letter so people buy now I was good at sales I remember back then I was selling computers I had the the single biggest sales day of custom computers sales Staples had seen in history all right one day we sold a bunch of computers got them all the warranties and all the fancy stuff they told me to sell and I was like yeah I know how to sell like bring me someone I know how to sell but when it comes to writing I was not good I'm not a good writer you guys have seen the way I spell and it's atrocious you've seen the way I think and it's like all over the place and jumbled and everything like that but what if I had an aid what if I had someone here that was like Hey I know how to copyright I've made millions of dollars a year and I'm gonna work for you for free I'd be like okay you kidding me right now like you're gonna work for me for free and do all the stuff that I don't know how to do all I need to know is how to prompt you okay very very very very very important so now we can go through and say yes I have this at my disposal but when I first started I would have to go to sites like which wasn't around back then so you know what I did and here we go we have another confession time here I don't know it's the confession camera working I don't know it was working we'll go to the other one I'll go to this one here there we go right when I first started uh we didn't have big swipe files online we had some but not a bunch okay and I had to go and get National enquirers so I'd go every time I would get groceries I would go and get a stack of national enquirers and I knew that the people who wrote National Enquirer paid a lot of money for those ads so they had to convert and that was super super important and like uh silver had said they learned from Ben savinga's uh bullets and in his copywriting is great that's another one we can put in here as well but when we start to understand that wait a minute this like I know a lot of people talk about AI as a game changer and it is in a lot of instances and in a lot of other instances it's scary it's like what's what's going to go on I mean are people going to be out of jobs I don't know but if you learn this skill and you understand this I believe that you can kind of get through whatever you need to get through because it's going to help you with that edge right what we need is The Edge and that's what I needed back here when I was in the mobile home and I was broke and I was trying to do magic shows and I was trying to learn this stuff and now I don't have to look at a bunch of ads I don't have to read all this stuff I don't have to endlessly comb through these things and try to decide how to make it the way I want I could literally take one of the best ads I think let's try this out you guys want another example here okay let's do this one here okay this one here is they all laughed when I sat down at the piano but then I started to play okay so I could go through and I could say in the style of this famous ad write and add for reusable paper towel towel product Nano towels okay let's see how it does they laughed when I grabbed the Nano towel but when I started to clean are you tired of constantly buying disposable paper towels that only end up in the trash well say goodbye to wastefulness and hello to the future of cleaning with I mean how many of you guys are like uh I think a lot of copywriters are not going to be happy about this because that's something that I mean you might have paid two thousand dollars for something like that how many of you guys are getting this smash that we should be at like five bazillion likes uh why don't I use chapter pt4 it's a little limited and slower um and I just didn't click it I don't think it makes a difference here like I don't really think you're going to get that much different of an output you could try it I mean no harm no foul right but now we're starting to understand hey I can make this work and when we start to look at this let me see here ClickBank Nano towel affiliate program um let's see I'm not sure where I would have to log in to see but I think it pays like 80 per sales or whatever yeah Anthony another one John cappells and we could go through and use all these things and make it work in a very very simple way and this if you get the idea that I'm thinking of this would work really good on social media right it's like okay that that would work I see that as a thumbnail um and you could even just put instead of just take Nano out I'm a big fan of not using the product name in the headline Steve says Dave D would be proud of me yeah exactly that's the guy who I learned uh the magic ad from and I thought that was important and that literally changed my life understanding the difference between this stuff I was able to go through and say hey now write me a a pet insurance one or or nanotel or whatever it is and now I can say now adapt this two people looking to clean their fridge okay and it'll literally adapt it for whatever you want and this is important because a lot of people when it comes to online marketing they use a one-size-fits-all approach and this is why they don't make money they have blogs with multiple posts they get lots of traffic and they use the same exact banner ads on every page every post no no no no you want custom stuff if you have a blog post that's getting a thousand visitors a month you need to maximize those thousand Visitors by talking to the person directly by understanding hey I can make content that is going to speak to exactly what they want Trevor says would that ad go within the content like between paragraphs excellent question let's let's address that so if we were to go through and take a look at our TV cleaning guide okay so if we have our TV cleaning guide which is right here okay I would probably have I would go through and say um I I would go through and say make a short ad on why Nano towels are better than micro fiber boom that so this here I'm going to stick right under microfiber cloth now I'm going to do this as an image that way it doesn't affect my content right that way it's like boom there we go now when it talks about distilled water okay maybe I could sell like a distilled water thing but I don't I think that's a stretch right we don't want anything that's too outlandish like if I'm talking to you about making money with chat GPT and getting rich with chat GPT and AI you're not going to want like my tips on how to ride your bike to work nobody cares about that you're here for a specific reason so I don't think I'd go too outlandish this one here so like this we start to think different and we could say how much does the average U.S household spend on paper towels each year okay so um the average household spent around forty dollars man I spend way more than that yeah I think we're getting paper towels maybe we're doing so maybe I need the Nano towels but at any rate we're looking at this we're like okay we can find facts um I think this is actually talking about per time or something maybe I don't know like those big packs or whatever Costco you're like hey yeah I got the pack that doesn't even fit in my house but it was four dollars each right um but we could go through and we could make this work in a really simple way there's another one it talks about streaks uh we could do clean windows right how to clean windows and I would just I would just put clean windows isolate that how to detail your car right this would be perfect so you could say uh now adapt it for someone detailing their car okay now adapt the ad for someone detailing their car okay and we're starting to look at that we're like yeah that Phil's like me we get a lot of paper towels I don't know we just spill lots of stuff um attention car enthusiasts want to keep your car looking pristine so I would just get rid of this I mean I could put that there but again like when I'm doing this let me see if I can do this here I'll show you what this would look like and then you can you can see exactly how to put this on your blog just give me one second here open up a product let's see okay so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to use something like snagit and I'll just do file new and then what I'm going to do is a average blog is about 980 wide if you include the borders and stuff then I can go through and say okay how tall do I want it to be let's say 200 we'll do white since background on my blog is white and then all I need to do is take this get some text okay get rid of all this fancy stuff here and make it nice and small right so then I can go through and take my text like this attention car enthusiast I'm just going to do keep your car looking pristine without spending a fortune on cleaning products then I would do like that and then we don't need a whole lot of the other stuff because um let's see Ctrl Z cleaning towels today yeah so we would just do a little Banner ad like this fancy it up and what I usually do is I'll do this in bold right we want to get we want to get clicks that's the key attention car Enthusiast then I will do this and I put get your Nano towels today all right and then this we're going to make it super easy a lot of people under Marcus your sights are so simple that's the point I mean I know they look outdated but that's what converts I'm going to keep doing what converts until it stops converting and so far it has not and I found that red gets attention blue underline gets a click right so we're just going to make this super simple and we can even make it a little bit bigger again remember it's our blog so we can make the banner size whatever we want right and we're going through here and it's like there you go how many of you guys are like yeah that on a blog post would get some clicks and that literally took me 25 seconds to make how many of you guys are like this is the key um I didn't get rid of it because attention does grab attention so that can work um or you know you could try it without but I do like it with that I did change my mind on that there you go right and then you can put a picture of a car or whatever but now that you're understanding how this works it's like wow I could use chatgpt to get the intent of what these people are looking for right and then there we go or let's say you're doing a video and one of the things that I've gotten really good at I remember uh years ago I was doing a video with my buddy Nick and um Nick was he added me on his video he has a big following and this is back when I was first starting to do a lot of YouTube stuff and he was like oh my gosh dude you got 10 of the people who watch the video to go to our website and I'm like yeah that's what I do he's like I've never gotten that many people to go to a website and he was astonished at how much money it made um and it was all in what we said and that was super important and if you watch again again watch this video several times because in the beginning that was made by AI now I did tweak it a tad bit okay I like I took out a couple things I added a little bit but we were able to make it in a simple way now Kieran says would you make the whole Banner clickable or just the whole thing is going to be clickable because it's going to be an image yeah it's all going to be clickable okay uh can you try and including neuro-linguistic programming into the copies asking check GPT to write in the style of bandler and John grinder well um I don't know if they are popular enough they might be but I think if you ask it to write in the style of Richard bandler which if you've listened to his stuff some of it is like yeah I don't want it that way but you could say learn from the the hypnotism style or whatever it is and then write I would actually think that if you're looking for that I would say now right in the style in the hypnotic writing style of uh what's his name Joe Vitale this is the guy who's popular for making or he he made the the secret popular so this will kind of do that there picture this your car glimmering in the sun and the Envy of all who's seen it you're not just so that would make that now if you said now in the style of Richard bandler okay um I don't know how it would do it didn't look like it changed a whole lot right but we were trying different things like simplifying language if you want to simplify language you could put Donald Trump in there right and it'll simplify it now in this style of Donald Trump because he has a very I think a lot of the the way people listen to him is because the speech is very simple to pay attention to um these towels are not just any towels they're the best towels they're tremendous they're incredible and so it does Believe Me Nobody claims better than me but these towels come pretty close it actually does a really really good job of this and now we can understand that we can use chat gbt and AI to unlock the secret of getting money online which is writing the ads that make the money and when you start to understand this we can use all these prompts in a super simple way right you could go through and use them like this one here I'll give you this one live on the screen it's write a sales letter in the style of salesperson copywriter for the product describe the product to an audience searching for put the keyword in there and we start to understand exactly what's going on and and this is really going to be a game changer because now you don't have to pay copywriters and and stuff like that now are there still going to be plays for them of course there will but once we understand that this will do the job for us right and and it even goes further I'm going to have these prompts over at and if you guys like my stuff and you want to join and and learn from me each and every week live where you can ask direct questions get help on your specific stuff check out but to take this a step further we could even go through and say now write a salesy tick tock script for an ad about these towels right and it'll go through and it'll do the job for us and again this is something where let's say you wanted to um sell these Nano towns let's say you want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year with these or something like that and I do believe again results not typical implied or guaranteed but I do believe that this is something where there are people making a hundred thousand dollars selling stuff like this or or software or tools or whatever it is or cleaning stuff there's so many things out there even CPA offers this works for literally everything but you could go out there and you can you can clean different things and have chat GPT write the call to action at the end right you could say um now write it as a five second call to action at the end of a tick tock video where I clean carvants or whatever okay and I will say upgrade your cleaning game and never throw away Nano tells again or today and you could say now in the style of Joe Sugarman now in the style of Joe Vitale or whoever it is right I think there was a David Ogilvy David Ogle V right and it'll go through and it's going to do this in a simple way and you can prompt it to where you're getting the end result that you want now shorter please right and it'll go through upgraded your keeming cleaning game and everything like that and it'll literally help you do this stuff in a real world way now there are some things you need to learn about how to prompt and knowing what is best I think the best way to do it would be put all of your thoughts and emotion aside and look at what you would respond to or split test them right you could go through and test add one versus add two see what works try this one on this video this one on that video test the key to advertising and making money online is knowing your metrics knowing what it costs to get a customer knowing what it costs to get someone to click an ad knowing what it costs to to get this and knowing what you're making so even if you're doing uh free traffic right if you're getting free traffic from the search engines you need to know how to convert that in a very simple way and when you understand that Ai and chat GPT can make you rich if you focus on the right type of stuff if you're focusing on getting it to speak in a way that will get people to click that'll get people to keep watching that'll get people to keep doing this if you're doing videos right you could rewrite your video script in the style of the guy in your Niche that gets more traffic the guy who gets more stuff you could go out there if you're doing blog posts you could say hey I want to write in this way right and and when you study this stuff like the world that I came from when I had to learn it back in the old day right I came from the world where you had to read ads we we learned from infomercials we learned from commercials we learned from National Enquirer ads and all this other stuff and if you guys smash a like button I might just test an ad for you guys from chat gbt and one of those in one of those things to see how it goes but I think if you understand how this works it unleashes everything right we could go out there and start creating advertisements that get results and when I started to learn this it was it was difficult it was almost impossible we had to test like when I did that magic ad I had to spend 170 dollars which back then may as well have been 10 zillion dollars because I didn't have it but I'm like I'm going to take a risk because that's what I'm going to do and I spent the 170 and it took two months for the ad to come out so I had to wait two months before I even knew that the ad was actually going to show up in the newspaper and then I had to say well I hope that people call and you know what when I first did my ad a couple of people called and I was happy I was like okay cool if I could get my 170 back it's a learning lesson that I didn't have to pay for and then I went through it I'm like okay let's try this other AD this this Dave guy says to run and I did that and I was like hey that's pretty cool like now I'm getting to where it's making more money the ad costs the same amount it ran in the same magazine yet now I'm making way more money why words on paper and Gary Halbert always said that the most powerful force in the universe is words on paper and it's interesting because it really is I mean have you ever gotten a letter of bad news or happy news yeah or you get one of those things in the mail that's like hey you won and you're like did I win and then they're like no but if you buy this stuff you might win and you're like damn it that sucked right and you start to look at that but it got you two open and that is what was the key back then companies Banks stores would pay millions and millions billions cumulatively every year for people to write ads for them right that ad that cost x amount you look at the Super Bowl right do you know they pay more to create the ad than the ad actually is Oh Marcus you don't understand it's five million dollars a minute yeah what do you think it costs to get the guy to come up with that a lot of money and if you can understand that hey chat GPT is like the craziest data analyst on planet Earth and it will analyze data to give you facts that will convert your audience into dollars and big dollars I'm talking big dollars very very important uh top says I was always taught that word of mouth is the best advertisement that's what the network marketing companies have taught us and it is like if I go tell someone hey I went and got my hair cut over here they're gonna go get their hair cut over there because I said it but it's limited word of mouth is always limited unless you go viral but that's a different story and chat GPT is going to help us do that uh silver says knowing the right prompts changes everything absolutely can you do the Google ad test with a single page Lander like on your sites yes we have a lot of tests that are in the work so it's going to be really really good um and if you start to understand that here on this channel we teach you stuff that actually works Based on data based on stuff that I've been doing for most of my life right for the better part of my life I've been immersed in marketing and immersed in understanding this stuff and I believe that sharing it with you is going to help us all as a whole as a community and you know I just share whatever I can because I think this will help you and when you get results come on over to and join and I'll help you out if you want the prompts from this video we're going to have a big list they're not ready yet but if you go there I will email them to you I'll be sending out a list of some of these prompts and when you start to understand okay I can have it write me headlines or intros or um whatever it is and and it will understand the intent I think that it's very very important and like Anthony says ad agencies are cash printing machines they are ad agencies make so much money it's not even funny it's not even I mean it's crazy and when you understand that advertising is such a huge industry and Now ladies and gentlemen I don't know if you understand what you just got if you understand it smash that like button because if you understand what you just got it is something that other people are charging way way lots of money for I mean I've paid ten thousand dollars for courses that didn't teach me what you can do with chat GPT based on what you just learned right now and if you appreciate that smash the like button check out join and we will see you in the next training

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