From $20/hr to $1,000,000+ Online! Here’s how…

I went from making twenty dollars an hour as a customer support rep getting yelled at on the phone by people to making millions online here's how the first and most important thing is I shifted from being a consumer of content to being a creator of content the whole internet business game is built on creating and Publishing content so flipping that switch from consumer to Creator is the first big once I got into motion publishing then it was about building skills because my first pieces of content weren't all that good so I learned the skill of creating videos the skill of writing blog posts the skill of search engine optimizing the content that I was publishing and kept stacking those skills on while continuing to publish over and over and over again this is where the money comes in it's focusing those skills and that publishing effort towards growing your email list because your email list is your distribution system that's how you sell and recommend the products as an affiliate or products that you create that's the asset that you own that really is the cash flow generator in your business

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