From $0 to $100,000/yr as a Digital Creator.

these are the five phases that every Creator goes through on their path to creating a full-time income online number one who am I going to help and what am I going to help them with a lot of people call this your Niche and the solution here is to just get in motion start publishing content and see what the algorithm deems as useful to other people number two how do I grow my audience and how do I grow my traffic keep publishing those useful things that seem to be working in the algorithm and you will eventually get phase three is the how do I grow my email list phase and this will help you make more money because all the money's made in email and you'll also Safeguard your long-term success because you're Diversified against that platform in case they decide to turn you off phase four is what does my audience like to buy this is testing offers you can test them as an affiliate you can run ads you can create your own offers and services and coaching etc etc but you're testing to find what your audience loves to buy on a regular basis number five is how do I get help how do I automate how do I Outsource and that's the fun part when you're making enough money to get other people to do the Lego

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