Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas Make Money Without Showing Your Face on YouTube

Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas Make Money Without Showing Your Face on YouTube
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16+ faceless youtube channel ideas.

If you don't want to be on camera or don't have much money for equipment, here are some video ideas to consider:

Social Media posts with commentary:

Social media posts with commentary have been shown to have a higher engagement rate than those without. They can also be more useful for your brand, as they provide an opportunity to provide additional information and context for the original post.

On Reddit, people share their opinions on different topics. As a result, you can share your thoughts on the channel and the best comments you saw.

They use the best photos on Reddit as their visual media while adding funny commentary as the audio.

Live commentary for an event

A new kind of video that seems to be catching on lately is live commentary during live events (like sports).

If you are a TV station, ask yourself what people do not like about your sports coverage. As an example, many viewers do not like the commentators the TV station picks to cover certain sporting events.

This is where you can come in and be the alternative while getting paid to do so.

YouTube Live can be a great tool for brands to use during events. For example, you could do commentary on the Super Bowl and viewers would tune in to your YouTube page while watching the game.

A famous podcaster who actually does this is Joe Rogan. When he's not commentating in person at a UFC or other martial arts event, he'll sometimes have a live “Fight Companion” show with some of his best friends on YouTube.

Explaining or drawing on a whiteboard

Another popular way to create YouTube videos without being in front of the camera is by drawing things on a whiteboard. This can be done in stop motion, or it can be done frame-by-frame.

This is a very effective way to make videos without you actually having to appear in them.

What other ways can you think of to show off your skills to your potential employer? Perhaps you could use a virtual paintbrush to draw on a whiteboard or just show off your artistic abilities.

Translated titles:
Las ideas de canales de YouTube sin rostro hacen dinero sin mostrar su rostro en YouTube

Ideen für gesichtslose YouTube-Kanäle verdienen Geld, ohne Ihr Gesicht auf YouTube zu zeigen

Les idées de chaînes YouTube sans visage gagnent de l'argent sans montrer votre visage sur YouTube

Idéias de canais sem rosto do YouTube ganhe dinheiro sem mostrar sua cara no YouTube

Gezichtsloze YouTube-kanaalideeën Verdien geld zonder je gezicht op YouTube te laten zien

Le idee per i canali YouTube senza volto fanno soldi senza mostrare la tua faccia su YouTube

Ansiktsløse YouTube-kanalideer Tjen penger uten å vise ansiktet ditt på YouTube

Pomysły na kanały bez twarzy na YouTube Zarabiaj pieniądze bez pokazywania twarzy na YouTube

Идеи безликих каналов на YouTube зарабатывают деньги, не п

Ansiktslösa YouTube-kanalidéer Tjäna pengar utan att visa ditt ansikte på YouTube

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