Everything I Use Kartra For in 2023 (Online Course & Marketing Platform)

I've talked about this tool a lot so in this video I wanted to share with you everything that I'm using kartra for kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to create sell and Market your products online effectively I use it for pretty much everything so let me walk you through that from the beautiful set of Santa Catalina Panama so the first thing I use kartra for is to sell my online products so for me that's primarily online courses but I've also used this to sell workshops memberships and you could use this to sell your group program or one-on-one coaching it's really nice and simple to set up it connects with a stripe and PayPal and then once you've done that setup let's use passive profit accelerator as an example you can quickly and easily generate a checkout page like this or you can use it to create a full sales page like this which I also created in kartra what I love overall is the ease of use of kartra and having everything in one place actually becomes so powerful and really streamlines your entire business so in the product level it's very easy to create different price points to tag them correctly and send them all follow-up emails that they need and what Karcher also allows you to do is create an affiliate program this means that anyone can become an affiliate of your online course and promote your online course in exchange for a commission so this is really amazing not only can you use this for all of your happy students once they complete the course they can sign up they can become an affiliate and tell all their friends about this but you can can also use this with industry partners of yours so people that are serving a similar ideal client as you you can partner up with them they can promote your course and you can promote theirs so whenever it's more sensitive data like this I will blur it out but we use kartra to manage our entire affiliate program so it helps us keep track of what everyone has earned what we owe them and we can mark it off once we have sent through that payment and what I love is Affiliates can promote all your different products and for every product you can set multiple different affiliate links that you would like them to promote so for example we have a launch coming up for Passive profit accelerator so I have it where they can send people to our free challenge so kartra is going to track this and anyone who signs up for the challenge and then ultimately ends up joining us in PPA that affiliate will get a commission so this really helps get the word out about your products the next thing I'm using Karcher for is all all email marketing so literally every single thing when it comes to marketing your business with email so for example kartra allows you to create beautiful landing pages just like this for any freebie or event that you're doing so when someone clicks this they can sign up and be added to your email list and then we're using it to send out all emails just like this and I really love how custom you can make them look but not just broadcast newsletter style emails like this we also use it for all sequences so for example when someone joins PPA we want to send them a series of emails checking in on them making sure that they are supported and moving through the course so this sequence functionality this is what you'll use for this but it's also what allows you to create sales funnels inside of your business and that is how you get those automated sales or if you ever hear me say sales in your sleep this is how it's happening and kartra is particularly powerful because it has this countdown timer built in so this allows you to share limited time promotions with your audience and kartra allows you to not only do this as a real-time countdown timers but also on an evergreen basis so huge points for your sales funnel so for any page that you need to create in your business so landing page sales page checkout page you can do that in kartra and it really is very flexible so really we're able to achieve any look that we want there is definitely a learning curve but once you're comfortable with this you'll find it's super customizable then I also use cartridge to host all of my online courses so this is where students will actually come and log in and then once they do this is what they will see or they can watch the video download the transcripts slides get all the information that they need and the look of this is actually quite customizable this is just the one I chose but you can change the layout of this and then even with like all of these little sections and buttons all of that is drag and drop and you can move it around and order it however you want all right so what else are we using this for we are using this for data this is going to give you so much information about your business and how your marketing is performing so the first thing I want to show you is how much information you can get from each individual lead so if I click on my name right here then I can see exactly how I've interacted with the business so everything that I've downloaded signed up for purchased all of that is here right if I go to memberships I can see everything that I'm a part of orders I can see what orders I've placed and what's really cool is this log feature that literally shows you everything right I can see membership granted email sent I can see that I open the email then went to this page it gives you a lot a lot of info and then not just this of course you are going to get detailed statistics on everything so every email you send how people are progressing through your course how your email sequences are performing and then for every newsletter that you send out every email within a sequence you're going to be able to see exactly how that is performing so this is really helpful for building your business now there are tons of other features over here on the left but for the most part that's everything that I use as you guys know I love to keep things simple so you can host videos in kartra you can book appointments with calendars you can send out surveys so for example here is a survey that we send out to better understand our audience and where they're at in their business Journey so that is something else you can use kartra for there's a help desk feature and then there's campaigns now this one I actually use because within kartra I'm able to create templates for all of my client client so if you are in the marketing space at all you can use kartra and you can template all of your emails Pages everything that you need then I save it as a campaign and I share with all of my students and clients so that is really cool and you can also use this to really save some time as well so that is everything that I use kartra for in my next video I'm going to walk you through how to get started in cartridge so stay tuned for that and I'll walk you through it if you are now sold and you want to use this too click the link in the description below and you will get my free kartra roadmap which walks you through exactly how to set it up correctly on top of this if you use my affiliate link I will send you a free gift thank you so much for watching and I'll see you real soon with another video [Music] thank you foreign

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