Earned $185,304 🤯 How to Make Money with Canva (EASY ARBITRAGE METHOD)


this shop has made thirty thousand eight hundred and eighty four sales at an average price of about six dollars so roughly about 185 000 in Revenue every day people go to this website called etsy.com and they search for canva templates that they want to buy and you can create and sell canva templates and get paid twelve dollars to twenty dollars per sale step one go to erank.com and get a free account then make sure that you've selected keyword Explorer and Etsy and type in canva template that will give you a list that people are actually searching for on Etsy can have a journal template though is really good there are a lot of people searching for it and the competition is very low and is a super simple template that you can easily make yourself step two go to canva and then click on create design canva already has Journal templates you can start from one of these pre-made templates or create your own from scratch go back to Etsy and create your own listing similar to this it has low competition so you'll be able to get search traffic from Etsy and find buyers grab my free guide to learn how I make money online at contendo.com or click the link in the description below or buy Above

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