Don’t make this mistake when starting out on YouTube.

I got some hardcore subscribers who've been with me since I had 350 subscribers 500 subscribers and they've watched this Evolution take place and being able to go back today for you even if you're a new viewer and go look at that Evolution it's going to help you so you don't run the mistake of comparing your step one with my step 758 if you start comparing your video output when you're working on video 4 with what I'm doing you're making a gigantic mistake because I've put in 750 plus reps at this game and you've put in four reps if you watch a Creator like man I love how they make videos I feel like they're so far ahead and I'm so far back here go watch their oldest videos I guarantee you you'll find that they came from humble beginnings too so you need to give yourself that freedom to put out those humbling videos my video number one makes me cringe it is cringeworthy to me where I was and now I leave it up as a badge of honor so you don't start thinking that like I had some magical abilities when I started this no I just started

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