Don’t Fall For These Affiliate Marketing Scams!

don't fall for these internet marketing scams let me explain how these things work because it's a scheme that's as old as dirt the first time I got suckered into one of these hustles I was like 12. it was an ad in the Penny Saver and it said learn how to make money at home stuffing envelopes I was like cool so I bought it my dad was pissed because I spent all my allowance money I was like 50 bucks so I get this little pamphlet back and inside the pamphlet it's like cool here you go step one photocopy the pamphlet step two run the exact same ad that you just saw in all the newspapers and voila you'll make money stuff in envelopes my dad was pissed and I was like huh that's kind of shady that exact same scheme is running day and night 24 7 on YouTube ads on Facebook ads they start out advertising and selling education internet marketing education and then as you get going you realize oh I have to spend more in order to then be at that next level where I can resell that thing that I just bought the only people who make money with these things are people with big lists and questionable ethics do this instead watch this video link in the comments it's the top video on my channel

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