Do you need to buy the products that you review?

how do you do the reviews when you don't buy all the products to give an honest review so the the niche I chose I have a lot of the I have a lot of this stuff around uh it's something I've used for for years I have affinity for but it's a great question right so modern is a great review website they've done well they do uh vacuum cleaners mops uh smart home things I think smart home stuff is really smart and he buys it he literally buys it and at this point he's got enough traffic and enough clout that they give it to him but if you were going to do if I was going to do vacuum I'll use me if I was going to do vacuum cleaner reviews um you could spend 500 bucks on a vacuum pretty easily and there's probably some shark NATO vacuums that are like 150 that do that job well how do you know go to the vacuum store go to the Walmarts go to every Big Box store get hands on it play with it work it bounce it fill it shake it drop it not not terribly drop it but like does is it plasticky like like go get pictures of your Hands-On like just be resourceful I guess is what I'm saying

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