DO THIS to MAKE MONEY on Instagram: $700,000 a Month

here is how to make 700,000 a month on Instagram this person here Chelsea the affiliate is a triple diamond affiliate with legendary marketer Diamond means they've made a million in commissions she is a triple diamond which means she's made 3 million and she made 870k last month alone here is how you can replicate some of her success step one find an affiliate offer for example on ClickBank here is a number one diet offer that pays 138 per sale step two create a profile on Instagram that matches the offer you're promoting take the affiliate link and copy this link take this link and shorten it with bitly to make it look nicer then take this shortened link and put it into your profile over here find most viral reels in your Niche and replicate them and in your reals tell everyone to come back and click the link in your bio when they buy this product you get paid this much in commission grab my full affiliate marketing guide at subscribe and follow for more

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