Do Facebook Ads Still Work In 2023?

before I reveal my five secrets to success with Facebook ads it's worth asking do Facebook ads still work now that we're entering 2024 so recently the team over at Sam cart did a deep dive study from 17 000 course creators who are all selling their own products and totaling 3.5 billion dollars in sales and out of those 19 niches 18 of 19 had Facebook as their number one customer acquisition Channel now the link to that report will be below if you want to read the whole thing but the truth is that Facebook as of right now is still the hottest and most valuable customer acquisition platform out there by far so let's jump in how do you get Facebook ads working for you right now number one is really leveraging their Ai and their machine learning there was a time on Facebook ads when we wanted to tell them all of the different interests we wanted to put lots and lots of parameters on their ad platform to focus them down to a specific group group of people I want people who like this software tool to see my ads I want people who like this influencer to see my ads this was called interest based targeting it's gone right get rid of it so what we do now is we run very open uh campaigns and what we're doing is we're allowing that Ai and that machine learning that has thousands of data points about the purchase history um The Click behavior all of those little micro behaviors that Facebook's collecting on each and every one of us they apply that for your campaigns for you helping you get your message in front of more potential customers at a better value okay so number one is really leaving those interests wide open and letting that machine learning work for you number two is focusing in on conversion ads now yes this is technically like a box you check on the path of creating your own ad right it's in the ad campaign level or the ad set level that you do choose a conversion ad but I need you to think broader of this and what I mean is if you don't have a conversion mechanism built there's no reason for you to be running Facebook ads okay so if you don't have an opt-in page that has a one-time offer behind it a one-time offer being a sales page that would make you money or if you're not sending traffic to a sales letter that has a high likelihood of making you money you shouldn't be spending money on Facebook ads okay so what we learned from the Sam cart data was that it's a customer acquisition Channel which means you need to have products and you need to have sales messaging before you ever start running your ads now once you have them it's a wonderful start to just run five dollars per day in Facebook ads to start getting data on how good is my sales copy converting right that data that you can get from running even five dollars ten dollars per day in ads it's brilliant data to help you move forward but until you actually have a sales mechanism and or an opt-in mechanism with a sales mechanism behind it you shouldn't be running Facebook ads you should be going all in on creating wonderful products that your people already want and you should be creating wonderful sales copy that sells your products for you number three is the ad copy itself so as we've seen this shift in the actual process of running Facebook ads from Super focused targeting to wide open targeting the one thing that we really control are the words and the imagery and the videos that we put inside of our advertisements and I will happily go on record today right here and now saying that today is more important now than ever that you're advertising the quality of the advertising that you're writing and Publishing is like the most important part of everything because that machine learning that runs the other end of our advertising targeting is monitoring on every post that ever shows up on Facebook how long does the user stop on that scroll that's called The Scroll stop right did your ad get the user to stop the scroll did your ad get the user to click read more to open that ad up and read the long copy did your ad get the user to stop the scroll to click read more and then then also to click over to that sales page and then Facebook's even learning did your ad not only get all those things done but did your landing page work and get the conversion and so as Facebook monitors how your ad copy is received by the people that's testing it from that's how it decides who to show this to next and next and next so we are monitoring our click-through rates a little bit higher now than we ever have we're also monitoring our click-through rate all higher now than ever so the click-through rate all includes those first three lines of text when somebody clicks read more and it opens up the long body copy of text on a Facebook ad that will add and increase the click through CTR all right click through ratio all and what we're monitoring on the CTR all when I put up 10 15 or 20 different advertisements because I'll often launch 10 different ads at the same time with 10 different hooks we're monitoring which one of these hooks gets a higher CTR all with that means is so I'll put out 10 different ads that have three the top three lines are totally different on 10 ads right when people are clicking read more I'm monitoring which one of those ads gets more people to click read more now it might not get the highest click-through rate it might not make the most money but what it tells me is that's the thing that that's the hook that the Facebook users are most interested in learning more about so I can start to optimize what I'm doing I can optimize the rest of my copy I might actually optimize my landing page copy with the insights I'm gaining from that CTR all type content but the number three secrets of success is actually the ad copy itself you need to become an Advertiser okay now I do have a swipe file full of Facebook ads and I also have a um seven different templates I have some ad templates that you can use the information for that is down in the description below but let's move on to number four okay the secret to success number four with Facebook ads the sales page copy now once the user has engaged with your rad the scroll has stopped they clicked read more they read the whole ad they're like I kind of like where we're going with this and they click over to your site what happens do they buy do they opt in this is all on you okay and it's all about the quality of your offer your big idea your hook and your sales copy now if all these words and terms are new to you I recommend you go back and watch my four or five videos that I did just before this I broke down an 880 million dollar offer we really go deep into the hooks on that we break down the the high ticket lies and we really go into what's working the types of products the types of offers that are currently working based on that huge data set from all the Sam cart data so if those concepts are new to you go watch my last videos but if you've been keeping up with all the videos that means you're a subscriber you're subscribed good on you you know right where we're at here so the quality of your sales copy the quality of your landing page copy is Paramount to everything now one thing it needs to do is it needs to be relevant and it needs to connect up to the hook that you used on Facebook so what I'm saying is when a user is sitting there scrolling on their Facebook on their phone looking through Facebook and they see your ad and they stop and they're like oh this is interesting then they click read more they're like I want to learn more what's this all about right you have peaked my curiosity and I want to know more so then they click the read more they read your loan copy ad and then they click on the ad and they land on your landing page if they feel like they left one conversation that was happening on Facebook and now you're talking about something different or if you're talking about the same thing in a different way on your landing page there creates a disconnect and this little like red flag goes on their head they're like oh bait and switch something happened this isn't what we were talking about over there on Facebook so the continuity from your big idea from the actual hook on the ad from actual Facebook ad to the opt-in page and or to the excuse me a little mosquito there to the opt-in page and or to the checkout page into your sales letter that continuity between those two things is key because if they feel like you bait and switched them they're going to get out of there they lost all the trust in the world this is also why I've made my breakthrough sales letter template available for you now what I did recently is I bundled together my breakthrough sales letter template this is a copywriting template it'll help you write out a high converting sales page that you can then plug into any funnel Builder or any page builder out there it's agnostic because it's really focusing in on the sales copy itself and I bundled that together with my Facebook ads course with my Facebook ad swipe file and with my Facebook ad templates in what I'm calling the Breakthrough the sales breakthrough bundle it's 19 if you want to get it the link is in the description below and I'll give you 100 money back guarantee you can buy this you can use it for six months if it doesn't increase your conversions if you don't see more sales coming through if you don't see your ads are performing better after you go through and test out what I teach in that 19 course shoot me an email and I'll give you all of your money back but you know it's one thing for me to sit here on my property having been a successful Advertiser on Facebook since 2015 and figured out all these little things it's easy for me to be like oh yeah it's easy I spend 25 Grand a month at Facebook ads it works really well you should do it too and it's like man but if you don't get your ad copyright if you don't get your landing page copy right it's never going to work for you which is why I've taken the time to build out those templates and also my ad guy himself Sean is actually the one on video who shows you how to set up your ad campaigns if you do get the bundle because it does have my quick start course that'll get you actually running your ads the right way based on how the algorithm works today that's number four number five this is the most important okay it's called clearing the Gap so in my last video I revealed my average order value for the month before and how much I was spending on that so I had about 415 sales and I did 10 grand in a brand new shopping cart and that breaks down to my average order value of 24 so I'm earning 24 every time a customer comes in now on Facebook I was spending if I look at all of my Facebook ads for last month I spent 31 dollars per customer so what that means is if you're looking at the big picture of my Facebook ads account I'm cash flow negative by seven dollars for every customer I bring in now this is the moment when most people go oh this Facebook ad stuff doesn't work but professionals realize that this is just a math problem I have a seven dollar gap between where I am right the results I'm getting from testing and where I need to be now when I break down my ad sets because this is a brand new shopping cart these are some brand new products so I'm test thing a wide variety of offers when I look at the one offer that worked best the only offer that we're still running this month my numbers were a little better so my cost per purchase was 28 whereas again my average order value was 24 so just by focusing in my ad Budget on what worked best I'm already getting closer and closer and closer to break even and there are actually seven different ways that you can use to clear the Gap and I'll explain all of them here in a second but you got to understand this concept of it's not like the ads aren't working there's nothing broken when I set up a brand new ad campaign and my average order value is 25 bucks and it's costing me 30 bucks to make a 25 sale that just means I'm cash flow negative by five dollars and I as a creative intelligent entrepreneurial and enterprising marketer must devise a plan and a way for me to get a higher average order value I need to get more money on average from every customer that's all that means because once I get my average order value to 35 dollars per customer I don't care if I'm paying 31 bucks a customer I don't care if I'm paying 28 dollars twenty four dollars a customer I'm in the pure profit so how do I go from where I was which was 24 a sale and 31 or 28 cost per sale right cash flow negative five to seven dollars per customer how do I go from that from flipping it to where I'm making money on every customer well the number one is to increase the conversions on my sales letter okay so if my current sales page is converting one percent of people who land on my page actually buy if I can double that through split testing by writing another sales letter based on my breakthrough sales letter template that I mentioned a minute ago and if I can increase my conversion rate from one percent to two percent that's a hundred percent increase to my bottom line what that means is I'm getting twice as many customers for the exact same cost which means I have completely flipped my numbers on their head and now I'm cash flow positive okay so that's the way number one number two is by adding on a bump offer if you don't have a bump offer this is one that they it's a little check box on the checkout page I often see about 10 to 20 percent of people taking me up on my bump offers and for me these are usually like 7 11 17 27 products they're they're impulse buys it's like when you're at the line at the grocery store and there's all those little things that are very inexpensive and they're just that impulse buy those things that you'll quickly say yeah I'll add that on as well adding on bump offers is key long term uh number three in the seven ways to clear the gap is to create a one-click upsell if you don't have one already and or to test an additional one-click upsell if you don't have one already then you can actually add on down cells that's way number four number five is to go add affiliate links into the product deliverables themselves so if you do buy my breakthrough sales letter template you'll notice that I recommend the sales page tool that I use I recommend the shopping carts that I use those are my affiliate links and they're actually in the product itself so you can also go embed more affiliate links to get more eyes on more offers by putting them inside of your products that are delivered now that's not going to get me an aov number I can monitor but it's going to get me more lifetime value from every customer which we'll talk about here more in a second um number six is the email autoresponder for your product so when someone buys your product do you have a separate follow-up Series where you send three four five six seven emails over the next one two three weeks to make cross sales to make sure they know about your one-on-one coaching to make sure they know about your other products that they might want to buy this is yet another way for you to earn additional Revenue per customer even though it's not tracked in that first transaction here's the thing I don't care if I make that extra five dollars that to clear my Gap I don't care if I make it back immediately or if I make it back in three days or if I make it back in five days all I care about is that I get that money back at some point in time because then I can dump it right back into more Facebook ads and this is how I Grew From five dollars a day to thirty dollars a day to now we're doing twenty five thousand dollars a month I wouldn't be doing 25 Grand a month month over month over month for years on end if it wasn't generating enough Revenue to necessitate me making that spend right and the last one is all of the future offers that you're going to do forever in perpetuity right so when someone buys your product they're now on your broadcast list they're not on your customer list you should be following up with them with more great emails over time you should be crafting new products and offers all of the time and when you create a new product product that you love that you're ready to launch and you write a wonderful sales letter for that product and you launch it out to your list well if you've got hundreds or thousands of past customers who have bought because of your Facebook ads some percentage of those people are going to buy boom maybe that's when you actually go forth and clear the Gap so it's thinking more patiently it's being a little bit more patient with your advertising with yourself as an Advertiser and it's being more persistent right no one in their career of Facebook ads takes an offer that's just been running over here and they set up an ad and boom they're making money right off the front end okay no that that's not how this game works if it was you would know a lot of people who were hyper successful with Facebook ads the reason this is this is challenging that there's a market here for us to to exploit for us to create and tap into is because it's really quite difficult to get someone who's sitting on their couch scrolling scrolling on Facebook right they're numbing themselves from their life and you have a solution that's going to help them you need to stop that person in their tracks you need to get them to sit up and to pay attention you need to get them to click more and you need to get them to consume your big idea that's going to hook them into the idea that you can help them get results and then you get the click from Facebook over to your sales page this is a gigantic win in and of itself there's several moving parts that you're going to have to figure out as an Advertiser to get that going for you but then once they're on your sales page that sales page better work and the question another question is do you send them straight to the sales page or do you send them to an opt-in page that then has a one-time offer you just have to test these sort of things and when you're testing one of those is going to do better than the others so your numbers are going to look pretty bad until you figure out this is my best way of going about it you turn off all the other BS and you focus all in on that again we're closing the Gap slowly but surely piece by piece but now you've got an ad that's working you've got a hook that's working you've got a sales page that's working you're into the world of sales funnels and when you take the the process of crafting sales funnel of just really when you Embrace sales funnel Mastery for yourself right if you really focus in on becoming a master of sales funnel it's like oh so I now have a conversion engine that works I can capture people's attention on Facebook I get them over to my page and my page is converting 1.2 percent of visitors into sales this to me is like Victory Lane because from here through sales funnels through bump offers through follow-up sequences through upsells through downsells through down cells and upsells through all of those things you can learn easily and effectively and build out into your sales funnels that is how you increase your average order value which is how you close the gap and this is what the bet this is the actual secret to success with Facebook ads is everyone starts spending more than they make and those who stick with it and find ways to close the gap to where they spend less than they make and they earn more than they spend those are the people who are successful and those who try one thing once and this Facebook ad stuff doesn't work and they go away well what are they doing they're ignoring the most profitable the most common customer acquisition system for 17 000 plus creators from a data set of over 3.5 billion dollars in sales so if you're honestly serious about building your business online you need to ask yourself are you running Facebook ads are you on Facebook because if not you're not doing the one thing we have data that says 17 000 successful people are doing and I hope that these tips have helped you if you want to get my ad template my swipe file my Facebook ad course my breakthrough sales letter template it's all bundled up together in the sales breakthrough bundle it's 19 bucks it comes with 100 money back guarantee I hope this has been helpful leave me a comment if you have questions for me and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video Until then be well

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