Ditch the Fake Gurus and Embrace Hard Work

the world of marketing is changing and I am committed to your success online so I'm going to keep showing up and I'm going to keep reminding you that you need to unsubscribe from the fake gurus who do nothing but try to pit you webinars from those hypey ninjas who are flashing you their supercars all they're trying to do is get in your pockets because they have a $4,000 oil change to pay for you need to create content you need to commit to doing the hard work you need to realize that there is no shortcut Beyond doing the work for 3 years and if you want to model my Approach I encourage you did an average of two published pieces of content myself one every other day right so I did an average of three three and a half published pieces of content myself for three years it's that frequency of publishing the absolute best deepest researched most intelligent most helpful content I could you can look back through my videos there aren't a ton of pictures in them I'm just teaching you and that is why this worked

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