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here is a screenshot of a website that I made that banked over $2 million in affiliate commissions here's another website that generated over $100,000 in commissions here's a website that generated over 250,000 leads for one of my businesses and what do all these websites have in common Marcus your websites are ugly yep that's right over the years I have been criticized for having ugly websites and in just a couple minutes I'm going to show you how to build a not so ugly website in minutes that's going to put lots of money in your pocket not only that but I'm going to tell you a story of when people challenged me and put this to the test and said Marcus I think my pretty website is going to make more sales than your ugly website stay tuned for for that first let's turn to what I believe the best financial education anyone can get yep ladies and gentlemen it's the YouTube comments am I the only one smelling fishy clickbait I mean where are we Netscape in 1995 Marcus why your website doesn't look updated looks ugly sincerely who believes this stuff this guy has never made a dime online just look at his outdated websites it looks like it's from the '90s cha do people still use these 1995 looking websites dude look at your website it's straight out of geoides I mean are you really going to pretend that you actually had success using these looks like a 10-year-old designed it using AOL and on and on we go however my my websites have made well over $12 million online yep the same websites that everyone apparently thinks are ugly so first let's take a look at two of the most successful websites in all of history you be the judge tell me if you think these are beautiful fancy websites or if they're pretty simple here is Amazon when it came out in the late '90s here they are in the 20 00s 2010s and today as you can see not much has changed they just focus on one thing making it very simple to order here is another successful website Google we could see here that when they started right around 1995 this is what the website looked like a logo and a search box in the 2000s same thing a logo and a search box 2010s and today and people ask why is it that they are the most popular search engine I mean MSN has a much nicer design it's got more information Yahoo again much nicer information better layout yet those companies combined aren't even close to like 10% of what Google is so what gives it's all about intent and simplicity if you can nail down the intent of someone on your website and speak to them directly like I'm speaking to you right here right now only in the form of text then you can make sales no matter how beautiful your website is and I'm going to show you exactly how to set this up in a matter of minutes using WordPress but first a story back in 2006 when my dad was alive he had some friends and they created a Christian film it was a religious film that they created and it was actually up for an Oscar they didn't win but they were nominated which I thought was pretty cool and they thought that being nominated they should have a fancy website to sell DVDs of the movie so they went to work and they set up a fancy website and had Flash and it had parts of the movie and music playing in the background but you know what it didn't have it didn't have sales and it wasn't making any money so my dad called me up he said my son does something online and makes all kinds of money I think he can help us out so I went to work and I redesigned that website back then we were using HTML so it took me a couple of days and after all my hard work we showed it to the people who produced the movie with my dad and they said Marcus bro we are movie producers we don't do websites the way that you do websites and they kicked my website to the curb that's right they didn't use it and again they didn't get sales but one night the guy who was part of the movie he was a friend of my dad's for many years he came up to me and said Marcus I think I'd like to try your website so he put my ugly website to the test and this was on the night he was talking about the movie live on TV so we had lots of traffic to back up what was going on but there was a fight another guy that was involved in the movie didn't like my ugly website so what happened is when they went live on TV he was talking about the movie they were using the old website and about every 15 minutes they would get a $10 sale of a DVD and then he said Marcus let's try your website but only for about 20 or 30 minutes and using the exact same traffic we made over $2,000 in sales in about 15 minutes and then the other guy had the audacity to come in and say I don't think that's Marcus's website making all those sales so I clicked the button and switched it back against everything I advise them to do and again every couple minutes or so they would get a sale for one DVD it went on like that for the next 20 minutes and then he said Marcus put your website back up again and instantly as if by Magic we got another $10,000 in orders just like that with an ugly website so today I'm going to show you how to build websites that make money they might not be pretty they might not have flashy whizbang gadgets but they will put money in your pocket so smash that like button because we're starting right now okay so first what we need to do is Define the intent of why someone is on our website we could be getting them from search traffic email a video or any other way that we're getting traffic maybe Facebook or Pinterest or something like that we need to understand why the person is coming to our website in the first place now one of the easiest ways to do that is by looking at the keywords you can go over to keyword Explorer on ahrs and you can take a look at something like this in fact the site we're going to be building today is an incense holder website that I talked about on previous videos about the business that I'm giving to one of my students we can see here that lots of people are looking up incense holder to the tune of about 33,000 people a month we can also see that there's like incense waterfall and all kinds of different things like that that get tons and tons of traffic so we're dealing with lots and lots of people searching for this stuff because most likely they want to buy something now we can Define the intent even further by going to chat jpt or any other Ai and saying something like what is the intent of someone searching for incense waterfall and this will give us a little definition of what that's going to look like we can even go through and ask chat GPT and other AI how to create a landing page or what a sample landing page might look like for people searching for this term and we could see here it's got purchase intent informational visual appeal spiritual DIY reviews and all kinds of different things like that now we can say what would a good landing page look like for this keyword and it's going to Define what that landing page would look like and we could see here it says a good landing page would have striking visuals product information purchase options and clear ctas or call to actions reviews and testimonial educational content and a super easy navigation so what we're going to do is go over here to my incense and design a new theme based on these landing page criterias it's actually very simple I use WordPress all the time making themes like this for our blog profit Network program which is very simple and very clean now what we're going to be doing in this example is using a little bit more of a robust theme Creator we're going to create a theme that is very highly Visual and easy to use and very easy for the user to see exactly what they want so that they can click and buy and do the things that get us paid and in just a minute we're going to be using the nice page program to make a theme but first what we need to do is create a logo I'm going to go over to and search for different incense things and try to find something that'll make a nice simple logo and we need to remember that our logo needs to be kind of in the back we don't want it to be something overpowering or distracting from our message or anything that would take the eyes away from the stuff that's going to make us money so what we're going to do is we're going to use something like the snagg It tool right over here and we are going to create a logo with this image that we downloaded right over here so we can just shrink this down right like this and you can do whatever size you want want to make sure that it's nice and small nothing too big right like this and then we're going to trim it up so that there's very little white space the reason we're going to do this is going to make sense in just a minute so we're going to put this here like that and then we could put our wording which would be something like my incense holder right like this okay we'll make it very simple very easy to read again we don't want to put too much effort in into this because we kind of want it to be in the back burner right we don't want it to be front and center so let's go ahead and get a nice font that maybe looks like incense smoke or something like that right over here maybe something like that my incense holder that looks kind of cool maybe we can make it bold right like that and then maybe change some of the fonts up to make it match the colors in the image right like this and then maybe we could do the my do this in like the orange we should be able to change the different ones there we go right like that and then maybe make this one like that all right now it's looking pretty good we'll shrink it up right like this and then once we're done and we have it the way we like we can go ahead and hit file save we're going to save this as logo or incense logo OR whatever it is you want then we going to use the nice page program to create a theme this is a very easy theme editor and we're actually going to have a demo theme that we make for you over at simple blog so that you can do this and just replace the logo and different things like that so we're going to go here and we are going to go new site and we're going to create a brand new site template based on our incense logo so we're going to go down here and see if we can find some something that looks good again looking keep again keeping in mind what AI said about making it simple with the products Visual and something that looks really really nice so what I'm looking for is something with maybe some options different incense holders like maybe we can use something like this and put the different holders there or maybe there's one with six of these here or something like that we want it to be easy to edit we don't want to spend too much time on this again we just want it to get the people into what we want them to see so that they can purchase or click for more info or something like that let's say we go with something like this blue one right here it's going to go ahead and load the theme right like this and then we're going to edit some very simple things we're going to get rid of the search box here just click it and hit delete right up here we're going to get rid of the menu you could still have the menu if you want I'm not too interested in it so we're going to go ahead and remove that using this here right like that delete then what we're going to do is go ahead and import our image right from where we saved our logo over here that's going to drag and drop the image right onto our theme right like this you can make it as big as you want and then of course we're going to make the background match so we'll just do it right like that now we have my incense holder and it goes right into the content like this now we're going to go ahead and delete some of the extra space up here right like that and we could put something like in sense holders and water falls right like this and then we'll just make it a little bit big here right like that Center it get rid of these little add-ons here shrink it up a little bit right like that then we can actually go through and put some pictures here of the actual incense holders so right over here you can see I took some pictures of incense holders and we can put these right in here like that change up the image a little bit like this for this one make it a little bit taller right like this and it's very easy drag and drop kind of stuff so shouldn't be too difficult to work with and again it looks like everything comes with this here so we'll just do like that and then of course we'll change the last one here by clicking image and then choose the little moon right there like that so now we have some really good images of these incense holders we can make them as big or as small as we want then I can go through and say something like the mountain and then I can say over here the original right like that and then over here I could say something like Moon incense holder right very simple very easy and if I want it on one line I can just shrink it down like that then I can go ahead and have little buttons that say more I can put add to cart or something like that or I could say something here since I'm going to be trying to sell this incense holder specifically since it pays me the most money I can go through and do something like get the original incense holder below and save and save up to $ 20 right now dot dot dot then I could put something on this button just shrink it up here or move it up here a little bit and say something like click here for my top incense holder very simple right like this then of course if I want to link these I would just click here like this and I can use this little link button to put them to my affiliate link another page on my website or wherever it is I want to take them and you can see I can open in a new window and all kinds of different things like that then we are going to go through and just tidy up the rest of the page right like this get rid of the things we don't really need like this here maybe get rid of the whole block there we can have a newsletter if we want don't really need these boxes here but what I do want to have so that Google picks up my pages is I want to make sure that I put a block right like this and I'm going to use WordPress widget and I'm going to put recent posts widget that way my recent posts are going to show on all the pages and post that way Google sees all the links you'll see what I mean in just a minute now what we're going to do when we're done with this page is we're going to go ahead and hit save right like that and then we're going to go over to blog posts right like this and we're going to go to blog page template this is going to edit what our blog pages are going to look like again there's our header there if we want to have our recent post widget we can put that here as well you can put all different kinds of things from calendars to Maps pretty much anything but we're going to put our comment widget again right here like this we're going to hit save and then we are going to go to our actual blog post one right like this and we can go ahead and add a sidebar if we want to put sidebar stuff over here right like that very simple we can control this with our blog as well basically what this is doing is it is creating the shell of what our blog is going to look like and how it's going to be controlled by the content on our website now once we're done which pretty much we are we're going to hit save and then publish we're going to publish this as a WordPress template zip file and we'll call it incense one right like this now we can include a project if we want to be able to edit it later and then hit export this is going to export our theme so that we can put it on our blog and get to work making it really look good and you can see here it saved it right here as inscense now we're just going to go back to our blog right over here and we are going to go to appearance themes right like this and we're going to hit add new upload and we're going to upload that theme we just created incense one right like this we hit activate install plugins import content and then once it's done you're going to see it goes from our old theme that look like this to the new one that looks when we hit refresh there's our incense holders right here linking to our affiliate links and our product pages and all the different stuff here like this very cool including our recent post so that Google picks all this up you can see the same exact thing I'm doing over here on affiliat marketing where we're making the content really easy to look at it has the work with Marcus the different products and then of course we have the free reports which is my recent post very simple then we have live chat and all the terms and conditions and everything like that now once you're in your blog you can actually edit this by going to the homepage click on edit page then you're going to choose edit with nice page and you'll see that we can actually edit this right here on the blog we can create new pages new post post all kinds of cool things using this editor and it's actually really simple drag and drop so we can just kind of edit things like this and it makes it super super easy and there we go and again if you don't want to pay for any fancy web editing tools you can actually get the version that we have where you can edit it it is a little minimized we aren't going to be able to edit with drag and drop but it will get you by much like our simple Blog theme did in the past only this one one's a lot better and a lot easier to use so we can go through and take a look at what we want to add here we can put links we can add different blocks and outlines and pretty much anything we want and one of the most important things I want to do when creating a WordPress sales blog like this is I want to go through and make sure that the posts are lined up with what I'm trying to do so if we click view here we want to make sure that it does have something like our logo up here and all the resources here very simple very clean very easy and again the version that we're going to have for you over at simple blog is going to have a lot of these features including the setup for the posts and all the different things like that it's actually very easy to work with and what I want you to realize is that we don't want to over complicate our design and make it too confusing far too many people make their designs very confusing very difficult instead of just focusing on what the user wants when we focus on what the user wants and we understand why they're on our website in the first place then it's going to be something that's extremely easy much like the new content service that I just started where we are talking about different content plans that we can have we can see here I'm using the same kind of setup where we have the the logo we have the text the video and then of course they can click here to get the different packages of content very easy this is a one track thing hey come here this is what you're going to get and then you're done and the cool thing about this is we can actually go through and create a page on our blog with the fancy stuff that we make a nice page maybe it has the different packages the different incense holders or whatever it is you want to do then when we create our different blog posts with our content designed at getting traffic from the search engines or social media or Pinterest or whatever it is you're doing these blog posts are then going to link back to the product page which is going to get you sales you can also have an opt-in box a free giveaway or anything that you want your audience to respond to and again make sure that you don't over complicate this this is very simple and if you want to learn more about exactly how this works check out the videos in the description about how I create landing pages that make tons of money again remember the key is to get as many people from your web page page to the web page that makes you money as possible whether it's a page on your site an affiliate program Amazon affiliate links the more people that are interested that click that want to buy the stuff the more money you're going to make so check out those links in the description and learn exactly how I set up landing pages that put tons of money in my pocket

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