Copy and Paste YouTube Shorts: Make $10,000 a Month using AI and Faceless YouTube Channels

right now there is a huge opportunity to make money with YouTube shorts the algorithm on YouTube is optimized for short creators small channels can use shorts to get millions of views and add thousands of subscribers to their channels fast I've even experimented with shorts on my own channel and got insane results Even in our Facebook group a lot of people are making full-time incomes using YouTube shorts on their channels it gets better instead of creating your own content you can use AI tools that will automate 80 to 90 of the video creation process so let's go through the blueprint of what it takes to make 10 000 a month with YouTube shorts when it comes to making money on YouTube most people think of AD revenue from the ads shown on your videos and it's true ad Revenue can make good money for the creators on YouTube traditional long form videos on YouTube can earn between five to thirty dollars US for each one thousand views just from the ad Revenue alone however this story is completely different with YouTube shorts in February 2023 YouTube rolled out ad monetization for YouTube shorts all creators got excited thinking they're going going to get reach overnight the only problem is that the current RPM or earnings per 1000 views for shorts is very low around 3 cents to 5 cents so in order to make money with YouTube shorts you need to change the approach YouTube allows you to place links in the description or comments as long as those links are not spammy or deceptive that means that you can recommend products and get paid a commission for any sales that you refer the key to making money with shorts is affiliate marketing many people make ten thousand dollars a month or more from affiliate marketing on YouTube here is a real life example this Creator made a YouTube shorts video about how to unlock Netflix in other countries and recommended expressvpn as the solution he has left his referral Link in the comments and in the description and told people to click that link people watch the video click the link buy expressvpn and the creator of the channel gets paid these amounts as a commission this video has had 790 000 views on average about 2 percent of people will click the link in the comments or description that is 15 800 clicks and assuming a very conservative 50 cents per click that is 7900 in commission from this short 58 second video this of course dwarfs the ad Revenue he's made from this video which at 3 cents per 1000 views is a whopping 23.70 so here is your game plan to get to ten thousand dollars a month from YouTube shorts Channel 10 000 is 330 dollars a day and I'll show you how to find affiliate offers earning one dollar per click which means that only 330 people per day will need to click your link and assuming that two percent of people click that link it means that you only need to get sixteen thousand five hundred views per day this is your game plan so now let me show you how to get these sixteen thousand five hundred views per day as you have just seen to make money with YouTube shorts Niche research is crucial social you need to choose a niche whether a good affiliate products for you to promote here is a small list of niches with excellent affiliate products in them with high payouts you can also simply search on Google for lists of affiliate niches or you can go to a large network with tons of affiliate products Under One Roof such as ClickBank and see all of their offers this is exactly how I found this product on ClickBank in the astrology Niche let's click this heading to preview the sales page looks good this should be very easy to recommend because people who are into astrology will definitely be interested next let's see the affiliate page to learn more about the offer here I can see that the offer pays out 75 on the front end as well as 75 percent on the upsells here I can find out some more information about the offer as well as these detailed stats here I can see the seller's dashboard it shows earnings per click as 35 cents and this is of course the 25 percent that the seller keeps and because they affiliate keeps 75 scent it means that the affiliate actually earned one dollar and five cents per click okay so this product seems really good next let's just make sure we can build a large channel in the astrology Niche let's enter astrology into the search bar here on YouTube we just want to make sure there are other large channels in this Niche and let's filter for channels only we can see there are quite a lot of channels with over a hundred thousand subscribers in this Niche this means that the audience is big enough for us to make money now let's check if there are YouTube shorts that are doing well in this Niche so for that let's put in astrology and then hashtag shorts and this should bring up all the shorts that are related to astrology perfect we can actually see there are a lot of YouTube shorts and many of them are getting hundreds of thousands and even millions of views something that's important to note is that many of these are faceless videos and that's exactly what I'm going to be showing you later today how to make these type of videos that are getting hundreds of thousands and millions of views so let's recap so far we have an affiliate product that converts around one dollar per click we send we've also confirmed that we can grow a Channel with over a hundred thousand subscribers and that we can get over 1 million views on our shorts videos and remember that as per these plan were made earlier we just need 16 500 views per day to hit our Target of 10 000 a month so now we need to find the keyword for our first YouTube shorts video keywords are what goes here into the title of the video as well as here into these description of the video keywords are important because they can get you a lot of views from YouTube search and this is how you create truly passive income YouTube search keeps bringing in views for months and years to find good keywords let's first see what other channels use as their keywords and most of the content of this channel seems to be about zodiac signs so let's use the YouTube suggestions bar and let's start typing in questions related to zodiac signs so best zodiac sign and this straightaway has given us a lot of ideas these are the real keywords that people type into YouTube search to find videos this is exactly how you can get this ongoing traffic from YouTube search by inserting these keywords into the title of your YouTube shorts video These suggestions have pretty much given us ideas for the next 10 videos already so let's start to make a video about best zodiac sign to date a Scorpio to make the video I'm going to be using Nvidia because they have this new AI text video feature that's going to do most of the work for you Nvidia has a free trial plan where you can test out the software and if you want the full power of Nvidia including access to premium footage you can choose any of the paid plans if you do that you can use my link below and coupon code cb25 to get 25 off once you're inside in the video click on this option AI text to video and choose your template any of them will do just fine but let's select this one next make sure to select 9 by 16 since we need a vertical video for YouTube shorts now click use template and this is where the magic begins to happen click ask AI to write you a script and end your prompt you can experiment with it and here is one option I'm going to enter write me a YouTube short script 30 seconds about best zodiac sign to date as Scorpio and let's click generate and just like that your YouTube video script is done you can go through and make any necessary changes let's change the intro and a couple of other things and let's just make sure that we prompt the viewers to get their free astrology reading when you're happy with the script click create scenes in video we'll do more magic and it will pre-populate the video with the script the text and even some images let's go ahead and preview the default output [Music] hey it's already decent but we can definitely make it much better first let's add a narrating voice for that let's go into the full editor and click the voiceover button and select automated text to speech next select the voiceover options I'm going to go with realistic new US English and I'm going to choose Brooklyn as my narrator let's now click generate voiceover we can preview it here what's the best sign to date a Scorpio let's now click add automated voiceover to all scenes and click add if you'd like to change your background music you can do it from here as well just go to music and choose another track just don't forget to go to your settings and connect your YouTube account to avoid any music copyright claims alright so let's now work through the images and some fine tuning first I'm going to change the volume of this music because it's a little bit too loud so let's click volume and let's adjust it to about -24 let's preview what's the best sign to date a Scorpio astrology says okay that is much better and you can now actually hear the voice let's find a new background image for this first slide for that we can go into videos let's enter couple in love and this looks pretty good so let's just click it and drag it and drop it over the top and where we've got this option let's choose replace let's now click add okay so now we've got this couple there kissing so that's actually pretty okay and we can reposition this to be a little bit higher up so that it's kind of a little bit more visible let's also delete the logo we don't need it we can remove it from all scenes alright so let's preview this first slide what's the best sign to date a Scorpio okay that was quite okay so we just need to now work through the rest of these and change the images to something that makes the most sense make sure to have the right call to action as the last slide so that your viewers can click on your affiliate link alright well let's preview the video what's the best sign to date a Scorpio astrology says it's a cancer both signs are water signs making them intuitive cancers like Scorpios are known for their loyalty what about other zodiac signs Scorpios can have great chemistry with Taurus and Pisces they may clash with Aquarius and Leo for a free astrology reading click the link in the comments it's come together quite nicely and it's definitely good enough for our purposes because we know that faceless videos like these do get hundreds of thousands of views you also always have an option of adding your own voiceover you can record it from this menu now let's go to the export menu and download our video with our video ready we can go ahead and upload the video to our Channel and make sure to give it a title that includes your chosen keyword for that I like to use vid iq's AI title recommendations we can get title ideas and if you're not happy with any of these you can just keep generating new recommendations this should work just fine so let's roll with that let's put the keyword one more time in the description inside a phrase like this you'll also want to drop your affiliate Link in the description let's create it together go to and create a new link then go back to your affiliate offer in my case it's on ClickBank and let's click promote to generate our affiliate link perfect let's copy it and let's now shorten it with bitly so I'm going to paste it into the destination link we can give it a custom back half and let's click create and this is now our affiliate link so let's copy it and let's now insert it into our description let's scroll down and then add some tags into this field our main keyword should go here like this best zodiac sign to date a Scorpio let's add a few other tags such as astrology and zodiac signs if you have feed IQ enabled you can see what tags are the successful videos use now all you've got to do is set it to go public and hit publish after a video is live you should open it in your browser and prompt the people to get their free astrology reading and then make sure to pin this comment so that it always stays on top and is visible to all your viewers okay so let's talk dollars you've already seen that videos exactly like yours and even other faceless videos can get hundreds of thousands of views in this Niche and even if your video only ever gets just 5 000 views that is a hundred clicks to the affiliate link and a hundred dollars in commissions at one dollar per click and remember it's just a very conservative estimate this is definitely going to take some work but I can tell you right now that posting YouTube shorts is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online right now with the potential to earn you ten thousand dollars a month or more just like it has for me and for many others and if you found this useful people I would love for you to like this video subscribe to the channel and if this method is not exactly your cup of tea or should I say not your cup of coffee then here is another method that I hope you're really going to like this is something that I personally do go ahead and watch it next this is something that has already helped hundreds of my viewers get their first traffic and sales online and I'll see you in the next video

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