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all right so I get to work a little bit late today kind of tired and I come across the sales page for this new AI program that guarantees to spit out tons of content get me ranked on the search engines and make me tons of money and what I found out was actually kind of shocking you see this sales page promised to make you all this money but it seems that all they want to do is make money for themselves this guy here says he bought a domain put content up generated 500 pages of content within 24 hours and then within a few days he got tons of traffic 3 000 subscribers and is now making thousands of dollars yeah I checked out his website to see if everything he said was legit only it's not generating lots of traffic in fact none of those 500 articles even showed up anywhere on Google which begs the question is AI going to help us make make money if the articles are useless well that's what this video is about because I've been doing SEO and making money online for over 23 years and in the last six months I have seen so many crazy claims scams and outright bold-faced Lies when it comes to AI generated content getting search engine traffic and making money online so in today's video what I'm going to do is show you exactly how I create content using AI to rank at the top of the search engines and in the last couple months I've created over 200 different articles based on keywords that I think can Rank and today I'm going to show you exactly how I do this where they rank what tools I use and how you can get the same results like this one here that's ranking for a popular Pest Control keyword getting over 2 800 searches a month or this one here that gets like 3 000 searches a month or 7 500 searches a month on a keyword that advertisers are paying 11 a click for so my question to you is do you want to keep spending 10 20 50 or even a hundred dollars on junk that doesn't work or do you want to learn real methods that actually make money yeah I thought so too which is why you're going to want to pay attention to this entire video take notes and maybe even watch it two or three times so that this can sink in and you can make money okay so it's only like six months into this whole AI craze and already we're seeing lots of big claims like AI is going to make you rich make 500 000 a month with AI content but the question is does this actually hold up to the claims they're making and it reminds me a lot of back in like 2003 when I was first starting SEO and there were all these programs that would make doorway pages and content pages that were supposed to get you ranked and a lot of them actually did get me ranked and did make me a lot of money however because the content wasn't useful they all got shut down and I remember one morning waking up after making like thirty thousand dollars a month for a consecutive year making like a thousand dollars a month overnight because the rankings dropped because of bad content so what we need to do is understand what good content is and for that we're going to come over here and look at our keyword reports now for keyword report we can use ahrefs semrush we can use any keyword tool there's lots of freak tools out there I'll link to my keyword tool video in the description so you can watch that later what we need to do is we need to understand what people are searching for and why because Google has come out and said that hey if AI answers the question and does a good job then it doesn't really matter if AI is what created the content so if we go for something like this how much does termite Bond cost we can see there's like 80 searches a month but we can also see that if we were to go up a level and take something like termite Bond we can see that there's actually quite a few searches for this termite bond has 3000 you got what is a termite pawn and on and on we go and notice these keywords are not competitive it's showing a score of easy not only that but this is something that actually makes a lot of money now you're gonna see here this is actually the termite site that I am working on with yes ladies and gentlemen 100 percent AI content and it's actually ranking for quite a few different keywords if we were to go here and sort these by volume you can see that there's some good keywords like termite droppings 13 000 searches a month what does a termite look like seven thousand searches a month and not only that but pay attention to the CPC column because that shows how much money on average advertisers are paying for one click to their website from these keywords so what we need to do is start to build a keyword list of keywords we want to go for and then have ai write it it's actually extremely simple and can be done for free we're going to show you how to do this on chat GPT different programs that are paid like content at scale and several others we're even going to use Google bard so we're going to go through here and take a look at the keywords we want now if you're doing this new what you're going to want to do is do some Niche research we're going to go through and say okay maybe I I'm going for you know basketball tips or something like that what I would want to do is search for basket ball tips which will be a weird keyword but you'll get some keywords right so we have basketball tips now I'm also going to go through and I'm going to search for this in Google we can see here lots and lots of different basketball sites so if we have something like Watts basketball or we don't want these These are big sites or maybe basketball for coaches what we're going to do is we're going to take these websites and we're going to put these into our site Explorer which you could use semrush ahrefs or any free keyword tool that's out there some of them just might take a little bit of extra work now we could see here that this site ranks for 20 000 keywords and they're actually making some money so we could see here shooting drills Court diagram and on and on we go we can also see that there's lots of low competition words so if I was in this market this would be a great comparative research one because I can go through and get the stuff that I specifically want maybe I want to say something like a court diagram or maybe shooting drills right and I could go through and at first glance you're probably going to go over to chat GPT or something like that and type in basketball shooting drills like maybe you'll say write an article 500 words about basketball shooting drills and this will give you some content but again it's not going to be that good and it might not pass the AI content Checkers right like if we take some of this here and put this into the AI content detector we're going to see that sometimes it won't pass it's waiting a little bit okay so it looks like it actually did pass but that's not a whole lot of content to go off and what we want to do is make sure that we get better content and the way we're going to do that is by using this line here now I got this line where is it there we go from my buddy Andy and he has this where he's using it he created 80 pieces of content this week and what the line is we'll have this available at get the line is like this it says as an experienced copywriter generate a comprehensive SEO optimized blog post outline for the following keyword right and we can go through and it looks like it's already doing the work just based on the article but we can go through and we are going to insert the keyword into the outline thing here so we'll do basketball shooting drills we can say as an experienced copywriter do it like this okay and this is how he was doing it and my buddy Andy said that it took him about 40 hours to do 80 pieces of content so it's about a half hour each which I find a little bit much how are we going to scale this if we have to do so much work so what I did is I said well why don't we take that phrase and rename it and we're going to rename it so that we can just put the keyword at the front so I'm going to put keyword Dash you are an experienced copywriter generate a comprehensive blah blah blah that way I could just put the keyword right in front and not only that but now I can put this into an Excel spreadsheet and generate these at the drop of a hat so I could go through and get a keyword report for like Andy's site his is about fishing okay and I get a comprehensive report again I could say hey I only want the ones that are low competition and then I can weed out the ones that I don't want and only make content on stuff I do want I could take a list of 25 or 30 or whatever it is right like this and then I can put this in my Excel list right like this and bada bing bada boom now we have the whole thing all I got to do is copy and paste each and every one of them right like this into this thing here and we are getting the content now after this is done you can hit now please expand on that or whatever I think his was as an SEO expert so this is what he pastes in after it's done with the outline as an act as an SEO expert and blah blah blah blah right and then it's going to go ahead and create the article now what's happening is we are taking out a lot of the process by having the Excel spreadsheet and by only going for keywords that we want by only going for keywords we want we are going to minimize waste and we're going to maximize profits using AI content that's going to be written in a very specific way and as we can see here using Andy's uh strategy it is actually making like the H1 tags and all the fancy SEO type stuff but again remember the key is not the SEO fancy stuff the key is having the right keyword and a good piece of content that answers the question for that keyword this is super important and then once this is done we can literally just copy and paste it right to our WordPress blog or whatever ever our website is now we can see that Andy has been doing this for quite some time on his fishing website terminal now this is a website that I purchased for Andy at auction I got it for fifty dollars and it had some rankings that were already here so if you're using the expired domain technique which I'll link to in the description we are taking expired domains that already rank for stuff and we are rebuilding the old content in addition to that what we're going to do is competitive research by finding other sites in the area so for this one I might do something like let's say Cass King reviews okay if I look at cast King reviews now I see that all of these guys here are specific to phishing all right I could go through and say okay well let's take this one put them in our competitive keyword report just like this other one and we can start to build a list of keywords in Excel that we want to rank for and you can see here there's tons best bait caster under 100 that's definitely one I would want to add whatever this Max combo is here's another one Vision vicious fishing line and on and on we go so we could see that we could build up a lot of traffic based on different things that work well and we can go to the next one right here and we say Okay bass resource put this one in and what we're going to do is start to build a lot of these keywords now I'm going to tell you that when it comes to using AI for SEO and making money with blogs and things like that it is 99 having the right keyword and one percent the other stuff again if you have the right keyword you could literally have bad content not recommended but you would still rank because you are the only one with that content and we've ranked sites with just the title that has the keyword and no content and it actually still ranks because we're going for the right keyword so when we look at this like Nico rig looks like some kind of fishing thing that would be a fantastic keyword to go for because it's about a product uh bass fishing after rain that would be a good one for like maybe a bass fishing Book Pro reels here's different reels versus other reels and on and on we go where there's all kinds of different things and again what we want to do is pick and choose the ones that are going to rank and the ones that are going to make money so what I'm going through on my termite website and yes I do this on tons of different websites we can see that I'm going for keywords that are easy to rank for the competition is not high and these are words that have to do with with being able to make money so it's very very simple all right and we're doing this all the time on many different sites if you were to look at the termite one 100 AI content we also have an SUV website which is ranking so if you look for SUV best visibility we can see here if we scroll down we are looking at and where do we go here we are right here right and this is an AI piece of content that is actually ranking now I am having an outsourcer go through and put images and kind of make them look pretty for me like this one here right and you can see they actually are doing really well they actually are starting to rank now the reason that I'm able to get some of these keywords that are a little bit more competitive on say my SEO website is because of the fact that I bought a domain that already used to have something on it for this type of stuff if you're doing this brand new that's fine but you're going to have to focus on better content and less competition so you want to be like zero to three whereas you know in in my site here we got some that are like 30 and 33 and 37 so we're able to go for a more difficult keyword because of the power of the domain now that's not to say that you can't just start out of the woodwork and get traffic because there are literally bazillions of words that have low competition in fact if I was to go over here to the keyword Explorer and just put nothing in here and hit search this is going to show me all their keywords in their database which is a lot and I can actually go here and do KD which is competition one or less and again this is on a scale of 1 to 100 and we can see that in their database alone there's over 38 million keywords that have a competition less than one and using AI is a complete Game Changer because with a little bit of work and Ingenuity we can stay away from the stuff that's like oh hey we're gonna get you ranked a bazillion keywords and all the things that are scams and actually look at real traffic real content that real people are going to read based on Search terms real people are searching for and the question is if I can take a piece of content say this Nico rig if I can create this content and actually use it to sell lures and stuff then I think this is going to work in a really simple way and what we're seeing is like this here Major League Fishing right you're going to see that these sites actually do in fact make money and get lots of traffic and now we can use AI to create that so the first thing we want to do is go out there and get our keywords super simple and AI actually comes up with the titles which is pretty cool and we could just go down the list get the keywords we want start using the templates to make this work in a simple way now you can also use those templates with Google bard and you can also use some paid tools as well we're using content at scale and some other free tools to make these things work in a very simple way and if you want those tools check out we're going to have those available and tomorrow I'm going to have a webinar where I'm going to show you everything I'm doing with AI and you can ask questions and hang out that link will be in the description as well so make sure you sign up for that webinar and we'll hang out and talk marketing but as you can see this stuff works very very well and it is actually ranking so when I look at something like the termite one what we're doing here is something that scales big time because what we want to do is use AI to put content out there to see where we land right this here is my Landing report I see that I rank for termite droppings number 67.

I see that I rank for what is a termite look like number 40. I see that I rank for termite larvae number 36. now these rankings are not great they're not top 10 we're not number one but what this tells me is that with a little bit of work and tweaking I can be top 10 and I might be able to get a number one and also these lead to things that make money because here we have advertisers that are paying a fortune for this traffic in fact doing the keyword research for my buddy Andy's site I found the keyword for boat fire extinguisher and all these people were looking for where do you put a fire extinguisher on a boat which has pretty low competition but it has a lot of traffic now the question you might ask is how are you going to make money with that and I got to thinking well I think that would go really really good for something like boat insurance and as you can see here boat insurance doesn't get as much traffic which doesn't matter because all we care about is the fact that advertisers are paying 13.87 for one click to their website for someone interested in boat insurance and ladies and gentlemen this is where everything starts to add up we start to look at things objectively like a business person rather than someone just trying to generate AI content to trick the search engines to get traffic for a short period of time and then go out of business no we want to create something sustainable something that works something that focuses on exactly what people are searching for why and stuff that puts money in our pocket if you want to watch the full video I did with Andy about his site showing him exact likely how to go for keywords and we talked about content and everything head over to get website put your name and email I'll send you that video info on tomorrow's webinar a list of the AI programs we're using a copy of the prompts and that's over at get

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