Chat GPT Built Me A $300 A Day Dropshipping Business

foreign oh hi there today we are going to talk about Drop Shipping and how to use Ai and chat GPT to make tons of money with Drop Shipping it's actually extremely simple so what I did in preparation for the live stream you are about to see is ask chat GPT and other AI programs to find me the most profitable Drop Shipping products ever and I had some certain specific criterias I wanted the AI to follow based on my years of doing Drop Shipping and marketing and making money online so we're going to put AI to the test see if we can set up an entire Drop Shipping business and compare it with a brand new Drop Shipping business that I'm going to be setting up right in front of you I'm going to show you exactly how to use AI to find the product make the marketing plan find out the profit margins set up the website and more it's actually extremely simple so sit back relax because we're starting right now all right guys welcome to the show today what we're going to do is we're going to ask chat GPT Bard and all these other AI tools to create a Drop Shipping Store for us now I know a lot of people struggle when it comes to drop shipping and they wonder what product do I sell how am I going to make sure that this is going to make money how do I know that this is going to work and then what is the actual plan that I'm going to use and if you have tried Drop Shipping before and you haven't gotten the results you've wanted let me know in the comments and also let me know in the live chat if you're watching here live because today what we're going to do is we're going to just kind of chill out and talk about the real plan to make this work now ai in my opinion has a big role to play when it comes to drop shipping so we got a lot of stuff to cover today get ready this is going to be pretty awesome you're going to get all kinds of cool stuff how's our volume everything working okay well let me know all right so what we're going to do here is we're going to talk about how to make a 300 a day plan with Drop Shipping and AI now before this call I actually went through and got a domain so we're going to test out the domain that I got with whatever other people are doing because I went through and I'm like okay can I find a product that would be profitable that I believe would make 300 a day and then what's going to happen with AI so what we did is we actually spent a bunch of money on AI stuff to make this work in a real world way and hopefully our other camera is going to wake up and work for us let me see what's going on with that one of course nothing wants to work when you want it to actually work right all right so hopefully that will work for us okay so what we're going to do here is we're going to talk about how this works and kind of go through the actual process what we have here is lots of things open I went through I did a keyword report on Shopify I looked at Shopify and said okay well Shopify is kind of the king for Drop Shipping so maybe they know something or a few things about the best products so we're going to be comparing this we're going to be comparing the reports that I got from the AI and we're going to take a look at what AI thinks is the best product and if it's worthwhile we're also going to be using AI to actually create this business for us now when we go through we have Shopify we have chat GPT where I'm asking it all kinds of stuff about products I'm going to show you the prompts and everything in just a minute we're going to walk through everything okay very very very important you're going to want to stick around for this whole thing we're also going to be looking at AliExpress we're going to be taking a look look at keyword tools we're going to be comparing some affiliate offers Amazon everything you name it this is going to go through and give you the whole rundown on Drop Shipping not only that but I'm going to show you how to make a one-page Drop Shipping site that will outsell any Fancy Pants site on the web guaranteed I've been doing this for a long time and a lot of people don't realize that this can be done so easy right A lot of people over complicate stuff and that's why they don't make money so what we're going to do here is we're going to go through and hopefully this will log Us in and we'll show you exactly how this stuff works now first of all what I did is I went over to chat GPT and I asked it to find me the top 100 Drop Shipping products now chat GPT as is even using like number four still didn't do the right thing like if we go here and we're like hey tell me the top 25 Drop Shipping products buy profit margin right we're going to see here that this is going to give us all kinds of products it's going to give us some kind of errors and stuff like that so what we're going to have to do is we're going to have to get a little bit creative and one of the best ways to do that is by using Bing using the Bing or Edge tool right the edge browser what we can do is we can actually go through and ask it this stuff and the edge browser is going to give us real time information so as you see here this says according to Shopify here are the top things to look at and one of the things that I found interesting is said to drop ship peppermint tea I'm like okay uh I don't know about that I mean Drop Shipping what are we going to make like 12 cents maybe we'll take a look at that we'll see what's going on but then it goes in and says trash cans uh silicone Lids uh kitchen strainers food bags pop-up toasters and all kinds of things like this so what we see here is chat GPT did give us the potential High profit margin Drop Shipping products wireless phone chargers posture correctors blue light blocking glasses water bottles and different things like that now when it comes to drop shipping let's hope that our other camera is working for us when it comes to drop shipping what we need to understand is that we have two things all right is this camera setup working okay let me know the two things we have is number one we want to look at high margin okay we are going to look at some products here that have a high margin this is number one we want to find the high margin number two is we want something that has horizontal marketing okay now let me explain what this means and this is something where if it's new if you've never heard this term before let me know because I think this is super important even though nobody else is talking about it high margin is one that's pretty obvious you know if I sell a product that is three hundred dollars I want to be able to get you know anywhere from um anywhere from like 75 bucks to a hundred and fifty dollars to sell that product case in point when I did this on my gas powered scooters website we were selling scooters for a roughly 370 dollars I would buy them wholesale for 190 I'd pay the drop shipper the 190 he would ship it to the customer I would pocket the difference this is an example of a high margin one now when you're dealing with high margin let's say we have the scooters here all right we'll try to draw the scooter put a little guy on the scooter there so it looks like he's having fun apparently he has some giant arm up there right so we have our guy on the scooter here now this is something where we are limited okay limited by the amount of people searching for it so you have like okay gas powered scooter fast gas powered scooter maybe you could Branch out into electric scooter whatever it is okay now when we're talking about horizontal marketing we have a whole different playground here because what happens is now we can do stuff that's like five dollars per sale ten dollars per sale or whatever it is and the goal is to be able to sell a lot of them now when we're doing horizontal marketing it's a little bit different than the high margin although you can find high margin stuff in this which we'll talk about in a little bit but the horizontal marketing what is going to happen is we're going to have something that's going to go this way right so gas powered scooter we have gas powered scooter here and then cheap gas powered scooter 50cc 100cc gas powered scooter for roads dirt whatever okay that's what we call vertical vertical keywords okay they're all related to the one thing now when we go for horizontal marketing what we're going to do is we're going to ask ourselves the question who else wants this once okay and this is something we're gonna let Ai and chat GPT do which is going to do like a champ now had I only gone for high profit margin stuff I would have missed out on millions of dollars worth of profit to my company over the years now we need to understand these two things if you get it let me know smash the like button let me know in the Box this is very very important we're trying out a new camera and the new camera decided not to work right as I went live so I got to remember which one I'm looking at here but we're going to take a look here and we're going to see exactly what's going on because some of these products you're going to see wireless phone charger there's not a whole lot else I can do with that I I sell a wireless phone charger and hopefully people buy it and that's pretty much the end of it okay now posture corrector I might be able to go to like back pain or slouching or whatever blue light again same kind of thing magnetic so a lot of these what we're seeing is that it's very surface level it's very on one level right pet grooming gloves beard grooming snoring it's all something that basically has one use and the use is in the keyword now what I did is I went through and I said okay well what else do we have and and all the lists were pretty much the same earphones phone cases laptops water bottles LED lights and different things like that now what is happening here is AI is missing the point on things that can make us a ton of money case in point one of the things I'm looking at is going to be um kitchen stuff right we saw kitchen stuff here so what we're going to do is we're going to isolate it and say okay well wait a minute let's go into this a little bit deeper right so we went in and it said find the popular stuff for Drop Shipping and we found kitchen supplies okay so let's let's go through and let's open up a new chat and let say tell me the best kitchen type kitchen use Drop Shipping products and how much they cost okay this should do pretty good if not we'll use uh bing because Bing will do good it will give us some of them okay so here we have a lot of mumbo jumbo we'll wait for this to load here okay so we have a silicone food bags multi-function Cutters and slices Okay cool so I like the idea of Cutters slices and things like that because not only are you going to sell it as a cutter a chopper a slicer or a knife but you're also going to be able to sell it to people looking for the result like how to cut a tomato how to cut an onion how to cut a bagel all kinds of stuff like this is going to be very good or maybe even a colander we can go through and find out different uses for it and if you can understand how the different uses work this is key understanding the different uses of a product is the key to making this work now what we're going to do is once we find this we can go through and say something like maybe we're going to go for a measuring spoon or maybe even a kitchen scale vegetable cutter so we could go through and say tell me 25 different uses for a vegetable cutter okay this is where the rubber is going to meet the road because now we can Market this in a different way now we see that chat GPT is going to work right here there it is going to work right it went to work and we could see exactly what this is what this is doing okay now this is super important because we want to find the marketing angle remember above where I said we were going for you know different things about scooters all right again you're limited by what this can do okay as I say I Market it under scooters I go here I go to my favorite keyword tool Keyword Planner and I type in gas scooter okay scooter and you are going to see the gas scooter actually shows up it's got what I call the taper effect okay the taper effect is where this is going to get the keywords and you can see 5400 5200 and boom it drops down drastically this is a taper effect which is going to take most marketers and put them out of the running for this traffic because there's only one shot if you don't get that keyword if you can't get the traffic cheap enough if it's too competitive boom gone you are out of business not going to be able to compete how many guys feel this way you're like hey wait a minute this is this is why this is exactly what I've done and that's why I'm not getting where I need to be this is why I'm not getting results because every other drop shipper says just pick the right product put it up and it's going to sell like crazy and retire on the beach but you try that and it doesn't work now using chat gbt we could go through and see if there's horizontal ones I'm going to do this in another uh chat in another window because I don't know what chat GPT is going to tell me and it might be stuff that you know might not be good for the webinar so what I'm going to do is I'm going to say list 25 different uses for a gas powered scooter okay so let's see what comes up here okay so this is giving us some stuff but again it's a stretch right like you can do vending mobile entertainment like how are you going to be a DJ on a scooter Landscaping Golf Course a lot of this stuff is is like okay I can see where it went with some of these but for the most part it's not giving me anything useful that I can actually turn a profit with smash the like button if you're getting this and you understand exactly how this is working okay very very important we can't really use this very much could you make a scooter blog or videos about commuting and running errands maybe but again it's not going to do the sales that this other one is going to do right looking at this now I have a list of things I can do so we want to take a look at this and again we want to look at our profit margins okay so let's go over here let's talk about these profit margins because this is something people don't talk about they say oh I'm going to do Drop Shipping which is fine but they don't talk about like Hey how do these margins work because if I'm going to do a gas scooter okay maybe my profit margin is anywhere from a hundred to two hundred dollars okay pretty cool but again as we saw competition's pretty crazy if I'm doing something like a vegetable Chopper okay maybe my profit margin is I don't know let's say four dollars okay great if I want to get to 400 a day I need to sell a hundred of them am I going to do that by getting in the mix with everyone else and just trying to sell this thing on Amazon or Google ads or Facebook ads maybe it's going to be a stretch because if you only have four dollars all right if you're doing Facebook ads okay you need to get them pretty cheap to be able to sell that if we go a different route which I'm going to talk to you about in just a minute with chat GPT and AI then I think we can do this in a better way because when we're looking at the profit margin as a business person here's something important as a business person a lot of people say well you know Marcus I want to do Drop Shipping because that's what the gurus say works well okay let me tell you right now stop listening to the gurus listen to the profit margin okay listen to the profit margin because we might not need to use Drop Shipping we're going to figure that out very important let's figure it out right now so when we go through we need to look at this and say here's all these different things we can do so we could go to AliExpress or Alibaba now again this is a little bit different because when we're dealing with AliExpress you're actually Drop Shipping from like China and it takes forever to get here which is a pain when I was doing the gas powered scooters the guy was in Vegas he shipped them okay I'm going to show you this in just a minute with the example here okay this is very very important this example okay now when we look at this let's do vegetable or let's just do Chopper okay vegetable chopper okay we're going to look here okay that's not a vegetable there there's vegetable kitchen Chopper there we go um so kitchen Chopper we could see here two dollars you get this one that's three dollars some kind of carrot shovel whatever that is right and we see all different kinds of things now we can go to Amazon and we can look at the difference between the two so if I do something on Amazon and I say uh kitchen Chopper okay we're gonna go through and look at what these cost so we got kitchen Chopper forty dollars for that one that's a pretty hefty one nineteen dollars here's some kind of potato chopper thirty four dollars so the margin looks okay let's do a vegetable chopper here vegetable chopper okay Vince says I've Dropship for over 20 years but unless you have an established set of customers and vendors I would be precise in starting one today exactly that's what we're talking about so Vince here is like hey check this out this guy knows what he's talking about we need something very specific you have to do specific I would rather sell one product extremely well then try to sell a bunch of stuff and like kind of not do a good job at it so we're gonna pick something very very specific here and we're going to use it so we have the Choppers here this one's ten dollars pretty cool so ten dollars for this Chopper over here it looks like on Amazon it was I think forty dollars where'd it go 40 bucks that's a little high there were some that were cheaper and then again let's see how many they actually sell now again seeing here this is a sponsored result which means he's paying for ads that's probably why he's charging more than this guy because he needs to make up for the ads however this one here sold he's got 26 000 reviews so it looks like it's doing pretty okay okay so let's go through and see what the sales look like on these kind of things because it's very important to look at and what we're going to do is we are going to Market in a different way and it's actually extremely simple when we go through okay and again you need to understand the Simplicity of what we're doing a lot of people try to over complicate this so what we're seeing here that according to Jungle Scout this is making about 25 000 sales a month and it's generating an average of three quarters of a million dollars a month in sales just this one on on on um on Amazon okay Amazon alone so pretty cool we got this looking really good okay now what we need to do is let's try Mueller Pro or we could even try like kitchen Chopper right like this and see what comes up and you're going to see all kinds of different things that come up all different kinds of things that are making lots of money we can organize them by monthly sales and see what's going on now again this is the product research phase notice how we're going to use chat gbt and AI to do this for us right we're like hey find us the thing that's what it found now we see there's lots of money now again if you were to go to Google and you were to type in something like kitchen Chopper kitchen vegetable Chopper okay you're gonna see that there's lots and lots of ads Amazon ads Amazon ads more ads you're not going to rank on the home page because it's all these products and Walmart and other people so the chances of you actually making money with this are going to be very very slim how many of you guys have tried this and you're like yeah Drop Shipping doesn't exactly work the way that other people say it does and that's because you're looking at it the wrong way that's the difference between vertical marketing and horizontal marketing okay now what we're going to do here is we're going to take our product and we're going to say what are the 25 different uses for a vegetable cutter so let's let's backtrack and talk about what we went over we said chat gbt find us the best Drop Shipping products with the best margin it said kitchen stuff we isolate it and said well what is the best kitchen Drop Shipping product he said or she or whoever chat GPT is said um here are the top things and one of them was the vegetable chopper excellent great perfect now Jessica Pat says our store has 20 items but we're focused on the community Niche cool all right we'll take a look at that in just a minute but again we have to look at this and focus we need to focus all right so what we're going to do here is we say okay now we have all these different uses excellent now what I'm going to do is I'm going to look at the margin see what's out there so our margin let's say we sell this for 29 we're getting it over here for ten dollars I don't know we might have to get like a thousand of them let's see okay so we can get 900 of them four dollars off okay so it looks like you can just buy a couple of them which is cool that's important so our margin would be nineteen dollars I would probably do free shipping so our margin would drop let's say it costs seven dollars to ship so our margin would be about twelve dollars now again this is actually wholesaling not Drop Shipping in order to find a drop shipper different kind of thing so we got to look at that and understand does the margin work for Drop Shipping well maybe there's a better way to go about it maybe we could do something like Chopper over an offer Vault and see different kitchen Choppers this one all I got to do is get them to buy it I get six dollars I don't got to ship them I don't got to do anything or we can do something like knife for a kitchen knife and it's got a knife sharpener or some kind of butter thing or whatever it is and so we start to understand okay this is about money not so much just about Drop Shipping because I heard that Drop Shipping is good very important so number one what we're going to do and again if you want notes of this number one what we're going to do is we're going to find the right product now I think chat GPT and AI did a pretty good job of figuring out that kitchen Choppers would work we did a little bit of leg work and said okay that's a really horizontal one we can get a lot of traffic not just Google and AD traffic we can do this in a simple way then we used it to find the margins and what is called the traffic barrier now the traffic barrier is something extremely important okay the traffic barrier is what is it going to take to get you traffic this is important because a lot of people think oh I'll just go buy Facebook ads okay well Facebook ads are 40 cents a click all right how many you can only get 10 clicks you got to make a sale it's going to be very difficult or if you're doing gas scooters and traffic is three dollars a click you gotta sell one out of every 50 people or uh even more of that right you gotta sell one out of every 30 here all right in order to make it work so it's going to be very difficult because not a lot of those people are actually ready to buy right now and this is the struggle that a lot of people have with Drop Shipping so what we have here is the traffic barrier of how difficult and how hard is it to get in front of people now when we look at this we're gonna say Okay gas scooter that's a pretty easy one however if I wanted to get traffic free I would probably do YouTube uh maybe even some Pinterest or something like that I'm going to do social media for it because it's easy you can get a lot of traffic that way now if we're doing something like the vegetable chopper this is something that's really cool again we can use AI to create this entire thing so what we can do here is we could say well vegetable chopper yeah I can get some SEO traffic which is like if I set up a blog or something and I can get free traffic in a really easy way right I just like hey here's how to chop an onion here's how to do this we can also go through and do social media and video marketing and sell this thing like crazy all right there's something that marketers talk about which is known as The Tick Tock Effect The Tick Tock effect is when a product goes viral strictly because of tick tock like last year when that pickle lady came out and sold pickles from her basement or whatever she was doing pickles went up like crazy people were on oh I need to buy these pickles I need to do this stuff and she sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth just using Tick Tock now disclaimer she didn't do it right she didn't have a full kitchen I wouldn't recommend selling food because yeah just don't we don't want to ship food through the mail leave that to Amazon but if we were to do something like this you could go out there and be known as the chopper guy case in point the guy who sprinkles salt on everything right if he came out with a set of steak knives it would be an instant best seller why Tick Tock social media horizontal marketing he went to people that weren't necessarily looking for how to cut a steak or looking for new knives and he was able to sell it in a different way using his influence this is something we call influencer marketing but don't worry you don't need to go out there and sprinkle salt on steaks or sell pickles from your backyard or whatever it is what we're going to do is use AI to make this whole process seamless in a really easy way without using your face without people knowing who you are on social media and making this work in a simple way let me show you how it works okay so over here what we're doing is we have our horizontal versus vertical plan now when I asked chat GPT to find 25 different uses for a vegetable cutter I did that on purpose okay I did that because I want it to give me content ideas okay very important now what I can do is I can actually go to a program like content at scale AI writer or any other AI program or even chat gbt if you don't mind doing a little um leg work write a little bit of editing I could go through and say what is the best way to cut an onion right and this is going to go through and make content about the best way to cut an onion now I could go through I could have an AI program actually create a video around this topic or I could get my phone or a video camera and I can follow these steps do a little voice over and show how it works obviously be careful when doing this if you don't know how to use kitchen tools don't even try this pick a different Niche but you get the idea of how this works because now I have a whole bunch of different things like that right how to cut best way to cut vegetables for stir fry right very important because what's going to happen is you're you have these people already thinking about oh hey I'm going to make this stir fry oh hey I'm going to do this and what's happening is their their mind is thinking about using kitchen stuff and so if you get them on something that's interesting and something that they can use that will help them bada bang you're ready to go case in point I was watching something on Tick Tock I believe it was a couple years ago and out in my backyard I love to cook we have a big flat top like Hibachi Grill and I wanted one for inside that that plugged in and I didn't know they existed some guy on Tick Tock was showing how to cook stuff on it and I used it in a very very simple way right and I actually bought the product because it was like okay there it is 300 product easy no-brainer I bought it because I was looking at this stuff and I was already in the mindset of cooking right and as you see this is not something that's difficult to do it's not something that people aren't buying they are buying to the tune of I think it was like 25 000 of these a month or something 17 000 a month um here's another one here's some meat Chopper right this looks like a tenderizer meat tenderizer 27 000 right and and here you go right you want to sell this most people are going to go out there and try to sell this as oh here's the meat tenderizer okay I'm not gonna do that I'm gonna go out there and I'm gonna do why steak tough here's people who don't know how to cook a steak why is my steak tough why is cube steak okay and we're going to show them hey get this meat tenderizer and your steak won't be tough or you can even do like New York strip a lot of people mess up New York strip and make it really tough and you can see that people are looking this up or you can do tender steak how to cook tender steak and all these people are looking at the how to make steak tender right that's something where you can make an AI video you can make an AI image let's say you put an image on on Pinterest here's three steps to making this work very simple and what people don't realize is the fact that if you do this right it will sell like crazy and and when we do this all you literally need is a one-page website with a PayPal button now I'm gonna go through and I'm going to do this in a different way let me show you what I would do because I like to build mailing lists and make lots of money so let me open up this whiteboard tool over here where did it go there we go Microsoft whiteboard is our friend so we're gonna go through and we're going to utilize this here and what I'm going to do is I'm going to have a one-page thing okay so this is what it'll look like let's see if we get this here where's our pen for some reason our pen doesn't want to work all right we'll have to do that on the other board apparently so Gotta Love Tech days when nothing works all right so we'll do this over here but what I'm going to do here is very simple so we can actually have a one-page website with a buy now button okay I would highly recommend if you're going to do Drop Shipping focus on one product do it really good let me show you why if I go out there and I create all this good stuff I have ai create content around how to chop an onion how to chop this why is my steak not tender why is this best way to cut french fries best way to cut that all this stuff okay driving at this page okay not everyone's gonna buy but we will get sales it's it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when now I can have a buy now button I'll put a picture of the chopper thing okay here's the chopper that's what the chopper looks like apparently okay and it says hey get your chopper here very very cool okay instead what I would do I I could either have the button here it goes to PayPal I ship it out boom easy stuff Drop Shipping 101 super easy but a lot of people don't talk about this because over complicating this makes you spend five thousand dollars on a course I'd rather just teach you the good stuff if you want to buy something from me by my time in taking time with you all right but you can learn this stuff free right here on my videos so we have the chopper thing what I'm going to do is I'm going to say get five dollars off okay and I'll say in order to get five dollars off put your name and email and then click the button what that's going to do is going to build a mailing list of people that I know are interested in the chopper and let's say one out of ten buys the product I still have nine other people on the mailing list that I can write back and sell other kitchen items too this is what we call building a business building something based on simple little videos that AI can create script and actually tell you what to make then you go out there and put it together this is something we're doing right now on Pinterest actually for LOL Biz uh we're doing this on Pinterest we're just showing pictures of products that you can drop ship driving people to something and it's actually taken off like crazy I think we're at like 5 000 views or something like that and it's my outsourcerer is doing it it's not something I'm actually doing which is cool because you can have an AI do it you can have outsourcers do it it's very very simple so what we're going to do is we're going to focus now I promised that I was going to tell you a product that I'm gonna do just to show you some contrasting of exactly what's going on so when we look at this we found Ai and we're like okay this can work and it will work for lots and lots of different things okay let's get this sorted there we go okay so this will work for lots of different things as you can see we just focus we go down the line now again this is kind of boring because it's like okay yeah my job is literally to just have ai create content about how to make standard uh steak tender and I could do okay what are 10 ways to make steak tender boom it's going to go through and it's going to make it work in a very very simple way now Alex says how many percent visitors come from your keyword search how many will really buy well depending on your traffic method I've seen that a site that does mediocre can get about one percent of the people to buy a site that's using social media obviously that's a much more valued click sometimes you can get as high as 10 percent some people have gotten even more on products that are super cheap like this and here's a here's a hint a lot of people don't realize the power of Amazon now when you're looking at Amazon if I was to send you to my website to buy a kitchen Chopper the conversion rate will probably be three to ten percent if I send you to Amazon it's going to be way higher because you don't even need your credit card you just click the button and everybody trusts Amazon so you could actually bypass the website stuff or just make the get five dollars off click here to buy now then send them to Amazon that's a way to get more conversions as well it's actually not that difficult to do and what you're going to find out is that a lot of people are going to have excuses of why they think it'll not work I'm gonna find the reason it does work because you can have a million excuses of why you think it won't all I need is one reason why it will and this is something that I've been doing for many many years and again the idea is to get that mailing list and build and grow and build and grow because if I have 10 000 people on the mailing list that maybe didn't buy the product and a thousand who did now I can sell them all kinds of other stuff and that's where the rubber meets the road very simple so now we can see here that chat GPT told us different ways to make the steak tender and we can actually see if we were to go to like YouTube or whatever make it work we could do this in a simple way now in order to do this if we want to set up a business we would need like a little logo and a website and everything like that which again ladies and gentlemen you can use AI for that this is stuff that we used to do by hand up until like three months ago when AI literally took over the entire world but we can go through and use a program like logo and say okay well let's call it um Marcus's actually I don't like using Marcus's because the S is weird but let's call it like Bob's kitchen Chopper okay Bob's kitchen Chopper or whatever it is the best kitchen Chopper enter your slogan chop veggies easy or something like that right and you go through and this will actually go through let's do kitchen Supply and then you pick your your color let's use green pick your font and this will actually go through and it'll create you a bunch of uh different logos let's hope that it I'll do it off here because sometimes like it'll get weird stuff you never know what the AI is going to tell you but it looks like it did pretty good and it created some nice little logos here kitchen Chopper actually like this one or even this one this one's pretty cool it's got like the guy uh cooking I actually like this one right and this program I think it's allows you to make tons of these and you can edit them and whatever you want so you make a little logo you put it with WordPress the way that I teach in the videos in the description and you're ready to go and you can even ask chatgpt to create you a PayPal button or a Amazon link or whatever it is and what will happen is you're using this and you're stacking AI on top of each other to get a desired outcome that's going to sell the product but notice how what we're doing is we're focusing on one specific product we're focusing on One Direction focusing on getting okay AI what do we do now right and what's going to happen is AI is going to do this you can even do like give me 25 steak cooking tips right and this will give you steak cooking tips and then we can go over uh to YouTube and see what the traffic is like and you will see there is tons of stuff let's say we do uh tender steak okay and here we have three million tenderizing steaks 270 500 000 so there's lots and lots of stuff about how to tenderize a steak and a lot of it they don't even have their face right they just have their hands so like you know you could go get a manicure or whatever and have fancy hands and go make these things in a very very simple way and a lot of these do not require you to be in the video and also doesn't even require you to make the video you can do this with AI I actually found one where there's like a cat that cooks right and they're like okay here's the cat okay it's like done some kind of like a puppet or something like that I don't know how they do it but it's very simple right and when you look at this and you focus because a lot of people are going to spend 90 of their time trying to set up the shop they're like okay I found the product and it's great but they didn't look at data then they set up the shop and then they wonder why it fails because they spent 90 percent of the time on the Aesthetics of the shop that's why I hate making videos about how to set up an A A Drop Shipping Store I hate them because that's not the important part you can get someone on Fiverr for five dollars to set you up a store you can have ai set you up a store that's not what's important what's important is the marketing plan behind it and I know a lot of people they the Marcus your sites are are unattractive they look old and ugly I'm like yeah but they outperform pretty websites like I've tested fancy Shopify with my one page WordPress or one page HTML right and mine out pulls it ten to one because it's simple right you look at Amazon it's not a complicated site you look at Google it's not a complicated site all people need is here's why you need the product this is the old um I think it was John Carlton's copywriting Secrets right he said um here's here's the formula is here's what I got here's what it's going to do for you here's where to get it right so if your Shopify store does not answer those questions in a split second you are going to lose money this is why people fail they don't get it they're focusing on the wrong thing Shopify is nothing more than a glorified website maker yet people think it's like the magic secret to drop shipping it's not it's not you can have a link a PayPal button something simple if you answer that question right so here's all these people watching videos about why their stake is too tough and we go through and we're like okay so you're making tough steak I made it for years when I I let you in on a little Marxism when I was a kid um I hated steak I I detested it because it hurt my teeth and I couldn't chew it and we always had this joke with my dad even up until uh his passing we would still joke about it and I was like he'd say why don't you like steak and I'm like because I can't chew it and then later I figured out it was the way they were cooking it not that steak was tough to chew and I learned how to cook a steak and he was like okay you can cook the steaks from now on um and we would make this stuff and it was it was always tough but then when I cooked it I learned how to do it the right way after years of practicing and learning and things like that and that was something that was important and that was something that was a problem I wanted solved because I like steak it was pretty good right and now we can go through and a lot of people have that same problem and what you're going to do is you're going to solve the problem right whether it's here's how to cut onions without crying or here's how to do this or whatever okay now rank 24 says could you use eBay or is that over is eBay over like no he pays a gigantic site that makes billions of dollars this is one of the things in marketing that people struggle with they think that because gurus stop talking about things that it's over like I watched a video the other day by this guy who's like I've made 500 million dollars and he's like drop shipping's dead and I'm like you're you might have made 500 bucks but you're wrong Drop Shipping is Not Dead Drop Shipping is a way of selling like I think Amazon does Drop Shipping eBay does there's billions of dollars in Drop Shipping so to say that something's gone because Guru stopped talking about it is silly also on the flip side when we're talking about AI right people oh AI is the biggest and greatest secret no it's not if you don't know how to use it properly it's going to be the biggest waste of time you've ever seen case a point you're going to waste so much time if you don't know how to focus and if you didn't make money Drop Shipping what makes you think AI is just going to snap its fingers and make you money it's not unless you learn exactly how to do it and if you can't make a one-page website with a buy now button and get sales forget about everything else because if you can't do that you're not going to make this work plain and simple and that's the problem is is people are not focusing on the direct plan doing this plan I know I can get sales and one of the things that I'm doing as a comparison I actually went through and I found this Niche which was interesting I'll show you this Niche it's called the 360 photo booth it's like this weird photo booth thing and it gets all this traffic I was like wait a minute this is crazy it's like this thing you stand on and it spins around and all kinds of stuff like that so you got 360 photo booth and I was looking at this and I'm like okay this would fit a good Drop Shipping type product because we go through and we look at 360 photo booth and you're going to see all kinds of different little Spinners here right and they retail for like three thousand dollars which means the margin is off the hook and this is the kind of thing where yes you could Market this on social media yes you could go through and do this there's people all the time doing this kind of thing and the margins are so big it works like crazy now this is one where I actually went through and I found an actual drop shipper right not AliExpress because AliExpress more or less takes a while to get and it's kind of risky this is something that works in a real world way that's like okay this guy's in the U.S he's going to ship to the U.S all I do is pay him and it's done uh done deal Top Banana says what costs are involved in Drop Shipping the costs are pretty small like web hosting if you don't want to do web hosting you could do a PayPal link when I first started already had a website server so I just put up a scooter website and it cost me nothing I think it cost me ten dollars to buy the domain name and I use PayPal which was free and then there we go right the problem is is people are getting all these tools thinking that the tools are what makes people money and it's not that's not what makes people money it might help you right like okay if you have Shopify it might have some tool that'll help you but at the end of the day if you can't get sales it don't matter it's like the old adage of if I can write a letter a little piece of paper and sell something I should be able to do it right if I go and I'm like hey you know I write a letter like this I go to a guy find some guy with a cracked windshield hey I have a windshield repair it's 300 boom what do you call me probably if you can't get him to call you on a sheet of paper what makes you think your fancy Drop Shipping site is going to sell something if you don't focus on the right traffic and that's the key is like I can sell in an easy way and setting up shop is super easy I have some links in the description we're going to go through get the plan you can have chat gbt make you a page right you can say hey uh make me a simple HTML page selling a gas scooter or you can do kitchen Chopper Chopper with a PayPal link that sells the chopper for five dollars plus 295 shipping email address Chopper at or whatever right and it'll go through and it'll actually code the page for you there it is right there you can add an image it's super simple and when you understand that we need Simplicity we need to focus on one product we need to focus on marketing the heck out of that one product using social media whatever it is and you can see here it coded it I could literally put this on my site and be in business today all I need is a PayPal account which most people have right and don't get distracted one of the things you'll know about me is in business I don't get distracted I stay focused and I do one thing over and over and over again because I know it's going to work and if I do this over and over and over again all I need to do is send people to that link so my goal is how many people do I send to the link for the kitchen Chopper or the 360 thing or whatever it is how many people can I get to this link can I use AI to help me with that can I say you know um write me write me a marketing plan for and let's do online marketing plan online marketing plan for a 360 photo booth that sells for let's say two thousand dollars okay it's going to go through it'll get me a plan then what we need to do is we need to learn how to stack and say okay what are we going to do right because this gives us generic stuff but now we can do something like what are ways people or let's do where are the top places someone would want a 360 photo Booth okay this is something that can work well because then you'll be like oh weddings okay cool now I can sell this to people looking at a wedding or corporate event or parties or whatever it is now what's happening is I'm using AI to Market horizontally and that's the key if we understand how this works in a real world way and then we just basically paint by numbers color in the lines make this work super simple and again all I'm going to do is sell one of these let's just focus on it and make it the right way right maybe I'll have maybe I'll have two cheap version expensive version that's it right when I did gas powered scooters there's three blue black and and red that's it and then I had like an electric one that didn't sell so I eventually took it off there but that's the reason it worked because it was so simple it was so simple and so easy and another tip which is kind of a pain in the neck but if you want to make lots of sales for a high ticket item put a phone number on your site answer the phone you'll get sales like how many times a day would you answer the phone if someone was gonna buy a product that paid you a thousand bucks like how many of you guys would do that would you answer the phone if if you knew you could get a thousand dollars and I'll answer the phone a couple times hey you know what are you gonna do um very simple and that's all you need logo website set up payments get your traffic start get traffic start getting sales and when you use this you have to understand that there are so many products out there you can do this with and what you're doing is you are deliberately making content horizontally based on different uses of a product that is going to get you a ton of traffic that is going to make you a bunch of money hopefully results on a typical implied are guaranteed the average person trying to make money makes nothing but you get the idea and if you want to learn more about how I do this every single day check out the links in the description or join blogprofit Network at smash the like button check out for notes from this training and I'll see you in Friday's video

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