Building An Asset Vs. Collecting A Paycheck

so when would you typically start to see traffic on a site uh I don't know six months nine months in if you know what you're doing could take two years if you don't um and all in all you're going to learn a lot in the process and you know the next six months nine months two years of your life are going to happen anyways do you want to build an asset uh in the meanwhile and that's the big thing I think that most people don't get is um like like the time you put in to build a business is building an asset right so the time you put in to get a paycheck is not an asset right that is just you're just exchanging dollars for hours but when you start to exchange hours for something that could grow exponentially over the next three five 10 years um a business that would be potentially sellable that could generate cash flow that could be run and managed by other people hence it being called a business um W that's pretty amazing

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