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Email Marketing – Its Limitations, Uses and Advantages

Let's learn how to take advantage of E-Mail addresses in order to be successful with our viral marketing campaigns. It's a fact that viral marketing and advertising offers a whole world of of possibilities and procedures to achieve a wide range of objectives. Nevertheless, like most things in a real world business, planning ahead and getting organized are the basic factors to consider if we want to start an email campaign on the right foot.

The Center Of Attention: Email As a Primary Source of Content

What is The Future of Email Marketing? By now you've heard the question: Is email a thing of the past? Social media is a major phenomenon in marketing, and the speculation abounds about how it will impact current online marketing methods.

Email Marketing and College Groups

If you're a certain age-like, say, well, at least old enough to remember when email didn't exist-then you have fond memories of the community bulletin board at college. That's where you went to find out when clubs were meeting, or to seek a carpool for that long ride home at the holidays, or to find out which movies were playing at the campus cinema and which groups were hosting parties for the weekend.

Email Marketing Can Help Custom Publishers

If it's fall, it must mean the busy time of year is beginning for custom publishers. Schools are back in session, which means high schools and colleges are beginning the arduous, year-long process of putting together their yearbooks.

How Email Marketing Can Help Hairdressers

One industry that hasn't yet been rendered irrelevant by technology-and never will-is hairdressing. Computers can do just about anything, but they can't cut your hair! As a result, business remains brisk and booming for hairdressers, even in this sagging economy. But the downside for hairdressers is the constant sense of competition. The next time you're driving through town, count the number of hairdressers and barber shops you see. It'll be a lot more than one!

Email Marketing for Sandwich Shops

“The sandwich shop.” Talk about three words that embody fond memories of long-ago, small-town days. Who doesn't recall Mom and Dad heading out on a Saturday morning and returning with lunchtime sandwiches (or, depending on regional terminology: heroes, subs and grinders) for the entire family? The store manager seemed to know everybody in town-and more importantly, the preferences of everybody in town. After a visit or two, Mom and Dad no longer had to request certain condiments or modifications to sandwiches. The manager already knew them!

Disc Jockeys and Email Marketing

We've all been sitting at a traffic light and waiting for it to change when our gaze absentmindedly shifts to the telephone pole on the side of the street. Affixed to it is a small sign-perhaps even a handwritten one-advertising the services of a local disc jockey who is eager to provide the musical entertainment at your next big event, whether it be a wedding, a birthday party, a graduation party or some kind of corporate get-together.

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