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How to Make Money From Direct Targeted Email Marketing

Email is a powerful thing and if you know what you're doing direct targeted email marketing can make you a lot of money. But take a look at your spam folder. Notice anything different?

Email Marketing Is the Easiest and Most Preferred Way to Advertise

Email is a very dominant instrument used in marketing today, due to the fact that it is a reliable way to promote a company. Email marketing is a quick way to reach millions of customers in a short period of time. Many businesses use email marketing as an inexpensive way to advertise their company to seek business from new customers. Also, email marketing is commonly used to keep in contact with current patrons to ensure the return of their business. Let's take a look at the many advantages and positive statistics of email marketing.

Landing Pages: Get People To Opt-In and Build Your Email List

A landing page is where you direct people and its whole purpose is to get the visitor to fill out the form and click “send.” This event is not as easy as it sounds; however, it is one of the best ways to build your email marketing list.

Email Marketing – 6 Reasons to Use Emails in Marketing

Almost everyone has an email account nowadays. Despite the fact that there are many people who are proposing new social media tools such as Facebook or Twitter as the tools for making sales online, email still counts as the number one tool for reaching your customers. Here are six reasons why email is still an effective tool in marketing and reaching out to your customers.

Email Encryption: How to Pick the Appropriate Online Provider

Before you send out an email with valuable information about your company, have you ever thought if it would be secured? Email encryption is slowly becoming a necessity and it is up to you to find the right company.

Four Website Tips for List Building to Gain Subscribers

Email marketing is one of the most low cost and effective options available for organizations looking to grow their business. Building a viable subscriber's list is important to getting the biggest ROI (return on investment) for any email marketing program. There is a lot of truth to the statement, ‘the money is in the list'!

Writing Powerful Headlines That Sell

This is is a rewrite of the first in a series of articles I wrote on “Writing Effective Emails to Improve Your Marketing Response Rates.” This article focuses on writing powerful headlines that sell. I identified a need for these articles after noticing a significant decline in the quality of marketing emails sent to me from a number of opt-in mailing lists. In this article, the term headline refers to either the email subject line or the lead sentence (headline) of a billboard style email ad.

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