Best Web Traffic Sources For 2023

traffic is the fuel for your online business engine which begs the question what's the most profitable traffic source so you can build your business faster than ever before now the answers are a little bit layered and that's going to make sense here in a minute but let's start with the most profitable traffic Source in my business for both of my million dollar Brands and that is no doubt email marketing when I craft an offer or when I go find an offer to send to my list and I craft a really good campaign in my email and I send a few emails about that I can often earn tens upon tens of thousands of dollars from simply finding an offer and then going and sending that offer out to my list now if you don't know the process for finding great offers I have taught my entire process for finding affiliate offers in any niche in my offer Recon video the link to that will be down in the description but the main key right now that I want you to hold on to is people who sign up for your email list and say yes I want to hear more from you these are the hottest people these are the most valuable people in your world so a as you're growing your list send more emails many of them being useful emails and when you're ready to actually create and promote something sending it to your list is going to be the most profitable place for you to drive traffic but you might be thinking well miles I don't have an email list or you might be thinking miles I only have an email list of 114 people and it's growing what do I do from here this is where you start to leverage traffic to grow your email list and there's kind of a fork in the road at this point in time which has a lot more to do with you and your situation than it does on which is more profitable because both work and that fork in the road is paid versus free sources of traffic so if you're going down the free sources of traffic Route YouTube is obviously one that I use and love because I mean I'm sitting here and doing a YouTube video with you and for you right now so obviously I like YouTube but I also love blogging and the reason I like these two sources of traffic on the free side of the spectrum is because they're search based which means I can get my content in front of people who are actually searching for the answers and the solutions that I provide and when somebody's actively searching for these answers I'm gonna have a lot better chance at helping them get what they want and ultimately earning income from that assistance that I provide to them and the World At Large when they're looking for it let me break this down for you so if you were on if you have been on YouTube lately searching for how to make money online how to find great affiliate offers how to drive traffic what's the most profitable traffic source and you have just encountered my videos welcome to the party but what it shows is that my content and my Solutions are in alignment with what you're already looking for okay I'm not here to convince you to go start a business online I'm not here to convince you in all of the little mechanistic things that you're going to need to figure out I am here simply making my content readily available on a search engine based platform and the algorithm of the platform is bringing the people who are ready and interested in what I teach into my ecosystem for me where I have the opportunity to promote my list and also to promote the different offers that I use and recommend so YouTube in my personal opinion right now has a really good defense against AI it would be very difficult for today's technology for there to be anything resembling an AI to bring this kind of an animated authoritative educational content that I'm bringing to you here today is that going to change in three to five years don't know don't care I'm living in the now and in this now moment right here and now you and I can have this exchange human to human and that's really important on the blog side of things because I think that youtubing and blog are equivalent options for you choose the one that's most in your DNA I'm a little bit more of a talker and a performer myself so that's kind of why I went to YouTube in the original uh direction of this brand but if you go in the blogging layer and you want to start focusing on Crafting search engine optimized posts focused on keyword phrases that people are looking for I would recommend that you leverage AI Technologies there's an a-i-s-e-o blog post writer that I'll link to in the link below obviously all the links down in the uh description I'm an affiliate marketer that's what I do so expect them to all be affiliate links but if you start to leverage AI technology you can publish content two three or four times faster than my wife and I did when we built our first brand based on blogging from scratch you see it took us about 500 blog posts to really grow that first brand up to a level to where it started driving enough traffic to grow our list massively and we did that all by hand but today you can actually speed up that process two times three times four times faster by leveraging some of the AI technology what you need to do if you're blogging for traffic and you're leveraging AI is you need to be the one who's responsible for making sure that it's factual for making sure that it's truthful that it's honest that it reads well because it's well known that AI just makes stuff up and it goes off on these crazy tangents if you're not able to focus it and if you're not bringing that knowledgeable content to the table so let's say you're in the badminton Niche and you're teaching people how to play badminton right now obviously you can create videos teaching all of the bits and pieces of how to play badminton how to serve what the rules are etc etc but if you don't want to be on camera if you don't like the thought of set up a camera and going forth and doing what I'm doing right now you can also go down the blogging path and you can leverage AI but you still need to look into the output that the AI is bringing back and make sure that it is truthful that it is useful that it is actually helpful and when you build a library of content that is embedded into a search based platform what's happened now is when somebody's interested and ready to learn and step up the game of badminton they'll find your content and you can have your five-day badminton challenge you can have your how to throw up great Ace serves in badminton opt-in pages and then you're able to link people over from the search platform to your content like I'm going to do with and for you right here and now so if you're new to building a business online and if you haven't made your first thousand dollars as an affiliate marketer yet I highly recommend that you go through my affiliate marketing crash course it's 100 free the link is in the description below and when you go through that you'll learn my 11-step process that I've used to bring Brands and websites up to a hundred thousand dollars fast that I wasn't an expert in right because you don't have to be an expert to grow a business online you just need to know the right way to build it and I've taught that in my free course at the affiliate marketing crash course with the link for that is down below oh and I wanted you to see a call to action to help someone from YouTube who's interested in what I'm teaching get onto my email list and on your blog it's even easier because you just run a pop-up and when they're on your actual blog you just pop up and like hey do you want the five day badminton challenge to turn you into a pro badminton player in five days you just pop that up over top of the blog post we've all seen them we don't necessarily love pop-ups per se but they grow lists and we've added over 500 000 subscribers to my wife's list from the pop-ups on her blog so most valuable traffic in the world is your email list but you then need traffic to grow your email list the second most valuable traffic in the world is that organic search option if you're looking for a free source if you're looking for a paid Source if you've got five dollars a day or ten dollars a day that you're ready able and willing to begin investing in learning paid ads investing in data investing and figuring out what works you can actually start to run advertisements that directly call people to action to get them straight on onto your email list and then once they're on your email list leveraging sales funnels which I taught in the previous video link to that video will also be in the description for you here I hand curate all of my descriptions so they're all handwritten with Great Links and resources to those next steps for you but when you run an ad on Facebook that promotes your opt-in page you can then display a one-time offer where they can buy from you immediately after opting in and this is a really simple sales funnel that I still use on my most profitable profitable Brands to this very day and I do think that for people who have great copywriting skills or for people who are already really good at helping others get results meaning I've been a badminton coach for 15 years I've trained some of the best badminton people in my region or my city or my area or the country and I really know my stuff when it comes to badminton if I'm in that kind of a position I can create a free badminton course that leads people to a paid badminton course and immediately I can get into profit and growing my list through paid ads but it does require you to invest time energy and money knowing that you're probably not going to get that money out right away You're investing in learning how to run ads how to grow a list through advertising and you're learning all of those kind of micro muscles if you will all of those supporting skills that you need to become a profitable advertisers when it comes down to paid ads I am personally running ads for my brand right now on Facebook on YouTube and on Kindle and I actually really think that Kindle is one of the most profitable traffic sources I have going on right now but the challenge with Kindle is the scale is very small because there's only so many people looking to buy and read books on a topic whereas there's three billion people sitting around on Facebook just scrolling looking for something to distract them for something to engage them and maybe they are the next budding uh badminton players in this world and I could interrupt them from sitting on their couch scrolling and asking them if they're ready to learn how to master the game of badminton and I think badminton I'm using this as a joke because that's not nearly the the hottest paddle game in the world right now I would be using one of the uh I would be going after a niche that's a little hotter than that right now so I'm using that kind of facetiously with you to give you a specific example to help you understand and think about how this all comes together and at this point you might realize that like okay so Miles your most profitable traffic over there is email but then your second most profitable traffic is all the organic stuff that drives hundreds of thousands of people into your ecosystem and get you millions and millions and millions of free impressions for people that's like the second most valuable and then the third most valuable might be the paid ads that support the organic content that also grow the list and you start to realize that your business is a platform okay and back in the day in the 1980s 1970s 1960s when people would do stage based selling it was called platform selling they would run an event they would get 300 people into a room they would get on stage they would teach useful helpful things and they would sell something at the end to use our badminton analogy I could run a free badminton clinic in my town and all the people who show up get a free badminton clinic and then at the end of it I pitch my coaching I pitch my courses I pitch whatever it is I'm going to sell at the end that is called platform selling and most entrepreneurs online don't realize that that's actually the business that you're in that's the business that I'm in so as I start to grow my platform more and more it began with this brand with YouTube videos that was the first place I went it was the first skill that I built it took hundreds of videos for me to really get momentum on YouTube and then I started growing my email list now my platform is Diversified in case YouTube decides to shut me down which YouTube's doing left and right to channels these days it's absolutely crazy how much censoring is going on on this exact platform right here so if YouTube shuts me down I at least have my email list to fall back on but then nothing's growing my email list that happened so I started up my blog and now I'm getting my YouTube videos over into blog content so I got YouTube and blog both promoting my email list now I'm running ads now I got books on Kindle now I got social posts going out and all of those different pieces are my platform and all of my platform funnels people into my email list and then once they're on my email list I begin to show them the offers for the products and services that they want to buy that are going to help them get the results that they want and that is ultimately where all of my profit comes in so it starts with one and you need to figure out are you ready and able to start investing in traffic are you knowledgeable enough about something to help people get results if yes great go straight down the path of creating little courses for people and running paid ads to those courses because you can scale that kind of a business you can grow an email list to five ten thousand subscribers and you can start earning thousands and thousands of dollars a month extremely quickly with paid ads because you can go drive a million Clicks in the next month as long as you just pay them money and the only reason you want to pay them money to run those ads is if you had a high likelihood of selling something so you need to have all of those components to really be ready and able to commit to that paid ad Direction and you're like miles I don't and or miles I'm not an expert I have the ad Revenue I have the budget to do but I'm not an expert in badminton or anything at this point in time this is where the path of creating useful content turns you into to the expert okay was I an expert at internet marketing before I made my first YouTube video arguably yes I had 15 or 13 years of experience I brought a lot of experience at the table but no one in the world perceived me as an expert except for a few friends who I was helping personally to scale their business Beyond a million dollars per year so when I started teaching on YouTube I was a rookie I was a green horn I was one of those new people and I had to proved to the YouTube algorithm and I had to prove to the World At Large of YouTube viewers those two billion monthly active people that I'm the real deal I know my [ __ ] I'm here to help and I'm going to be honest and authentic and I'm not gonna pitch a bunch of BS to you I'm going to tell you what you need to know to grow your business and it took hundreds of videos for me to prove my expertise to the marketplace which has helped me get the YouTube algorithm to fall in love with my content to bring millions of millions of viewers into my world over 10 million people have found my videos for me just put my phone on a tripod just sitting here and rambling to you Nat brought me all of the attention that has ultimately grown me into the level of expert to where now people join my email list they take my recommendations they look for my affiliate links they buy the courses I create because they know that I am one of the most honest and authentic and helpful people in this game how do they know that because I have published 700 and some odd videos here to show you through my actions and not only do that but also to explain to you through the words of how to do this and how to grow this business online so your traffic is really up to you you need to focus on one first to get going you want to make sure that traffic source is driving people onto your email list and the moment you get your first kind of one-two punch going where you got your blog traffic growing your email list you need to start on another one to diversify your traffic and to build your platform get really really wide with all your traffic sources because one traffic Source May shut you down one Google algorithm change could change everything one Twitter slap and you're gone one Facebook fan page gets shut down and it is over and then we hear stories and horror stories of this happening still to this very day each and every day just this last week there was a a car dealership group on Facebook with a hundred and thirty thousand people inside of this group and Facebook said you're done shut it down gone no apparent reason they're not talking about any of the weird stuff going on in our world that should be talked about by people but we can't talk about it because we're all censored here right but they still lost their platform if they had an email list to fall back on they can go start engaging with their people on another platform if they didn't have an email list their business just went to zero overnight because of some person funded by a venture capitalist vulture capitalist in the Bay Area decided that you don't deserve to have a brand so I hope this has been helpful for you I like having all of the different traffic sources firing in my business I get organic traffic from my Kindle books I get paid traffic from my Kindle books I get organic traffic from YouTube I get paid traffic from YouTube I get paid traffic from Facebook I get organic traffic for my blog I get organic traffic from the Facebooks and the Instagrams of the world but it all started with one and then you build that out diversify over to your email list and then start tacking on more and more traffic sources to grow your list and remember the money is in the list and you make your big bucks by selling things to people who are now on your email list and they're now on the path because that's how you take people off of YouTube in general for example to get who's actually interested in what I'm talking about that's them watching the video and then beyond that who's interested enough to actually go through my affiliate marketing crash course who's willing to take that next step and actually grow those are your most interested prospects those are the people on your email list and those are the most powerful and profitable business those are the most profitable people for you inside of your business and there I go I just flubbed it at the end and I'm not going to edit that out because I got other stuff to do with my time and so do you I hope this has been helpful leave me a comment check out the description it's full of all the useful links that you need you can do it it takes time stick with it and I look forward to hearing about what you create as you build your platform and your business online till we meet again be well

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