Best Way to Monetize YouTube Shorts in 2023 (Not Ads!)

here are my personal results from using YouTube shorts and in this video I will show you what I think is the best way to monetize YouTube shorts hey guys Greg grenenger here and on my channel I have been getting some insane results publishing YouTube shorts videos and I wanted to make this tutorial to show you how you can do the same how you can monetize YouTube shots in the best possible way it's quite easy to get tons of views on your YouTube shorts videos If you apply the steps that I'm gonna show you in this video look at my personal results here are some of the most recent youTube shots that I've published 90 000 views 230 000 views 88 000 views 87 000 views 229 000 views and so on and I'm promoting so many products in so many different platforms this is just one of the products that I'm promoting on one of the platforms and I'm gonna show you exactly how I do this so they can start doing the same step one is to choose your Niche and for example this channel here can Charisma on command is in the niche of self-improvement and how to become more charismatic how to improve your confidence and it's very important for you to choose a niche where people in this Niche have an actual problem that they're trying to solve so here we've got a group of people who are lacking self-confidence and they want to become more charismatic the niche of my channel caffeinated blogger channel is making money online and people who are interested in increasing their income and developing a second stream of income and the reason why this is important is because then you can recommend to your audience solutions to their problems you can recommend certain products for example from an affiliate platform like ClickBank or Commission Junction and you can recommend those products and once you refer a sale to this product you will get paid a commission for if you're in that sale check this out these are some of the offers on ClickBank right now and they're paying for example this product here leave pure is paying 146 dollar commission per sale El Berlin paying 134 commission per sale so you can just jump onto ClickBank and take a look at the different offers what they pay and this should give you some ideas on what kind of Niche to jump into step two is to find a keyword for the next YouTube short that you're going to do and let's take a look at this YouTube show on my channel as an example one thousand dollars a day faceless YouTube channel ideas okay now if we take a look at the description I've put this into the title of this YouTube short faceless YouTube channel ideas to start in 2023.

this is not a mistake the reason why I did this is because faceless YouTube channel ideas is a keyword that many people type into YouTube search and many of those people end up discovering my video as the result let's take a look at the analytics so I'm just going to click into the analytics for this YouTube short and you can see that the vast majority of the traffic for this YouTube short is coming from YouTube search and if we look into it in a little bit more detail well guess what YouTube search term is the most popular faceless YouTube channel idea so I'm getting currently around about 1 000 to maybe 800 900 views every single day from people typing this into YouTube search and discovering my YouTube short and then watching it so targeting your the title of your YouTube short to a particular keyword is extremely important one of my favorite tools for that is vid IQ you can find the link for a one dollar trial to the premium version of vidiq Below in the description but it lets you find some awesome keywords there are a couple of ways I'm going to show you how to do this you can jump into keywords and then you can enter some seed starting keyword such as YouTube channel ideas as an example and then it will give you the search volume and the competition but also over here you will find related keywords and it will also rank them and anything that is green is generally a really good idea this is how I got my idea for faceless YouTube channel ideas 2023 and this is why I made that video that I just showed you earlier and the second way to use vid IQ to find keywords is to use AI code you can ask it a question such as based on my channel what are the best keywords for a video about survey sites and it will think about it it will pull up real data from a channel and it will give you an answer so here we've got a list of keywords that are recommended for us and we can go with something like this survey sites 2023 based on this data next step is making the actual video and for that you can use any of the video creators out there I'm going to show you how to do it using this particular Video Creator called in video they have three pricing tiers there is a free pricing tier if you just want to give it a test trial you can sign up for free and you can learn how the software actually works if you are serious about it or if you become serious about it later on you can sign up to one of the premium trials which is business and unlimited now in my opinion I think the business one the middle plan is probably the best value because it's quite affordable and if you use my coupon cb25 you can get an additional 25 discount to this price so it ends up being just a little bit over ten dollars per month so you can find the coupon and the link just in the description below this video once you've signed up to in video you'll see a screen that looks like this and from here you can go and create a new video and just choose this option that says AI text to video and from here we can choose one of the suggested templates browse through them figure out which one works for you but I'm just gonna go with this one that says grab attention with your headline very important on the right hand side choose portrait because we're going to be creating a YouTube short so this will give us a vertical version of the template and click use template to continue on the left hand side we now have something that will save you a lot of time and that's a feature that I really like about in video and that is to ask AI to write your script so just click in here and here you can describe the script that you wanted to generate you can give it a prompt such as YouTube short script about best survey sites to make money because that's the keyword that we chose based on the previous step and let's now click generate and in video has now written the script for us it was super quick and simple and they've actually pulled up a list of websites that are survey sites that can be used to make money online so it has done all of this hard work for you from here you can now create the scenes so just stick all of these sources for images and websites and click create scenes and in video will Auto create this video for you and then you can just make some final adjustments to fine tune that video in video we'll create a draft of this video you can look at it in the storyboard mode or you can switch to the more detailed editor where you can make final changes and just fine tune it the one of the cool things that I really like about Nvidia is that it's got a ton of built-in images and video footage that you can use for free as your own so if you wanted to put in some video footage of money for example you can do that just type in money into the search box and then it'll bring up all of these different video clips that you can use as your own for example here is an actual video clip of money and it's all just a couple of clicks away so it's really convenient in that way next step is to upload your YouTube short onto your YouTube channel for that go into your studio dashboard at the top click this create button and choose upload videos and select the file with your YouTube shorts video importantly like I mentioned earlier on in the video you want to make sure that you enter the title and the description and you enter the actual keyword that you're targeting into the description as per video IQ this is the keyword that we've decided to go with best survey sites 2023 so make sure to add that into both your title and description something like this seven best survey sites 2023 the complete list and then repeat something similar in the description something like this will do just fine scroll down to the area that says tags and you will want to add a few tags that are similar to your main tag into this tag field so I'm going to say best survey sites comma best survey sites 2023 comma and if you're using bid IQ you can actually boost this video and it will give you a ton of other recommendations for what kind of tags to put into your video to maximize your views once again the reason why it's important to use the keyword is because YouTube search actually brings in the vast majority of my views and that generates the real Evergreen traffic on my channel from people just searching for these various keyword terms and finding my YouTube shorts videos lastly let's talk about the big one monetization the reason why we want to talk about this is because let me show you something if we sort all of the videos in my dashboard by views you will see that I've had two shorts that I've had over a million views in fact one of them now has had over 2 million views now let's look at the analytics for this short and let me show you the total amount of Revenue that I have made from a YouTube Shots video that has had over 2 million views and that is 52 dollars I mean this is quite ridiculous guys um you know it is a YouTube short and my Niche is probably one of the higher paying issues on YouTube but I've only made 52 dollars from YouTube ad very Revenue so as you can imagine to make any serious amounts of money from YouTube shorts using YouTube ad Revenue you need to get tens of millions of views on each video which is crazy and it's just not going to happen so this is the reason why you need to be implementing other ways of monetization on your YouTube shorts and for me the method that I recommend and that I have been personally using is email marketing at the end of each of my YouTube shots videos I tell my viewers that if they want to learn more about what I do or if they want to learn more about my personal favorite side hustle they should click the link in the description or in BIO and I put in the actual link to my opt-in page in my description or in my bio so you can see here I'm telling them uh free training how my passive income online okay and then I insert the link which then opens up an opt-in page like this where the viewers can enter their email and get instant access to my training what that allows me to do is that allows me to build an email list which I then use to Market various products and I used to also sell my own course as well doing this I have been adding about 200 subscribers to my email list every single day just from people watching my videos and clicking that link that I recommend to them and other top channels are doing the exact same thing check out Charisma on command at the end of each of their videos they're inviting people to check out their Charisma University okay so if you click this link under this video it basically opens up a page like this where anyone who's watching their videos they can join their course and this karisma University which is a recurring subscription and that is something that helps this channel Charisma University channel to build an income stream online and of course they also publish YouTube shorts their YouTube shorts are getting a ton of views and in many of their YouTube shots they're also mentioned this Charisma University which is an important way of building your email list and building the income online using YouTube shorts because simply posting YouTube shorts and hoping that you're going to get ad revenue is just not going to happen guys this video of mine with 2 million views only generated 52 dollars so if you want to make money using YouTube shorts you need to be building your email list the way that I have just shown you earlier in this video virtually all owners of large channels have started implementing this method for example this is another Channel Dr Mike 11 million subscribers he publishes content in the wellness and health Niche and check out what he does in his YouTube shorts for example this most recent one that has had 2.5 million views if we open it up and then we look at the description of this YouTube short you can see that he has linked to a few different links and one of them is selling a course enrolling the professional Media Academy and this is a 997 dollar course which allows him to also monetize his YouTube shorts videos

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