all I want is you now. // Original Animation Meme // vent // TW, SH FW //

fw stands for flash warning
sh for self harm
tw for trigger warning

[edit] :
This message might be long, but I feel like I just can't let it be.
Lately, I've been getting many comments like :
1. “ There should've been a flash warning. ” / “ sh warning next time. ”
2. “ traced. ”
3. “ notice how your supporters are also weak (?). ”
4. “ You're rude (…) ”

Ad. 1.
Alright, first of all, there is indeed a flash warning, not only in the title but also in the first line of the description just like the sh warning. I've had many people complain that the FW and SH weren't enough so as I said earlier, I put those warnings in the description with their meanings next to them.
The TW, FW, SH warnings were made for people with mental health issues and epilepsy, so it isn't my fault you* didn't know about them and were too lazy to search it up. It isn't my responsibility to keep you safe, since you're on the internet you shod be the one careful with your health.
You* had 20 seconds to check the description before he flashing started, so don't tell me you didn't have any time.

You* – the people who had any issues with the warnings.

Ad. 2.
Well, I do can say that I did trace in the past, but never on vents. I didn't trace anything in a long time [ unless for practice ( never posted it ) ]. Please explain from who do you* think I traced the artwork.

you* – the person commenting.

Ad. 3
I just want to know, what did I and my supporters did to you* ? I've never seen your channel in my whole life, so I'm not sure who you* are, but going to my comments and stalking my channel is pretty obssesive of you*.
It did suprise me that you* found the comments from over a month ago and replied to them, but I don't think it was necessary of you*.
And lastly, why'd you* comment under my community post where I was saying that I'm happy that so many people made this meme ? It was really out of context.

You* – the person who kept on harassing me.

Ad. 4.
It's pretty harmful to say to someone who's down already. I've had people under this video call me slurs and names such a r-slur ( I cannot say it. ), asshole, jerk etc.
What did you* expect from someone who's mentally unstable ? Did you* expect them to be calm ? Let me word it differently :
If a person with ADHD would be rude, would you* just say to them to put their illness aside and stop being rude ? it's not something anyone can control.

Please think next time before you say something.

to THAT person : Stop stalking my channel and move on.

one more comment from THAT person or their friends and I'll turn off my comments

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• 9

Subs :
• 1.12k

Programs :
• Flipaclip ( for animation )
• CapCut ( for editing )

Characters :
• me
• ???

Social Media's :
• Twitter – pastel666core
• Tiktok – pastel666core

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