Ai Keyword Reseach Tutorial – This Made Me $317K So Far In 2023!

find me some non-competitive keywords that will make me money fast whoa this is insane it's like years of doing keyword research in seconds today I'm going to show you a million dollar skill utilizing chat GPT Ai and a few free keyword research tools yep that's right this is a skill that has made me over 12 million dollars and it's actually not that difficult in fact it'd be a lot easier if this table Stood Still but that's beside the point how is AI and keyword research going to make you rich we'll get to that in just a minute and if you're excited smash a like button and let me know in the comments below because what you're about to see can be done by literally anyone if you have an internet connection a phone a laptop or a PC or any kind of computer you can make money online and don't worry if you're not loaded to begin with this isn't going to cost a lot of money to start in fact you can get started for twenty dollars a month yeah that's how much the paid chat GPT program costs and that's pretty much all you need so get ready because the seven methods I'm going to show you today with AI and keyword research tools can and will make you money when used correctly let me repeat that what you're about to learn can and will make you money if done correctly but first a little story back when I was first starting internet marketing in the year 2000 I actually came across these keywords that some clients of mine wanted to rank for these keywords were super competitive and the client thought well if I can rank for these keywords then I'm going to be able to make a lot of money now at that time I didn't know much about SEO I didn't know much about ranking sites on Google or any other search engines but I did know that people were searching for their business even though it wasn't the keyword that they initially wanted you see back then people would pay me to get them ranked on the search engine they come to me and say well I want to rank for the word cigar or mortgage or maybe even cell phones and I would say well even though this is the year 2000 those keywords are a little too competitive and so I talked to the guy who wanted the cell phone rankings and his budget was right around two thousand dollars and I said well I might not be able to get you ranked for the word cell phone but what if I ranked you for all the different cell phone models that were out there he said all right let's give it a shot fast forward a few months later he was actually making over ten thousand dollars a month as an affiliate for one of those cell phone companies they would pay him like a hundred dollars every time someone got a free cell phone and he actually became one of the top reps in all of America using my simple keyword strategies that you're about to see in this video and as time went on I found out that these keyword strategies could get the same amount of traffic in fact in 2004 I actually worked with Frank Curran he came to me and said I want to rank for a site about parrots he had some website about teaching parrots to talk and at that time he was buying ads on the major search engines paying lots of money he came to me spent a couple thousand dollars I performed my keyword magic got him ranked and he actually said that the rankings I got him were converting better than the traffic he was paying for so yeah these strategies are super important but until now you kind of had to have my brain and my expertise to be able to do keyword research properly but AI has changed that and what you're about to see is nothing short of amazing these seven strategies that you're going to use with AI to create keyword lists that will basically print money on demand are so powerful and they've never been taught anywhere before yes this is the first time I've ever taught this strategy and we're gonna dive in right here right now for free [Music] now first of all I want you to realize that I actually found nine different tips instead of seven so there's nine different strategies you're gonna learn in this video and some of them have made me millions and millions of dollars but even if you don't get how to make the millions of dollars from this video one thing I can guarantee if you watch this at least one time all the way through is I will save you hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars a month on keyword research tools because what I'm going to show you is how to get AI to do the dirty work so that you can use free keyword tools to get the same results that I get and I spend over twenty three hundred dollars a month just on keyword tools alone so smash a like button to let me know you're excited because what we're about to cover here is nothing short of amazing and we're going to start by looking at the different tools first of all similar web is a tool that you can use to see a website's traffic this is actually one of my students making a travel site you can see that once he started following Our advice his traffic skyrocketed and guess what he's using AI content and you can see that AI content is actually ranking like crazy now I've talked to him and he's not making nine thousand dollars a month but he is making a pretty decent amount and we actually just started working with him recently in the blog profit network members area to help him boost those numbers up because I found a lot of keywords that can make a lot more money when used correctly but you might be saying Marcus isn't ahrefs a really expensive tool and yeah you're right it is so let's talk about free keyword tool number one the first tool we're going to look at here is the ahrefs free keyword tool you can just go to Google and type in ahrefs free keyword tool and you can find this tool now this tool is useful for two different things one seeing the rankings on a website by doing this right here and seeing where the websites rank you can see all the different keywords and things like that very simple very easy the second thing we're going to use this for is the keyword difficulty Checker now I've used lots of keyword tools I've spent lots of money and nothing comes close to the accuracy of the difficulty that I find with ahrefs for some reason their algorithm just works with what I'm trying to do and what this is going to do is it's going to allow us to put in a keyword here and it's going to pop up the difficulty score for how hard it's going to be to rank on Google and as we can see here this one is pretty much impossible but something like this is a little bit easier with a score of 24.

If you have a brand new website you want to stay under 10 for the keyword difficulty so that you have a better chance of ranking again it's not a guarantee but it does give you a good shot the second keyword tool we're going to look at is the Hoth keyword tool this one here is actually going to show us the competition it's going to show us the volume and the intent of the Searcher and the cost per click and other factors that are very important the second thing we're going to use over on the Hoth is the free Google rank Checker this is going to tell us what a website currently ranks for and which keywords are getting them the most traffic this is super important and the third thing we're going to use over at the Hoth is going to be the free website traffic Checker this is where you can put up to 25 different websites in here and see how much traffic they're getting the organic keywords and all kinds of stuff like that now it's very important that when using these tools you pay close attention to these little download buttons here right here where it says export to CSV we want to make sure that we know where that's at and we know how to use it and if you don't don't worry that's what this video is about the next free keyword tool we're going to use is keyword tool dot IO this is going to allow you to export a ton of different keywords related to a seed keyword like in this example the seed keyword is make money now you're going to see that a lot of this stuff is blurred out but that's not going to matter because what we're looking for is this little button right here that allows us to export it to an Excel file right like that it'll download the Excel file and I'm going to show you what to do with this in just a minute and then for bulk search volume we're going to use search volume dot IO and again if you want an entire list of all the stuff with notes of what I'm saying after you watch this video check out this is super important now let's dive in to the nine ways to use these free keyword tools and chat gbt to do keyword research in a way that's going to help you find tons of ways to make money online alright so the first strategy we're going to use is called the intent chart this is where we are going to find the intent of various different keywords based on a list and based on whether they want to buy something research or whatever it is and we're going to start by looking at my trigger word list here that you can find at what we're going to do is take a random keyword like this this is what we call a trigger word notice how these trigger words are not tied to any Market they're just kind of broad like it doesn't say what kind of things people want cheap it just says cheap or codes or cost or something like that and what we're going to do is we're going to take the word cost right like this we're going to put it into the Hoth freak word tool right like this and we're going to hit view keyword research this is going to generate a list of words based on the seed word of cost then what we're going to do is scroll down to the bottom and hit export to CSV right like this now using this method you're going to want to convert this to an Excel file which is actually pretty easy all we're going to do is open up Excel right over here like this and we're going to drag the file right into a blank workbook right here right like this and then once we're done we just hit file save as and we're going to save it as a Excel workbook that is going to make it so that chat gbt has a little bit easier time figuring out what these keywords are and getting this stuff from the file if we just upload it as a CSV sometimes chat GPT gets a little confused so what we're going to do is we're going to go to gpt4 and we're going to choose the code interpreter now in the code interpreter what a lot of people don't realize is that we can actually give the code interpreter a file so I can give it this phrase match file and I can say please make a chart or table of these keywords with the difficulty and please add a column for search intent based on what the user wants boom this is going to go through and it's going to take that entire file and it's going to tell us what these keywords are based on so that we know what they're after are they looking to buy something are they looking for information are they just kind of looking for images what is it that they want based on the keywords now this is important because this is the skill that has made me millions of dollars online being able to go out there and find keywords that may not have an obvious intent but we can flip them into something that does for example mortgage calculator probably doesn't have a commercial intent that's someone just looking to calculate their mortgage but I know that if I can teach them about refinance and how it can save them money then I can make lots of money and that's exactly what I did with my mortgage calculator website that has made as much as Seventeen hundred dollars a day in profit now again remember those are my numbers the result are not typical implied or guaranteed and the average person trying to make money online makes nothing but what you're seeing here is strategies using chat GPT and AI to kind of figure out what people want and we could see here it has the keyword the volume cost per click and then it goes ahead and says here's what the intent is and we could see at a glance that a lot of these are informational now this is where it gets really good I can actually say now please do this on the entire file add another column for something I can use to make money with the traffic for each keyword and make the file downloadable please gotta be nice to the AI right what this is going to do is that's it's actually going to go out there and create this because up here you're going to see we only get five keywords however I know that the Hoth gave us 50 keywords so we're going to ask it to make a file based on this stuff which is going to be really cool now pay attention because it could actually go through and it could ask you another question like oh hey what do you mean by intent or something like that usually it'll get it right on the get-go but sometimes it takes a little work and if you understand how powerful this is smash the like button and type powerful strategy in the comments below and we can see here now it has a monetization strategy and it's making the thing right like this and it's going to show us hey is this what you want and they'll say Hey you can monetize through advertisements or affiliate links and then it'll go through and find out what we can do here now some of it you're going to want to think through a little bit because Costa Rica I would probably monetize that with travel rewards affiliate offers so you know you got to kind of look at that but this is going to give us an idea and now it says you can download the updated Excel file using the link so let's download this file and see how it looks with everything that we added all right so now we can see here it shows us the intent at a glance and then it shows us the monetization strategy now as we go through we can kind of get different information based on different keywords so if I go through and I say well let's do the word mortgage right mortgage we're going to see a big list here right like this we'll go ahead and download it right like this export to CSV I'm going to open that blank workbook and open this one up right like this there we go and then we'll just save it again file save as and we'll save it as Excel mortgage Hoth right like that okay I need to make these tools all the time and you can even like put these tools on your website and get traffic I do this all the time it's pretty cool once you know this skill there is so much that you can do with it which we'll have a follow-up video so smash the like button if you want to see that follow-up video because I think that this is so powerful if you understand it so now we'll take the mortgage Hoth file and we'll say now please do the same thing on this one but add the type of affiliate offer that might work best okay now this is going to do it on the mortgage one and I'm using two different examples so that you can see that it's actually thinking about the keywords it's actually going through and looking at the data and saying hey this is what you can do with it and sometimes you're going to get something that is an absolute Zinger and again remember this is a free keyword tool in chat GPT so for 20 bucks a month you can get the same kind of data that I'm getting here and you can do the same thing if you want to go through and utilize keyword tool dot IO I could type mortgage and on this one you're gonna get some keywords right and it'll give you like I think the first five but when you download it you're actually will do export to export to excel that way we don't have to convert it and we can see that one has like 600 words and we could go through and say okay here it's got an affiliate offer type column now and it's going to show us what we can do okay so mortgage calculator it says Mortgage Services Financial Credit okay good so this is giving us a little bit more detail and this is really going to come in handy because at a glance I could see exactly what people want what their intent is how I can make money with them and this is this is stuff that no other keyword tool offers there is no keyword tool on the market that'll give you this kind of information so now we can see it has actually created the file for us we can download that and see exactly uh what it looks like so this is the original and now we can see oh hey Brand specific offers for Rocket mortgage okay so that's telling us you know go find a rocket more mortgage affiliate offer or whatever it is and we can see exactly at a glance what we're looking at and this is super powerful again if you're digging this stuff let me know now let's go through and I can say now please do the same for this list okay and we can go through and this list is not going to have the um the keyword what do you call it the uh the volume right so this one's not going to have the volume so what we're going to need to do is go through and get a bulk volume Checker right I think it was this one here okay so this here is our list all right so we could do this list here and then we can go to like a bulk keyword volume Checker which is like this here okay search this is why this is super important right if you can do this at a glance it's going to work like crazy and we get to do 800 different keywords here so here we see okay here's our search volume download CSV put this into our Excel and this is making us literally like a keyword master and intent master and everything like that which is pretty cool so I can go through and let's say we'll save this one here for this list okay so we'll do this for this list okay and it should do the trick it might have a little trouble because it is a CSV and I wasn't able to convert it because it has like these weird uh characters in it it's separated by those semicolons which chat GPT should be able to figure this out I think it'll be actually pretty easy and then once we're done we can actually do a chart based on the intent which is cool I'll show you that in just a second here so now we can see it's finishing working processing new file it's got the info and let's see what we got here okay so semicolon and it's probably going to ask us like is it semicolon okay it's correcting it there we go so it's going to correct the file for us and then it's going to add the intent and the affiliate offers as well which is going to be really cool and that's going to be on these keywords here for all the mortgage stuff which is pretty solid right and then of course we can use the free tools to find the competition and everything like that so here we go it's going to do the correct rendering like this sometimes this takes a while right like this and alternatively I could probably just go ahead and paste all this into chat gbt and ask it to make an Excel file separating these that might be uh faster but let's see here it's going to go ahead and continue on and it looks like it skipped the monthly search volume so what I'm going to do is say please correct where search volume on mortgage calculator equals that number there and I can say here is what it looks like on each word okay this should fix it right it takes a little bit of work but I mean this is making us basically a keyword master in seconds so I think the work is actually really worth it so we're going to see here that it's going to do this work it's going to add those and do everything there and it's actually doing a good job of finding the different affiliate offer types and different things like that and you can even ask it hey go find an offer on offer Vault or ClickBank or something like that that fits this which is this is going to be insanely profitable when used correctly that's why you want to watch this video at least one two maybe even three times all the way through so that you get what's going on here because this is where I this is where the Crux of my entire business is relies on like I have made money using this stuff time and time again for over 23 years and so we're going to go through and take a look here and now we can see it did in fact add the average monthly searches we're going to make sure it's different it is different on all of them so now we have this ready to go and it's going to give us a file based on this that we can take and use for our clients we can use it for our own sites we can use it for YouTube keyword research pretty much whatever we want and you can see you just download the file right like this and then I can say now please make a chart based on the top keywords by intent right and it'll go through and it'll make a chart based on the top keywords by intent and this will allow me to see at a glance exactly where I need to be and then of course we can get into the competition stuff as well but what this is going to do is it's going to give you the intent the keywords different stuff like that and we can see that the majority is informational on this keyword list so we're going to have to do a little work on this list to figure out okay how can we take them from informational searching for mortgage stuff to actually come commercial where they're going to make money and you can even say what are some commercial intent keywords in this market and it'll actually tell you now this is important because what this is going to do is it's going to teach you how to flip the market I can take these informational keywords that are very non-competitive then I can take these keywords that chatgpt just gave me and make articles on my website about them and that's going to trigger a much higher paying ad it's going to trigger more clicks to affiliate offers and literally all I'm doing is saying hey if you want to figure out the best mortgage credit lenders for bad credit click here boom that instantly makes the click worth more money than say something like mortgage calculator very important this is a strategy that is worth so much money if you pay attention to it I've done this time and time again I've made millions of dollars going through and taking keywords like how to fix your Myspace page and make a bunch of money or mortgages or right now we're working on net worth of different people who make money online because obviously if you're looking up the net worth of someone you're interested in making money in some capacity I can flip that market in a really solid way or even people that say like why was I denied for a car loan right then I can go through and say hey repair your credit boom that's an expensive keyword that I can get them into so we could see here like based on this here are the ones that have commercial best mortgage rates very simple to make a page about best mortgage rates and put expensive ads on it which is going to happen automatically because it's about the best mortgage rates and if you understand the flip the market type flip the market in the comments below and this is basically how you can get the keyword intent and this is strategy one now we're going to talk about number two which is the competition finder this is super important because this is going to find you keywords that you never knew existed what you're going to do is you're going to take the keyword that you want to rank for let's say I'm gonna go for something like SUV with the best visibility I can see we have Consumer Reports auto by tell this site motor and wheels what we're going to do is we're going to look specifically for websites that are about SUVs and buying SUVs like this one here happens to be my website new you can see this stuff works I'm ranking right there and this keyword actually does get traffic SUV with best use visibility 200 searches a month and we got lots of other keywords and what we can see here is we can take all these different pages SUV life that would be a good one and a best 10 cars that might be a good one as well and we can go through and we can find the keywords on these different sites what I can do is I could go through and I can say to chat GPT we'll open a new chat I can say find me some compete competing SEO sites in this market like this one right please try to only find ones related to buying new SUVs rather than generic car sites boom okay so we'll do that I'm going to copy this just in case gpt3 doesn't do a good job but here we go let's see if it does it's going to give us some based on 2021 search results all right let's try let's try this one in gpt4 let's do default actually let's do code interpreter that way I can download it if it's there right like this and see if it'll work now if it doesn't work here we might be able to go to Bard Bard can actually work really good okay well maybe it's going to let's see here all right let's try Bard while we wait because Bard Bard is actually free so and we can say um let's copy the same exact prompt here there we go and Bard should probably do this because Bard is actually on the web right now and we're going to use these in conjunction with each other this is such a powerful tool here so here we have CarGurus Kelly Blue Book Edmonds um please try for just SUV sites okay and it'll actually do that now you can also go through and you can find competing sites on the keyword tool so if this doesn't do it we can go through and take like this go to the Hoth and we're going to go to domain Authority I think they have a tool that'll show what it ranks for so we're going to go like this I think it's ranking Checker I believe okay yeah so we're going to do ranking Checker like this view Google rankings and we can go through and we can download this one okay and you can see the competition there it's actually pretty low competition number of results is what we're looking at there and then we can go through and find other ones so I could put in new right like this and I can download that one right here got a lot of good keywords on that one actually I was thinking about revamping that site today all right so we're going to go through and get those and then we can find some other ones here let's do 10 best cars and what we can do is take these keywords here we'll have three different keyword lists hopefully hopefully it'll get it without us having to convert all of these or you know what we could do we could go bulk CSV to excel converter so we could go like this and we can use a free converter like this so let's try free convert here and let's see if we can do one let's see one should be able to drag and drop these here one two three so we'll convert to XLS that should do the trick and let's see there we go cool so now we can download them all there we go they'll show up right down here all right and I can go here showing folder and then we'll extract them right like this okay and then now we have all these I can go into new chat gpt4 code interpreter I'm gonna take all these files here yep right like that oh that's only one at a time okay so we'll do one at a time here one I'll say I am let's let's actually go to the same one here key keyword intent now I am going to send you three files for comparable sites and I would like the same same kind of report okay and it'll say go ahead and upload your three files so it's going to go ahead and give us a preview of each file so that we know exactly what's going on right same kind of thing right like that and now that it's processed all the files we can actually start asking stuff based on all three files together so I can say please use these three files I gave you to come up with a master keyword list where the URLs of the site is the last column and the keyword is the first okay also please make duplicate keywords bold and red boom watch what this does this is going to be crazy it's actually going to go through and do all the work for us in a matter of seconds and even though I've been doing this business for like 23 years unfortunately I'm sorry to say the chat GPT can do this a heck of a lot faster than I can but again the information is going to be useless if you don't know what to do with it which is why you want to watch this entire video at least one or two maybe even three times all the way because there's some stuff in here that will make you money if used correctly and if you want to watch my future videos it's going to be based on this concept as well so it's very important that you get this here and it actually added a traffic percentage number which is pretty cool so we have position um and it's showing the new SUV one first and it's going to get us the entire list here and it should do this based on all the keywords all the sites and everything and then it is adding the intent or actually let's let's tell it to add the intent now please add intent and Sample affiliate offers column as well as high paying keywords that fit each keyword please boom here we go right like this and it's going to go through and find us the high paying keywords it's going to find us the affiliate offers it's going to make the entire file and let's just make sure that it did use all the files I said so it's called Master keyword list and new SUV and 10 best cars so it is actually doing the entire list which is cool so we've got 230 keywords there and now it's going through let's see how it does with the um intent and the sample expensive keywords it's been kind of slow uh monetization intent so it didn't add that let's see now please add the intent here's the first rows okay please add a column for high paying AdSense keywords on each of these for example new SUV with seven seats could go to auto loans or something like that okay that's gonna go through and it'll do another column hopefully all right this now we're getting into the nitty-gritty because this is helping us flip the market in a really cool way so here we have this and let's see what we got here and we could probably even get like a bulk keyword cost per click Checker which would help as well I mean it's and this is all using free keyword tools all you gotta do is pay 20 bucks a month for chat GPT and you're good to go and the reason we pay is so that we get the version that'll allow us to give it Excel files uh which is super important right because you're basically taking a file like this which you know very few people know how to use this file and letting chat GPT do the work for you which is awesome so really cool stuff um and again we're only on strategy number two there's a lot more coming up this is going to be a doozy for those that are actually following along and want to get the info like right there oh there we go potential high paying keyword okay that's not doing that great of a job I could probably ask it now please try to find a you know whatever so let's see you can download the file so it didn't do the master or the it didn't do the high paying keyword but it did have a column but it is actually going through and looking at affiliate offer type monetization intent I mean this is super good info if you're looking at this and you're like wow this is kind of like a keyword report I'd probably pay for right and you know I've paid for stuff like this it works really well so like even if you just learn what's here on this video you could go out there with a 20 chat GPT you can go to Fiverr and you could start a business where you literally do keyword research unlike anyone else right SEO keyword research here you go 15 bucks 25 bucks 15 bucks and you can see this guy sold a thousand of them 800 of them so there's a lot of stuff here and this is kind of thing where if you do this all day you could easily make two three hundred bucks a day or even more using this strategy and then of course backend them into high paying SEO services or whatever it is or have a site about what to do after you get the report and have some high paying ads on it I mean this is not that hard to do now that we have ai before yeah it was pretty hard to do but hey there you go you know this is something where it's actually doing a lot of the work for us and I mean this is amazing stuff next what we're going to do is we're going to do strategy number three which is parse keyword data when we're talking about parsing keyword data we can actually go through and have it add different things remove different things and we could go through and say now based on these the master file what are the top 25 keywords with low competition and High search volume boom this will go through and do the trick for us it's going to extract it it's going to parse the data it's going to get what we need at a glance that way you're not really just going out there and guessing but you're gonna get real world info so it's going to go and make an assumption based on long tail keywords all right so let's let's see how it does I found that it's actually pretty good now again if your list is missing something right if we go through and we look at our Master list like this and we say well it doesn't really have it doesn't really have the competition I can take this right like this 230 keywords I can go to the bulk competition Checker right this one here competition low so I can go to one of these I can put the entire list in get that and say now please add this to the file and it'll do this in a really simple way and we can see here it is actually doing a good result here so let's let's test it out and see if chat GPT is doing as good as some of the expensive tools so we'll go out there and let's say please put this in an Excel file I can download right like this and we're going to do this here and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to go over to semrush or ahrefs or whatever it is I want and I'm going to go to keyword let's I think it's keyword overview 1 to 100 keywords okay so I could do one to 100 keywords or I could do um right over here I could do keyword Explorer and I think I could do 200 here maybe a bunch I don't know how many this allows me to do but I can now take this file which only has 25 so either one will be fine there we go download 25 words and now I can take these 25 words and I can actually see if these are non-competitive like chat GPT says all right so put it here put it in ahrefs and let's see if it did a good job KD 37 so there are some in here that are pretty decent yeah actually it did a really good job look at all these here like these are keywords I wouldn't have bronze rims on a white car I never would have thought of that fastest SUVs right these are keywords that I might never have thought of and it's going through and saying hey the KD is pretty low so it's actually doing a really good job based on utilizing these free keyword tools by parsing the data and it doesn't just stop there there's lots of other ways that you can parse the data I could go through and say now make a list of all the words removing duplicates from the master file right and then I could say please tell me the total search volume of all the words right and it'll go through and do that so now we have this here and it's showing us all the 201 unique keywords it's got some weird ones in there but we can see exactly what's going on and you can parse the data super super fast super easy guys this is so important and again at the end of this video I've given you tools that you can get by without having to spend on expensive keyword tools and not only that but that you could start a job on Fiverr like that doing keyword research which is amazing this is something that is so powerful if used correctly and we're utilizing these free keyword tools that work like crazy um and you can use them on your own site you can use them on pretty much whatever you want and this is going to do uh the work for you right pretty cool and there we go it's going to do all the stuff now that was parsing the keyword tool or parsing the keyword data the next next one we're going to do is very important this is separate similar keywords and URLs now one of the things that I do on a daily basis is buy and sell domains and build them up for profit and a lot of you guys watching my videos are doing the same that's what this guy over here did where is he there he is over here dead and he's got 30 000 visitors a month he's making money he's just following along with the videos this stuff works like crazy and one of the things that we like to do is take a domain name like this paintball one here it's got a bunch of different keywords it's got a bunch of different URLs so what I did is I actually used a paid keyword tool on this one to get a full list but you don't have to get the full list if you can't afford a fancy keyword tool but what I'm going to do here is I'm going to go and look up the keywords I'm going to go to keywords like this and I'm going to go to calendar and what I'm going to do is I'm going to download a two-year report of everything this website ever ranked for in the last two years this is super important because when building these sites up we have to follow along so we're going to go right like this and now we have a list of 2400 almost keywords that this ranked for but we don't want duplicates and we want to make sure we know the URLs and things like that so what I'm going to do is I'm going to export this here right like this and I can do all 2300 and I think it's going to do a CSV let's see does it actually do let's see if it actually does Excel or something I don't think so okay so we're gonna have to open it in Excel of course you know got to have that extra step there we're going to go like this open this in Excel and now we have a giant 2400 keyword list with URLs and everything so we'll go ahead and save as save as and we'll save this as paintball two-year okay then we're going to save it and we'll go to our chat GPT and we'll say gpt4 code interpreter and we are going to upload our paintball to here and I will say please take this list remove all duplicate keywords and the what is that called a column no columns are that way and the row it's a row row associated so that each keyword only has one row then please make a column for the URL slugs I slugs here we go slugs I want it to be like this and what I'm going to do is I'm going to tell it how I want these to be listed so right here we have URL equals I want a column for folder where A and S would would be and a column for slug which would Have A and S Dash razor Dash ion boom now this should do the trick for us and what it's going to do is it's going to give me a list of all the URLs and all the keywords they rank for so I can go at a glance and build these up in a very simple way and not have duplicate content and duplicate junk and everything like that so we go through right like this and Watch What Happens here this is super powerful when we're talking about separating similar keywords and URLs when you're buying sites when you're getting expired domains whatever you're doing it's very important so it's going to say here's some questions one I assume you mean you only want to keep the first occurrence of each keyword and remove yes let's do one yes two for the URLs I understand the first part and Pierce second part yes let's see into two parts yes let's see if this does it I think it should should get it and I will go like this and okay now please make it downloadable for me all right and let's see if it did the right thing it should have and this again this is something you can do on Fiverr um and make a living or something you can do with your own stuff as well so now we have this let's see how it looks and Okay Okay cool so check it out we have folder and slug this is important because now watch this I could go through and I can add these by slug right so it looks like folder and slug was reversed but we could correct that later just to show you how powerful this is if I hit enable editing I can go through and say well I want to sort these let's do sort and I can sort these by we're always going to expand the selection I'm going to sort them by the URL slug word we got it slug slug slug all right so let's see if this does it there we go folder right like that or even um yeah folder right like that and we'll hit OK and now at a glance I can see the keywords that each slug ranked for right do you see how powerful this is now I can go through and be like okay I'm going to make one post based on these keywords and then I can even ask it to get me more keywords for each post but now you could see at a glance how many different pages and posts and different things you need to make to be able to build this site up and this is something that is so powerful this used to take eons to do and now chatgpt does it in just seconds and if You Dig It smash a like button next what we're going to do is strategy number five which is the thesaurus thesaurus thesaurus however you say that what we're going to do is we're going to go through and we're going to use different keywords based on a root keyword so I can go through and say new chat gpt4 code interpreter we can say please use the keywords in this file and come up with 25 different thesaurus type words for each or we could do five let's do five that way it's not too many and then we're going to give it that file which would be the top 25 keywords or whatever it is you want and this will actually go through and find different stuff that you might want and this is super important because now I can go through and build master keyword lists and get other keywords that are related that I might not know like people looking for exercise might also look for you know uh trapezoids or whatever what is a trapezoid I think that's a muscle I don't know I don't have very many muscles but when we look at this we can see how it works and it'll actually go through and make it work in a very simple way okay so it's going to give us an example all right so top Prime leading Premiere and these are actually really good based on the file I gave it because it was about SUVs and uh rates and things like that so it's pretty cool it is doing a good job and now I can say uh now please make a text file of these keywords and it'll make a text file that I can download and then I can bulk put this into my keyword tool which is really really really simple and really easy and we can download the file right like this and there's our keywords and we can go through and say oh these are the ones that we want or whatever it is I can even go through and take my entire trigger word list like this right like this and say new chat this let's do gpt4 this is a list of trigger words I use to find niches online can you add more to it and here's a list right like this notice how the list has no markets or niches it's just trigger words to help find them right and it's going to go through and it's like oh here's some extra ones right and this is actually really really good and now I can use this and be like oh what do people want to optimize right I can go to my keyword tool and say well what do people want to optimize and it'll actually do this and this is the skill that I use to make lots of money and we could see okay optimized battery charging I didn't know that exists before and now we can see hey now we got a quick start okay what kind of you know things do people want to know how to quick start quick start or we can utilize the free keyword tool here quick start and I like ahrefs again because they're competition Checker is the best it's the most accurate but again you can see here's quick start templates quick start iPhone AWS quick start they're looking for help with different things in AWS is pretty expensive so if I had a quick start guide that could be something I could make a good amount of money with so very simple very easy let's take a look at our next strategy which is around here somewhere our next strategy would be non-competitive keyword finder where you could go through and say something like new chat please find some non-competitive words let's say 50 in the mortgage market and it'll go through and actually find them for you now this is actually really cool all right I didn't expect it to do this but it did I can take this list now and whether they're non-competitive or not I'm pretty sure they are very competitive so we'll go to keyword Explorer and take a look here and we're going to go through and now we can go even deeper on these keywords so amortization that's something I might not have thought of and I could go to my free keyword tool and say all right let's find keywords related to amorization boom now we got some stuff that's non-competitive now you're starting to see like hey wait a minute this is going to help me think in a very very different way and now I got 25 different avenues that don't use the word mortgage except for one there's one in here that uses mortgage I believe there might be two but it looks like one and there's only one that uses mortgage which means all of these are going to be so non-competitive it's not even going to be funny and I just drill down deeper find the stuff they want related to mortgage insurance and now I'm like okay well let's see what they want related to mortgage insurance keyword Explorer or mortgage insurance and again you can use the free keyword tools as well but what this is going to do is at a glance this is something I might not have thought of before boom mortgage protection insurance Hazard insurance and you can see here's some stuff that is non-competitive very very profitable if you're getting it type get it in the comments below I know this is a long video I know you're going to want to watch it multiple times but this is where the rubber meets the road this is a trillion dollar industry yes ladies and gentlemen search engine marketing fuels trillions of dollars in business that is a fact and then number seven is finding non-obvious words which we accidentally did here so finding non-competitive keywords would be good and we could say now find 25 more and it'll go through and it'll find all this stuff which I mean look at this closing disclosure that's a fantastic keyword and when you start to think of this in a a different way watch this closing disclosure here we go we got all this traffic here and these guys are getting mortgages which are expensive and this Market is huge it's all green all the way down the list not only that but you could go through and look at YouTube I'll bet you there's a guy out there that has here's me reading a closing disclosure 44 000 views seven thousand four thousand on and on we go this is traffic that makes money yes you can literally have a job showing people how to read different disclosures yeah see what I did there super important and then number eight is Page analysis I can actually go to Google I can search for something like closing disclosure I can go through and find maybe this site rocket mortgage I can hit view page source save as and this will save it rocket disclosure right like that okay rocket disclosure I could go into chat GPT number four and I could actually take this file and say please tell me based on SEO why this is ranking number one for closing disclosure and it's going to go through and analyze the entire site and bada boom bada bang we have a path to ranking now it's going to look at the file and interpret it based on why it's ranking we can ask it to find the keyword density how it uses the keyword latent semantic indexing keywords that are related pretty much the whole nine yards and it's going to go through and analyze all the info about title tags descriptions and everything so you can see what ranks why duplicate it and rank for yourself you can even say make a chart based on the top SEO factors in this file and it'll tell you what is most important in this file that is making it rank at the top of Google now again remember this is on-page SEO stuff so if you wanted to analyze backlinks you can do that in a Flash and here we go we can see that links is the top Factor which contrary to what other people are saying links are why this is ranking and then last but not least we're going to use the flip the market strategy I can go through and find a keyword list like our mortgage one and I can say using the keyword closing disclosure please tell me what other markets I can flip this into that pay more money on AdSense let's see how this does so it's saying Legal Services mortgage insurance Home Improvement so this is doing pretty darn good this is actually doing a really good job then once it does this I can say now please add this to this file for each keyword right like this boom and it's going to do the intent for the entire list and here's our file let's see how it did right here and it went ahead and added all the different things that we can flip the market into for each keyword and if you enjoyed this video and thought it was worth an hour of your time type totally worth watching the entire video as a comment below to let me know you want more videos like this and also check the description for my video on the best keyword research tools

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