Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping in 2023?

affiliate marketing or Drop Shipping in 2023 what's the best way to earn multiple streams of income today now Drop Shipping allows you to sell other people's products that you don't have to create but you still have to do all of the sales messaging the sales copy the checkout process the customer support managing returns etc etc etc whereas affiliate marketing you don't have to create the products either but you also don't have to deal with customer support you don't have to manage the checkout process and you don't have to write the sales cop the fact that you don't have to write the sales copy as an affiliate marketer is why affiliate marketing is the better option for beginner it's easier to build multiple streams of income as an affiliate too and when you're dealing in bits and bytes right so Affiliates we like to sell digital products MP3s PDFs and video courses it doesn't take any time energy or effort or money to deliver the products so our margins are higher we make more money per sale and we can sell more different things through one email list than you ever could as a drop shipper

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