A.I. Magic Edit ✨ with @canva 😀

[Music] did you know that you can use AI to change the clothing that someone is wearing in a photograph check it out for my client TJ we actually wanted something more casual than a suit and tie and this was our final product here so to do this all you need to do is upload the original photograph go ahead and click on that you're going to click on edit photo go to magic edit you're going to go ahead and start brushing so you're just highlighting the part in which you want to update the photograph and go ahead and fill that in Click continue and you're going to actually describe what you would like to see [Music] generate some options for you and if you and if you really like something be sure to save it because it will generate brand new results each and every time based on the prompt from there you can interact with this image just like you can any other photograph in canva be sure to check out the link in my profile for more resources just like this one

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