$9,700 A Month With ChatGpt And Resell Rights Products [PLR +Ai]

[Music] here are some recent sales using the exact same method I'm going to show you in this training now I know the average sale isn't that big however when you look at the sheer volume of the amount of people buying these products it adds up to tons of money so what if you can buy the private label rights or resell rights to a book like this or a report like this for just a couple of dollars throw it into chat gbt or any other AI program and get sales like these each and every day and not only that what if you were able to use this strategy to generate passive income or what if you used this same content to drive high ticket affiliate sales yep that's right today we are talking about master resale rights plr and artificial intelligence and maybe like me you thought resale rights and plr was a thing of the past however using chat GPT and AI I can take a report book or product that I buy the rights to and turn it into instant money and that's what you're going to learn in today's training so smash that like button because we're about to get started but first a little story back when I was first doing affiliate marketing in the year 2000 I came across this product called The Warriors of internet marketing and this product had a whole bunch of reports that they said we could put on our website and sell yeah they give us the master resale rights to a bunch of random reports I mean there was stuff from how to cook a turkey to how to save money on your electric bill to how to put classified ads in the newspaper and make money these reports were all over the place so foreign I decided to put these reports on my website and I got some traffic people were coming to the website each and every day like 10 people it wasn't huge and one day I had an epiphany an apostrophe yeah one of those things that enlightens your brain because it was July 4th and I was gone on vacation but I came home that night after not working and those little reports I put on my website made three sales for 7.97 each putting 21 dollars in my pocket without even working yep that's right I put these reports on my website put a little button where they can buy them and got paid and not only that but when I was working at Staples selling computers I came across this guy who was really fancy he came walking in the store and I was like that guy's fancy he must make a lot of money and he was a lawyer so he did make lots of money but he wasn't excited about the money he made as a lawyer he was excited about this little website that he put up with some legal forms that people could download for twelve dollars and he told me how this website was making a hundred and twenty dollars a day his site was called PC legal forms which is why my company is named PC money making today that's where I got the idea needless to say this guy went on and made lots of money with these little forms and legal things that people could download again super passive income fast forward about 10 years again I tried my hand at plr Master resale rights and I started a website about chili recipes put this website up got some traffic and within hours this thing started getting sales sometimes two three and sometimes even seven sales a day since I was charging about 12 bucks that put a hundred dollars a day in my pocket I did the same thing later on with membership sites making hundreds of dollars a day using simple little downloads that I purchased the rights to and I even got little templates and website files and sold those for hundreds of dollars each and the secret was adding something to the master resale rights product which up until now this was kind of difficult to do however now that we have chat GPT and AI this is extremely simple yes you can make money online master resell rights plr and AI in a super simple way and if you're ready to learn smash a like button because we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today what we're gonna do is take a look at plr rights and resale rights products and how to use them with chat gbt now this is going to be one of our live trainings where I'm going to show you how this works live we're actually going to take some products and throw them into chat GPT and show you how this works now it's very important that you follow along with chatgpt number four I believe it's 4.5 or something like that up here because we're going to need to use the code interpreter there it is four right and we're going to make sure we have the code interpreter turned on if you don't have that turned on just click these three little dots down here and you can enable the code interpreter there's a little box that you check and then this will pop up and it'll allow you to have that code interpreter now this is super important because what we're going to be doing is taking these files and putting them into chat gbt now normal AI like bard and other stuff like that doesn't have the capability to take files which is why we need to use the code interpreter on chat gbd4 now in order to understand this let's kind of go back in time and talk about the plr craze that happened online with making money how many of you guys have heard of plr type it in the Box excuse me and let me know and we're going to go ahead and dive in and talk about this because I think it's important when we look at plr what is plr well first of all plr is like here you could go to plr you could get master resale rights kind of the same thing what this means is that I get a product I get the right to sell the product or use the product on my site and usually with a plr product or a master resell rights product which right now if you go on Tick Tock this stuff's going crazy a lot of people are talking about this but I think a lot of people are talking about it in the wrong way so what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at this and we're going to understand now Dan says I have an obscene amount of plr and master resell rights products and a lot of people do so what we're going to talk about today is what to do with those and how to use them in a way that's actually going to turn a profit rather than just sitting around with stuff on your hard drive taking up space okay so what we're gonna do is we're going to take a look at what products there are so when we have plr products or Master resale rights product we can see here here's one about how to dance and lose weight all right so that's kind of cool how to dance and lose weight it is a book and what this means is that I can actually download this book and it will be mine to sell or give away as I see fit now the problem with this is hey everyone can do this I could go and buy this you know I think I bought this membership here for like twenty dollars this morning and I can go ahead and download the rights to that and what will happen is this will now be on my computer right here okay and then I can extract it and kind of see what files this comes with okay and I can see here this is it dance the fats away it's got an e-book here in document and PDF and then it also has like an e-cover graphic which is the graphic you can use to sell it and then oftentimes what they will also come with is an actual sales page right so a lot of these will come with a sales page and what we are going to do is take a look at what those pages look like and and what's going on here now what we need to do first and foremost is we need to understand how to figure out if this stuff is even in demand okay we need to see if this is in demand because we got to go out there and say okay well do people want to dance their fat away do they want to lose weight while dancing and we can go to like semrush or ahrefs or whatever it is and we can type something in let's go over to the keyword overview and if you don't have access to a paid keyword tool don't worry you could use the Hoth you can use the Google AdWords planner all we need to do is figure out if there is demand so we could do something like dance weight and see if people search for something like dance and weight loss or something like that so we can see here dance for weight loss has a total volume of about 20 000 searches a month based on all the stuff about dancing to lose weight so I could see here that this does in fact look like something people would be interested in and there's not a whole lot going on here okay we could see there's like uh different types of dancing for weight loss all kinds of different stuff and then of course we could go through and search these on Google and see what is going on so dance for weight loss we have this one here some kind of Fitness site we have YouTube videos different Google Play Store you have Live Science and lots of other stuff going on here now we do see that there is a little bit of competition but I'm not going to worry about that too much because what I want to do is actually go through find the demand and make this thing work now we need to go through and see if in fact this is a book worthy of selling first of all because some I mean we got to get honest here some plr master resale right stuff is complete garbage junk not even worth the money that it would be printed on or the paper it would be printed on as it were now we can also see that there are some Amazon books for this as well and some YouTube videos all right so what we're going to do and I also see something interesting here I want you guys right now if you see something interesting all right we're gonna go through and say what do you see interesting on this page so we could see here yes we do have demand all right so we have demand people are searching for it we also have our book here okay and we could see how good this book looks alright so it's got uh let me just make sure it works okay okay so it looks good looks like a pretty simple book here it's got finding a good dance coach now this one looks like 5700 so 38 Pages which is a little low I don't know if I would be interested in selling this but it could be used as a good giveaway okay so we can go through and take a look and be like okay cool this is looking pretty good we got um some kind of content here now I'm going to go ahead and file save as and I'm going to save this as uh let's go ahead and put that in documents or something and we're going to save it as a Word document because we want it to be docx for um for our chat GPT here okay so we'll go into chat GPT new chat four make sure code interpreters on and then I'm going to go ahead and get that file all right let's see here there we go so I could go through and I can use chat gbt to interpret it so I could say please give me a summary of what this document is about okay now this is important because what it's going to do is it's going to allow us to get a bunch of data really really quick and when we go through we can look at this and start to make money and we're kind of seeing a good thing where it's like okay you have this you know dancing to lose weight thing um this book and there is a demand for it again it's a little competitive but we're going to talk about how this works in this training we're going to talk about over nine different ways to use this in a simple way so let's say you were going to go out there and you were going to sell this ebook for ten dollars or seven dollars or whatever it is all right I would think 38 Pages it's not super heavy duty maybe we can make it better with chat GPT maybe we could sell it as is if I sold it as is I'd probably go for like seven dollars okay now there's some there's some different things we can do here that I think are really really important so let's go over here to the board and talk about what these are and hopefully let's see where's our I think we're on the wrong camera let's go to the right camera here there we go all right so uh what we're going to do here is we're going to take a look and say okay I can use this plr stuff as a giveaway okay so I can give it away and then drive people to maybe some kind of weight loss thing or weight loss course or Zumba or whatever it is that we find over on offer Vault okay so what's going to happen is we're going to look at this and say okay what do we do with something like this okay very important so we're going to go over look at chat GPT and it says it appears that the document may not be Doc okay so we gotta re-save it uh chat2pt is a little temperamental so we'll see if we can file save as okay let's just save it in documents and I think word one of these word template maybe we could just do plain text let's see if that works might work might not we'll have to we'll have to figure it out there okay so let's see we'll say try this try this please very important that you're you're kind to the AI but we're going to go through and it's going to go ahead and read the content and come up with what we're looking at now it's really important because we could go through and we could expand on this let's say you know maybe I don't want to just sell this 38-page book which looks kind of not that great like types of dance physical stuff do's and don'ts for injuries not really a whole lot I can do but I can probably expand on it okay and that's where chat GPT and AI is really going to help us make money is by going out there and expanding right I could take this little plr about how to lose weight lose weight dancing right and I can now expand on this and have it create all kinds of different stuff I can have it create you know videos or titles or whatever it is and we see here that chat GPT is actually going to work and it is coming up with the different stuff here tricks behind dancing why it's the best to Fat Loss different things like that so I could go through and I can say now please come up with some titles some sample chapter titles for people specifically looking to lose weight dancing and include types of dances that may lose more weight or burn more calories right so what we're doing is we're using this initial thing to find our Niche so I didn't know I was going into the weight loss dancing Niche and don't worry we're going to talk about lots of other niches as well but now we can see hey here's some cool stuff right Zumba tap dancing Ballroom So it's talking about the different kinds and different stuff here and now I can go through and say okay now expand on this right and now I can add to it and probably in one day I could turn this into a 300 page ebook about this stuff okay so really cool we're looking at it we're like okay that's great I can use chat gbt to get information about the document now if you wanted to expand on it that's great if you wanted to sell it as is let's say I wanted to go out there and say okay well I I'm lazy I just want to sell it as is for seven dollars or maybe I want to use it as like an opt-in to get people on my mailing list right I would think that a list of people who want to dance the fat away would probably be a good uh marketing list so we could do seven dollars or the opt-in either way right you got to look at the the terms of each product but you'll see how this works so let's say I wanted to sell this for seven bucks okay we got to take a look at what is out there there and we need to take a look at our keywords right what I would do is first of all see if there's money out there we need to evaluate each thing we do whether it's building a website making a YouTube channel doing Pinterest doing Facebook whatever it is we need to evaluate if it's worth our time all right so if this is worth our time I want you to take I want you to say worth it in the Box okay so let's say I sell this for seven dollars and I would think that if I do a halfway decent job I could probably get a one percent conversion rate so that means one out of every 100 people purchases the product which means I would be getting on average seven cents for everyone who visits my site all right so we have to look at this and say okay at seven cents does this make sense for me all right if I was to go out there and let's say I get a thousand visitors a month okay would that be worth it a thousand times seven cents I believe that's about 70 bucks I didn't have my coffee today but let's just go ahead and type it in anyway times one thousand yes seventy dollars okay so that may or may not be worth it however we can make money with other stuff as well or we could raise our price or we can make the book better now I see that there's twenty thousand search volume so twenty thousand times seven cents a click that would be um fourteen hundred dollars a month that might be worth our time right how many of you guys are like yeah that would probably be worth our time that's not bad Seventeen uh fourteen hundred dollars a month just selling a simple book do I need to get that uh do what do I need to do okay very important now Bob says how much do you price per click well what we're gonna do is we are going to get free traffic and we are going to have chat GPT find our traffic strategy right so watch this what I can do is I could say now based on the contents of the file or the dock the file we'll just call it the file it'll know what we're talking about I'm gonna go through and say now based on the contents of the file please come up with 25 YouTube video titles about how to lose weight dancing this is going to go through and do this for us all right how's our sound is it pretty good okay so now it's going to go through and it'll talk about the different things and and why and stuff like that so I could literally go out there and use AI to talk about these different things and talk about how they help someone lose weight pretty cool or if I don't want to do video and I don't like doing video what I could do is I could say now please list 25 different dances and the average calories burned for 15 minutes of dance in each type right because obviously salsa is more rigorous than like you know other dances right so we'll look at this it'll be like okay um I should have said 25.

25 please now okay so we'll go like this and it'll say like the higher energy ones okay pretty cool stuff so what I could do is I could go out there and be like okay well if I want some traffic in this market I can go over to Pinterest and I can get pins about you know different um calories lost zumbaing and and um you know motorcycle pedal biking and different things like that and we're like okay so now I can go through and we see the little samples like this all I would have to do is go get a clip art of someone's swing dancing put it up there and say uh working on the treadmill you know 50 calories every 15 minutes dancing and having fun Burns this much click here to learn how to dance and have fun and lose weight right so very simple and we're going through and we're like okay this is doing the work for us and making this work and if you guys look at this I actually am doing this on one of my Pinterest accounts and it's actually getting some traction okay now this is outsourced this is not something I'm doing actively I have someone that that does this I don't even know if she did anything this week um but it's actually going through and it's building up a following and it's got uh 2 000 people a month looking at it now again remember if I go through and I make an image for Pinterest I can also use that as a blog post and now what will happen is I'm going to go out into a different um a different market so instead of dancing to lose weight I could do salsa dance calories right and you will see that some of this stuff does have traffic now there might not be a whole lot of traffic but there's going to be a lot of dances which will make it a lot of traffic is this making sense to everyone type something in the Box let me know if you're following along I know it's a little bit different than our normal training but I think this is helpful because a lot of people struggle with giveaways and products and things like that and this kind of levels the playing field for you now uh angry says why does chat chippy T tell me I have to Rebrand plr material I have all the rights do I need to Rebrand them well if you want to sell it and actually do something with it then yeah I would say Rebrand it because you want it to be branded as your stuff now one of my students here with a reptile site he has a reptile site and I'm certain he could probably take his traffic I think um let's take a look at what his traffic looks like here we'll pull this up and I'll show you how this can work in a very simple way let's go over here and we will do keyword Explorer or no we want to do site Explorer and this student of mine actually he's gotten some sales from it and he's doing pretty good with his traffic and he's got lots of keywords and stuff like that so this kind of stuff here where he's actually getting traffic he's actually going through and this is one of our high ticket Niche students and he's getting lots of traffic now he has made some sales but you might want to do something a little bit different and a little bit more simple I can go over to plr sites like this and I could type something in like um Dragon right I know like bearded dragon is one of the big ones um for this kind of thing so you could do like bearded dragon like this and see if there are um products about it I know let me try and do this in Google because sometimes you have to Google these to find it let's do a bearded bearded dragon resell rights and what will happen is this will give him something where he can he can actually make more money on this right so uh selling breeding selling um okay let's try maybe let's try plr okay so bearded dragon peel here you go so this is a bearded dragon um site with content here's a plr article here and we could go through here's pre-made niches plr stuff here so we could see that there is some products here I think idplr has some as well so we can go through and be like okay so this has some products he can take this product and instantly sell it for like seven dollars that's what I did on the chili recipe website where we get traffic um in the chili Niche and they'd look to make chili and it was a 12 ebook and we were selling quite a few of them with the traffic that we had now I will say that what you want to do if you're getting a lot of traffic is you want to make sure that your plr is a supplement to offer okay and what I mean by supplement is it once you want it alongside other offers all right so if I'm doing the dance one I know that I can probably go over to offer Vault and find some kind of weight loss offer let's see here just make sure it's clean weight loss okay we're looking okay there so weight loss offer like this right we could see um secrets of weight loss 167 keto 155 and on and on we go so there's lots of different weight loss offers like that now we can also go through and find dancing offers we can go to ClickBank and find stuff as well and we want to use this as a supplement and start to understand okay this is going to help me now when we go through and use chat GPT to look at this stuff I could go through and say now see what we did is we we gave it the file it interpreted it and then I can say something like now please come up with let's do 25 video titles for dance basically let's do based on these okay so it's going to go through and it'll it'll show you the different stuff here okay so Zumba burn ballet Basics grateful moves that Melt Away 120 calories so this is something that's very simple very easy and if I wanted to make this video I mean it's not hard to do at all all I would need to do is go to something like story blocks over here or video blocks or whatever and I can type in dancing and I can actually use video clips and put them together and just talk about how that would help them lose weight right it'd be something very simple let me see what that looks like over on YouTube as well because I think it's something that'll work really well let's do dancing calories yeah so like this here it's got intense Dance Workout 25 minutes burn up to 500 calories so that's her actually doing the workout and yours could just be hey I'm just going to make this video talking about the different dances that lose weight here's another one with 15 minutes and she's got 40 million views 30 minute session and you can even here we go check this out this is what I'm talking about right here right this is what we're talking about this exact kind of video would work wonders in this Niche if the let's see there we go um hopefully we get all these tabs open right this kind of thing here where it's 7.2 million views and it's a fitness comparison so they're sitting standing sit-ups walking and then it goes through with all this and you could do this with dancing literally all they're doing is showing an image scrolling back and forth and bada bing there you go right and then in the in the thing you say oh hey click here to get uh the dancing weight loss book boom done deal hey there's Kate good to see you here um she is looking at one of the business offers we have which is really cool we're actually going to give away a business and uh she's coming to check that out all right another one we have here we can see that this is actually very simple I mean talk about a faceless YouTube channel this is something that can work extremely well how many of you guys are excited about this type uh excited and and uh hit that like button as well because I think if you start to understand hey that's all they're doing right and watch this watch what we could do when you have this in chat GPT we could go through and we could be like okay now please make these on a pie chart with the top calorie burners highlighted right and it'll actually go through and make a little pie chart I don't know if pie charts are the best for the weight loss Niche I don't I like pie so that's all good but we're going to start to understand and see okay now it's going to go through and do the work for us and we start to understand hey this is pretty cool this is going to work in a really easy way um Robin says can we create our own content using chat gbt and sell that as plr for other people yes we're going to get to that in a minute I think that's number eight on our list but it's pretty cool and we'll go through and we're like hey this is really simple it's really easy so while this is working let's let's talk about these so the first one is using chat jbt to get traffic and sell the product so the first thing we're gonna do is we're going to have chat GPT go out there analyze the plr okay since chat GPT is also on the web it's going to go through and find other stuff just like we did with the calories burned right we found all the other calories burned stuff that wasn't contained in our plr book so we could go through and say hey this is pretty cool all right now we can go in and go even deeper and look at our traffic strategy by saying something like where'd we go okay so here's our pie chart that's pretty cool right like I can go through and look at a glance and say hey these are the ones that'll work now I can say um now please make some other charts and images okay and I don't know what images it's going to give me so I'm going to put this up here for safety reasons right and it'll go through and it'll actually do this for me I can even have it go through and I can have it make an Excel file here's an Excel file of all the top um dances and and how much weight they lose and different things like that and you start to realize hey wait a minute this is pretty cool all right now I'll give you one more tip on how to use this once we're done with our other charts and graphics here they come there we go that's given me a lot of them okay well thank you chat gbt all right so it's going to give me a bunch of charts and Graphics based on this and this is the kind of thing that can work really really well when you're in like Financial Niche or whatever it is and this kind of thing you can make a video out of it right there's a little data visualization uh tools that you can make videos with as well but this is going to go through shows like an area plot a scatter plot and then it goes through with all this what is the significance of code interpreter code interpreter interprets code and files most AI up until the code interpreter did not interpret files which meant okay I can do stuff but I'm kind of limited now let me give you another tip under number one which is using it to sell the products and get traffic I can actually go through and I can say let's go over here where did Jet GPT go there it is I can go through and say now based on all this data please come up with some keywords people would type in to be interested in weight loss dancing and it'll go through and it'll actually find me the keywords now we can go even a step further and say well what are some other things that are out there right and it's going to go through and it's like okay dance workouts for weight loss dances for calorie burn and we can take these put them in our keyword tool and be like okay let's see what's going on now you do need to be a little creative because chat gbt is not a keyword tool if you did not see my video on using chat GPT for keyword research go watch it it's super important and it'll save you a bunch of money on keyword tools but we can see here like cardio dance cardio okay that's a keyword right that's one where I probably wouldn't have thought of that so we have dance cardio now we have a thousand searches a month for dance cardio that's pretty cool dance cardio workout all this different kind of stuff now we can create content and what we can do is make a little image here's the best cardio dances okay um now please come up with an idea for Pinterest images for each of these and it'll tell you exactly what to do and we start to understand hey this is pretty solid this is giving us real world stuff so dance workouts for weight loss a split showing the before and after okay best strand dances there's an infographic high energy I could literally take these I can make the content myself or I can go to Fiverr and pay someone 50 bucks they'll probably make all of them for the fifty dollars and I just give them this info boom there we go Point them at the book sell the book sell the affiliate offers and now I have a business that I can run very simple and we start to understand exactly how this works how many of you guys are getting It smash the like button let me know I think this is super super simple and when we start to use this with the other stuff that I teach you it's pretty much game over you win now number two the second way that we are going to make money uh with chat GPT and Reese still writes products or plr as it were is to use chat GPT to make videos and bulk up the course so let's say we wanted to go into a niche that is more course ready right maybe I can go out there and say well let's do something like a gateway to success or maybe something like meditation right and the cool thing about these is they're like three bucks they're nothing right it's super super easy you can even get memberships to these and get a bunch so here's one for meditation for busy people this is twelve thirteen dollars okay and with the twelve dollars or thirteen dollars you actually get the rights to sell this now they are saying that the suggested retail price is forty seven dollars okay so that's not bad that means one sale pays for more than this but we could see here um what it has so it's got a sales page it's got the thank you page it's got an ebook checklist resource so what we're seeing here is hey this is pretty solid right and let's go ahead you guys want to see me do this live I'll just go ahead and get this one and we'll do a live if you guys want to see it live smash the like button and let me know um and I'll see if this will actually work hopefully it will let's see what we got here and while we're doing this let's do meditation for busy people so we'll do something like meditation busy okay and this is really simple all right this is something that can work now what I charge 47 bucks for this probably not okay so we're going to want to look at we're going to want to look at what this actually has with it okay so you want to see what can we do extra pages so it's been out since 2020 it's got a 50 page book a six page checklist it's got all kinds of interesting stuff here okay it's got an upsell as well so here's a lot of stuff okay so let's go ahead and take a look and let's see think we can do this here okay hopefully this will work here and and okay let's see let me go over to the other screen here bear with me a second we are doing this live so you know we got to make sure everything is on the up and up here okay so let's see how this works here and then you can see kind of what it has with it we'll go through this in just a minute and hopefully it's nice and quick for us okay they get downloaded let's take a look here there it goes okay cool so it is downloading here right here all right so we went ahead and got that one and we're just gonna go ahead and look at it here so this is what the file looks like so this cost me 13 bucks it's going to show us what it has okay so we'll go ahead and extract it extract right like this right there and we're going to take a look at what's going on okay so here we go this is what it looks like this so this is the product we got here's the bonuses it has article domination some kind of other junk that is pretty much unrelated so we'll get rid of that here's the actual ebook Okay so here's our ebook we can go through and I don't know if chat GPT can take an Excel file so let's go new chat or I'm sorry a PDF file I know it could take those please read through this and give me a summary okay hopefully it'll do it if not we can get a PDF converter um hopefully it'll work extracting the content usually it does work with PDFs so we'll go through like this and see how that works now also you know you could take a look at what the book looks like okay uncoherent need a clearer version all right so we could go through we could see what it looks like here and then we might be able to extract yeah we could probably extract it all so there we go and then I would just extract this and then I could put it into a text file let's do txt notepad all right so I would just put it in a notepad like this because we don't really need the images so we'll just do file save as uh meditation plr alright then I can go through and let's see here meditation plr try this okay and it'll go through and it'll make a nice little summary of this and it'll talk to me about ways that we can sell it ways that we can get traffic and this one would be really simple because I know meditation is a very popular Niche and that is something where you could go through and make videos about it okay so let's see what kind of summary it gives us okay and then we can go through and kind of bulk it up right so I could go through and say what other content would make this book better what other types of things or come up with some sample meditation mantras or something like that watch I'll show you how this works in a minute and when you do this it'll actually increase the value and you can charge more for the plr product it's actually very very simple okay so we'll go like this and we'll wait a lot of it is the waiting game but hey what are you gonna do all right and then of course we can take a look at what else it is doing as well now one of the other places I like is this plr site and I'll have all these in the notes at downloadmynotes.com but this one has a lot of unique stuff so like if I was going to go here and say well let's do something for like resumes right I could make a really good resume giveaway okay and then I can give that away in Facebook groups that are talking talking about getting jobs or I can make videos on how to create a resume or something and again chat GPT is going to do the work by saying here's what's going on here now I can say now based on this book because what happens is when you're using chat GPT number four with the code interpreter it's actually saving what it read in the book and it's giving you more like you're you're having a dialogue about it like if I gave you a book and said come hang out let's talk about it yeah do you know the book it's not like it forgets so now based on this book please come up with names for 25 meditation mantras for busy people okay this will come up with 25 names for meditation mantras for busy people we can go through and take a look at what kind of names it comes up with then we'll expand on it even more and use that to get lots of other traffic as well is plr software worth it it can be absolutely because now we can go through and we can go and say well take a look at this file change it right so if you buy the rights to a um Excel calculator or you buy the rights to a WordPress plugin it'll actually make that for you okay now Watch What Happens here okay this is going to get really really good in just a second okay so here we go uh Marcus do you have a show calendar Where the dates of your streaming shows are listed uh it's every Wednesday at noon eastern time every every Wednesday we do have other webinars but those are usually for paid students once in a while we have a free Saturday webinar so go to downloadmynotes.com if you're on that list you'll get uh notified about that so now we have 25 different meditation Mantra names now please come up with a meditation let's do guided meditation script for number one boom watch this if you do this it will get traffic if I make a YouTube video for this first one and I got 25 that are coming right so space Clarity it says close your eyes Vine comes up comfortable blah blah blah it's making the Mantra there I could literally go out there and make a video with text and waterfalls and all kinds of stuff for this meditation and then all I need to do watch this this is where it gets super powerful because now I have this and now I can include this in the book hey as a bonus for your 20 bucks or 19 bucks or whatever you're gonna get 25 sample meditations or a hundred watch this is about to get really good now for number two please okay it's gonna make these and obviously read them because you know it's AI it might be like hey you know it might tell you to do something that's not relaxing who knows but you're going to go through and you'll have this now what's going to happen is I can now go through and use these for several different things so now I got this book so I have paid a whopping 12.99 for this business idea so I'm in this thing twelve dollars and 99 Cents all right is there anyone that doesn't have twelve dollars if you don't just get one that's like three bucks if you don't figure out something else to do I know there's the people that are like I want to make money without doing anything without a phone without internet and all I have is a llama and it's like oh I don't know what to do I mean maybe yeah I don't know but you're gonna go through and be like okay uh 13 to start this now what's going to happen is I have this book that probably would have sold for 17 bucks or something like that okay now I add 25 or 100 mantras okay there we go and we're looking at several different niches here so 25 to 100 mantras now you might say markets you know this meditation I've heard about meditation videos on the internet and they don't work because you can't monetize them well this is how we're going to monetize it with this course and getting them to other stuff and you could even give them away right you could say hey go to my website to print the mantras ladies and gentlemen that's what I do every week I say go to downloadmynotes.com to get my notes of the video everyone goes there and it works in a very simple way now what happens is let's say I have 100 of these mantras we're gonna pretend that's a hundred because I don't want to draw boxes for the next 45 minutes right so now we have these mantras okay and they're text cool now I got these bunches I could give them away I can go out there I could buy traffic and give traffic free or whatever now I can take those mantras and make a video okay very simple make a video of each Mantra okay then what you're gonna do is you're gonna say okay thanks for watching this if you want a downloadable copy of the Mantra so that you can have it on your phone and relax whenever you want go to my site whatever busypeoplemonters.com or whatever and then what's going to happen is you're now going to have these hundred videos 100 PDFs you can put images as well put them on Pinterest put them on this put them on that and now you have all this traffic going to you hopefully buying this stuff but also going to other things that you could promote for relaxation I mean there are so many different things that you can promote if you have the right traffic and ladies and gentlemen this is the right traffic these are the kind of people that would be interested in a new mattress um different teas and things for relaxation hint on Friday I'm coming out with a video that's perfect for this and actually this is the video I'm giving away or this is the business that I'm building that I'm going to be giving to one of my students we're going to have a student come in they're gonna get the the business and we're gonna split it I'm just going to tell them what to do we're going to document everything so you can watch someone else do this it's very very simple okay and you look at it and you're like oh my gosh this is insane we go through and we're like this is not difficult at all and what you're going to see is very very simple and it's going to be you're going to want to over complicate it but now I have this now I can I can go through and boost this up right now I got a beefier course that I could do and that's number two is using chat gbt to make videos and bulk up the course next is make video ideas based on keywords and get scripts to sell right so I could go through and in the chat let's keep it to what we're talking about here rather than talking about other people um because I don't know about what other people do I only know what I do so we're going to go through and take a look at this but we're going to make video ideas and get scripts then number four let's say I was going to go into a budget one right let's say I go over here and I want a plr for Budget budget did I spell that right I think that's how you spell it so budget right here and we're like okay we have the budget money management bundle okay so this one here has 36 different products now this is pretty cool because it's like okay it's got 36 different products it's got articles and blog posts reports and ebooks so I could sell this as like a whole bundle and it'll work really well so topics include all this stuff so I could go through and say I go to chat gbt I take this little blurb new chat please come up with some sample Excel calculators that would would help people interested in this budget type stuff right and then we'll put that in there well there we go I think I got to do that all right well it's going to do a Tracker and stuff like that now Watch What Happens guys this will blow your mind because up until now this was very difficult to do you had to be you know a math guy and know how to use Excel which is a pain in the neck I mean I have had my fair share of to have headaches with Excel but we're going to go through and we're going to look at this and say okay now please create a calculator for number one okay so number one is monthly budget tracker okay so we'll go like this with stuff for average household spending okay so we'll go like this and it's actually going to go through and it should create it let's see here here's a basic structure okay great and we wait and imagine like if I had this and I'm like hey here's all these things I can sell them and then I give them the calculators also that's something that would be worth some decent cash right and we we start to understand hey this is something that would definitely do the trick and then we'll just say now please make it a downloadable Excel okay and it should do the trick and actually give me the calculator and watch this is about to get really good because if you want traffic you need something that people are going to want right you can't just be like here's this plr article that every other website has that's what everyone tries to do and it doesn't I mean maybe five people get lucky but we need something valuable right and this is what people don't get is you could use jet gbd to to come up with all kinds of different formulas and tools and things like that and it is literally a game changer and we can even have it make a HTML version or a PHP version and you start to understand wait a minute this is getting pretty solid and hopefully it'll do the work for us let's see here and turn the air down a little bit it's like a thousand degrees in here actually it's 77 but you know let's still a bit all right so now we have our download our monthly budget tracker there it is we are good to go monthly budget tracker I can pair this with all of my stuff and then bada bing bada boom let's see I think it gave me an error I got an error on that file can you redo it please right and sometimes it takes a little bit of work to get it done um there we go it's going to try again scribbling create value well I mean value is in the eye of the beholder like some of the most valuable or most the most profitable sites that I've had have in my opinion been the least valuable like I didn't I didn't think that smiley faces and emoticons was that valuable but other people did so I made money on it so again it is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder is your traffic okay so let's go through see what this looks like okay all right let's see if that works and sometimes it does take a minute to get them to work but this one did work right so it's got the category it's got the little tallies up here I can make it kind of fancy and edit it now I can say now please embed this in a PHP file that will work on my website boom now I have a calculator that I can use on my website I can package all that together with the plr stuff I got or you can make let's say for the dance one you can go through and you know say oh hey calculate how much you're going to lose dancing oh put your weight here how much you're going to dance how rigorous it's going to be and then there you go right really really simple and you're like hey this is pretty cool and it shows you how to use it and it'll actually go through and put this on our website so that people can use the file and then we go through we're like okay we have the plr info we have the product now what right and you start to think okay maybe there's stuff for uh workouts okay I can go through and I can find workout products and I can have chat gbt come up with a bunch of Pinterest to make for workouts right or maybe I have something for like um pretty much anything and you see how this works and that downloadables work really really good in fact we had a let me see if I can find this in addition to the reptile guy that was here there was also a student of mine that did a video let me see what was it Alston I think is his name and he did a video on our smiley face site whereas there he is right he did a video on our smiley face one now this guy did the method that I taught the other day right right there and he um he put a smiley face on Etsy so he used like if this is what I taught in the video he used like that much one of them right and uh he actually got some sales from it which is pretty cool it's like hey he all he did was Etsy and he got some sales but when you start to understand the stuff that we're doing because that site Emoji edit.com is my site look at all the traffic it's getting right if we pair that with what we're doing and we pair that with like resale rights because you could buy resale rights of emoticons and sell them or you can create them free and sell them this is about creating digital products and this stuff works now did he get rich no he made like one sale maybe two sales but it proves the concept and he wasn't even trying he literally just put one up and I think he forgot about it or whatever and when you start to look at it and say well wait a minute what we're doing is we're compounding we're using multiple things with multiple niches with multiple plr stuff with content with calculators with Pinterest we are building a business right and when we start to realize that this is about building a business then we get away from oh how do I make money with plr well you built a business out of it that's how you do it how do I make money with AI well you build a business out of it that's how you do it and to build the business out of it you have to understand what's working and how how do I get into these markets and understand it now number five one of the other ways that we can go through and sell plr stuff is to build a membership site with content you can actually go out there and get plr stuff expand on it and build a membership site I've done this time and time again where you could go out there and say well maybe I'll get plr content for maybe templates what kind of templates is there plr for okay and we see there's actually lots of templates so muscle building templates Christmas templates sales page templates and now you start to look at this and you're like wait a minute wait a minute Marcus I think I'm seeing something here and when you start to see this this is a game changer so one of the plrs we have is go over here there we go one of the plrs we have is four sales page templates okay let's see if there's another one here and I want to show you how this works because sometimes there's like email templates mini site templates squeeze page mini site sometimes there's some Kindle uh let's see here there should be let's try email there we go Okay cool so now we have like emails email list sample emails okay so what we can do is we can now take these plrs right so let's say we have this one for emails or whatever let's see if he's got one over here that we can use emails okay email let's see if we get this here so we could go through and look at seven tips for writing emails what we want is several emails okay and you'll find them you just have to do the work go go look for them here's 10 tools for crowdfunding um sample emails and then once we find them it's going to be a lot like the the page thing here what we're going to do is we're going to customize it right I could go through and say okay here's these sales Pages now customize it for stickers on Etsy now customize it for people looking for limousine company signups now customize it for clowns for birthday parties or whatever it is and we start to understand oh wait a minute I can customize these templates and I can use chat gbt to do it and it's very very simple and what you got to do is just be a little creative and start to understand it which is really cool so awesome uh Earl says Marcus I saw his video he made four emojis and got two clicks one sale exactly now imagine what would happen if he had the traffic of a site like this right game over because now we're looking at it and we're like okay he got four or he got two clicks in one sale so if we go to similar web and take a look at the traffic I'm getting which is this is why you need to stack this like a lot of people come here and they want some tip or tactic or one little quick thing that's going to make them Rich overnight it doesn't exist what does exist is strategies and planning and if you strategize and say well okay he put them on on um Etsy and he got some sales what if he drove traffic from Moji edit to his Etsy that's where you stack it and that's where you start to realize holy cow this is insane this actually works and you see the concept is there dude got a sale a reptile guy got us a lot of people are getting results we actually have a guy to interview tomorrow his website's getting like a hundred thousand visitors a month or something it's insane and we start to realize that you know our is this typical no the average person trying to make money makes nothing the average person would be like the guy who did the video he'll set up a couple things maybe get one sale and be like well I only made two bucks it's not worth it but if you stick with it and you grow and you build like he's doing with his channel um that's what happens and this guy was actually a student of mine back in 2019 he's doing a great job with his content really good stuff um and I think he's making a full-time living with it which hey that's pretty cool and we start to understand that this is how it works another thing we can do number six is to create our own plr site we can actually create different things in our um chat GPT so I could go in and say well let's do keyword Explorer let's do plr or Master resale rights or whatever here's an example someone doing plr planners which is huge this person is dominating I think Etsy and Amazon and some other places selling planners that people can edit and sell right so here's a planner for someone who wants maybe daily mantras like that one here's a planner for people who are scatterbrained here's a planner for people who are businessmen here's a planner for people who are sad and you start to understand exactly okay that's where it's at and we can see what they're doing so we got plr digital products let's see digital planners let's try resale rights and you can see what kind of resale rights they're looking for artists okay or you could even do like one of the sites maybe put this into um your keyword tool see what they rank for and start to work that and you start to understand okay so this guy's got 3 000 keywords okay a lot of it's about that now codependency worksheets interesting why would this guy rank for codependency worksheets and since I'm a recovering alcoholic I know what that is they talk about that in rehab all the time was codependency um they're looking for worksheets on how to deal with that Now ladies and gentlemen now I could go through and be like well wait a minute so I could go out there and buy the rights to a bunch of worksheets right there's actually um there's a template site that I get them on I don't remember it off the top of my head but we'll put it in downloadmynotes.com I'll have those for you and we can go through and look at worksheets they have and then Watch What Happens here this is where you start to think different and if you don't think you can make a living with worksheets go back and watch the beginning of this video again because that's what that guy did with legal forms and this is the kind of thing that can work really well if you start to understand wait a minute what do they want okay here's different worksheets handwriting worksheets and you will find like the codependency or whatever it is rehab rehab worksheets recovery addiction worksheets and look at this there they are and you could talk about all this kind of stuff and then you go over to offer Vault and sell things that uh Drive leads to stuff like this and you start to understand wait a minute this is bigger than just one thing what we need to do is we need to start with One Direction pick a product pick a niche figure out where we're going and you know one of the ways that I do this is I go and look for domain names right I can go over to spamzilla find domain names or I can pick something I like maybe meditation or mantras or whatever it is and then bada bing there we go right I could even go through like you want some traffic you could go through on the the Mantra one we did and you can do which one was the mantra I think it was this one yeah so this one here now make a mantra video in the style of Alan Watts right and it'll go through and it'll actually make that in a very simple way okay and it's going to do a lot of work I just asked it to make a simple one but apparently it's going to make the whole deal right and there we go very simple and it's actually pretty good I'm a big Alan Watts fan and this is pretty good and we start to realize now I can make that video and say Alan Watts Style mantra did I get traffic from that or um you know whoever it is and we start to understand hey this is crazy good and then if I had mantras I could sell them on my own plr site number seven is to sell custom versions of a resale product so you want some low-hanging fruit you want to make some money what you can do is like I mentioned mentioned earlier go through and find like how to let's do social media marketing okay watch this this is going to make it insane a lot of Helen Watts fans yeah he's actually his content is one of the things that helps me get sober helps me stay sober is because it you know helps me understand things um so now we have social media marketing so here's LinkedIn how to use LinkedIn for your business okay so this one here let's see let's try business categories software there's got to be one about how to run a business I want something bigger so keyword research let's say we want to do this okay instead of using the entire giant course which that's what you'll do I'll show you the quick version which we can do five ways SEO can benefit your business so we'll download this okay I think his is a ZIP file so open this in the folder right like this extract and watch how cool this is this is like a game changer you could do this on Fiverr you could sell it you can do whatever you want uh let's see okay so we're gonna go through we'll get the dock and we'll do our chat GPT new chat always do a new one when you're switching over niches and stuff like that so we'll do five ways SEO can benefit watch this please analyze this report okay so it's going to analyze the report give it a minute all right emotionally says he's five years sober congrats on that okay so it's going to look at this file for us and let's see it's working and let's see come on now get chat [ __ ] gpd4 and replace what he did in the video yeah you could do that okay come on now hey it's got some custom instructions apparently we'll check that out in a new video but what we're going to do is we're going to have this go through uh Claudia I'm going to have links to all the stuff that I mentioned over at downloadmynotes.com downloadmynotes.com we'll have all kinds of stuff in there for you so we're going to go through we're going to look at this and then what I'm going to do since this is five ways SEO can benefit your business this is a plr what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through after and say now please make a new report like this for limousine company owners and how they can specifically use SEO for their business then I'm going to go through and do this with every business out there right how many of you guys are like wait a minute that's pretty simple that's really easy all you have to do is go out there and and do the work let's see if this wants to go here and while we're waiting for that let's take a look at what else we got make a website to sell the offers and then make a bonus PDF for affiliate offers so we can make a custom bonus PDF plr based on like whatever it is you want to sell maybe a jvzoo product or um you know ClickBank or something like that we start to understand hey this is actually pretty easy um and when we build this out now we can use plr content and master resell rights content to actually start to turn a profit and this kind of thing you could do with um you know a membership site or whatever it is you're trying to do it is not difficult and there's so much plr content out there here's one about how to Market your business online writing engaging subject lines right you could come up with sample subject lines right you go through and you're like okay we'll come up with a hundred subject lines for dentists a hundred subject lines for you know accountants 100 subject lines for this and you start to realize wait a minute I can expand on a lot of this plr stuff in a very simple way right and all I need to do is do 10 better because MO most people are going to try to do one little thing and that's all they're going to do and they're going to wonder why it doesn't work well it's because you did one little thing right um let's see if we can get this to go through we'll try it again please make a summary of this report okay hopefully it'll go faster this time and if you're digging this smash that like button there um and once it does that it's good to go right and then you can customize however you want super super simple yeah I'm on now and wants to be slow so we might not get to this one today but I think you guys are getting the idea of utilizing plr and resell right stuff with with what we're doing is key right if we could go through and make this work in a very simple way then it's game over you win now I actually went ahead and got some big Accounts at these plr sites and we're going to have on tomorrow's call if you guys are a high ticket Niche student we could create some giveaways for you using that and using this strategy um and if you guys are high ticket Niche students we have those every Thursday uh where you can get help and stuff like that which is really cool you can also check out downloadmynotes.com and the other links there but I think this is going to start to make a lot more sense of how you can start to make money and how you can start to build these making calculators or PDFs or whatever it is in a very simple way okay looks like is it working okay it's I think we we made it mad or something I don't know let's see if we can get this and then we'll we'll get you guys out of here but I think this is super super important and something that literally anyone can do right it's like okay I could go and adapt these for limousine companies or uh whatever companies it is or I could go make videos on it or I can build something out that people actually want and the key is look at your keywords look at what people actually want if you want an easy method look at people that are selling plr on Etsy look at people that are selling uh spreadsheets or templates or let's see let's do checklist right lots of people are selling this stuff and it sells like crazy and a lot of it is plr stuff very simple wedding checklist 330 sales here's one cleaning planner a cleaning planner editing editable cleaning planner 26 000 sales three dollars each that's or that's 26 000 reviews they're making a lot more sales than that but they got a lot of info here and this is something you can use plr to create like this is not hard to do all you have to do is focus 26 000 reviews they've made some serious sales it's in 20 carts right now I mean come on get out of here this is something that's like super super simple and you start to realize hey this works apparently Chachi PT doesn't want to work right now it's mad at me but check out highticketnitches.com if you want to work with me check out downloadmynotes.com for the notes put some comments and we'll get that rocking and rolling uh twitch says what are your thoughts on running pay-per-click ads to Etsy I unless you had a good profit margin you need a good profit margin to do that if you don't have a good profit margin that will not work all right so hope you enjoyed this smash the like button rewatch this a couple times there's some good stuff in there the notes that are here I got big notes on this video I'm going to have those at downloadmynotes.com have fun and we'll make it happen have a good one guys

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