9 REAL Websites Where Rich People Literally Give Away Free Money!

there is free money online and yeah I have proof and I know it's easy to be skeptical and wonder what's going on and why there would actually be rich people giving away free money and don't worry we're going to cover all that in just a minute and maybe you've seen all the different videos talking about websites where rich people are just going to give away free money to pretty much anyone who asks and we're going to go over some of those websites in just a minute but I got to warn you these websites that other people are touting are not the best way to get free money in fact I have a secret method that I've been using for over 23 years that has made me millions of dollars using this free money method and it's actually very simple in fact here's a report that came out 5 days ago where companies are paying as much as $2500 for watching Christmas movies but there's a big catch and that is the money only goes to a select few people so it's kind of like winning the lottery now some of these websites we're going to talk about where rich people are giving away free money actually do work but again this is about a much more profitable guaranteed way to get money on demand and the cool thing about this is you can start with no money you don't have to buy anything it doesn't take take a lot of work and it's actually very simple and you might be asking yourself Marcus what does this have to do with tabloids and all these magazines and before we get to this list of websites where you can get free money I want to show you something very important because if you get this and it clicks you can be on your way to making money online super fast and we're going to get to all this proof in just a minute but first a story back when I was first trying to make money online we didn't have all the resources and Ai and tools and lists of websites where rich people give away money like you have today and back then I relied on what we called the hot sheets and the hot sheets were these tabloid magazines that we found at the local grocery store and you could see that some of them have really junky articles but they all have lots of advertisements and so I would go with my friend to get these tabloids so that we could study the ads and learn how to get people to respond to words on paper and if you're taking notes that's the first tip words on paper equals money and so we were going through these different tabloids and we found classified ads and different things like this cash cow online opportunity or more importantly this little guy right here that says place your ad here or this one here for Life Alert so I would go through and study different ads like this block here and even big full page ads like this that have multiple different advertising blocks in them and studying these was the key to being able to make money online because I knew that if these adver iers were placing ads month after month year after year well then they were making more than the advertisements cost and since advertising is such a huge opportunity well then wouldn't the goal be to start a newspaper like this and of course the problem is you got to print them you got to put them in the grocery stores you got to get people to write and all kinds of different things that cost lots and lots of money that even people like me would be priced out of but the fact remains there's lots of money here in fact if you were to look at what's known as the rate card for these popular magazines you would see that lifestyle magazine a full page ad is $118,000 a month In Touch magazine that gets about a quarter of a million readers full page ad $446,000 woman magazine 91,000 star $154,000 US Weekly $37,000 Women's First $79,000 People magazine almost $500,000 a week and of course those little ads in the National Inquirer are over $115 per word per week and when you look at all the words on this page it adds up super fast fast and it doesn't just stop there there are tons of magazines from Hobby magazines to Business magazines and on and on we go and all of these are making hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every month and some of them like consumer reports are just sharing info and facts on different products that are available and again if you're taking notes this is secret number two but first first let's dive into the computer and let's talk about these free websites where rich people are going to give you money then we're going to talk about a guaranteed way that you can get money from rich people using a simple little hack that I found in these magazines and tabloids and let's face it wasn't this the first example of clickbait more about that in just a minute let's dive in and talk about these websites where you can get free money okay so first what I did is I went through all the videos talking about websites where rich or kind people are giving away free money you can see some of these have 2.7 million views almost 300,000 89,000 and on and on we go all these videos talking about how you're going to get free money from these websites but what's the catch so I decided to go through and have my team take all the different websites that tons of these videos were talking about and put them in into one big list and in total from all these different videos we came up with about 26 different websites so I fired up my favorite keyword tool to look into these websites and see if they're actually legit and actually getting traffic and we can see here that most of them are actually not getting that much traffic and some of them don't have any traffic and the ones that do get lots of traffic are just simple funding websites so so again basically you got to kind of Hit the lotto and get the right people to fund your cause what percentage of GoFundMe campaigns actually get money and we could see here that over 50% of GoFundMe campaigns actually don't receive any funding at all so finding rich people to give you money there might not be the best option if you don't have a good cause and of course something like beggingmoney.com doesn't get that much traffic at all and it seems to be on the deine is beggingmoney.com legit and we could see here that beggingmoney.com isn't really all it's cracked up to be in fact they're only getting like 145,000 visitors a month mostly from people trying to get free money and for comparison just one of my websites gets the the same amount of traffic as them and I'm a pretty small operation and that begs the question if these sites aren't legit well then why are all these people making videos about them back to our magazines if you were to look at a magazine like this that's all about home business stuff that gets mailed to new businesses and business owners and different things like that and it's basically just a book full of ads you would see that they are actually charging anywhere from $85 to $800 for one page in the magazine and since the magazine is about 60 pages long not including the cover the inside of the cover inside of the back cover and of course the back that means that this magazine is probably making close to $100,000 a month just on advertising and while magazines like this one that reach 25,000 people in print and 10,000 people online and other magazines like this reach about 100,000 people total we're seeing that simple little videos like this are reaching almost a 100 times the amount of people which means that the traffic on some of these videos is worth lots and lots of money in fact if you were to go over to spyfu and type in the word free money you can see that not only does it get almost 20,000 searches a month but advertisers are paying like 82 cents a click for every visitor to their website or make money online with almost 50,000 searches a month and the advertisers are paying over a dollar per click and you might be saying but Marcus do I need to make money-making videos about topics that don't really work and the answer is no in fact I make videos all the time on stuff that works and it's not just in the moneymaking market in fact if we were to take a look look at something like this Life Alert ad right here we can see that the keyword Life Alert is looked up over 25,000 times a month and it fetches get this almost $18 a click but why because people searching for Life Alert are much more likely to buy the product than people just reading a magazine and not only that but if we come over here to offer vault which is where you can find lots of affiliate programs and offers for websites and blogs and all kinds of things like that we can see that the Life Alert type offers are paying as much as $150 to $300 per sale that means that if you made content that was in some way related to Life Alert you can get paid lots of money but you don't actually have to sell stuff in fact if you take a look at different YouTube channels like the seniors list where they're reviewing different things things for seniors we could see that he's talking about all these different Life Alert things but why well because he's averaging about a th000 viewers a day to his videos and while that might not sound like a lot keep in mind how much these ads cost and how much they're paying for each click to their website and the cool thing about this is it really is getting free money from rich people because these rich people are advertising things like life alert life insurance making money products web hosting even different hobbies and things of that nature and instead of going and begging people for money on all these different sites what we're going to do is create something of value for people in these different markets let me give you another example if I wanted to advertise a weight loss product a good place to advertise would Bey on every box of KFC that's shipped out why because often times people eating fast food food yeah probably also need to lose a little weight we can see here that weight loss keywords are a lot of money super expensive and super competitive however the word calories in KFC gets like yeah 12,000 searches a month and if you could use AI to create some content around calories in KFC well then you can lead to weight loss offers calorie counters Fitbit and all kinds of things that pay lots of money and you might be saying Marcus isn't this difficult and the answer is an emphatic No in fact all we need to do is go to an AI tool like chat GPT or use the free Bing AI create co-pilot and type something in like get me the calories in KFC items and we could even put popular okay KFC items right like this and chat GPT will go to work and find the calories in the popular KFC items and since we know that over 12,000 people a month are searching for this this content right here is in high demand and you can see here on Google we have all different kinds of images that you can put on Pinterest all different kinds of weight loss websites and even videos related to calories in KFC in fact this guy got like 63 3 million views for some KFC Burger over a million views 2.5 million almost 2 million and on and on we go and since this is targeted traffic these people are making lots of money but here's the catch how much does it cost to put a free post on a site like medium blog spot Facebook Pinterest YouTube Tik Tok and other platforms like this and the answer is nothing in fact it's free so wait a minute I could create free content around keywords people look up and I could get paid exactly using programs like the Facebook bonus program that pays you for every like star view or interaction with your content you can make lots of money or even Instagram reals where you can make a little Tik Tock Style video and get paid with the Instagram partner program then we have Pinterest where you can create content on Pinterest and actually get paid by the Pinterest Creator Rewards program again it doesn't cost you anything you can also get paid on Tik Tok twitch YouTube's partner program medium's partner program Google AdSense and More in fact if you wanted to make this a full-fledged business instead of just getting paid on the platform you could even create your own blog blog and drive people to ads on your blog this is the same thing I've been doing for over 23 years to put tons of money in my pocket and it's actually very simple but don't take my word for it look at this keyword right here calories in a Cheesy Gordita Crunch this keyword gets over 300 searches on the main word 250 200 somewhere around 500 searches a month and if we were to search this in Google right here you're going to see a dummy post that I set up as an example over 2 years ago this one is actually ranking in Google right here for calories in a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and since building a website or posting on YouTube or Tik Tok doesn't cost much money if any all you need to do is post good content about what people are searching for and point to different advertizers and you get a piece of the action in fact let's say you created a a channel like that guy with all the different things for seniors you could see that people are looking up all kinds of things like Walkers life insurance chair yoga cell phones car insurance dental insurance and all different kinds of things for seniors in fact here's a keyword best dogs for seniors that has very little competition and almost 4,000 searches a month I could come over here to chat GPT and say what are are the best dogs for seniors and why it's going to go to work and find me the best dogs for seniors and then I can do some extra stuff to make even more money so now I can take this content I can put it on medium I could create a video I could do a blog post I can create a blog spot run ads and get paid or I could take it a step further and say now please put this in a a table then it'll create a table I could take a screenshot and use that on Pinterest and make even more money it's actually super simple and as you can see it's going to work making my nice little table here that would work perfectly on something like Pinterest and ladies and gentlemen this is exactly how websites like YouTube Pinterest Tik Tok and countless others make billions of dollars each and every year in fact Google makes hundreds of billions of dollars off advertising paying for clicks to their website and we could take a look here at Pinterest and see that not only do they rank in Google for 61 million keywords but if we isolate this to senior we could see that they rank for all kinds of stuff related to seniors including a number one ranking for yep you guessed it elderly senior chair exercises printable please make me a guide for elderly senior chair exercises then all I need to do is put it in a PDF make it printable run some ads and get paid and as you can see it's doing the work for me so if you're tired of all the money-making methods that don't work smash that like button subscribe and check out the other videos in the description to learn how to make money online in a super legit way

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