9 easy ways to boost your email open rates in 2021

Why It's Good to Get Some Unsubscribes on Your Newsletter

When I first started with my email newsletter, I took any unsubscribes I got personally. I would look at when they unsubscribed and try to see what I did “wrong.

The Sacred Art of Promotion: Why Promotion Is Necessary For Your Survival

Let's build some common ground starting with the definition of promote. Promotion is the act of helping something or someone to exist and flourish. It is to encourage acceptance, dignity and sales through publicity, word of mouth or advertising.

10 Tips To Successful Email Marketing

You've written a brilliant email. You've carefully checked every sentence. You're sure you have a cracking subject line. But when you send it, hardly anyone opens it. And the ones that do don't click on the links let alone ever buy anything. What could possibly be wrong? And what can you do to change this?

Tips On How To Convert To Your List

Listened to a great training call with Michelangelo Perez and he shares how to get your ‘list' converting super fast no matter what Biz Op or MLM you are promoting…

Email Marketing: An Edge Over Direct Mailing

Email marketing has made the job of marketing relatively easier and more effective. With the growing need of the concept of marketing, business organizations have tended to realize the fact that traditional marketing techniques such as direct mailing or sending messages through postal system are not only time consuming but ineffective as well. No business can run in isolation, it's equally essential to communicate with the interested parties of the business.

What Is Email Marketing and Why Should You Use It?

In this article I am going to discuss what email marketing is and why you need to use it in your marketing campaigns. If you use email marketing correctly then it is one of the best ways for you to make money and get repeat sales.

Words to Avoid Using in Your Emails

In this article I am going to discuss why using certain words in your email campaigns can really harm your business and reputation. These are the words that you must avoid in your emails.

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