9 Asana Features You Might Not Be Using 👀

as you may know already I am absolutely obsessed with the tool Asana because of what it can do for you in your business and your life it allows you to turn your business into a well-oiled machine which means more time space and profit for you so to improve the way you are using Asana here are nine features you might not be using if you're new here hi I'm Louise I'm an Asana expert and I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs organize their business if you would like more help with this make sure to click the link in the description below to grab my free Asana roadmap so for the most part I am working from the mytas monthly calendar view because it creates a color-coded calendar of all of your tasks and then you can just hover over each task to mark them complete so I love that however what you can also do is you can go up here and you can switch this to week view to get that focused view of just your weekly tasks so this is really helpful for when you just want that focused View and if if you go up here to unscheduled you click that you'll see all the tasks that you haven't actually assigned a due date to and all you have to do is grab it and drop it on the day that you want to do that task so it's a really easy way for you to quickly schedule any tasks that you may have missed the next feature is really helpful for when you are building a team and you want to make sure that everyone actually adopts Asana and is checking in regularly so my little hack for you is to use the appreciations feature so for example here is a task that I've assigned to my team member Taylor so what I'm going to do is I'm going to come down here I'm going to click this star icon right here it's going to open up all these little gifs now it seems like a really small thing but I swear it makes a big difference so what I'm going to do is when I see that she's completed a task I'm going to come over here I'm going to click one of those and it's going to show that I have showed my appreciation the team member gets notified and they know therefore that you can see all of their work you can see what's getting done and that it's really important that they are actually using this tool and keeping it up to date so it's a really simple yet impactful feature it's fun it's motivating and it helps get new team members used to being in Asana so the organizational structure in Asana is that you have teams and then you have projects underneath and that is how you separate and organize your work now when you click on a project you can click calendar and you can see a calendar view of those tasks but often what people want is they want to be able to see all of their tasks across all the different projects now you can't do this for your entire Asana but you can do it for each individual team so if you click on your team name you will see calendar at the top and that is then going to give you that full calendar of all tasks across all these different projects okay I find that most people aren't using this so hopefully that is helpful next is saving your default view in Asana so right now in this project I can see tasks that I've already completed and I don't really need to see that so I'm going to go up to filter and I'm going to click incomplete tasks perfect and then I can choose between list View Board view or calendar view so for each individual project choose which view you want that project to automatically open in so let's say that you wanted the list view with the filter of incomplete tasks to be your default you're first going to go up to these three little dots next to list click on that and click set as default okay great then you're going to click filter incomplete tasks and then you're going to go over here and click this little save icon and then save for everyone now if you exit this project and you go into a different one and then come back into it you're going to see that that filter and list view is saved so this is really convenient so go ahead and apply that for all of your different projects next Asana has recently added some new features so if you click on a task and then you go into the description if you hit the slash key you'll see that you now have a ton of different options for what you can add into the description so for example you can add in a table to display your information so I find that I'm using this description area a lot more because I can now just easily embed things for example let's say that you wanted to do a video you can click on that paste in a YouTube video click embed and then you can refer to that video right there the next feature requires you to upgrade to premium but it's so convenient that I think you might want to and that is the ability to add custom Fields so on the free plan you can have assignee due date and tags but if you want to add more you need to upgrade to premium so that's why by here I can have content type and content topic so to add this you click customize add custom field and then you'll see that you have all these different options for the type of custom field you can add so I'm using this to give myself even more information about what that thing is and keep an even more detailed record so I'm finding this really useful and I can create most spreadsheets now within Asana so for example I added search volume monthly to this SEO board I have some inspo over here for reels and add ideas and I put the inspo link right here so this just links out to The Tick Tock video I'm talking about I have notes on top performing content I've also been using this for budgeting and tracking different expenses so as you can see I have my list of items the cost and then it's going to automatically calculate the sum for you so obviously there's so much that you can do with this but basically the world of custom Fields can be unlocked the next one is a premium premium one that allows you to show how tasks are connected so for example let's say we have write out objectives and create PDF but in order for me to complete this task Neve first has to complete this one so what I'm going to do is I'm going to click on this task then go to add dependencies and I'm going to show that that is blocked out by this particular task okay this basically links your tasks together and it shows that I can't complete this until Neve's task has been completed so that's why it switches over to an Hourglass Icon and once she completes her task I'm going to get notified that I can now get started on mine and then let's say you need to change Neve's due date you can go over to timeline click on her tasks and let's say she can only do it Friday for example it's going to move my task as well so that I actually have time to complete it the next feature requires you to upgrade to business but it is pretty cool and that is if you click on a task you can now track your time right within the task itself so you can click here to add your estimated time which can actually be really helpful for seeing like how long are things actually taking me so let's say we're going to estimate 45 minutes I'm just going to type that in and then I'm going to click start timer when it's time for me to actually work on this task and I find the power like the accountability of the timer really helps with getting stuff done so now you'll see that that adds a timer to the bottom of your Asana so you would go off do that task when you're done you're going to come back in you're going to click this button here and that's going to display the actual time that it took you so personally I love the accountability of the timer and it also helps you identify areas of your business that are total time sex and that you should really be Outsourcing the next feature is also on the business plan but it is very cool and that is rules so rules are basically automations in Asana so I'm going to demo this here this is an automation that we've set up based on moving content along from idea to posted so here are some Instagram content ideas that we have now because I have rules set up once I pick up this task and I move it from idea to create it's going to automatically add a task that is assigned to me to create the actual real or post okay so I'm gonna go ahead and do that then I'm gonna come in here and I'm going to move this to edit so again we have another rule in place that once it gets moved to this section to add another subtask this time it's going to go over to my team member Taylor so let's say that she's completed that task now she's going to move it over to post and that's going to let her know to share this out and to share it to Instagram and Pinterest so this is just an example but imagine how this could apply to your business where there are different team members or different steps involved how you could Implement rules so if you click on customize and then you go down to rules you'll see these rules in place and it's very simple I'm basically just saying that when a task is moved to a section I want you to create different subtasks okay so if you click add rule you'll see all the different examples that they have you can also just click create custom Rule and get started creating your own custom automations so yeah I'm all about efficiency and I think there is a lot that you could do with this one so those are the features let me know in the comments which one you are most excited about using if you like this video please let me know by giving it a thumbs up leave a comment and don't forget to grab your free Asana roadmap and I'll see you real soon with another video thank you

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