8 Kartra Tricks You Need to Know

in this video I'm going to share with you eight kartra tricks you need to know I wish I knew these earlier they are going to save you a lot of tech headaches and make using kartra easier kartra is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that allows you to host your online course or membership and do everything that you need to make sales of it the first trick I want to show you is delivering a freebie to your audience so the very first thing you will need is a sign up page like this where they will enter in their name and email in order to get that freebie so this freebie can be anything you want this can be a video a PDF a template anything goes and a really quick and easy way to provide that is to just display it on the thank you page okay so you're going to create a thank you page okay so you can actually just use one of cartridge templates okay great and to give away a PDF or some sort of file you just need to make sure that there is a button component and on this page so as you can see there's already one here so I'm going to click on the pencil icon and then link then download a file scroll down and just select your file okay so this is going to allow you to upload a document so you'll just click select files open that up from your computer and you are good to go and if your thank you page doesn't have a button that's no problem just click on components and then buttons grab a design that you like and drag it in to your page now let's say that you're doing a video freebie that's also really simple to do you're going to go to components videos drag in your video block click on the pencil icon and then you're just going to select video and upload that here okay so that's a really simple way to deliver your freebie just make sure that the form on your signup page like this is connected to the thank you page okay the next trick sometimes you just want to provide a direct link to a PDF in that case you're going to go over to Media sometimes I do this to share assets with students this could also be freebies as well but you're going to click on media and then files okay then you're going to upload a file okay so for example here's a PDF I might want to share I'm just going to click on that then click next that's going to upload okay great and then as you can see there is a little link icon right next to it so all you have to do is click on that and this is going to give you a link that you can share out with your students or your audience okay so I'm just going to copy that open it in a new new tab and as you can see that has opened the PDF and they can just click here to download it to their computer so I use that all the time to share different assets the next thing I want to show you is how to create an unsubscribe link often during a launch or promotion you're sending a lot of emails and so what I like to do is at the bottom provide a link where people can click on that and unsubscribe from just that launch or promotion so not my entire list but I'm giving people an option to opt out of that promo if it's not a good fit for them so this is something I recommend you do in all of your launches to set this up in kartra you're going to click products then tracking track link and you're going to call this do not email and then your promo name so then what you want to do is create a page like this okay so this is one page I've created that I use anytime I create an unsubscribe link so I have thanks for letting me know you won't receive any other emails about this okay so we're going to grab that link and back here in kartra we're going to paste that here so this can be an external URL or a cartridge page okay hit next track clicks only and then add tag so this is really important we have to add a tag so I'm going to create a new tag again do not email okay perfect then I'm going to hit create add next ah don't worry about this you can just hit create and then you get your tracking link awesome so if someone clicks on that it's going to actually go to that page so then when you are sending out your broadcast email at the bottom you could say something like not interested in up level with Asana right now no worries click here and you won't receive any other emails about it so you're going to highlight that hit the link icon paste in your tracking link perfect I like to open these in a new window hit OK so now if someone clicks that they are going to be led to this page and they're going to be tagged as do not email so then in your next email you just need to make sure to exclude everyone with that tag and you're good to go people can opt out from certain promotions but still stay on your list the next trick I want to show you is how to set it up where if you click a button it automatically drops to another section on the page so for example on my sales page on my website if you click this button here at the top of the page it's going to automatically scroll down to the pricing table section so that people can go ahead and enroll so how do you do this in the page editor of kartra all you need to do is scroll down to the section that you want to link to so here we go here's our pricing table section and then you need to go over here to the right where there's a gear icon in blue so we're going to click on that and then as you can see this is section 21 so it's going to tell you what section number this is so let's scroll all the way back up now with our button so you need to use a button for this so we're going to click on the pencil icon and then link and then all you do is Select scroll to a particular section in this page then you're going to scroll down let me move me out of the way then you're going to scroll down and you're going to choose that section number from this drop down here okay and then hit apply and that's it now you can drop to any section that you want on the page next I want to talk about cloning this is something in kartra you should just be doing across the board so for example I will often need to create a thank you page so I just type in thank you I look at a previous thank you page that I have already created okay and then I click on the three little dots and hit clone and this is going to create an exact copy so rarely am I creating anything from scratch for the most part I am taking previous pages that we have branded and designed and I'm cloning that and then making any small adjustments that I need so you can clone Pages you can clone email broadcasts you can clone sequences you can clone products and you can clone memberships there's probably more you can clone as well okay but that is going to save you so much time you do not need to start from scratch the next trick I want to show you is how to change your favicon so the favicon is the little icon that shows up next to your page name like here you can see my little L and here you can see the k for kartra so if you want to make that custom you're going to click on your profile picture top right and then click custom domains so you do need to make sure that you connect one of your domains to kartra or you can connect many like I've done here okay so if you just want to use your main website domain if you already have another website you can just create a subdomain like this okay so that's why I have learn.louisehenry.com or you can use a brand new domain like how I have up level with asana.com here so you're going to click edit domain and then right over here you're going to click on this so as you hover over it will create a pencil icon click on that and you are going to upload your file okay and you want this to be really small generally you want it to be a hundred by 100 pixels so I have my little one for up level with the sauna perfect so it's going to look blurry because it's small don't worry hit confirm and then next and now that is going to apply for all of your pages that have that domain okay great so that's where you upload the favicon itself then for any of your pages you just need to set your domain so in this one for example I'm now going to publish it live then click get the page link and instead of linking to the link that cartridge gives me right so if I link to this as you can see that's going to display cartridge K however if I click on the pencil icon and I change this to uplevel with asana.com and now I go to that link you're going to see that the favicon is our little up okay so that is how you change that just make sure to edit your page link and it will display correctly the next thing I wanted to share with you is more of an update and that is that kartra has now added webinars to their platform so if you are on the silver plan or above you will now be able to host webinars right here and actually recently I did use this software in order to host a webinar and it was fantastic I really enjoyed using it as a presenter it was really nice and clear everything worked super well the connection was great and I liked how it was for viewers as well so let's do a quick demo Let's Pretend We're going to set up a webinar they actually give view so many different options for how you can customize this so check out Advanced configuration if you want that but I'm just going to go into basic okay let's say we are doing a scheduled webinar so it's pretty simple to set up so I'm not going to walk through all of these steps but I just want to show you what it looks like okay I really like that our confirmation email is right here as well as all of our reminders so I would definitely add those in so I'm going to create my webinar perfect now let's go into the live room okay so this is what it looks like and it has all the features that you could need which is uploading your slides sharing your screen showing you on camera um having a chat being able to display different offers so yeah I think it's a really fantastic platform and I will definitely be using it so let's pretend that I'm like sharing my screen Okay cool so that is how it looks and if we go over to settings you'll see that we have a lot of options for example we can customize the color which I feel I'm definitely going to do pink ones you can change your position when you're sharing and also the size of that which I like because some other platforms are like way too small so yeah important for you to know that this is now built in now some people were complaining that the registration page is kind of ugly which they are not incorrect okay this is what it currently looks like I'm sure that they will change that but I did some testing this morning and what is great is you can actually use a landing page and then just connect your webinar to that so let me show you that so here is a landing page that I have right and so instead of using this page here what you can do is with a button you can click link and then scroll down to link to a kartra webinar select your webinar and then use an overlay pop-up webinar okay so let me show you what that would look like that's really not bad at all so your landing page looks exactly how you want this will pop up they just click register now and they'll go through the process to sign up really nice and simple and then it's all connected okay so let me know if you give Karcher webinars a try and finally I want to show you how to create your own campaign so let's say you are at the point where you are doing launches if so there are lots of different emails involved and so you don't want to have to go through and like clone them all one by one okay so what you're going to do instead is go over to campaigns click on the plus sign to add a campaign and you're going to title this your launch assets let's say great so don't worry about this so I'm just going to hit save and next and then okay I understand okay and now you're gonna go to broadcast so we're just using the example of emails but you can use this for any setup that you have any campaign okay so let's say that my last launch for my PPA challenge was in June 2023 okay so there are a ton of emails in order to pull off a challenge right so what I'm going to do is I'm going to add each of these to this campaign okay and don't worry you only have to do this once and then you're going to use it over and over again okay so once you've added all of your emails in you're just going to hit save save in next you're going to select no keep it private save it next now you're going to click on my campaigns and you're going to see all your launch assets okay here's an example of this more fully built out you can see that there's really 40 Assets in this campaign over here so you're going to see those assets here now you're going to click on the three dots and then share yes I have read and agreed to the conditions and then generate a share code okay great so then you're going to copy that code go into available campaigns click import paste in the share code begin import close great okay so now anytime you have that launch you're just going to click deploy campaign put in the date so let's say I'm doing a launch this month I'm going to add that in hit import and that is going to automatically create copies of all of those different emails for me to now use for my current launch so if I go into broadcast I will now see all of those emails right here ready for me to go for September 2023.

so that saves you a ton of time and now moving forward all you have to do is Click campaigns go over to available campaigns and deploy it again for your next launch so this saves you a ton of time when really there's like 40 assets in there all right those are the tricks I wish I knew earlier I hope you enjoyed this video if you did let me know by giving it a thumbs up leave me a comment down below and I'll see you soon with another video thank you [Music].

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