7 Ways to Find Online Course Ideas 💡

in this video I'm going to help you figure out what online course you should create now firstly a successful online course idea starts with you so your expertise your life experience your skill set and anything that you're naturally good at this is where we want to start and then what you need to realize about online courses is that it's really about helping others achieve a result there is tons of information online that people can just go and read and learn a course is more of a system or a framework for achieving something specific okay so it's more actionable and more goal oriented so I want you to think about this from that lens now from your expertise there are going to be a ton of different online courses that you could create for example let's say that you are a show it web designer you could do something really specific like how to create a high converting sales page in show it or or you could do a larger transformation like how to become a successful show it web designer just like you okay so there's actually a lot of different ideas that can come from one form of expertise now of course you do have to have expertise in a particular area if you do not yet then you need to go and develop that take courses study and increase your knowhow before you can teach others that being said most people underestimate how much they really know a a lot of people have expertise that could help people that are a few steps behind them okay you do not have to be the world's number one expert in something in order to be able to help others so keep that in mind just because you're not the number one most known expert in your field it doesn't matter there's still room for you to be able to create an online course okay so I actually have seven different ways for you to come up with your idea and I've put all of these into a PDF with examples if you would like that just click the link in the description below to get that okay my first idea is to create an online course that helps someone get to the point of being able to work with you so let's say that right now you are a coach or a one-on-one service provider you help people that are at a certain level so what you're going to do is you're going to create an online course that helps people who are earlier on in their Journey get to that point so for example let's say you are a Facebook ads manager Maybe only work with people after they have built an organic audience of a thousand people in that case perfect that is your online course idea you're going to help people create that organic audience of a thousand people and then after they graduate from your online course they'll be able to come and also work with you as a client so think about what you do now and who you work with and What needs to come first that could be your online course the next thing you could do is create an online course version of of your one-on-one service or coaching so for example let's say that you are a copywriter you could create an online course on how to DIY your own copy right that would work perfectly and you'll see that that one is a really common way to do it for example I was first doing Squarespace web design for people then I came out with my course website that Wows that taught people how to create their own Squarespace website from scratch next you could help people learn a small smaller more specific skill so for example let's say you are an online business coach you know a lot of things related to online business but you're really good at the specific platform of Tik Tok perfect you can create an online course on that so it doesn't always have to be the huge complete transformation you can do smaller courses as well that can be really powerful so you could do a course on Tik Tok you could do a course specifically on YouTube or or on Instagram that could be great you could also choose a specific platform which is what I've done so you could have an online course on something like notion or something like clickup you choose a tool that you really love and you're using and then you create a course around that that's what I did with my course uplevel with Assa I really loved assana it was making such a huge impact in my business so I chose to create a very specific course around that next you can help someone achieve a smaller more specific result so maybe it's not an entire tool or platform but you're very confident that you could help someone achieve something specific like how to get a th000 subscribers on your email list or how to practice yoga consistently three times a week that would create a fantastic smaller course the next idea is to help someone create what you have created in your life or business so for example let's say that you are a successful virtual assistant you could create an online course teaching other people the skills required to become a successful virtual assistant so the through line of all of these is that we are taking our life experience we are taking what we've been able to accomplish and we're helping other people do that as well so that's why I love courses next I want you to think about what is something you wish you had when you first started out so when you think of earlier on in your journey when you were on Google for months and months at a time what would have made your life easier that is something you can create a course on and make everybody else's life much easier than it was for you and finally the last way to find an online course idea is to do some market research so go on YouTube and search for different topics in your Niche and see what people are talking about here you're going to be able to start to identify some gaps is there a certain client that isn't being served or or is there a particular strategy or perspective that no one is talking about that can be a fantastic starting point for a course all right so hopefully these ideas and examples have made it so much easier for you to think of your online course idea remember to click the link in the description below to get a PDF of all of these ideas and examples thank you so much for watching if you like this video let me know by giving it a thumbs up leave me a comment down below and I'll see you soon with another video [Music]

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