7 MOST PROFITABLE Youtube Niches & Highest RPM, CPM Rates by Niche


here are seven most profitable YouTube niches Niche one lifestyle and Vlogs and a channel like this that posts these types of videos earns an RPM of $38 next Automotive Niche that makes videos like this earn 21,000 for 4.1 million views gives you $5 per th000 views next tech Channel like this one earn 2.6 th000 for about a million views so that's an IPM of $3 next a gaming channel such as wig gaming earn €1,000 for 2.3 million viewers giving a total upm of $5 next video editing Niche here is a list of the videos along with how much they earned for how many views and these are the cpms for each of those videos so that gives an average RPM of about $8 to12 next the Forex Niche a video like this earned that much giving an RPM of $27 next money and budgeting Niche and in particular Mark tb's Channel he revealed his IPM and it's $32 to learn how I make money from Google go to content.com like subscribe and follow for more

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