7 Insider Secrets to Dominating Kindle Publishing

this video reveals the seven secrets to success with Kindle publishing based on my 11 years experience the 10 books that my wife and I have published and we have distributed over a hundred thousand copies of our books at this point in time so the number one thing that you need to do when you write a book is to have a back end okay so a book is not a product designed to go make you passive income yes I understand that technically royalties can be considered by some people to be passive income but the numbers the volumes what you actually earn from books just isn't really that much okay I can't support the lifestyle that I want to live with Kindle book publishing alone this is why you notice a lot of people who talk about Kindle books they sell courses about Kindle book publishing and they have their books published because it's a great tool and it can value and add value to your business when that Kindle book is a form of lead generation and that's really what I want you to think about so Amazon is one of the largest search engines in the world and it's the only search engine in the world where every single human being who's on Amazon has their credit card right at hand and they're ready to buy something okay so it's a transactional search engine in that sense so I want to be showing up when people search my name or when people search for topics problems solutions or answers that my brand and that my kind of Realm of expertise overlaps with I need to make sure that I'm showing up on that platform okay so that in and of itself is the traffic and lead generation side what I'm trying to do here is actually get new visitors I'm trying to get new subscribers and potentially get new customers into my business from Amazon just like I'm taking time to put out this YouTube video to get new uh leads and new individuals and potentially customers if you want to go buy my brand new book right from YouTube and I also put up blog comments to get customers from Google so it's that same philosophy right this is kind of an audience growth engine now inside of your book you need to have calls action that's what it means to have a back end right you should be promoting your relevant opt-in pages and your relevant opt-in offers generally I like to have one promo towards the beginning of the book near the table of contents because Amazon has their little look inside feature and sometimes somebody will click the look inside and they'll take a look at the book and if they see one of your offers they can actually get on your email list from Amazon without ever buying the book itself and obviously you want to have one at the end I have seen people go as far as having a specific call to action for a specific product or a specific opt-in at the end of each and every chapter I think that's a little bit a little bit much unless you just have a lot going on in your business but just know that the book in and of itself is not designed to be a profit Center for you the book is designed to be a lead generation system in a customer generation system which means you should have opt-in pages and sales funnels and autoresponders and Lead magnets and products before you go start creating the Kindle books right this supports the rest of your business in a holistic sense just all the stuff that I've been teaching in 7 150 videos here on YouTube number two you should have an audience right I talk a lot about growing your audience grow your audience on YouTube grow your audience on the blog grow your audience on social do do whatever it is you're doing have an audience strategy but once you have an audience of hungry buyers who just they ask you for more and more stuff these are the folks who can go buy your Amazon your book on Amazon now you might be thinking well miles but I thought Amazon was a search engine and I thought the whole point was to go get people from Amazon onto your list right to allow Amazon to bring the customers to you and that is absolutely true but the thing is there's a lot of spammers who use Ai and they bulk publish rubbish content in Kindle books because there's been some gurus in the past who are just Shady people who teach the wrong way to build a business by publishing rubbish books focused on Amazon Kindle keywords that's not the goal okay so what that means is Amazon has a problem with book spam okay Kindle spam is a real issue and you've probably seen it there are a lot of books that they'll show up when you get really far down in some of these categories or when you're searching for specific keyword phrases on Amazon in the Kindle store and you'll find there's books with like two star reviews from two people right and they're just terrible books and you can tell someone just like slap something together threw it up thinking they were working a method they were gonna let AI write the book it's rubbish content nobody actually wants it so when a new book goes up to Amazon Amazon's immediately in a defensive mode okay Amazon's immediately trying to they just assume that you're a spammer they assume that your content is not good so how do we build trust with the algorithm which is what we need to do in order to get the algorithm to start showing our book in the you know other people who bought this also by that type areas right because when the algorithm of Amazon starts to give you love Amazon can definitely bring you some customers so how do you get Amazon to love your book you bring the first batch of customers to your book okay so the sales volume is actually quite important and also the number of the star reviews that you have is very important that's important for both the algorithm and also for the human beings reading it okay and this is where having an audience is really really helpful and that transitions us to number three which is get your first 10 5 Star reviews as fast as you possibly can so my process with this new book that I just launched and you could take a look at the landing page you can take a look at it in action it's at milesbeckler.com forward slash book that will redirect you to the Amazon listing page the link is in the description down below but you want to reach out so what I did is I published my book three days ago I set the price up for 99 cents to go right now for a very short period of time so the book's going to be 99 Cents for about four or five more days and then I'm going to up it to its full price of 3.99 what I did is once it was ready to go at 99 Cents I emailed my list that was yesterday Saturday I'm recording this Sunday and this video will be published on Monday so first step was go to my top tier people those people who read my emails those people who trust me they know me they like me those people who they know that I don't really go sell you a bunch of rubbish and I ask them honestly and politely in an email and I said hey would you do me a favor I think that was actually some variation of that was the subject line itself and I was just like would you do me a favor and go buy my book and if I've helped you choose your Niche if I've helped you hone or refine your Niche or if I've helped you grow your business in any way shape or form buy the book download it open it and Kindle flip through it and then leave me an honest review and I'm always asking for an honest review they know I want a five-star review I'm just I don't know where the lines are here I'm not trying to tell people exactly what to do so this is the process for me to drive sales volume initially which Amazon is going to notice because as a search engine that's focused on products right things that sell Amazon's gonna rank things that sell more regularly higher than the competing products that don't sell as regularly so I pushed a surge of sales volume to it with my initial email and then I also asked for the comments so right now I'm going to ask you please actually go to milesbeckler.com forward slash book buy the book download the book to your Kindle flip through it and read it if you don't have a niche yet it will absolutely help you choose and solidify your Niche but if I've just helped you in any way shape or form please buy the book and then leave me a review in order to help me build that base now those 10 those five star reviews do another they serve you in another way and this is really key um people on Kindle when they're having a bad day people on Amazon if they're having a rough day if they were in a traffic jam and then they rear-ended somebody and they go home and buy your book and they're just not in love with their book right now they will leave you a livid one star review like human beings in comments are amazing they're they can be uh like I love some of the comments I get from y'all here on YouTube but other times I get comments that are just flat out rude I mean they're mean they're spiteful and that does happen and what you can find is a few early one two or three star reviews can kill the momentum of your book now I first learned this in high school I learned in high school that if I did really well in a class for the first half of the year if I got all A's in the first half of the year I could do pretty much nothing for the second half of the year and I would still get like a b b minus type range grade easily passing great right so what I want to do is apply that philosophy here to Kindle so if I get 10 5 Star reviews if somehow a random person now through the algorithm finds the book buys it reads it and then they're like oh this is terrible I'm having a terrible day I hate this guy I'm just gonna like flame this person so I can feel a little bit better about myself in this moment and they do so in the comments I'm pretty acted okay my overall star review would be 4.9 instead of 5.0 without one one star review but if if you haven't taken time to go get your first five star reviews to hustle that up then you're risking the first two or three people controlling the destiny of that entire book and it's really difficult to come back from that so uh said another way with a high school analogy if you slack off in the first half of the year it's really difficult to make up that ground in the second half of the year so before my wife and I had big audiences and email lists we were still working this method and I was literally I was emailing auntie I was emailing Uncle a mom dad Melanie's mom Melanie's dad brothers sisters cousins like like friends sending out text messages like it's called working right doing the work we were hustling it up one way or another and I I do believe that um there's way too much talk online uh that's uh against the hustle culture hustle to me just means doing whatever it takes to get the result that you got to get to and you got to get to your first five ten excuse me your first ten five star reviews not five ten star reviews ten five star reviews as quickly as you possibly can so the first three to recap and then we'll go through the last four is have a back end you need to have some sort of funnel at least building email list from these Kindle books because the book itself is not necessarily a profit Center and it works even better when you have an email that has a one-time offer that has an upsell behind it and you have what we call a sales funnel like an ATM style sales funnel um then you should have an audience of people to sell to right you should already be publishing content we've covered this a lot in my videos you should have dozens if not you should have hundreds of blog posts let's be real at this point in time if you're brand new then you should have dozens of blog posts But ultimately you should have hundreds of blog posts and then you're going to hustle up your first 10 five star reviews whether that's friends with a family whatever it is you're going to get it one way co-workers people at your church people at the gym like make that happen and get those going and don't stop until you get 10 5 Star reviews and then number four is repurposing older content so on Kindle one of the questions people often have is like how many words do I have to write so we have books spanning out of those 10 books that we've published I think we're spanning from about 8 000 words is our shortest book and I think we have one that is over 80 000 words is our longest biggest fattest book okay the bulk of all of those books not all of it but the bulk of all of those books was content that we created elsewhere so you've probably heard me talk about getting double time right so um while I'm doing the dishes I'm often listening to trainings of sorts right so I'm getting double time I'm getting double the use out of the stuff I'm already doing and this is a full this is a life philosophy that I applied to business so what I did for this specific book The Niche Navigator book is I put together a video training so maybe you've seen my ads for that maybe you heard me mention the video training I saw the video training which is a two hour training it's nine dollars but what I did is I took that video training that was based on an outline okay so I had an idea and then I went and made an outline and then I went and recorded a video training and I sent that off to my VA who then transcribed it sent it over to my copy editor who kind of worked the transcription to make it more readable and then finally it went to a proofreader then we had uh book design a book cover design done on Fiverr we we sent it over to my layout guy these all these people when I'm calling my guys and my people there's just upwork people right these are just teammates that I have Sitting on a bench on upwork I use them sometimes I don't use them other times where I go on Fiverr to get it done etc etc but I like to have people doing all the work right I'm not trusting any auto proofreading tools I'm not do trusting any auto book layout design tools like I have I have people who are professionals who do these things a lot of them are in the Philippines and they're very inexpensive to be honest and they're great Pros so what I'm the key here to number four is to repurpose older content so if you've written 300 blog posts a lot of that content could be organized in a new way that could become a Kindle book right and those Kindle books the 8 000 words to like 15 or 20 000 word books are what they call short reads and Kindle has a category for like one hour reads and half hour reads and so so it's okay to have short books and they go into the short book categories and I have books that are doing real really well in some of these shorter categories and then when you get to 20 1000 words that's really when you start to get to a book that's um considered like a real book I think when you get somewhere around 60 000 words in a six by nine Book on a print book that's where you get the spine if it's too short you don't get to actually design the spine and then when you get to 80 000 you got you got you got some heft right there's some thump value there for it um but don't think that I sat down and was like okay time to wrote a book oh yeah let me get this you know bounding on my keyboard not at all right I I'm being as strategic and and thoughtful and focused as I can with my time to uh the way Jay Abraham said it is get everything you can at everything that you've got right it's just another way for me to think at like what point can we cluster together content that we've created and done something else with but now I can kind of group it together and get other people teammates to kind of like move that project forward in a way that the end result is a book that I get to upload and now all that content that served me in another way right I've been selling it I've made thousands and thousands of dollars selling that course I've been um doing well with it on that but now I'm able to use that same content in a different format um number five one book solves one problem okay so this is what I really like about and I'm talking non-fiction I'm not a fiction writer I don't do entertaining things right I'm I'm sitting here telling you how to Market things like obviously it's very um you know non-fiction is the approach but within that realm of non-fiction I didn't go create a book that was here's the everything guide to making money online I didn't go try to make a large book I tried to make a very focused book that helps people who are stuck on one problem solve that one problem so when someone is on Amazon and they search how to choose a niche my book should pop up because of the algorithm love that I've shown it right I'm probably doing better than any other book that's about Niche marketing or at least in the top three already within a couple of days with my sales volume therefore I'm going to rank very highly in that scenario and when a user is looking for a keyword phrase whether it's on Google or on Amazon and they're looking for a phrase that is you know how to choose a niche for an online business and they see my if they see a book that's literally called The Niche Navigator and it's how to find a profitable niche in one hour or less they're like oh my God this is this is exactly what I'm looking for sold okay and then it's a very good price I wrote a decent description I think chat GPT probably wrote the description for those wondering there is no chat cheap GPT content inside of the book I'm not willing to like risk my brand uh to let chat GPT write this kind of a book if I did get help from chat gbt on the inside of the book it would absolutely be reread by me to make sure it's honest and factual because I'm the smart marketer who's behind everything and then it would still go to all my copy editors and my editors and all those other people there so one problem one solution since I focused it down that narrow when someone finds this thing if that's been their challenge they've been dealing with for a very long time bingo it's going to really kind of trigger them to be like ah this is for me 3.99 okay yeah it's less than much less than a latte I'm going to get that and go forward and then the cool part is since it's a short book since it's a quick read they can get through it in an hour they're actually going to get through the book and they're actually like wow this guy miles really actually helped me huh never heard of him before and that sets up the willingness for them to get on my list to go find my YouTube videos to engage with me or to follow me or to kind of enter my ecosystem in other ways and who knows maybe they'll want to buy the video course or maybe they'll want the offer Recon course that teaches um how to go find high converting offers in any Niche right how to find those great affiliate offers so that's kind of the way you leverage the book in a one book solves one problem okay a problem solution scenario we can make them short they don't have to be long they don't have to be big deals and then we launch it out to the world okay so so now I'm through the launch category okay that was number five so number six is run ads so I like running ads on Amazon the KDP Kindle Direct publishing is what KDP stands for so a lot of people who publish on this platform they'll say KDP a lot and that's just Kindle publishing which is just Amazon okay it's all within Amazon the reason I like to run KDP ads is because a like all of the numbers are right there inside of Amazon so what that means is when I sell my products from a Facebook ad so the user was on Facebook but the transaction happens on my shopping cart and we use Integrations and we use tools to try to send the data back to Facebook but it doesn't work that well right because there's just there's a lot of breakdowns in that Apple iOS 14.5 really severed our ability to use cookies for some of those things but when you're on Amazon and I'm running an ad on Amazon and then the sale happens on Amazon Amazon has 100 of the data so you get crystal clear data and what I'm looking for is to break even or better so I'm super excited when I spend two three thousand dollars in a month on my books and we earn two three thousand dollars back on Book Sales again I'm making zero dollars from that scenario this is what I mean in number one um that you have to have a back end on your book right these books aren't designed to be the profit centers these books are just designed to connect you with people on Amazon who have challenges and problems that you go out and solve so then we use the ad platform just like I do with Facebook ad but it's here on Kindle platform and there's a number of places so when people search for books you can you know sponsor it shows up at top um when people are looking at books so they're looking at similar books there's usually a row of sponsored uh similar products that are sponsored so there's ways for me to inject my book onto Amazon search engine result pages and also on to the product listing pages from competing books and products on Amazon and I do that through their pay-per-click system and we can monitor it it's some of the highest return on ad spend that we see we have some books that do I think two and a half to three roas which means for every thousand dollars I spend I get two thousand dollars in book sales or up to three thousand dollars in Book Sales back and we're just trying to push that up like I don't want to make money from this I want to reinvest it all but you then become kind of limited by how many Kindle book buyers are there out there which brings us to number seven which is publish more books right there's uh a natural ceiling to how many people at any given time or in any given month are going to have that problem and they'll be seeking to solve that problem so that's when it's time to get on to the next book and on to the next book and on to the next book and that's why my wife and I now have 10 books I've got two on the miles Beckler brand at this point in time and if you do 10 books you're gonna have one or two that just crush it they just they just work the the cover the title The Promise the big idea like it just works uh our first book didn't crush it our second book didn't crush it but along the way you know the bulk the 80 20 of those hundred thousand sales there's an 80 20 there right like two of the books that we publish have accounted for more most of like the 80 000 plus of our actual books sold and distributed so I love Kindle publishing I look at Kindle traffic as one of the most high value traffic in the world these are people who are actually looking to read a book right they're not looking for a chat GPT answer they're not looking for a quick video that that makes something sound easy when it's not they're not looking for a uh flutter of a social media post these are people who are like committed to solving problems they're committed to improving their lives and they're so committed they're actually going to sit down and read a freaking book now you are probably a reader I'm assuming that you read at least a book A Week like I do and like I've been doing for a dozen plus years I'm assuming you know that the average CEO in the United States of America reads over 60 books per year whereas the average worker on the floor of the factory reads an average of zero okay and there's a huge discrepancy in how much the CEOs make and how much the folks working on the floor make well my books are now reaching those kinds of people who make lots of money and spend time developing themselves personally and professionally perfect those are what I would call Great clients this is opposed to people who look at YouTube ads or look watch videos all day long and they never take any sort of action like those aren't the kinds of people I want on my email list because those kinds of people drain me but people who are active they're taking action they're building things they're improving their lives their their go-getters they're ambitious ah those are kind of like let's hang out right come come join my world because those are the kinds of people I can help build six figure seven figure eight figure businesses so where do I go find them three bucks on Amazon with the Kindle system and that's the secret that's it I hope you've enjoyed this video uh go get the book leave me a review if you would like I appreciate you and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video Until then be well

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