7 Best Affiliate Networks You NEED To Join in 2023 To Make Money

hey what's up John cristani here we're going to be talk about seven affiliate networks you should join in 2023 now first off what is an affiliate Network we're going to go over what is an affiliate Network why you should join him how affiliate networks are the best way for you to actually start earning money working from home without having to put your time necessarily constantly into a job each day it's the best way for you to actually start earning money and live a life of freedom and build a family for yourself now let's get into it we're going to go over share of sale Amazon rutin CJ Digi store ClickBank and affiliate Brands I've earned tens of millions of dollars with affiliate marketing and I'm going to show you the best places to go hunting and earn those commissions yourself let's go so what affiliate networks are is affiliate networks are companies that will pay you a commission for every new customer you get or app install or lead information companies that will pay you a commission for posting links on the internet which is really exciting because it's a really easy way to get paid whether you're putting out blogs whether you're putting out videos whether you're putting out comments whether you're posting answers to questions online you can make money from that activity using the links that you get from affiliate networks so affiliate networks at the end of the day what they're doing is they're giving you links and they're paying you money they're giving you links and money and it's the ultimate way to work from home they're not looking at what time you spend on things now I got started in affiliate marketing back in 2009 and I spent four years trying to make a dollar online and I couldn't but I had faith I had belief not some sort of optimist divorced from reality and I worked hard for 4 years and I was able to create a business in the next 2 years that was doing over a million dollars a year and I was able to do that because I figured out the power of the internet and I moved from being a consumer of content to a producer of ads and other content so one place that's great for you to join in 2023 is share a sale and share a sale will pay you one to 20% of all sales that you refer using your links there's a lot of companies on share sale GoDaddy is an example of a company on share of sale so share sale works with a lot of big Brands like GoDaddy and GoDaddy will pay you something like 50 bucks to get a customer for them through share sale so share sale is technically an affiliate Network meaning they're aggregating hundreds of companies that you can work with that will pay you money this a great opportunity and I I encour and all these affiliate networks are free to join if you want to make money which you do sign up for these because this gives you opportunities to make money now some of y'all might be when you go to the sign up process on these websites you might think why do I have to enter in my like Social Security information or my tax information or my company information or all that stuff well first off your company could just use your name third off why you have to enter in your tax information because you're getting paid that's how payments work and third off for you Millennials that are wondering why you have to enter in your bank account information that's because these companies pay you money any company that you want to pay you money in a legal way at least in America and Europe I'm pretty sure you can't take cash anymore so we have to do this and that's how you get signed up and but that's how you start earning money now the next company is Amazon and Amazon pays anywhere from 1 to 10% Commission on product sales referred to their website now the average person in America I think spends about a $100 a month on Amazon or something like that if you average it all out what we can do is you purchase through your own affiliate link and you get a 1 to 10% discount pretty cool right uh and there's companies that make it easier for people to do this like honey you know honey is big company promoted by Mr Beast it just allows you to apply affiliate links to your own purchases and get a discount on it that's all Honey's doing they're allowing you to use affiliate links but what's great is you can get your whole family purchasing from your affiliate links and suddenly you are getting a discount or you know earnings if you want to put it that way but you can get your whole extended family purchasing through your affiliate links and now you're really earning money you can get many other people you can create lists a really good way to make money with Amazon's affiliate program is create lists of items that people might want to purchase for some big spending spree an example is camping let's say you know camping and you know a list of products put together to go camping well you could put out 20 items on that list and you could give that list to other folks that you know in the camping community that are looking for an easy familyfriendly getting started to Camping you know setup and suddenly you can earn real money let's say getting started camping cost $11,000 now you're earning maybe $100 for every person who starts camping using your list the next one is Rakuten Rakuten is a very famous company a Japanese company it's a very famous affiliate worldwide affiliate Network you might have seen their soccer jerseys they sponsor a lot of soccer teams and you know it's very successful affiliate Network worldwide they work with also they work with big Brands they pay commissions you know something like that 1 to 20% because they're working with big brands does billions of dollars a year it's a popular shopping site you get the picture lot of opportunity broad consumer products there now the next affiliate Network that you should join in 2023 2024 is CJ and this CJ stands for commission junction junction means like an intersection where two roads meet because it's people that are looking to earn money online and create an income from their content that goes beyond AdSense does not require their personal time and also work with Brands but let's go into the better options in my opinion because these are great you know you can work with really big Brands right here but here is where the big money is and I'm going to have links to every one of these affiliate networks in the description below Digi store so Digi store you can earn you'll earn commissions of 25 to 90% check this out the highest commissions you can make working with big Brands doesn't even touch the lowest commission working with Digi store and Digi store and Clickbank have some of the most aggressive commission payouts that you can possibly imagine paying 25 to 90% of the revenue earned from a product which means essentially you are making more money than the company that sells the product itself now examples of niches on these companies have thousands between digistore and ClickBank there are thousands of products you can sell including my own my own training course the super affiliate system which goes for $1,000 and we've had I think about 20,000 customers at this point of the super affiliate system and we've paid out Affiliates over $8 million to date $8 million we pay out 50% commission to Affiliates who refer customers to my products and you can sign up by going to clickbank.com or digistore docomond now when I got started with affiliate marketing it was because I didn't want to talk to anybody you know I my first job was telemarketing talking on the phone I wasn't good at it and I didn't want to talk to anybody I just wanted to sit behind a computer and post links create little ads type things post links copy paste I was able to do that my first commissions I earned were through ClickBank affiliate Network back in 2011 I earned my first Commissions in my second month of earning commissions what we call being an active affiliate I was able to get to $11,000 a day selling survival courses to to Christians on some website you know I put up a banner ad I linked people to a video to watch which sold them on buying a survival course on how to survive the end of the world and the last affiliate Network that you should join in 2023 is my own now we're just getting started it's not totally active yet but we're building an affiliate Network inhouse and only finding the best offers and we're going to support them with landing pages and give our students a website you know we haven't fully built it out but you would be able to work with me and my team on only the best of the best affiliate products and we both be vested in each other's success so you can sign up for affiliate Brands my companies affiliate Network there's a link should be a link below again we're just getting started but if you want to in on the ground floor of this opportunity click the link today okay down in the description two other affiliate networks I'd recommend you join our Max Bounty and cash Network I'll put links to those but I recommend you sign up for as me you know if you want to earn money you have to have you have to create conduits for the money to come to you and that means finding people who will agree to pay you money affiliate networks are the easiest way to do this it's the easiest most seamless way to do this because unlike e-commerce you don't have to have support you don't have to have a business you don't have to have a product to sell you don't have to set up a website you don't have to do any of that junk you don't have to have a customer support phone number unlike trading stocks you don't have to put money down unlike trading real estate you don't have to put money down affiliate is the best place to start with creating an online business and if you can paare that with either traffic methods that I show in my free traffic method videos that are things anyone can do without an audience or if you pair it with actually building an audience and putting out content whether that's on blogs or on YouTube or Pinterest or whatever you can create a real income for yourself without having to risk your own capital and that's why affiliate marketing is such a great ground level opportunity for people getting started in business it is the future of all business actually because it's so seamless and it's electronic now I invite you to subscribe to my channel let me know what affiliate Network are you most excited about are you know are you most excited about working with big brands or working with Amazon or rettin are you most excited about working with Digi store or my own network ClickBank let me know in the comments also make sure to take action on this and yeah have a great day subscribe like comment freedom and family let's live forever turn off all notifications on your phone spend some time with a loved one go out there and be a producer not a consumer look at the Starry Sky at night go for a walk exercise sleep right Eat Right be productive and let's freaking go oh peace

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