5 ways ChatGPT Can Grow Your Business

this video reveals five ways that you can leverage chat GPT AI to help you grow your online business faster than ever before now before we jump on the computer and actually do the work here together which we will in one quick second I want to give you a framework for how to think about this chat GPT AI tool that's been Unleashed on our world um the way I like to think about this is It's a librarian who has read all of the books in the library and they've also read all of the web pages online up until about 2021 and through this chat process that you're going to see me go through and I'll share how you can kind of get access to this as well you're able to ask it questions you're able to ask it for suggestions and this is the kind of process that we're going to use to get ideas and to get help growing your business online so the tool that I'm using you can get access to it for free it's at milesbeckler.com koala I absolutely am an affiliate for this there are plenty of chat GPT tools if you already have access access to one use it okay the same process will work on any one of the AI tools that has a chat interface this one just happens to be the only one that has a free chat interface that you can use whether you have without having to actually sign up so you don't have to give them your email address you can actually test this out to see if it's something you want to integrate into your business so let's jump in and let's do some actual work what I'm going to do here in the koala chat is I'm first going to prime the pump and this is one of the most important parts of the whole process that you need to really keep in mind is you need to give the AI which is just a language model right it's read all the books it's read all the web pages that's your librarian you need to let the librarian know who they need to be acting like and you need to give them insights into who you help within your online business so let me type this out I don't use any fancy prompts I've I've gone through some paid courses on this prompt stuff I bought some prompts they're all rubbish you don't need this stuff just understand the process here with me today and you will be armed to make amazing amazing use of this powerful technology in your business so right now I'm going to prime the pump and then we're going to discuss what I put in here once I get this finished okay before we actually ask the AI our first question I want you to understand how we're priming the prompt so first thing I'm doing is I'm telling the AI what it is I say you are direct response marketing expert like miles Beckler and Dan Kennedy and you're going to help me come up with a marketing idea strategies and compelling hooks to help me grow my online business okay and this is because we're going after some broad questions if you're really really focused in on uh copywriting let's say you're working on a sales letter and you want help improving your bullets and help improving all those bits and pieces which we'll look at a little bit you want to further Focus this down and I would then in that scenario tell the tell the AI you are a conversion based copywriter who has written million dollar sales letters and I would then get it to respond to me from that place okay so I'm a little bit broader than I am other times when I'm using this specifically as a copywriting assistant okay and then I go into explain about my business right my business is focused on giving free information away to help my audience find the solutions and answers they're searching for then I offer them the opportunity to join my email list before going for this sale so I tell them my strategy right this is the ATM strategy is what I'm what I'm feeding it here here's a bit about my business and audience and this is my Niche commitment statement if you've been through the niche Navigator course my nine dollar how to choose your Niche course that's now available uh links are all in the description for qualum for all this below by the way um I help men in their 40s to lose weight and be fitter than they were in their 30s and their 20s and then I tell it a bit about the methodologies so it understands the methodologies I teach are body weight exercises to walk at least 10 000 steps per day keto diet intermittent fasting and I'm a big proponent of using an instant pot to do healthy meal prep for the week so my audience doesn't have to resort to fast food or convenience right there okay this is all of the insights that it needs and once I prompt it now with this first question because there's not not a question here if I just hit enter it's just going to spit back some like ideas at me but I want to further Focus this thing to really get out of it and that's the five things we're going to learn on that we're gonna get so the first thing I'm going to get after is I want to know the pain points and the challenges of my audience and that's the first thing I think you should prompt the AI for as well because you got to remember that human beings are so much more likely to take action when we're when we're resolving challenges and when we're overcoming pain okay we humans are very much pain motivated and if you don't know the pain points or if you're not touching on the pain points or if you're not helping your audience resolve and overcome the pain points you're probably not seeing a lot of conversions and vice versa when you really do focus on the pain points and you actually help them get relief from their pain points you're going to see your business grows very quickly so the first thing I want to ask it is what are the main pain points and challenges let me type that in here so then I put question colon what are the main pain points and challenges my audience is dealing with and so at this point I have actually submit this all as one giant query and it's going to share back the main big ideas of what their problems are so this is the kind of stuff that I need to note down and what you can do is you can actually drill into these deeper so you could ask for more um you could ask for more insights about a specific one so um so please give me more insights about confusion on what works about number five I'm going to be real specific right so please give me more insights about number five confusion on what works what other things have they tried that didn't work in the past and if you've ever been on a sales letter you know this is the kind of stuff that goes on sales letter so and then here is kind of the power in using the chat feature okay the AI in this one window in this one session that we have going on here it's going to remember all of our back and forth that we have it now knows the prompts it's already primed okay the pump has been primed and now we can have a conversation and we can keep talking about this audience this business model so here are some of the things they've tried crash diets restrictive diets fat exercise inconsistent exercise habits lack of accountability now I have my list of the top five to seven maybe even eight pain points that my audience is going through this is wonderful so the next thing I want to ask it now that I know these and you should be writing this stuff down by the way this isn't actually my Niche this is an example for me but when you go through this process you should be building your notepad of who your audience is these are the kinds of insights that you would add to your customer Avatar document that you should have I've got a huge free training here on YouTube that goes through the whole process of of how to create your customer Avatar document and this is where you can get deeper and deeper insights onto that customer Avatar document and when your videos when your blog posts when your social posts when your emails are speaking to their situation to their pain points and they feel understood by you they're much more willing to buy from you in that scenario so that's the first one what are the pain points and the challenges that they're dealing with okay and and feel free to dig in deeper next I'm going to ask for some content cluster suggestions so a Content cluster is like a group of keywords is how I would best describe this some seos use terminology of like an SEO Silo which is yet again it's a group of keywords so what I would do as a Content marketer like here on YouTube for example affiliate marketing is one of my content clusters okay in the miles Beckler brand so I have a affiliate marketing for beginners video I have a how to get started with affiliate marketing I have an affiliate marketing with ClickBank video I have an affiliate marketing warning video I have an affiliate marketing case study so all of those sub ideas under the main content cluster of affiliate marketing are what I actually make the different posts or videos on so now let's ask it for what the I ask for let's say the top seven you can ask for ten you could ask for five you can ask for any number of them so let me ask for the some content cluster ideas perfect so now this prompt is great I'm focusing on blogging and YouTube honestly you should be more specific than that right if you're just doing blogging just ask blogging to reach my customer audience which means I need to publish lots of helpful relevant content that they're looking for can you suggest seven content clusters that are the common topics and questions my audience uh searches on Google and YouTube to find answers for so now we ask it now it remembers everything that we talked about so it already knows we're we're in a threaded conversation here and perfect keto diet intermittent fasting body weight exercises Instant Pop meal prep walking and Fitness weight loss tips and advice perfect so I'm going to go ahead and say nothing groundbreaking here health and wellness for men in their 40s um stress concerns so I'm gonna say nothing breakthrough here and a part of why I'm saying there's nothing breakthrough here is because I actually told it I do keto diet I do intermittent fasting I do bodyweight exercises so in one sense I already kind of primed it I already knew I brought this information to the table per se but if you don't know what those are for your audience this is how you can easily find these things out in a niche that if you're kind of exploring a niche for the different things you'll need to talk about this is how you can come up with the ideas so now I'm going to just ask it for I'm gonna go deeper since since I kind of already knew that so so now I've just asked it what are some keyword phrases men would search for in order to learn about keto dieting okay and this is going deeper again I want you to see how you're having a conversation you can go deeper on any one of these so what I would do from here is I would take all of these and I would then paste these inside of my keyword tool actually uh give me one second I'm gonna pull that off for you right here okay I've loaded my favorite keyword tool I've taught all about how to use this keyword tool here on YouTube just search miles back their keyword research you can get access to this at milesbeckler.com KW finder obviously I am an affiliate so what I'm going to do is I'm going to choose the import function up here on the top and then you can see right here I can just actually paste in all of those keyword phrases and then I'm going to process the keywords and so what it's doing is now pulling the actual search volume and it's actually pulling the um the keyword difficulty score and you can see on this that it's not necessarily coming back with ideas that have keyword difficulty in now if you're just starting out on content marketing you're going to want to look for some stuff has very low search volume right if you only have 10 20 posts you should be going after the lowest of the low of the low and you can see here it's not necessarily great at keyword research I'm going to pull the difficulty score on this so this is a good one I think this is a really smart phrase for someone who's new to go after but when you also search you can see that there are additional phrases right I just sorted by keyword difficulty score and I can see keto diet for men is right here and if I want to search more related keywords around keto diet for men I'm going to click that and it's going to give me it's going to kind of expand the list to help me understand the different options and then you can play with the keyword difficulty to find best keto diet for men also get searched a very low amount has very low keyword difficulty score Etc next we're going to get some copywriting help from the AI so I am going to readjust it through a new prompt here it understands everything we've done but I'm now going to make sure it knows that we're focusing on conversion based copywriting for my opt-in page so let me get that prompt in here real quick okay so what I've said here is great thanks now we're going to work on improving the conversions in my opt-in page where I offer my free course in exchange for their email address I'm looking for help making my copy more persuasive in order to convince more people to take action on this page get them very specific on what I want out of this now to do this I'm just going to steal my headline that I've been using over here on um my free affiliate marketing crash course if you haven't been through my free affiliate marketing crash course I invite you to go through it it is actually free you can get it the links down below and it explains everything you need to do to start from scratch from xero with a minimum amount of money invested how to grow a real business online this is based on my affiliate case study that there's videos here on YouTube that reveal my affiliate case study where I took a brand new website from xero it was a brand new domain grew it to over a hundred thousand dollars in Revenue it was made like fifty eight hundred bucks at the end of year one so it follows the process for that so if you don't have a clear free helpful guide on how to build your business online go get yes the link is in the description but again I'm just going to go ahead and swipe this now I might be confusing the AI a little bit because I'm not putting in a headline about um my Niche right I've been asking it about one Niche so here's what it's going to go ahead and offer me when I put this in so what it did is it came up with 10 different headline ideas now I wanted you to see this in action because you know my opt-in pages are quite simple right headline maybe a sub headline a few bullet points and a call to action so what you can start to do right now is you just write your best guess you write your best headline it ain't gonna be the greatest headline in the world that's fine but once you do go plug it into koala and then start to work with it it's pretty rare that I get a full headline out of one of these that works on the first try I'm usually taking like parts of one and then parts of another one and I like to mash them up so it's not like the AI is giving me exact published ready copy in this scenario what I think is best doing is really helping me kind of take my fast quick headlines that I just kind of like get out immediately and it's helping me come up with ways and ideas on how to improve it to make it more compelling over time so the next thing other than the rewriting and I might have you know in a perfect world I would have done this backwards in the other order let me get some lead magnet ideas for the keto niche okay back to the weight loss Niche for men in their 40s please come up with five ideas for lead magnets I could use uh in exchange for their email address these should have high perceived value they need to be a big idea that will hook my readers into saying yes I must have that so they opt in to get the lead magnet please come up with five lead magnet ideas kind of repeating myself there but that's fine right it's an AI it doesn't judge me luckily and this is one of the kind of like things that I've been doing a lot of lately um I've created two mini micro products I've created a new lead magnet uh I'm I'm using AI to suggest really good ideas for the the mini products themselves I'm also using the AI to suggest ideas for the names of the products for the titles for the bullets inside so here we go we've got the Ultimate Guide to keto meal prep this lead magnet could include a comprehensive meal planning and prepping on the keto diet with recipes perfect 30 day intermittent fasting challenge that might be a bit much right away the bodyweight workout plan for men over 40 the instant pot recipe book for healthy meal prep the mindset ship so which one so now I'm asking which one would be most compelling for an office worker who doesn't have much time and they need to lose weight fast The Ultimate Guide to keto meal prep seems to be the best one right so I'm I'm now able to let this language model kind of come back and help me understand which one would be more compelling so perfect and then I want to ask if this was a seven day challenge what would the seven different days be so now I'm just asking if this was a seven day challenge delivered by email with one step to do every day what could we cover in each of the seven days so this would be the idea of making a seven day challenge like a seven day keto challenge being the kind of entrance point and then my lead magnet is actually seven emails and that's it right so you could build out your whole list building system off of seven emails now am I gonna go copy this and use this exactly as is no but it's a lot easier to work with this outline than it is to work with a blank page in this scenario so now I want to ask it so rewrite this so now I'm asking it to rewrite this into an outline for a PDF ebook covering the same content and making it easy to paste into word and then it does it literally just creates it here so I can copy this and paste this into Microsoft Word and there we go now I'm off to the races on this and I'm I'm essentially running with it here I'm going to cancel that because we already covered that idea so now that we have this so let's say we're using this this is the big idea that we're going so I want to ask it for a headline what would be a great headline for an opt-in page that offered this free ebook and I put the title it came up with please write 10 compelling and persuasive headlines that make a big promise that my audience will respond to and here you go so transform about unlock the secrets to fast and easy weight loss I like this right so unlock is a great word um it's got kind of that action in it like I've got the keys to unlock it that's kind of um subtly in there people love Secrets uh people like fast and easy weight loss with our free keto meal prep guide I I think like literally this is this is working headline and if you're working on this kind of thing now all you need are a few bullet points which you can obviously ask for there and we're on the way right we're literally building the whole the whole list system here and then the final one I want to talk about is blog posts okay because you can actually use this tool and and specifically this tool so again milesbeckler.com forward slash koala is where you can start to play with this chat tool but they also have a writing tool that does SEO optimized blog posts for you and this is the writing tool now to actually play with the writing tool I do believe you need to get uh signed up for a paid account and you can see that you can actually get your blog posts written in gpt4 so what I want to really quick do I'm going to go back to the chat here oh I'm gonna pull back up my last chat you can see it's got although they're blurred out on the side you can see that it does have all of those chats over there for us so what I'm going to do is I'm going to do a keto diet for men I think we had one that was key to die for men over 40 I think was the idea so now I'm going to take this keyword phrase I'm gonna go over to keyword the koala writer so we're gonna do a blog post we're going to do keto diet for men over 40.

um step by step plan to lose weight with keto diet for men over 40. SEO optimization AI powered English perfect perfect uh third person I want to go second person so it does the U form because I'm always speaking with you the real-time search results it'll just pull links for sources I don't want to do that outline editor generally I would do this to to create the outline first but I want to do this quickly with you here FAQ section I'm not going to put those on I generally would use those I'm just trying to show you quickly how powerful this tool is because what it's doing now is it's actually going in it's building the outline in the background and if I ask for it it would give me a step and then it goes and writes out the outline but what I want to direct your attention to is this blog post here on my website so it's chatgpt for SEO again the link to this is down below the description on this video is gonna have all the valuable links that you need um but I've got a much broader process okay I'm showing you this because I want you to know and it always starts out with finding a the correct type of a keyword phrase but I want you to know that that the the goal and the intention here is not necessarily to just allow the AI to Output content and then to go just publish the content that the the AI outputs so I like finding and creating an SEO optimized outline I show you how to do that in this post and then we work on the outline this is the part that I skipped in that last video maybe I should have done that with you then we add the LSI keywords okay this is so important to go optimize the content that comes out once it's done I take it into Hemingway and I optimize the readability in the Hemingway app that's a free tool right there for you then I go into copyscape and I make sure there's no plagiarism then we use the then we add images and then I use that chat feature that you were just watching me use to create the SEO title and the description and then I do all the layout and the blog post set up on the blog and then you create social posts for it as well there and let's go back here and see if it's writing so now it is written and it did it you can see right here the word count is going up and up and up right so while I was explaining the bigger process it it was breaking down and it was creating its own um outline for us and and here it is it just it just comes up with the content and you can copy and paste this content you can then edit it again you you have to edit it right like if you're just if you're just taking this and Publishing it it's not going to work long term for you you need to go through the longer process and please please please do yourself a favor learn how to use this technology especially if you're going blogging learn to use it like a pro because if you miss one of these 10 steps that I cover in this here you're just gonna be wasting your time and energy because other people are literally using all 10 of those steps so you got to do it right right if you're going to step up and you want to play the game you got to play the game to win and just do things the right way from the very get-go I hope this has been helpful for you so we now are in the aih it's here right it's something that that you're using in your business and if not you will start using with it I'm using it in my business I'm improving my conversions left and right and everyone I know in business is um very taking this very seriously and I wanted you to see how you can use the chat feature to get all kinds of benefits in your business I think it's really important for you to focus on and to drill down on that customer Avatar concept okay what are the pain points what are the challenges what are their day-to-day struggles that they're dealing with because when your content when your products and when your lead magnets solve those super specific problems that they're dealing with in their life everything you do in business is going to go up right those who are the most successful in business have found ways to help other people overcome their challenges and solve their problems uh the next one is coming up with those content cluster ideas which can also get you down to the keyword research ideas you still need to use a keyword tool as I showed there rewriting headlines rewriting content that's just like flat oftentimes I'll post in a bullet and I'll say I wrote this bullet it's very weak please write me a more compelling bullet that's going to get people to take action write 10 examples and one of those 10 or half from number three and half from number seven almost always is just like so much drastically better than what I'm writing and I've got a lot of experience as a copywriter at this point in time you can come up with lead magnet ideas blog post ideas and then as you saw you can actually get it to write out those blog posts for you um I'm a huge fan of this technology I'm using this pretty much every single day that I'm working within my business from my YouTube video titles descriptions blog post titles lead magnet titles inside of my slideshows for my mini courses the sales letters for my mini courses my follow-up email subject lines Etc et cetera et cetera It's a Wonderful brainstorming tool that you now have access to and now I hope you understand how to use the chat side of things more effectively so you can then go become a more strategic and a more effective marketer helping you help more people so you can make more money because as all always you can have anything you want in this world if you help enough other people get what they want we business Builders digital creators we use content and the web to help other people get what they want and that's how we're able to live our incredible Lifestyles that are possible with this business I hope this has been helpful leave me a comment let me know what you think if you have questions about AI if you want me to cover something or go deeper into one of the processes that I'm personally using in a that's what AI for that's what the comments are for and I'll connect with you on the next video Until then be well

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