$4,219 Month [Easy Ai Side Hustle] No One Is Talking About This!

I just spent one thousand dollars on this cat name but why and how much money is this ultimately going to make me well strap in for a wild ride because you're about to see inside a multi-billion Dollar business that no one is talking about let's get started so in this video what I'm going to do is talk about why I paid a thousand dollars for a meme how this is going to help you make money plus a crazy simple AI side hustle twist that makes this thing super easy and a whole lot more but make sure you watch this entire video start to finish so that you can see exactly how to use this method and build a side hustle that'll get you paid really fast first off here is one of my Facebook groups that I've had for several years this one has I think around 8 000 members in it and back when I did a test a couple years ago I actually made over ninety thousand dollars in the span of about three weeks just promoting stuff on Facebook groups here's another Facebook group we just started a couple weeks ago for the meme profits this is the one where we actually paid for the meme we had a winner and gave away some money to the people who submitted means it was actually pretty fun and it's still going on today more about that in just a minute because like many people you might be saying well is this just about Facebook groups and isn't Facebook kind of dying on the vine well last year when everyone was hyped up about the metaverse I did a video talking about how it would eventually have a downfall and that is one downfall Facebook had and if you remember all the hype around that let me know in the comments below but if you take a look at similar web for Facebook we could see that Facebook is getting almost 17 billion visitors a month that's like twice the amount of people that are on planet Earth and the average person is spending over 10 minutes per visit on Facebook and if you've tried Facebook group marketing before don't worry that's not what this is about we will use Facebook groups in some instances but the vast majority of you doing this side hustle are going to use Facebook pages creating a Facebook page is super easy and it's actually free as you can see I have several of them here all you're going to do is go over here to the picture of you on your Facebook profile click on see all profiles pages and then click click on create a new page it'll prompt you to make a page about whatever you want but why is this important well let me tell you just last week I was doing research for coupon related keywords and as we know coupons get lots of traffic as we can see here some of these coupon terms are getting like 300 000 searches a month and if I type in something like Great Clips coupons we can see that this one is getting over a hundred and fifty thousand searches a month wait a minute Marcus are you telling me that a hundred and fifty thousand people a month go to Google and search for Great Clips coupons yeah but check this out we can see that we can see number one is Great Clips number two is Twitter and number three is a Facebook page yeah so you're telling me that this Facebook page ranks for over 255 keywords and gets over 45 000 visitors a month for an estimated traffic value of fifty four hundred dollars wait a minute what and all they're doing is posting coupons they find that'll save you money on a haircut exactly and as you can see here they rank for all kinds of terms including haircut coupons there it is right there above Groupon wait a minute so you're telling me that this one Facebook page that someone set up for free is outranking 163 Million Dollar business yep it's pretty amazing isn't it and the fact of the matter is that there's Facebook groups and Pages ranking for all kinds of keywords related to coupons and all sorts of different things in fact we can even see they rank number eight for memes number one for cat memes wait a minute a page about cat memes with over 196 000 likes and they're literally just posting cat memes let's dig a little deeper and see how these guys are making money I love positive World positive quotes yep we can see here they rank for all kinds of keywords about quotes and this Page's engagement is through the roof five minute crafts talking about little crafts and things you can do 65 million engagement crazy coupon lady 2.8 million followers and she's ranking for all kinds of keywords getting tons of traffic every single day funny coffee memes so this one's ranking for all different kinds of coffee memes The Art of Manliness which clearly I should be an expert in I'll just pretend I didn't do that almost a million followers real simple which is actually a Blog that posts their blog posts on Facebook and we could see they rank for all kinds of different things and quite simply all they're doing is posting a little blurb about a blog post they put on their blog and linking to their blog so that they can get paid but wait a minute come on in here you see these numbers of Engagement Facebook actually pays them for engagement on the site as well wait a minute so I don't even need a Blog I could just post stuff on Facebook get ranked in Google and eventually Facebook will pay me more about that in just a minute because sometimes you need a lot of Engagement to get accepted in that program but that's not to say you can't make money with something very simple like the Great Clips coupon page because on a page like that I could simply link to this affiliate program over on offervault for the Capital One Shopping Chrome extension I'm sure you've seen this online somewhere it's a little extension that you can use to shop it finds you discounts and coupons you use them and save money but what a lot of people don't know is that that company is actually paying eight dollars every time me or any other affiliate gets them to download it through our link and as you can see they're ranking for all kinds of things we have the spruce which is a multi-million dollar content company ranking for all different kinds of things related to how to set up your bedroom fireplaces making candles how to make an in-ground trampoline and on and on we go here's another one for The Inspired Room talking about how to decorate your room how to play guitar people interested in spiritual stuff law of attraction funny cat sayings can't say that I've ever heard a cat talk before but I can see that the Facebook watch page is getting lots and lots of traffic for lots of keywords and it's growing every day here's one for bodybuilding workouts hey even workout motivation is getting almost 20 000 searches a month and it's actually pretty easy to make money all I need to do is set up my page start posting good content about Workout Motivation come over here to offervault find some affiliate offers that help people work out or lose weight or even something like bodybuilding it's actually super easy and look at these keywords that Facebook is ranking for related to workouts dumbbell workouts sounds like a perfect workout for me oh they're talking about the weight stomach workouts belly fat hey that would work really good with this Flex Belt ab workout affiliate offer that pays 68 dollars per sale so all we really need to do is find some low competition keywords make a Facebook group or page about that topic start posting helpful stuff that's going to help people based on the keywords that we want to rank for that Google gets lots of searches for and then the last tip which leads into why I spent a thousand dollars for a meme and don't worry you don't need to spend any money to make this work is what's known as a booster a booster is something you are going to use to boost whatever it is you're trying to create up in the search engines here's how it works when I created the meme profits Facebook group for the meme profits giveaway and all that other stuff this was a brand new group so it's probably not likely it's going to rank at the top of Google or even be seen by anyone so what I did is I created a challenge or giveaway to boost this up now in this instance we used a giveaway but you don't need to this doesn't need to cost any money what you can do to boost your stuff up is a press release a link from a blog like medium or something like that a YouTube page backlinks from other blogs links from other sites in your Niche and on and on we go all you would need to do is make some poster links talking about your new Facebook group or page and what it's going to provide to the end user in my example I said hey come on over to learn how to make money with memes since we're posting a lot of meme pages to show you how to get paid with memes and if you want me to go over that in detail on Wednesday's live training let me know in the comments below and by doing this it is going to boost up the meme profits group and it's going to be seen in different places on the internet and as you can see here we are actually the top result right here talking about meme profits and our group shows up right here you can also see our Facebook page is showing up right here then of course there's our winner who got the thousand dollars for posting the meme and if you keep scrolling down here you can actually see my blog which ranks for how to make money on Facebook reels and memes and things like that I am now using this blog to link back to the Facebook group and the Facebook page so it gets picked up in Google super fast all right if you're still here comment I made it in the comments below because right now what you are about to learn is super simple AI methods that can profit big time what we're going to do is go into our Niche and get some content from chat GPT Bard and even mid-journey on Discord all I need to do is come over here and let's say I was going to do like a Bible sayings type page I can come over to Bart and say give me 50 Bible sayings about happiness and it's going to go through and give me some sayings I can use this as content on my pages and you can see here it gives us all the different sayings we can use like that we can also go over to chat GPT let's say we were going to do a page about room decorating we can do give me 25 ways to arrange a room based on Fung shui I don't know how to spell that hopefully chat GPT does here we go and now we can see it's going to give us all the stuff clear the cutter clear the Clutter commanding position where to place your bed pretty much the same kind of stuff that other Facebook pages are talking about only we're going to do it in a little bit different way now I can also go over and use mid-journey to create memes and images and different things as you can see I've been testing this out quite a bit and some of these are pretty funny hey wait a minute you can actually make a Facebook page with funny AI memes yeah I'm doing that right now and we could see here they have all kinds of different things from Cat memes to more cat memes and on and on we go now if I wanted to go through and use this for something else I can say imagine a fancy bedroom setup with common items most people have already boom to go through and make us images that we can use in a very simple way to get people interested in stuff and interest is what gets us paid and we can see here it's starting to go to work making us these little bedroom images that talk about how to set things up in your room hey that's looking pretty darn good or what about those coffee memes we talked about earlier this actually has a hidden way to make money if we do something like imagine funny if we do something like imagine funny coffee memes about a tired person needing coffee and we take this like and we do this right here like this it's going to make these cute little cartoons for any Niche that we want to go into and we can then use these on print on demand and sell them via Etsy and since we're already getting people interested in our memes from Facebook all we need to do is say click here to buy the mug with this little picture on it yeah nobody taught you that before did they check out the video in the description to learn more about that and as you can see using chat GPT Bard and mid-journey is a crazy cool way to get content for your Facebook page this method is super easy and if you want to learn more about it type Wednesday in the comments below and I'll do an entire deep dive live stream on how this whole thing works smash that like button and check out the next videos right here and in the description

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