$419 A Day Sharing Memes On Facebook

I'm about to show you someone who made over seven thousand dollars in just one month get this posting memes on Facebook yeah I wouldn't believe it either unless I saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears which is why you're about to hear from a couple of friends of mine Andy who you've seen in other videos and my buddy Leonard who has been making money posting memes online for over a year and sometimes when he wants to work really hard he actually turns these memes into little 20 second videos and his best month with memes and videos was over 77 thousand dollars but how does this work and why in the world would someone pay you to post memes well you're about to find out smash the like button if you're excited and let me know in the comments below if you want to make money posting names because right now we're going to talk to Leonard and Andy and see what this whole meme profits thing is all about come on all right so I got Leonard and Andy on the line and we got a story that is pretty shocking and amazing Leonard here got started doing these memes he's actually an army vet so thanks for your service he's got seven kids which is like okay how do you find time to like even be awake yeah yeah you know that's a lot yeah you you definitely gotta learn uh balance balance is definitely a big part of my schedule awesome well Leonard thanks for being here and if you could tell us a little bit about how you got started what was it like when you first started posting memes on Facebook then you started getting paid for it and everything like that tell us the whole story of how you got in so uh like you said I was I was Plumbing I was working that grind probably pulling anywhere from like 60 70 hours a week constantly grinding and you know taking care of kids all that and my oldest son came up to me and he's like hey Dad you know Tick Tock is kind of getting a little you know viral trendy and people can make some money from it and I was like man I don't think people's really making money from it like they say they're making money from it he's like man dad just just try to do some things do some content so I was watching looking at content trying to figure out what I wanted to do and it just turned into me reacting to certain creators because I turned to tick tock to try to be that place where when I was having a bad day and I needed to get a laugh I would go to tick tock scroll through Tick Tock get a couple funnies in laugh okay then I go back and I'll be good for the day so that's what I was trying to do with reaction videos at that time I wanted to highlight creators that help bring light and positivity into my day so that started to take off and my reaction videos just started to blow up so kept on at that point you weren't making anything no it wasn't making nothing at all so that was probably October 2022 everything started taking off I hit I think about 30 000 followers in October by November I was over a hundred thousand followers on tick tock so December I went and started posting my content on Facebook and it started taking off and within probably three weeks of being on Facebook uh I got into their monetization program and started earning money for my reels I dived in a little bit to understand how you can monetize Facebook and all the levels it was and I realized that on pages you can get monetized and get paid for your posting so you get paid for everything that you post whether it's liked commented or shared you get paid for all those metrics so I was like okay I got a following let me go make this page I was like I'm gonna go share memes go share other creators on this page and then I'm gonna funnel it and then share it onto my profile which at this time my Facebook profile I think maybe had over a hundred thousand followers so got it and and all of this was started from nothing so it's not like if I wanted to do this business I need to have a following I mean some of these memes we're going to see you made money with like there's three happy faces or three likes yes um so there's not a whole lot and and so now you you had the tick tock it was working well much like how Andy's was and you weren't making money so you go over to Facebook Facebook did they reach out to you or yes at that time they was just uh starting their new program that they had at the time was the uh ads are the reals bonus program and there was an invitation only program that they was letting people in so once I got into that um and that was he was able to Max that out at 35 000 per month just by sharing reels so once I did you ever hit that yeah several months in a row yeah okay cool now with that so we're looking at this and we're like okay great he's on Tick Tock making videos your face is on the video but I don't you weren't using audio you were just kind of chuckling yeah silent reactions yeah correct so no there wasn't even a laugh or anything just yes right just strictly facial expressions and emotion coming across the screen yes got it and then on Facebook you you had the same thing but then you found out you could get paid for posting memes without video like you're literally finding a meme online it's sharing it to be funny and you get yes correct yeah so so I take those look for those memes kind of in the same way that I would look for reaction videos of content right things that just brought laughter and joy that just had that wow factor to it at least for me and yeah you share it post it there because Pages have so many more ways of monetization so I didn't want to lose my following on my profile that I built up as Leonard so then I just go build up a meme profile under my business page and then promote and push that through my business page which is just one Media Group so everything I would post there I'd share through my profile that already had engagement and it would then it would help build up engagement into places me sharing my memes from my just one Media Group would build up that and me posting my reels on my profile was building up that following so I was able to simultaneously use two different um types of content to help build two different platforms at the same time got it and so just to be transparent here this is just basically opinion it's great it's a Facebook yeah got it and I mean anyone can go to Facebook click on pages click on ADD page boom there you are now this one's interesting because I hear the numbers you say and I mean some of your months I think your best month was just over seventy seven thousand dollars correct which is more than most people go to work for all year absolutely and and you're laughing at videos now how much was the most you made just sharing memes none of your own content no laughing no videos just hey like this one right you got this one the UK you got something about a turtle here what is the most you made sharing these types of memes on just one Media Group which is just a page I share memes on I don't really post reels or any content like that uh my highest month was I think over a little over 13 000.

13 000 and that's mostly if not all sharing yeah yeah no that's yeah all sharing means correct yeah all share okay so so thirteen thousand dollars in one month just sharing memes online which I mean this to me like I've been doing internet business for 23 years and I even had to be like Andy is your buddy okay is he telling the truth you know we need to make sure he's actually doing it and you know Leonard showed me the screenshots we'll have them here on the screen and I mean this is amazing so you kind of just fell into this and you found out that you got a reach by having the right type of meme now is there a certain type of meme that pays more or a certain type of meme that maybe goes more viral or do you know how that no it it doesn't really necessarily matter like one metric or anything with social media right it's there you can do it in so many different ways what you just need to understand is whatever following you have built and whatever you're following is you need to make sure that you're posting that's going to be speaking to them not just speaking to yourself and with you because we all have different personalities but your following us came to you for a certain reason right so whatever you have built up you're following around that Niche just make sure that what you're posting is sharing is still going to hit that Niche and that's going to have you a bigger rate of success or a bigger success rate at it so if you're posting let's say you know your your mom humor right right you for moms and oh hey you know the kids did this or we did this or we did that um you're gonna stay on that line or if you're going for something like maybe uh blue collar worker right you know maybe you'll talk about manual labor or whatever it is or or white collar work or whatever it is you're going to kind of stay on that same path because that's what they want and if you share something they're not interested in the next time they're probably not more likely to click on yours right so just kind of for or an example there um like I have my Leonard Firestone page that I share everything through then I have my just one Media Group page that I share my funny memes through I have a home in life page that most people don't know that I actually run and I share home life interior real estate all that type of stuff that's just beautiful homes and life hacks there then I have another one that is going to be it's motivational stuff so it's just strictly motivation so you can go and do whatever you want just make sure what you're doing is sticking to that Niche and you're making sure that you're speaking to that following that you're actually trying to reach got it so now I like this because it's not like oh I posted a couple memes I made 13 Grand and now I'm out I mean you've been doing this for 13 14 months or more yeah correct okay cool and you've you've done multiple niches you have one in the you know fancy houses you got one with um the funny stuff there's it's it's cross-platform which is good now if someone wanted to do this let's say there's someone out here watching this video and they're like hey I I like memes I think things are funny and I laugh sometimes too what would they need to do to to get where you're at like how do you get monetized how do you manage this and also I mean you're doing this as a single dad with seven kids I mean that's that is like five full-time jobs right there yeah and how do you manage this alongside everything like how does that work because I think your story is going to inspire a lot of people and I think they're going to really look at this as hey you know what I've been trying to make this work and I work a full-time job and I'm busy but what would they need to do to get started if first is just breaking down and understanding these platforms right try to try what I always tell people when they want to get in this is remove emotion out of everything you're going to do on this platform be honest with yourself and be true um so just to focus and figure out what's true to you which genuinely to start with just genuinely matters to you that you actually feel around because there's communities in every type of type of Niche that's something Tick Tock taught us right is that no matter what that weird little quirky thing you did when nobody else was around that you thought only you did you could find millions of other people that did that as well the meme Community is just like that as well so you just find something that's genuinely interested to you because if you're just going in there thinking about money off top it's going to get repetitive it's going to get boring you're going to get demotivated after a certain amount of time especially if things aren't working when you're trying to do it so find something that you're genuinely interested in and push uh understand that Facebook is a platform that is only focused on engagement and keeping people on their platform as long as possible so that's that should be your motive and objective whatever type of content you're putting on there you're trying to keep a Facebook user on Facebook for Facebook that's that's what they're looking for that's what they want um and 2022 the average American will spending two hours on Tick Tock an hour on Facebook we all know how much money is lost off of an hour of AD revenue of people watching on a platform right so they want to get that hour back so if you can spark engagement enough on their platform they're going to monetize you because they're going to want to motivate you to keep you pushing so there's certain metrics you can hit on on there there's like ten thousand followers a thousand followers so much watch time that you need but there's bonus programs that aren't listed there that you can get invited to as long as you're bringing constant engagement so pushing means getting into a community or people that can share so like me and Andy we got to commute to other creators when they create Pages we help share because when we're monetized and they're monetized the good thing about building up a mean Community like this is if Andy shares a meme on his page and is monetized and I like that Meme I don't need to go take his Neiman and share it to my page I just share his meme from his page to my page he's going to get paid for that share now every share I get on Andy's meme off of my page I'm gonna get paid for that as well I'm also going to get paid for every like and every comment on it as well so while I'm getting paid he's getting paid and we're boosting up that so imagine if we have a hundred creators all together sharing memes and every time we post it everybody is sharing it within each other you already got 100 shares right there 99 shares right there of Engagement everybody's getting paid off everybody and we're helping each other so nobody has to truly step on anybody's toes so fine people reach out to us in the community we can help get you going and help share and just building up that platform yeah that's incredible because I mean I'll let you go in just a minute Andy um but it's incredible because your if I share Andy's meme or you share Andy's Meme and it goes viral on my account which I literally did nothing other than share something that was already going viral so the chances are like a lot that it's going to go viral and I'm going to get paid for that which is incredible because basically Facebook is monetizing you to keep people on Facebook correct yeah got it okay that that completely makes sense and it's it's interesting because I'm not a lot of people see that they think oh it's only because of advertisers which in this case I mean there's not a lot of people advertising on a meme no like what I share a meme it's like I I go here and I look at the meme and there's no ad right but you're keeping people on there keeping people engaged longer which is super super important um and I think that's that's a big deal that not a lot of people know exist and to see someone that's making upwards of Thirteen thousand dollars a month just with memes seventy seven thousand dollars a month with memes and Silent videos which I mean let's face it you're a good looking guy but you can Outsource that yeah right which I should probably Outsource some of my videos people probably watch them longer with a different person here but you know you look at that and it's like okay this this is something that can work with a puppet it could work with uh just sharing memes if it's just pictures I mean it's it's really mind-blowing how it works so Andy what were you what were you gonna add there 80d so now Andy you started doing memes as well and I think you got you got Leonard into the idea of okay let's let's take the cat out of the bag I don't know why it's in the bag anyway but we'll take it out of the bag and sometimes monetization is fickle sometimes Facebook is like we don't want to pay you because you said this or we don't want to pay you because you said that and it's not like you're losing money you made but you might not make money for a couple of days and it could be kind of frightening but I mean let's face it when we're looking at something like Leonard where I mean you've made hundreds of thousands of dollars I I think you're at a net positive right I think you're doing all right and I and I know that learning what you learned even if monetization is fickle you will find your way through and something that that me and Andy have worked on for years has been like affiliate marketing and now some of these memes like this one here for the the big deal some kind of chapstick right or some macaroon uh chapstick interesting stuff there you're actually having the Amazon link there and here's another one for uh Magic salt and pepper shaker so you could be like the the steak guy you'd be Cosmo wand off A Fairly Odd Parents you know exactly yes um or even the turtle here and the funny thing about this is internal enough for the terms of things exactly I should probably get one of those for my videos there you know yeah there you go um but the interesting thing is there's this thing known as The Tick Tock effect in business and if you watch enough videos about business on YouTube You're gonna find that some of the big players that start multi I'm talking 20 100 million dollar a year businesses or more a lot of them went viral on Tick Tock with a meme or something like this which means the reason Facebook and YouTube and all these companies pay us is because this social media drives sales and when we see this I mean you started doing these ones here and I think you said you sold like seven Turtles just off that one Meme and it's not even super huge I mean 700 likes and hearts and things like that it's not super huge right but yeah but it's it's causing engagement like it's always constantly in this error you're trying to provide value so it's it's a double metric you're providing value for your your audience and your followers that you're trying to appeal to but you also got to provide value to that platform that you're posting on to so in this situation I'm providing value by showing these products that I think is interesting to my followers that I think they're going to get a kick and a laugh out of and even possibly hopefully go by but then it's given engagement onto Facebook and then it's also given traction and giving clicks over to Amazon as well so then it's adding value to them as well so just constantly driving that traffic figuring out you can figuring out ways that you can add value and memes in these Tick Tock videos really aren't too much of a difference right so the tick tock started from Vines which is basically a video meme right that's why they're kind of like 15 30 seconds it's it's a way of trying to kind of basically make them more than just a meme a picture you can make it into a shorter video type of style right so once you can kind of understand both you can kind of break down the metrics of how you can make a meme work and how you can make your Tick Tock content work as well absolutely and I noticed that you're not putting the link in the comment or in the in the actual description which is interesting because I think you said that that kind of hinders it from going right because like we said earlier right Facebook is trying to keep people on their platform that's that's what they're worried about so they don't really like to push third-party links so if you put the link in in the description if you put it on the picture itself they're not going to push that as much as they would anything else and I literally mean anything else so the loop loop over the trick around that is once you post it to get engagement you go put that link into the comments put that link into the comments the people will know that and especially in this situation where where you put up a meme and you see where I got like check the comments you'll see that that way if when people share the meme it already has the call to action for people to see every single time it gets shared it has that call to action and then they're going to go check the comments they're probably gonna go check their comments but they're definitely gonna go check the comments on that original so no matter how many times it gets shared that link is attached to it and my call to action is attached to it got it okay cool and you're actually you actually sold some of these which is cool and I think that um that's really really big because this is something where I mean take aside all the video stuff and everything you've literally made money sharing memes that other people created and you don't really have to worry about too much issues with copyright and stuff because you're just sharing what other people share um obviously you do have to watch out for like ethics and things like that but I think as a whole you're just sharing things that are funny that people like and this is something where I mean I could go to like chat GPT and say give me the top 1 000 funny Amazon products literally just start making memes of them um that's something Andy and I started doing on uh LOL Biz where we're just talking about funny products that people are making money with like you know we got all kinds of funny stuff from Lobster uh sandals to all kinds of things and it's it's really interesting that this stuff works as well as it does and I think it's amazing that anyone can get into it so to recap here your biggest month just doing memes was a little bit over thirteen thousand dollars yes you find memes online share them on your group build up your group Facebook reaches out to you says hey you know you got x amount of followers here we go and is that is it a million followers what are we looking at the followers not the metric I've seen people get in with 300 followers it's it's the gay instrument that you can provide that's that's what they're truly working for and and I didn't say this early either but like with the memes too like how I find memes and things that I work I have a private group that I have set up as well that is strictly just a private groups there's five thousand people in that group and all they do is post memes in there for me that I can go and share that I can go post elsewhere so uh a lot of people's like well how do you find all these things well over the time I've built up a private meme group for people to come in there and help share and help do things and and help find that as well so um that's another method of how you can help build up is that way it's jumping into meme groups as well and they're definitely going to help you got it I didn't even know they exist because I'm not a big meme person I like emoticons and Smileys but memes I can even tell you what what this guy is I don't know some kind of meme there it's amazing that this world exists and there's so much money out there so um Leonard thanks for being here I think you're a wealth of knowledge on this stuff I think it's awesome Andy thanks for being here um if you guys want to learn more about this method we're going to post some interesting stuff some case studies and all kinds of things over at

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