3 Ways I’m Using AI To Make Money Online

here are the three ways that I'm leveraging AI in my business to make me more money online number one is brainstorming titles headlines and bullet points now these little conversion components are super important to your success and I used to write out a big list and then I'd choose my favorite one from the list I'd write but now I ask AI to generate 10 or 15 titles or bullet points for me and then I choose and work with the ones that I like best from that list number two is getting help spicing up the content that I personally write so I ask the AI to rewrite paragraphs headlines pieces that I've already written and ask it to make it more compelling or to make it more exciting and I'm blown away at how good it comes back it's not publish ready when it comes back but I can tweak it from there and I do see Improvement number three is outlining and drafting long copy so this is SEO optimized blog posts and even ebooks for lead magnets to grow my email list now it does the outline for me and the first draft so then I just work with the body copy that's there speeds up the process drastically for me

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