3 Traffic Strategies That Can Make $10,000 Per Month!

here are the three types of traffic that can fuel your ten thousand dollar per month online business first is a free traffic method that gets you short-term traffic okay it can get you traffic quickly and that's social networking where you actually go on to the Facebooks and the twitters of the world you connect with real people you engage in real conversations and you deliver value I also put these vertical videos that work on reels and Tick Tock here on YouTube shorts into the social networking side of things as well fast free traffic is number one number two is paid advertising now I love paid ads because it can scale but the challenge with paid ads is that it's paid so when I started my business I started with free traffic sources first and then I reinvested profits into paid advertising number three is another free strategy and that's organic search engine traffic it's the strategy I leveraged most in my early days long form YouTube videos long form SEO optimized blog posts can drive millions of visits all the how-to information is free on my YouTube channel

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