3 Secrets of the Guru Industry the Greedy Gurus Don’t Want You To Know!

here are three secrets of the guru industry that the greedy gurus do not want you to know about number one free webinar means you're signing up for a sales pitch right so just mentally associate that word webinar with sales pitch number two book a free call with one of our coaches means you're getting on the phone with a salesperson for an over the phone live sales pitch in person and number three all of their testimonials and their story that talks about how quick and how easy it was for them is omitting some of the truth they are going to neglect the years of trial and error that they spent their best students who had great results in 6 months or one year they brought years of experience with them so the truth is that the only secret to making money online is to stop buying secrets from the gurus roll up your sleeves do the work create useful content that helps other people get what they want and you can have anything in this world that you want

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