3 Keys to Accelerate Your Online Business in the 2nd Half of 2023!

2023 is officially halfway over which means this is a perfect time for you to look back and audit your actions to see if your actions so far in 2023 have matched your intentions that you set forth at the beginning of the year right this midpoint within the year it's a perfect time to use as a milestone to look back like am I doing what I wanted to do am I going where I hoped I was going to be going at this point in time because the truth is that time keeps rolling along whether you're publishing whether you're growing your list whether you're growing your audience whether you're making money or whether you're just watching more Guru webinars or whether you're still looking for the shortcut somewhere instead of just rolling up your sleeves and doing the work so what we're going to do is we're going to look at some of my numbers in my business from this last year and I'm going to help you understand how you can audit what you've been doing in your business to help you gain some insights am I on track because you're not on track right now is the time two course correct so we look at this on three layers right there's three separate layers of your business that you always have to manage there's said another way there's three machines within your business right your audience growth machine which is your traffic machine your email list engine right that's your second machine that you have to keep going and then there's your cash flow machine and we should be auditing them and analyzing them each individually so you know where you need to kind of Step Up in the second half of the year if you're going to hit your goals for the year so first let's start with audience growth okay now in audience growth I don't really look at like oh what's my subscriber count or how many views am I getting on the videos because I really actually can't control that okay the YouTube algorithm or Google for my blog content those algorithms are in control of how much I get but what I can control is how often I'm publishing how much I'm publishing so personally in this year I have put up 65 videos this is video number 66 on the year here on YouTube and I've published 17 blog posts to my blog so in total that's uh 82 pieces of content that I've published in the first 26 weeks of the year which breaks down to somewhere between three or four pieces of content per week perfect I'm on track now many of those videos didn't do as well as I thought they would do and some of them actually did a lot better than I thought they would and I'm kind of surprised at which ones work but here's the truth of it as long as I just keep taking steps forward keep showing up for you keep creating as helpful or useful of content as I can think of in the moment for you then I'm doing what I can control okay it's in my control to keep publishing frequently so you need to be really honest with yourself if your blogging is your number one approach and that's what you're working on go look at your posts inside of WordPress sort by the date that you published them go count literally just go literally count how many posts have you published have you done 26 posts this year because if so that just means you're doing one per week if you're just doing one per week you're taking a very very slow approach to Growing your audience have you done 52 or more okay well two a week that that's better when my wife and I both first started each of Our Brands okay this video channel for me I did 120 videos and 120 days my wife started with 90 blog posts in 90 days that's one piece of long form content per day that we publish to really build that momentum to get things going for us so you need to audit right if you're on an accelerated Pace if you're publishing four times per week or five times per week you're probably in the 70 to 100 posts already in 2023 range and if you are high five I'm celebrating with you because that's the kind of action that's the kind of um output that it takes to really prove to the algorithms to prove to yourself and to prove to your audience that your player you're here for the long term and you're really going to master the skills a lot quicker so that's the first place that you want to audit is you know how much you're publishing in the long form how much useful content that's keyword targeted and search engine optimized for the platform you're building on because if you're not publishing enough content you're not going to get enough audience growth you're not going to get enough traffic and none of these other ones that we're going to talk about matter Right audience growth and traffic growth growth is kind of that first place that you need to focus on second is your email list how many new lead magnets and how many new opt-in pages have you created and or tested do you have an opt-in page that's currently converting 50 or 60 percent of visitors into subscribers is your email list growing by a dozen or a hundred people per day is it growing by a dozen or a hundred subscribers per week if not then you need to know then you know that's an area of Focus right so if you're doing three posts per week you're getting daily traffic to your blog at this point and you're not growing an email list Bingo I'm ringing a bell for you I'm setting off a little alarm for you to help you realize that you need to craft a lead magnet you need to put together a pop-up or an opt-in page to start to get those people onto your list because a YouTube viewer like you who watches this video but goes away and doesn't enter my list YouTube May sever our connection right YouTube is notorious for censoring people they've turned off Mike Tyson videos they've turned off Joe Rogan videos right they they censor lots of videos so YouTube's clearly in control of who gets exposure here on this platform so as a YouTube Creator as a Creator who's focusing on YouTube I need to make sure that I'm not just building an audience here on YouTube that I'm inviting my audience closer and closer into my inner circle and some people are like well miles how do you do it how do you go from YouTube to get people on your list well you say something like go to milesbeckler.com forward slash emails if you want to get my helpful emails now I have my free affiliate marketing crash course and I had some other courses that you've probably heard me talk about here on YouTube before but it's just these really simple calls to action inside of the video for me to help those of you who are still watching right now now because I know you're one of those people who are actually committed to becoming successful and then we need to look at how much action you're taking now on the email side how many emails have you sent out so I've sent out over 80 emails this year I've sent out an average of 3.5 emails per week which is right on target for me that's what I wanted to do I like to do an average of every other day kind of right there seven days in a week so it's got like three and a half per week um generally speaking of like Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday type thing so I'll do three to four emails per week and by looking at the numbers and zooming out over the last six months I can see that clearly I'm right on Pace I'm right where I want to be some of these emails absolutely crush and I get huge open rates upwards of 30 I get massive click-through rates other emails kind of flop and that's okay what really matters is what can I control and that is testing new opt-in offers testing new lead magnets to increase the rate of growth of my list and then just showing up for my audience via email and sending out the most helpful emails I can as frequently as I possibly can and I have emailed as often as every single day I've emailed as seldom as once per week and I found that kind of like every other day ish right the three to four per week seems to just really be the sweet spot for me and for my audience because I want to give you that next step to do then I got to give you time to go Implement before I email you again so if your email list is growing each and every week right you're getting five new subscribers a week 20 new subscribers a week 100 300 new subscribers a week you should be emailing every single week these are people who are raising their hands saying I want more information from you so you need to keep showing up and actually helping them even if you've got a dozen or two dozen email subscribers start flexing that email muscle because what you're doing is You're Building habits right my channel my business is super successful because I built the habit of publishing regular content to YouTube and to my blog that's optimized research I I've habituated the process of doing that on a very regular basis then I've habituated the process of sending out emails on the regular and it's these habits applied over long periods of time that create those really big results that's ultimately what you desire and that's what I'm that's the life I'm living right now in my business so do you have those habits built yet and if you've only got 12 or 23 subscribers on your email list some people say well you know I don't have enough people on my list to email that's wrong when you have one person who has said yes I want to learn more from you it is time for you to start emailing your list on the regular to make sure that you're helping them get what they want so they can achieve what they're looking for because you can earn anything you can have anything you want in this world if you help enough other people get what they want right so our job is to create useful content that we publish on the blogs or the YouTubes to help people and to engage with people to help you get what you want and then invite people into your inner circle via email list and then go help those people it doesn't matter if it's 12 people or 12 000 people showing up regularly and helping them is how you prove to the universe it's how you prove to yourself and it's how you proved your audience that you're a real player who's here for the long term and you have their best kind of goals and their best outcomes in mind that's your actual intention and then number three is the offers okay um have you made some new offers so personally I've created and launched three new products under the miles Vector brand I did the um sales funnel Secrets uh master class that did wonderfully made about 50 Grand on that when I launched that at the beginning of the year I've also got my Niche Navigator course that is available uh links for all my products obviously will be in the description but I've got my Niche Navigator course that's doing very well that's a brand new course and it teaches people how to find a profitable niche in one hour and then I've got my offer Recon course that teaches Affiliates and creators how to go find the hottest offers in any Niche it's kind of an automated system that I show you how to build the setup so you can automatically learn about the highest profitable the highest converting and the highest paying affiliate offers in your Niche right so I've launched three brand new products this year and combined it appears and at this point it's done over fifty thousand dollars in additional revenue for my business this year and it appears that I'm going to do an additional hundred thousand dollars plus in revenue from those three new products and that's also in addition to my older products to the Past products that I continue to sell to this very day I've got my opt-in page template my Oto page template et cetera Etc and those are also generating very very consistent sales so are you creating new products for your audience sometimes we create products by putting together live workshops that's what the sales funnel masterclass was it was an eight-week series of workshops where we met twice per week and I walked a group of people through the process of building out a sales funnel and I showed up for a q a call each and every week then once it's done I've got all of those videos that I can then repackage and sell on demand so now I can make sales when I sleep when I travel when I'm on a road trip when I'm camping in a national park in my camper van Etc et cetera et cetera so sometimes we do these products kind of live in the moment with groups of people and other times we just create them and then launch them out of the world but if you're not creating new products then you don't have new offerings and if you're only trying to repeat and offer that one thing that you sold last year and that's the only thing you've done you ain't brought anything new to market yet your list is going to get bored with you now there's the opportunity to go down the affiliate marketing path as well even if you're creating your own courses so I've actually done five separate large promotions for affiliate courses and or products my largest one did twenty seven thousand dollars in uh commissions for me within one week's time so that was my best performer my worst performer made about two or three grand in a week of promoting um I don't really get to decide which ones are going to be those big hit home runs all I can do is I can get in the batter's box and I can take another swing and I can take another swing and I can go research for more great products I'm testing products very often I've actually tested and bought into four or five different affiliate marketing products that I thought I might be able to promote to my audience turns out they're a little too scammy they're a little bit too uh me too marketing scheme kind of like the legendary marketer [ __ ] or the commission hero stuff like all those scams like I've looked in I can't promote those to you I can't get behind them they're not ethical they're not honest they um they're just not in your best interest so I spend a lot of time researching products that I can share with my audience and I find those gems that are worthy of me sharing and then I really get behind them and I really really promote them with all of my heart and that's how I do so well with my promotions um if you need help figuring out how to find those great affiliate products that you can promote in your Niche get my offer Recon product the link to that is below in the description and then finally on my wife's brand because this miles Beckler internet marketing brand is not my main source of income it's not my main business this is kind of a hobby for me to just make sure the honest and ethical way to build a business online is here freely available for you and for all the other viewers on YouTube because the truth is there's so many scammers and schemers in this internet marketing space it's it's disturbing to be honest as somebody who's actually successful to watch people who are brand new claiming to be gurus trying to sell you like ultra high ticket coaching it's it's disturbing at minimum so I just keep showing up for you but on wifey's business side the spirituality and meditation brand we have launched over 12 new products this year already and we are on Pace you know we're doing over a hundred thousand dollars per month which has kind of been a very consistent number for us I do monitor my actual Revenue numbers I do monitor my actual profits each and every month but that's not my Guiding Light that's just a reflection of how effective am I being with all the actions and activities I'm putting into my business and if my Revenue numbers aren't where they need to be that means I need to publish more content to grow my audience and grow my traffic I need to create and sell more send more emails out to engage with my audience to build more trust and to promote more things I need to create more products more experiences and I need to go find more great products and if I stay focused on what I can control content that I'm publishing emails that I'm sending products that I'm creating for my audience then the revenue will show up as long as I keep showing up and optimizing and continuing to work on my skill of copywriting and writing sales letters and split testing and all those kind of geeky things so that's that's how you need to work and that's how you need to work through auditing your business go take a look inside of your WordPress how many blog posts have you published go look at your YouTube dashboard how many videos did you publish this year are you doing at least three per week if not boy you got some competitors that are probably going faster than you are and it might be time to speed that up a little bit then go look at your email list how what is your conversion rate on your opt-in page how quick are you opt how quick are you growing your list and then look at how many emails are you sending out to your list have you been sending out two three four emails per week if not if you're doing one email every other week boy you're probably not making nearly as much money as you want to be making you need to increase the frequency of email out sending and then how many new products have you created how many new experiences have you created or how many new affiliate products have you found that you're promoting to your audience and when you get all three of those things working right you're publishing useful content very regularly that's optimized for the platform this means YouTube or Google is giving you nice reach you're getting more traffic then you're inviting those people onto your email list and then once they're on your email list you're helping them get the software tools the products the courses the solutions that they want in order to help them achieve their goals when you get those three things right the byproduct of all of that is cash flow which is what you want and it's important for you to focus on the actions that you have to be taking consistently over time if you do desire the cash flow because again the truth is that time will keep on ticking and before you know it we're gonna be having a little video and I'm gonna be talking about oh we'll make 2024 your best year ever before you know it we're going to be turning the corner around Christmas and winter is going to be setting in here in North America if you're in the southern hemisphere summer will be setting in for you and we're gonna be talking about setting New Year's goals and there's going to be some viewers who are going to be in the exact same spot come January 1st 2024 that they are right now because they're going to do nothing other than watch Guru webinar pitches from the millionaire Apprentice Mentor people who are promising you riches for doing nothing and passive income and they're going to buy into these scan and they're just gonna have a broker right less broke they're going to end up with less money at the end of time but then there's those few people and I hope you're one of these few people one of the one percent who are just going to show up and you're going to publish three four pieces of useful content each and every week you're going to publish three four useful emails to help your audience each and every week you're going to publish new lead magnets new opt-in pages to increase your conversions and you're going to publish more courses and find more courses to promote and those are the people who are going to see their audience grow they're going to see their email list grow they're going to see their cash flow grow and they're going to build a real business why because they're actually doing the actions day in and day out so right now at the exact midpoint of this year right six months into the year you need to look back and you're watching my videos because you want to build a business online I'm not entertaining right I'm not I'm no Entertainer here on YouTube I am an educator here helping you build a business and if you look back you're like man I've been watching you miles for six months I've been watching you for two years miles and I ain't taking no goddamn action at all what are you doing right and if you're watching it and I'll be like no miles I'm in the one percent I am taking action I am doing it you're gonna go audit and you're gonna measure get some data on how frequently how successfully have you been publishing and maybe you need to optimize what you're doing even further and if you are one of those folks who are in motion I want to see it in the comments I want to see a one percent because you're one of the one percenters and I like knowing who you are in the comments when you're actually taking action and I just encourage you again when I started this YouTube channel in 2016 it was very similar like today right I was in a Airbnb in Hollywood I put my phone on a tripod and I just started sharing ideas now over 750 videos later I've got over 200 000 subscribers this brand has brought in over a million dollars and it consistently does twenty Thirty forty thousand dollars per month each and every month and I show up and I put up a long form video each week I put up a few shorts each and every week I send emails it's a lot of fun when you get this business working the right way but you have to take those actions those consistent actions over long periods of time and know that when I started in 2016 then I just kept publishing through 2017 and I kept publishing through 2018 and all of a sudden here we are middle of 2023 I am astounded that it's already been seven years since I started here on YouTube time keeps going and since I kept showing up for you my audience has grown my list has grown my cash flow has grown my business continues to grow because I keep showing up I get in the batter's box I'm taking hacks I don't always hit home runs I don't always hit singles sometimes I strike out but I keep showing up again and again and again and it's that it's that consistent action it's that perseverance over long periods of time that is the reason why my wife and I have been able to build multiple million dollar Brands we live an incredible lifestyle and I want you to experience that too because when you are showing up for your audience you're creating useful helpful content for your audience and that creates the abundance for you to live the life of your dreams it's a beautiful life it's better than any job out there I've ever seen I haven't worked a desk job since 2010 I'll never have to go back to working for the man or working for a boss I want that for you too and that's why I took this time today to make sure you are auditing your actions to make sure your actions your publishing schedule your email schedule your product launch schedule is in alignment with what you want okay it's easy to say I'm gonna make 10 grand a month online it's difficult to do the work that builds a 10 grand a month online business it's easy to go watch a guru webinar who's promising you passive of profits and and push button money systems it's difficult to actually build a real business online and if you look at the actions of the successful people in this world you'll see there's a very very consistent Factor they're publishing useful content all the time they're growing their list all the time they're emailing offers all of their time they're creating new products and new experiences and new offers for Their audience all of the time so are you doing that too if not let today be the day that everything changes for you I hope this has been helpful for you I hope I see that you're one of the one percent who's publishing in the comments before below if you want to let me know how many posts or how many videos you've published this year I would love to celebrate with you here in the comments on that note I'm going to call it I'm at a conference I'm on a big old road trip I've been in and out of national parks driving my big old 4×4 camper van motorhome around having a great time in this country and I'm about to go into a conference with some beautiful people and have a wonderful time here I wish you the best of success in your life and know your actions have to match your intentions if you are to achieve what you truly does desire in this world and on that note I'm gonna call it I'll catch you on the next video Until then be well

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