$24,085 Profit With One Domain + My $15M Domain Story

and it enters my bid in $15 million today I'm going to show you how I run a super profitable domain buying and selling business but not like the other guys teach where you just buy a domain and sell it at a profit no this is a lot more detailed and a heck of a lot more profitable and not only that but I'm going to tell you the story of the domain I bid over $15 million on yep that's right one domain $15 million and my goal in this video is to show you inside a world that you may not know exist it's a multi-billion do industry I mean how else do you think a company like GoDaddy can afford an ad during the Super Bowl yes ladies and gentlemen it is all because of domain buying and it's actually very simple it doesn't take a lot of money to get started you could hedge your money in a very simple way by building the website up and if you know what you're looking for it's virtually guaranteed to work so in just a minute I'm going to pull back the curtain on my entire domain industry I'm going to show you where I find the domains how I know what to pay for them what I'm looking for how to find the money the whole nine yards with nothing left out but first a story the day started out like any other day I came to work and checked on The Daily domain auctions and that's when I noticed a domain that was a diamond in the rough usually I'll be bidding 1002 200 maybe even $1,000 for a domain name but this one was different it had the back links it had the rankings everything was was tighten it about a specific topic that I knew would make me tons of money but was it worth $15 million and how much did I actually end up paying out of pocket we'll get to that in just a minute if you were to take a look over here at name bio you would see the top 100 domains name sales of all time we could see that voice.com went for 30 million nts.com 15 million connect.com fund.com healthinsurance.com and on and on we go and while some of these are obvious you could see like voice fund Diamond those ones have value because of the domain name but what about something like health insurance.com is that really worth $8 million well what I like to do is check and see what the domains actually rank for on Google because we all know that Google rankings equal money for example dental emergency no insurance gets 1,000 searches a month and this domain ranks number one so it looks like this domain is mostly about dental insurance and if we click over here to the overview it doesn't look like it's actually getting that much traffic so while the name might have sold for $8 million to someone like me it's probably not worth that much and with the domain I'm going to tell you the story about in just just a minute that would put me up here at the second highest domain name sale ever and we'll get to that in just a second what I usually like to do is look at the domains based on how much traffic and how many rankings they are getting on the search engines for example something like next media.com is going for about $1,000 and while the word next media.com might be worth $11,000 I want to see if the traffic is something that I can make money with so we'll go ahead and put that in our keyword tool over here and we can see it ranks for 941 keywords and it gets about 4503 visitors a month let's take a look at what the nature of the words are about because obviously something like mortgages or insurance is worth lots of money whereas something like how to tie a tie is not and we can see this one isn't really stuff that I'd like to use so to me that one is not worth $111,000 however if we take a look at something like toys.com I can see that it's at about 1,75 let's take a look at what this one ranks for this one I can see is ranking for all different types of toys and my brain says well I can be an affiliate of Amazon eBay various toy shops that have vintage toys I can run ads on the site I can rank this for tons of keywords about vintage toys like this site here that's got over 6,300 keywords for all different kinds of toys and since this one already ranks for stuff like first Lego mini figurine as we can see right here on Google this is going to be pretty easy to build up but the question is can I build this into a website that justifies the price of over $1,000 well let's see here if I take $1,075 and I divide that by 36 5 assuming I want to make my money back within the first year then I would arrive at a number of about $3 per day so the question is can this domain make me at least $3 a day and the answer is yes and in the age of AI where we can create content in the blink of an eye for next to nothing this is something that can be very very profitable and the next question I'm going to ask myself is what is the actual value of this domain if I had to turn around and sell this domain do I think I could get $1,000 for it well right now the current bid is $1,075 so there is someone out there willing to pay for this domain actually about 14 people that is super important then I want to ask myself questions like how much do these affiliate programs pay what are some other offers I can run and how can I turn this into a full-fledged business it all comes down to seeing the vision and for this one I can visualize a toy site that talks about vintage toys runs all kinds of ads gets all kinds of traffic from Google Tik Tok Pinterest YouTube the sky is literally the limit and since I'm starting with rankings that already exist this is going to be super easy and this is the kind of thing that I do all the time many of my students have bought domains and websites from me and use the previous rankings to build something of value that actually turns a profit if you were to take a look at my website new sv.

Org you could see it's ranking for all different types of keywords related to SUVs if you were to take a look at mooji edit.com a domain I bought about emosa cons it ranks for all kinds of things and it's getting tons and tons of traffic or this domain that I just recently won for about $500 we could see here that it actually ranks for lots of different Fitness keywords which I can build up and grow in a super easy way and since it was only $500 I have to ask myself can it make $150 a day and I would think the answer is an emphatic yes but again remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed there is a risk you could lose your money and the average person trying to make money online makes nothing but I think we see here that this is a very very easy way to get into markets that that you wouldn't otherwise be able to tackle we are simply using the rankings and the backlinks and stuff that already exists and if you were to take a look at some of the domains I recently bought in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars I've spent on domains over the years you could see all different kinds of things here's one about keychains gardening fish tanks incense holders and on and on we go in fact just yesterday on name cheep I got the domain best burger guide this one cost me $560 and we could see here that it ranks for all kinds of keywords about hamburgers but how is this going to make money well my thinking is we can review various fast food hamburgers and other hamburgers in the United States or wherever it is you want to get traffic and make tons of money with ads and affiliate offers if we were to go here to offervault and type something in like Burger you can see there's all different kinds of affiliate offers that pay us money when people get coupons and different offers for food and of course if these people are eating burgers as much as the average American we could probably promote some dieting offers and make some money with that too and if we were to take a look at the top 100 domains list use the batch tool in ah refs and sort them all by the amount of rankings they have we could see investing.com has over 4.5 million keywords in Google and we can see that these are all all related to stock market terms which are super super profitable so was that domain worth $2.4 million you bet your butt it was or coupons.com or credit cards.com with almost 300,000 rankings in Google we can see all about credit cards which pay tons and tons of money in fact this is one of the most profitable niches online today day was that worth $2.7 million absolutely and if you understand how the domain name works you can make tons of money now back to our story and when I was bidding on the domain it was about 12:00 in the morning and I had my normal daily call so I was on a webinar on the screen over here and buying domains on this screen over here and this was a domain that I really wanted to buy but I certainly wasn't willing to pay $15 million for it I mean at best the domain was worth maybe $2,000 to me and that morning my computer had been acting funny my keyboard was typing multiple things the day was just not going the way I had planned and I went to enter in $1,571 that is what I was willing to pay for the domain and all of a sudden everything malfunctions and it enters my bid in twice on the same line [Music] 1571 15715 million and get this it accepts the bid with Just 4 minutes to go then a bid comes in at 1,700 2,000 2100 2900 3500 and I'm freaking out is this really going to go to $15 million I mean how much money am I on the hook for here because even if it went to 50,000 that's still way out of my league for a domain like this so quickly I get on live chat with the name Che customer support the system had an error please stop this bid and the seconds are ticking down the bids are going up faster than you could imagine my heart starts pumping and thumping and I'm literally freaking out here I mean are they going to want me to pay $15 million for this domain name finally the support agent comes back on name cheap and says once a bid is entered we can't reverse it so I'm literally freaking out what am I going to do I mean if this thing goes to 50 60 $250,000 for a domain that's barely worth two grand and luckily they had a fail save that prevented me from paying too much for the domain name needless to say it just went to the next highest bidder but that was an important lesson to learn and I hope you got a lot of good value in understanding the world of buying and selling domain names and if you want to learn more about this check out the links in the description where I talk about some domains I bought for $11 and then later sold for $4,000 $55,000 or even one domain I bought a few years back for just $15 and sold it for a 20 5,000 payday

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