17 minutes $300 per Day – Easy AI Side Hustle (Proven Method)

all right today we're cutting past the fluff and I'm going to show you a simple Aid driven side hustle that can make you as much as $300 a day or more and it's actually extremely easy in fact you don't need any money you don't need any special skills and you can start using this today and actually make money today yep that's a bold claim and I want you to be the judge if you watch this entire video and you think I'm completely full of it and this will not work let everyone know in the comments but first humor me and let's dive in because what we need to focus on here is my three pronged process demand deploy and distribute this is going to be your path to success we need to find something that's in demand get a plan to deploy it and then distribute it and a lot of this is going to be done with AI however when I came to the office to shoot this video I kept getting this error on my chat GPT something went wrong if this issue persists please contact us through our help center and I literally couldn't get anything to work on AI and I thought okay I'm not going to be able to make a video today however I did a little bit of searching and digging around and I found out that it has to do with a certain browser that I'm using so I was able to go over to the Firefox browser and use chat gbt like that so if you get that error just check a different browser Firefox Chrome Edge or Mozilla or even whatever Mac people use I think it's called safari and that'll get you rocking and rolling and I was able to get rocking and rolling and you can see here the work that we are going to be creating here in this training now first of all what we need to do is we need to go out there and figure out the demand all right the demand here we are going to find by going to the ahf's keyword tool right like this and we're going to type in a magic word and the magic word is checklist this is going to show us all the different checklists that people are searching for that they want help with something on now what we need to remember is that these checklists are going to lead to something that will pay us big money so you might be looking at something here like camping checklist or wedding checklist and you might think well that doesn't seem like much money don't they just want a wedding checklist so they could say did you get the cake did you get this did you get that well we're going to think a little bit different because when I see something like wedding checklist I know that weddings cost big money so there's lots of money being spent there even though they're just looking for a free checklist so what we need to do is we need to make sure that the demand is there and we could see wedding checklist 20,000 people per month are searching up wedding checklist now we can isolate this term in our free keyword tool right like this and find wedding checklist and all the subcategory words like printable timeline PDF and on and on we go and we could see once we do this now we're getting closer to like 30,000 searches a month and not only that but if we were to search wedding checklist on YouTube we can see here 52,000 views almost a million views 62,000 and on and on we go in fact some of these people are just showing the checklist and how to use it keep this in mind for later this is a big money tip now armed with something like this we can go to chat GPT and actually create a really good checklist for these people looking at stuff for their wedding but it doesn't just stop there actually I went through and created a list of the top 1,000 keyword searches related to checklist we can see we have hospital bag baby registry SEO checklist first Department checklist and on and on we go now when we go into our chat GPT or if you want to do this for free you can use Bing Edge what we're going to do is we are going to ask this to create a checklist based on what we want so utilizing Microsoft Bing right like this I can go through and say please create an SEO checklist for ranking on the search engines and we could see it goes through and does a really good job it actually references the different sites that it used to get the info and then I said please expand on this checklist it went through and it expanded on the checklist right like this and basically made it in a really cool way now I can go through and I can put this in Microsoft Word or some other program to get an actual checklist that I can give away right like this the ultimate apartment movein checklist and yes ladies and gentlemen this was created using AI it's actually very very simple and again we can see there are tons and tons of different things people are looking for again our job is going to be if they're looking for a first apartment checklist what are the things that are going to make me money could I get them new internet service apartment Insurance maybe connect them with movers and as you can see here all of these offers pay big money when people are moving looking for new internet and even different types of insurance and of course if you're doing weddings we would go through and do something like wedding we can get them into different credit card offers loans for their wedding or even lead them to Local search results as you can see here Orlando wedding photographer is fetching over $3 per click that means when someone searches Orlando wedding photographer the sponsored ads people are actually paying for that traffic more about that in just a minute so let's say I wanted to do something like SEO checklist I put this in my ah free keyword tool right like this and I could see that about 4,000 people 800 so roughly 7 or 8,000 people a month are looking for an SEO checklist and since I know that SEO Services fetch big money yeah like $15 a click or more I know that there's big money in this market now a lot of you might be asking well am I just going to get $15 for everyone who clicks on my website and the answer would be no this is just showing us the demand and the fact that advertisers are paying this isn't indicative of what we are actually going to make in fact remember that with internet marketing affiliate marketing and starting a business online the average person trying to make money online makes nothing so we want to take that with a grain of salt however if you understand this we can see SEO affiliate program so we could see here a wh label SEO affiliate program we got different SEO companies here SEO affiliate programs and a lot of these will pay big money for example looking at this one here we could see different affiliate programs for keyword tools different content services and Fiverr and all kinds of different things related to SEO we can even see here that Fiverr pays $32 when a new person gets a service and since they have tons of different SEO Services we can actually make a lot of money with our SEO checklist so first we have the demand now it's time to deploy first we have the demand and we know how we're going to make money we're going to make money with web hosting keyword tools SEO Services paid clicks through AdSense aoic and other platforms and maybe even some link Building Services or something like that and of course if you're in the wedding one your offers are going to apply to weddings if you're doing a checklist about apartments you're going to apply to moving and different things like that super important and super easy next what we're going to do is we're going to deploy our strategy we're going to go over to chat GPT right like this we're going to start a new chat and we're going to say please create an a thorough SEO checklist for people who want to get ranked on the search engines boom this is going to go to work and create an entire checklist for us based on how to get ranked on Google it's actually very simple now once this is done we're going to go through and we are going to find different plugins and tools and different things that are going to help these people out so I could simply say now please find some plugins and tools to help out with this checklist again I want to make sure that each of these tools and plugins have affiliate programs where I can place my affiliate link so that I can get paid and when I'm doing this it's important to have what I call the jugular offer the one that's going for the kill the big money earner this is going to be something that pays really well maybe a keyword tool maybe a lead for Fiverr or maybe even something like content at scale that creates content for you using Ai and it actually ranks really well in the search engine and since that one pays monthly I have the potential to make a lot of money and I've actually made some good money promoting content at scale using this exact same strategy we can also do web hosting or different things like that and now that I have the tools I could just go through and say now please add content at scale as one of the content marketing tools be detailed right it's going to go through and it's going to detail how content at scale works there we go and all I need to do is log into my content at scale of affiliate account here and copy my affiliate link every time that's clicked on and people buy I get paid and all I would need to do is put that on my checklist where it talks about content at scale it's actually super simple now I go through and create my checklist now please create this in a word doc with the check boxes and everything and when it's done I can just download my SEO checklist right like this this in a word doc open it up and I can see here I have my SEO checklist ready to go and you'll notice that sometimes it misses things or or skip stuff and all we have to do is add the parts that we want to add right like this if I want to put content at scale in I can add that right at the bottom right here and say bonus tip get content at scale and create content content that ranks put the info there I'll go ahead and insert the info from chat GPT right like this of course I want to exclude this part here and then all I would need to do is link this by hitting contrl K grab my content at scale affiliate link right here here insert that make sure it opens in a new tab or new window hit okay and now that is my affiliate link where I can get paid and it's important somewhere in your document and checklist that you have something that says yes this does contain affiliate links and I do get paid if you order stuff out of this PDF or whatever it is then we could go through and if you wanted to we could put our logo up here if you have a website right like this this shrink it down so it looks good and then obviously you would go through and put your affiliate links where it makes sense in your checklist then once we're done we put our copyright info we put our disclaimers and everything like that and we're going to hit file save as and we are going to save this as a PDF right like this and it's important that this has good information based on the checklist the person is looking for because if you make a checklist nobody's going to want to read it they're not going to want to use it and you're not going to make any money so we're going to save it right like this as a PDF and we could see what it's going to look like when we're done and right there is our affiliate link boom they click it we get paid when they sign up it's actually super simple and if you get stuck don't worry we can actually ask chat GPT to help us find the money in our market for example if we have this one here that I created which is an apartment movein checklist which has lots and lots of searches I can go through and say what are some good affiliate programs for people looking to move into a new apartment that I can make money with and let's see if it does this we want renters insurance we want moving companies anything like that let's see how close it gets Furniture okay Amazon that's probably good too you Utility Services moving services so this is actually doing a very good job and I could go through and I could just put these on the list right here's some things that you might need here's a maid service here's a meal kit here's some streaming services new TVs hookups ADT Security or whatever it is and all of these pay huge money we can see here ADT solar $1,000 a lead medical alert protect your home $32 a lead $25 on a 120 second phone call and on and on we go we can see other security systems are paying as much as $500 for one little phone call $480 300 this is looking pretty lucrative so again number one we want to find the demand I'm actually going to post this giant list on my website and we're going to do that by looking at the checklist keywords right like this we can see all the demand of people looking up various different checklist then we're going to find the money in the market and ask chat GPT to help us find the money in the market then we're going to create our PDF just like I did here if we're doing one for blogging maybe we could do web hosting SEO we could do Services moving we could do this getting back with your girlfriend you could tell them to get flowers or go to therapy or whatever it is the sky is literally the limit next what we're going to do is we're going to set up our distribution plan if you don't have a website and you don't have money for a website don't worry if you do want to build a website check out my other videos learn how to do that but this is something as I promised you can do for free because armed with our PDF and affiliate links we can literally just distribute our PDF anywhere we want where people are going to find Value as I showed earlier with the videos you could quite simply make a video showing how the checklist works and telling them where they can get it or in the SEO example I can see tons of SEO Facebook groups where they're talking about different SEO tips and tricks and different things like that sharing a PDF might be very helpful to people as long as you're providing good value and not trying to just get people to click things so that you can make money again provide value the value is the checklist do a good job spend an hour or two spend a couple hours on chat GPT dive into it and make a really good checklist for whatever these people are looking for maybe you can make an Etsy seller checklist or a vacation checklist where you could lead to Vacation insurance or travel or travel rewards credit cards the sky is literally the limit you can even see tons of people are posting checklists on Tik Tok they make a little video of the checklist and some of these people are getting almost 3 million views or you could quite simply take a little screen capture of your checklist and put it on Pinterest for even more traffic again make sure you focus on the keywords do a good job and always link back to your website this is where it's important to have a website because then I could say go here to get the website instead of linking to some PDF and if I have my own website I can have them put their name and email in so that I can build a mailing list and make even more money with my AI powered checklist and just to show you how this works I went through and created a list of all the checklist wait a minute a checklist of checklists and this checklist of checklists actually shows you the affiliate offers you can use with a wedding checklist a camping checklist hospital bag moving and on and on we go so I've literally laid out the keys to the kingdom and all you got to do is create good checklist content deploy it with your affiliate links and distribute it to people who might find it valuable it's actually super simple and I went ahead and put some other videos in the description that you can learn more about this strategy so smash a like button and watch those next and if you want this list here and my Excel file with over a thousand different checklists check out download my notes.com

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