16 Ways To Make Money Online With Digital Oil Wells

Kevin you want to take it away and just start at the top and let's let's do the overview like what are the different type of oils Wells that people can build okay uh why don't I share my screen some of these I would say have more or less earning potential for you uh based on you know just the uh monetization strategy of them but and along the same lines some of them are more or less [Music] um um passive when you when you set them up so um I don't know where you would like to start but we can sort of talk about maybe the potential earning potential versus passivity or whatever the right word is well that makes sense right it's it's kind of like there's always a trade-off and some of these get more complex and as the complexity increases there's more work to do there's more things there's more moving pieces generally speaking uh when we take that complexity on we want to do so because the thought of increased rewards so there might be some some for the some for the advanced viewers uh it might be interesting to go that down that path but if this is your first oil well and if you're just trying to get your first ones going we want to stick towards the simpler side of things that are really going to help you just get into motion and get through the whole process the whole cycle to where you're getting the oil pumping on your first one um I'm easy I'm easy to start you want to just start at the top and work our way around clockwise sure man perfect so go ahead oh yeah the first one I mean books and ebooks right so um ebooks have been sold online for ever since since the online game has been a thing and then the books we can go as far to like create space and Amazon and Kindle right for the the traditional style books but then there's there's ebooks that sell for 47.97 and Beyond generally speaking ebooks are going to be relatively easy to create um I mean there's even software tools that'll assist you in in the book creation and Publishing but on the book side of things the value isn't always there for example when was the last uh Kindle book that you purchased that was more than 20 bucks when was the last print book physical real print book that you purchased that was more than 20 bucks uh some people might know of breakthrough advertising which is kind of a classic that's worth a few hundred bucks but there's very few books that are worth hundreds of dollars and with that said just looking behind Kevin right here he's got a bookshelf full of books people buy books as gifts people buy books quickly regularly and effectively so it's almost an easy product for people to purchase but it might not be the highest value and generally books can lead into additional kinds of products and and the traffic from a book could could lead deeper into funnel which we'll talk about more in the future yeah I would say to um the nice thing about books ebooks and I just added audio books because that's a new thing um the nice thing about them is they are very passive um you can put them on platforms that have ready-made traffic for you and you know I I myself knows the story will tell it in the group but um you know I I have ebooks that I paid someone else to write over a decade ago that are still making me money today and not a ton but enough to pay for a car payment you know and that like a good car payment and that's pretty awesome you know I I haven't I never did any real work on it other than coming up with the idea for the book and I spent some money to build it and now they're still 10 years later paying me hundreds of dollars a month so there's a real sort of power to a method like that um the the uh downside of course is that the like miles just said there's downward pricing pressure for that type of market so the prices are going to get less and less over time and so just a quick story on my side my wife and I have about six different books available and we're leveraging the Amazon platform because there's millions of people on Amazon who have credit cards at hands and they've bought Kindle devices right and what do you do with a Kindle device you want to add books to it so we have uh quite a few books that are priced between 99 Cents and 5.99 on Kindle you get uh 70 royalties about above 2.99 so you get about two dollars and ten cents per sale at three bucks we've got five books on there we've sold tens upon tens upon tens of thousands of copy it's completely hands off our first book went up in 2020 2012 so that was nine years ago as of this recording and it generates you know between 75 and a few hundred dollars depending on the book every single month uh right now we're working on running paid ads to them uh this is kind of a newer thing to to increase because if they like our competitors or if they're looking at buying our competitors book we should make sure that our books show up right next to it um so we took kind of the because correct me if I'm wrong Kevin you are selling that yourself it's hosted on your own website and you're driving traffic to your own website to sell those books on your end correct well so the books I was just talking about that make you know a few hundred bucks a month those are on Amazon perfect yeah that's a different story but I will say I have a business that is one of my bigger digital oil wells that sells what started out as ebooks that now I would consider them courses courses uh so it it uh it's in the test prep Niche and um when I started it 15 years ago we were providing them at first with a physical book that manual like the old big box of stuff right that we were sending them with binders and and printed books but the cost of actually fulfilling that was so high that people preferred the digital version for a cheaper price and yeah and so we sold probably 500 000 units of of ebooks um you know that we had built that people could print themselves and save the money of us having to ship them and print them and put them in binders and do all this stuff and then around 2013 or 14 we transitioned those maybe it was 15 somewhere around there we transitioned those into actual video courses that um you know it just made it easier for people to consume in that sort of uh became the norm back in 2006 when I started that business it wasn't the norm and there weren't all the tools that are available today when it comes to to delivering that kind of thing yeah and the price did the price go up as you elaborated into video format like did you increase the price from where it was in the ebook I kept the surprise the same yeah awesome awesome value and then one other note on this before we jump to the next one um so my wife's audio books or her books not audiobooks uh which is something we have on the roadmap um they're actually byproducts of the MP3 products we've sold so what we did is we actually took the transcriptions and so it's actually a byproduct of something we also sold elsewhere I have another book in the works um from the miles Becker brand that's me teaching YouTube and I actually did the whole framework the whole outline I brain dumped it in a video that's live for free on my YouTube channel now I'm working on copy editing it to take that same content turn it into a short Kindle ebook shooting for about 20 000 words on that to get it up live there so the the kind of idea I want folks to hold on to is if you're already kind of pseudo expert if you've got a lot of content if you've been teaching people how to do something specific that they value you might be able to take what you're already doing and rework it into multiple formats um and with us everybody say we jump to the next one keep it moving yeah so if we're going clockwise I guess that's newsletters and it looks like it yeah the reason that I put newsletters on here as its own thing is that there are some guys who have built amazing businesses based off of newsletters um like Dan Kennedy is one um you know it's it was the tip of the spear for his whole business uh you know the newsletter sales um and and physical print books right um and then the second is uh companies like Agora and boardroom you know they would sell yearly subscriptions to newsletters and then they would use that as a platform to sell more stuff um but I think that newsletters themselves are great uh oil wells in that you can sell the past um like you know so so the idea behind it I know we talked about this a little bit in the last video the ethos of doing the work um once that can be valuable again and again and again and um it does take say if you're doing a monthly newsletter it takes work every month to do it but the reason that I consider it an oil well is that it's the same amount of work if you are selling that newsletter to 10 people or ten thousand and that's powerful and the the the the secondary piece of that is you're building up a back catalog of of you like real valuable content that people will buy I had a guy literally today purchase our newsletter and ask if he could buy all the past issues and that's a common thing that people do and so and there's so many valuable uh reasons to have a good newsletter so 100 and I think a newsletter can Bridge into a membership program if one's interested right if you want to go to the oil field but the whole selling all the back issues um and it works wonderfully in so many niches so Ben settle in the email space he sells his back issues for I believe 97 each so you get in on a free one you start loving the new ones or 90s and then if you want the older ones that were topical um I find right now in so 2021 my inbox is a mess I'm going to be perfectly honest with you and I think a lot of people are feeling me on that and I am letting less and less free I'm I'm letting less and less free newsletters into my inbox and I'm focusing my inbox on ones I'm paying for and I pay for subscriptions from many different people in many different disciplines mostly in the marketing space and the investing space because that's what I'm about uh the varying prices are from ten dollars a month on the lowest uh to some that I pay a few thousand dollars per year on the investing side depending on what I expect to get out of it um and what's cool is today so we have sub stack is really gaining a lot of steam and substack is a kind of a done for you done with you newsletter platform that when someone's already a sub stack user for them to buy your sub stack it's just a click of a button right so it's kind of a Marketplace for newsletters which are great um but ultimately I think the newsletters are a way for an expert or someone who is aggressively researching a topic to summarize everything they know or everything that they're learning and to put it on a silver platter for someone like me who I want to learn more about crypto I want to learn more about D5 I want to learn more about some of these things I don't have the 8 hours 10 12 14 hours per week to really go down the rabbit hole on all of these things so I found a few trusted people and it's the same in options and and um uranium investing like all of these things that I'm kind of in interested in but I'm not going to go down the rabbit hole and do all the research so I pay people to do that research for me and I receive it in the form of everything so daily weekly and monthly I don't think any are quarterly but daily weekly and monthly newsletters I pay for I probably play personally um I would say 500 a month or more and these are the people that are highlighted in my inbox I care most about their opinions I believe personal kind of just throw in my um prediction hat on more and more people are going to want more paid newsletters in the future because it's a signal to noise challenge that we're all dealing with in our inboxes and I really do believe that when we're like I'm buying this from this person that's a commitment to really reading their information to really getting it versus that lead magnet sounds kind of interesting I'm going to go for that not to say there's not room for both but just kind of a personal philosophy there well and how did we meet 100 I purchased your subscription absolutely right uh I found your YouTube video and I was like this dude's really smart and I went down I literally reverse engineered I was like what is this guy selling and I found your uh infinite Roi newsletter and I read every single one of them and it actually did morph into a um the first um community that you built uh and um and and here we are today yeah how funny is that right it's cool it's fun to see um it in action as we're as we're discussing it yeah so um so anyways the the two things about newsletters there's email newsletters and there are physical newsletters I personally prefer uh well it depends on what you're selling the person afterwards or if you want to sell anything afterwards you know the truth is is at the peak Dan Kennedy had roughly 20 000 people subscribing to his newsletter and he was charging those people fifty nine dollars per month anywhere from uh 29 to 59 he had different price points that he tested through time but do the math on that I mean that's pretty good business in and of itself just writing a newsletter every month we're doing the one thing and it leads to his big events and like Terry Dean has a very inexpensive marketing newsletter that transitions people to a thousand dollar a month coaching program and it's it's just that front end so again it can become an oil field but I do have people who that's all they do and and they're supported by their Community through that one thing so it's like it has the benefit of being expandable but it's not required to do that and the newsletter itself can easily be multiple five figures and Beyond type cash flow well I think Ben settles only business is his newsletter too and it has been for 15 years yeah and he doesn't he he doesn't uh he's very um uh picky in some ways and he runs people off and I'm sort of the same uh but you know I don't think he gets politely but I think he does at some point a few years ago I heard him say that he makes 30 grand a month from his newsletter so that's not bad you know um it's better than a sharp stick in the eye as they say for sure um so moving on uh subscriptions um so just so that I I made this um little mind map and so I want to clarify what I mean by these things I guess so that um miles and can talk about under subscriptions I am throwing in uh memberships so like low ticket type memberships where you're not um coaching people per se but you're you're you know putting a great Community together and then also uh physical subscriptions to things like um box Services um you know of the month clubs you know the jelly of the month club the gift that keeps on giving Clark you know um and so so there's that it's a it's kind of a big category there's a lot of difference you know I could make this octopus have lots of little hairy tentacles on the end uh if I want to go down that rabbit hole and we will in the course over time but the the big idea here is something that you are charging a monthly uh amount for and people are in it so and my wife and I one of our memberships is essentially ongoing meditations uh to say it very very technically what it is is MP3 files on a very regular basis right you get a certain number of MP3 files so there's deliverables uh it there's a bit of a treadmill on there but uh compared to the 40 yard job it's a wonderful treadmill that we're on there and then the box of the month clubs are super popular uh I had one student of mine she runs a quilting shop uh she's in the culting niche and she had been doing uh box of the month club where you get a certain amount of fabrics and she kind of pre-made eggs pre-populates it she gets it all in the box so she had a physical business like she had a physical quilt shop she had all this stuff hanging around all this material hanging around she's like well what if I just did it for them and for her customers it became just easy button and they just got kind of like a pattern and all the stuff to make the pattern it just showed up they love quilting they just didn't want to do the research Bingo it filled a specific need and I think that's the one thing that that memberships are always going to do is they're they're going to fill a specific need for people um and sometimes there's the the Trunk Club for Men right I need to look classy I need to look like I know what's going on in fashion luckily I don't have that challenge in my life I got it going on but like so there's there's these different things there's even as far as um like watch clubs where where you cycle a new fancy watch in so you've always got a new fancy bullying watch on it um it's a the signal flashing type stuff and then you know you go down the marketing world like of course there's a million and one marketing memberships and stuff in in our world and even in the um testing memberships the ability to connect with other investors who are doing the same sort of thing that you're doing to get stock tips on a regular basis type things um it can it can go out into many different areas yeah so I have a membership right now that actually um spawned from my newsletter because I I the one one difference between newsletters and memberships to make as a distinction if you're doing it like an online membership is if you have a very fast moving Marketplace that you're serving print newsletters and even email newsletters it's difficult sometimes to have the speed that you need to keep up with the marketplace and sometimes also um email and print can be um uh they can limit your ability to like things that you could explain in a five minute video might take 10 000 words in a print newsletter so it's it's sometimes more convenient to to serve a niche in um in a membership way than the newsletter way even though in some respects the uh mechanism is the same right um so like I I had the infinite Roi newsletter which was talking about marketing and things like that I transitioned that into the labs which is an online community for marketers which it the idea behind the labs is I can just you know it's there's a lot of elements to it but one of them is what's happening now like what's yeah you know the the the the landscape changes and I will say for an online membership if you have one of the keys to having one that has high retention like churn is always a problem in subscriptions and and to have one that has high retention I would say um one of the the real um uh things that makes it work is if you have a changing Marketplace like the best uh subscription memberships are things like stock market crypto horse racing um a daily fantasy sports like there's a there's a a parade that is always moving of of new information that you can that that people like you miles will pay someone to synthesize summarize and explain to you in a shorter format so that you don't have to go out and spend the eight hours doing that and so having a membership that that offers that service you know there's there's a million of them out there right now one of my first memberships that I ever did it wasn't my first one but it was my first successful one was a horse racing membership for people that like to bet on the horses this was back in the early 2000s and people logged in every single day because they wanted to see what was going on at the tracks that day they wanted the The Insider's Edge you know and and uh and so that that I would say like having a membership and and keeping churn down is difficult if you're doing like something that isn't a moving sidewalk if it's like a fixed duration container of information I'm going to take you from not knowing how to build a Blog to having a Blog with traffic that that game hasn't changed since since 20 2005 right so it's a number of steps and then when you get somebody to hear they're like why am I still paying you at this point versus option prices are changing every day or we now live in the world of like DraftKings right so uh betting is now legal again in the us at sports betting so there's this whole world of DraftKings out there where you could bet on everything right now PGA is super hot man like a lot of people don't have the time to go down and make the picks even if you go to Fantasy Football right like so you have like fantasy football is huge people want to win they want bragging rights over their friends they're not going to spend 70 80 hours to do all the research on who are the best picks but boy if I can get into a subscription that says who should I draft who should I play each week and and I literally have a helpful guy that's going to do all the work for me it cost me 19.99 a month and I might get bragging rights over my friends 20 bucks a month bragging rights over my friends maybe even winning the pot because some of those have it's those kinds of value propositions that we're actually offering and I love the idea of the constantly moving Marketplace on the physical side of things um for the box of the month club I think it really comes down to consumables make really good sense in this world as well um if you want like really clean soaps fresh smelling like different types of candles different there's one called goddess Provisions that are all these spiritual items everything from crystals and Angel card decks all in a box of the month so it's like a surprise there's even one called imperfect Foods I actually buy food on one of these and they sell us all organic foods and it's for some reason it didn't make the cut to hit the shelves but it's not that it's wonderful it's incredible and like 30 bucks a week I get a box full of food every week and it's great food and it's kind of a surprise and I don't have to go to the freaking store so I'm saving a drive to the store and back and I'm saving him to go be around other people and I get a box of cool random unique stuff that I want so just huge diversity in what it can be and what I think the viewer what you need to listen or think about is um where are you just super geeked out right where are your interests and I think crypto is one of those rabbit holes I think sports betting is one of those rabbit holes do you spend an exorbitant I think gaming is one of those rabbit holes right the world Warcraft and the fortnite where are you spending exorbitant amounts of of time where you just have this Edge you understand that game you know it incredibly well and then other people are trying to get up to speed quickly because a lawyer who wants to play fortnite with his kid and wants to not get left behind may very well be interested in paying 10 20 30 bucks a month to get that little bit of a competitive advantage or again the the sports betting or all of those things um you got to remember there's a lot of people who make 150 000 a year 200 000 a year they don't have time to dig in and figure out what the best picks are for their fantasy football league but if you already know that if you're already consumed buy that or you're willing to commit to that the byproduct of what you're already doing could be the oil well and that's that's kind of like as we go on that's the synthesis that you're looking for that's what we want to see as the light bulb going off uh in your mind yep I would say um uh two two uh possibilities to think about with the physical products and then I'm sure we could move on but the physical subscriptions there's a there's a company called Loot Crate that um my son we bought multiple crates from them and um we haven't since we moved we canceled and we probably will re-subscribe but they send out like a pop culture gaming box every month and my son gets a t-shirt with some kind of a meme from one of the games in it and a bunch of little Trinkets and it's just a box of useless stuff really um he loves it huh oh dude it's it's like Christmas morning when that gets here and it's a big surprise right you see the Box the box is branded and it's like the moment that comes out of the mailbox it's um Elation it's it's excitement it's curiosity it's it's that that Christmas morning being a kid moment yeah well and there's something magical about opening a package um you know it works and just for for um sake of knowing how big of a market this is I've wanted to do a box for a long time of some sort um but Loot Crate was the number one company on the Inc 5000 and I believe it was 2017.

So that means they are the fastest growing private company in the United States which is crazy to think about but they have hundreds of thousands I believe the number at that time was like 700 000 subscribers active subscribers which is crazy to think about so you know subscriptions are a big big business you can have them as an oil well that becomes you know it could be the the front end of your thing or it could be the whole business so there's a lot of opportunities there so um the next one JVS and Partnerships so the reason I put this on as an oil well is a couple of things um one is a lot of times we have um we have excess capacity in our things that we can either be the JV who is selling someone else's thing to our customers very passively or we can be the person who is utilizing someone else's audience to sell our thing and the reason I make this as an oil well is that generally speaking if you have something like I just did a a joint venture with one of my clients and he promoted our our membership to his list and all I did was set up a link to to the thing and he's going to make a residual payment I'm going to make the payment for the the so so the reason that this is an oil well is that that guy has an asset in the list I have this active business that I'm running and he's able to do it as you know excess capacity for his list I have need for more customers and like working out these partnership deals um where you have synergies like that is a great oil well uh thing um it can be considered a traffic Source depending on how you look at it but it's also an oil well in and of itself if you set up the right ones with the right people where for instance um it kind of crosses over with the list building data Arbitrage thing on the other side but but it's a different use of it um uh so I'll explain that in a minute but but it crosses over with affiliate in a little bit right but I I would like to say and for those who don't know JV means joint venture it's when kind of two separate parties come together on one thing obviously Kevin and I that's what this is you're kind of watching another version of a joint venture happen in real time here um but it's a way to leverage relational Capital if I was just stated another way um because through everything that we're doing there's there's physical products there's tangible assets there's intangible assets and one of those is that relational Capital um I've been uh on many many podcasts as a guest so I've gotten to meet the other doers in my space and when I really jive with someone I actually like look for ways that I I'm like how could I help this person I really like this guy he's great he's got a big heart like how can I how can I what can I do and I start to think in this world that's when that's when my brain shifts into that JV world and some people get kind of worried about competition but the true leaders in the internet and and the the people who kind of like laid the path that we're all walking to this very day it was built on joint ventures it was built on kind of sharing the data list and the lists around and when you really understand what's going on there are no competitors in this the big dogs they are all collaborating with each other they're timing their things very logically to make sure they're not stepping on each other's toes and it's 100 done consciously in sometimes it's in big events in really fancy houses uh other times it's just over Zoom calls but um just think of the idea of relational Capital you might have a lot of relationships to where sometimes you can even put two parties together and there's a lot of value for you being the JV broker in that scenario and other people are like I don't know a damn person I'm off on my own and that's perfect it might not be for you but it's the idea of relational capital in and of itself has potential value yeah and ultimately the reason that I put this as a passive digital oil type activity is truthfully you can um there's a lot of Leverage in these type of situations if you don't turn it into a job right so I don't do tons of this but occasionally when it really really makes sense and it's someone who like you said is somebody that I like and respect and and there's a real win-win for everybody then then I do it and and uh and this is something that is not like maybe one of the front end ones you know like an ebook is but it's definitely a way to have you know this little thing that you spend a little bit of time on it each year and it's going to spurt out oil for you so one really really specific example there's an affiliate program that my wife and I have used extremely successfully for years in her Niche I know a lot of creators on YouTube and bloggers and instagramers in our Niche because that's what happens when you rise up um so I have been able to get 10 percent of their affiliate commissions by connecting them with the affiliate manager for that product I made one connection I got them going I was like hey this offer works wonders for us talk to my guy over there get they'll get you all set up they got set up they mailed it they made 10 grand I made a grand and they're still every time they mail every time they do that's all tied in and that's one of those kind of JV Partnerships where I was able to see the landscape and some people were like oh I don't want to give away my best offer to my competitors I'm like oh there's you know there's a way to make this work to where it's really beneficial for all all parties involved yeah love it all right courses so this is a big one this is one that a lot of people try to start with which I honestly would not recommend um because uh many times you can get a false positive because you have people that will buy your stuff you have you have pent up demand in whatever area of expertise you might have um well there's two things two reasons I wouldn't uh uh advise us at first one I disagree with the idea that everybody's an expert you know there's there's a a piece of advice being given by someone who sells books um about you know whatever and they're telling they're saying that everybody has a message to share with the world not necessarily but that doesn't mean you can't have a great online business you don't have to I think there's a lot of fake fakes birds out there right now who are trying to force themselves into this expert model but they don't have really valuable knowledge that is is worthwhile yet now you might years later after doing something for a long time but but I would I would say that courses are a very tricky uh model they're they're there's good money to be made selling courses of course um it's a great passive type thing although I think over time more and more is expected for the two grand or a thousand or whatever you're charging for your course but I I really think that um uh if you truly are someone who has something unique then yes it's a fantastic uh oil well but understand you've got to learn how to do traffic you really need to know how to create content that doesn't overwhelm that actually gets a result or you'll have big refund rates you know there's a lot to selling quality writing yeah 100 there's a lot to it and it's it's an easy idea for people to think like oh I create a course it's four modules each module has seven lessons so it's it's one of those like it's understandable from a kind of overview level but the ability to help someone else get transformation in their life because that's what they're buying when they buy a course to help someone literally transform their lives without one-to-one interaction from a pre-recorded series of videos is insanely difficult it really is and then to write a sales letter that converts that thing also insanely difficult and then to run the traffic and and to build the trust and to build all of the mechanisms and systems also very difficult now the payoff when all of those things work correctly can be quite large and I do want to say that many of the gurus that are talking about their million dollar launches are negating the fact that half if more if not more went to traffic the other half if not more went to jv's and there have been documented cases of million dollar launches that net about forty thousand dollars for the actual course creator because of all of the different payouts and all of the different hands that got padded on the way out there so it's often kind of like there's too big of a spotlight on it I like to think of courses there's a time and a place for it a get a result for yourself first okay make sure you can do a thing yourself you transformed yourself first then can you help one or two other people do it right friends family members paid clients non-pay client can you just can you help other people get a result then generally it goes into small group if you can help a small all group a high percentage of a small group all get that transformation at the same time and you've proven you did it you helped some other people do it one-on-one you helped a small group do it and you've already done that because there's a lot of people who they've already been doing that and that's who we're talking to right now if that's been your path and you're like models that's where I'm at then course have a system you tested it on yourself you tested on a few other people your little batch of guinea pigs right and and you lost weight and they lost weight never just lose weight every time somebody touches this bingo in that scenario you probably have it but if you're at the coming out the starting Gates and you're like I'm gonna build a course on weight loss and you ain't lost the weight yet we're we're on the wrong page here so just kind of a time and a place and I think I agree it is it is overdone and not everyone has something uh Magic and special um and that's okay because those same people might be able to tell what's really cool with uh a box of the month or there's other oil wells for those types of people yeah like just because you're not ready to teach people some some topic and charge them thousands of dollars to teach them doesn't mean you can't build a fantastic business and be successful I would say one of the things that is a real tricky part of the course thing is many times a person who has the success one of two things happen either they have a a uh an advantage that they that their students are not going to have and they have to they have to Omit that in the marketing to get the students to buy it like so one of the one of the ugly secrets of courses Dirty Secrets or whatever is that usually only like three percent of the people who buy a course get any result at all right top of the pyramid only that's it and and so the the the reason for that is that it is very difficult to to sell something for the prices that people charge for courses without omitting factors that are important in the success of the thing because if you really laid out okay this is how hard I worked to get this for years right or for whatever oh and I've already got a list of a hundred thousand people or whatever like special circumstances that you have that the person who's buying the course doesn't have so that's the thing so that's the first situation that I think is a real sort of Challenge and problem and one that if you want to like really succeed long term you don't want to you don't want to like start yourself off like doing stuff like that that's bad business it's bad karma there's a lot about the second one that I just want to bring up and I'm not trying to be Mr negative here I'm just trying to be real is many times people sell a course because they had a little bit of success at something but couldn't keep it going or or whatever like like the truth is is if if I came up with some magic formula for printing money with Amazon I wouldn't tell anybody about it right because I would just be Printing and everybody says oh there's no competition that's not true there is competition right that's why in this thing we're teaching 16 different ways and there's like 10 tentacles under each of the 16.

so so truthfully you know with physical products that like like there's there's scale here for people to do this but when you get into these really narrow narrow niches like people sell courses and they tell you that the only way let me get to they tell you the only way to make money is with this really narrow thing then the the truth is is in many cases that raises my you know BS detector in my head because okay I've got this thing that's working great in this really narrow area and I'm gonna Teach the World about it for 1500 bucks yeah the reason you're teaching the world is because it's not as good as you really say it is it's it you had enough success to turn it into a course so I'm success to get a few of the testimonials that you need and then let's burn the method and it is has been a churn and bird thing it's gone back from the warrior forum and and people when they sell methods as the method that works often means they've squeezed all of the juice out of that and there's nothing left so now they can just sell the Rind to you using all this fancy data and uh I had to write a note here data is manipulatable man statistics are manipulatable I could go talk about how how I grew a YouTube channel to 175 000 subscribers in under four years I could talk about how I made 10 grand a month on YouTube within nine months because that's about how long it took for me to get to that Mark that would be uh a true in one sense but it would negate the fact that I've been in this online world since 2003 and from 2003 to 2010 I didn't make a damn dime I just kept fumbling and failing and I'm not willing to make my story sound so good that I could sell a YouTube course because look how fast I grew because the truth is man that clock you got to go all the way back to O3 when that clock started and that means from 03 till 2017 it took me to make 10 grand that ain't very exciting to hear but that's the truth and ultimately I think that's what Kevin and I are kind of bringing is we're going to cut through the [ __ ] here with you guys and we're gonna let you know there's many many ways to skin cats and to shuck corn whatever it is we're doing and the goal is to find the one that works for you that works with whatever you've got going on your passions your interest and then you go through the full cycle and you actually get your first oil well you get your first checks your second check you build a new type of income in your life it becomes fun and exciting and you either build off of that or you go build another one using the same process and and as you're going to hear Kevin and I have a lot of these all running at the same time and you maybe you maybe have looked at my videos or you know he or I you know you think we're kind of one-dimensional but when we dig further we got all these things going on multiple streams of income multiple brands of multiple niches and that just that just is Security on our lifestyle because platforms could shut down niches could shut down complete culture changes could happen I'm still going to be making 30 40 50 Grand a month I'll be able to carry my lifestyle and I don't want to live a 10 grand a month lifestyle I like living at 20 grand a month lifestyle and I'll be able to carry that regardless of where the world goes because we have so many oil wells in so many different kind of uh Industries different niches and also in different platforms Etc um yeah all right and I'm not saying that courses are terrible that everybody's Great Courses are bad right but you gotta really be smart about that and and for you as a Creator this is you know part of the thing is is the idea is moving from from consumer to Creator and courses is not the easiest way to do that it's not the first step it is something that you want to do as like the sixth thing you do or the tenth or whatever um so that's the the point here so 100 affiliate it I'll let you start and talk about affiliate you've done a lot more of that than me for sure and I think I think it's it's the predecessor to courses right uh can you drive traffic and and help people buy something that's already working um the cool thing about affiliate is it's a broad spectrum from software tools to newsletters right like literally to courses to all of the things that have helped you on your path as you help a group of people go on a similar path so as I stated get the result for yourself help a small group of people help people in a larger group as you go on that path you obviously can and should be growing an email list you obviously can and should be reaching out to them sharing what's working for you on that path Gary vaynerchuk talks about that whole document don't create idea and we're in that realm and I've got some issues with with that phrase and I won't go on that tangent right now but it is that idea in action and what I've chosen to do is like I really haven't built many courses and I could have I could have done the YouTube guru course but instead what I choose to do is a Teach as much as I know freely to prove and demonstrate that I'm a helpful individual that's trustworthy then I grow my email list and bingo the email list is the absolute mechanism for affiliate marketing do I have some videos that rank well and generate affiliate commissions absolutely do I run ads to some videos that generate commissions absolutely but if I go in and analyze where my income comes from I send an email to my list I say this thing works it's great it's on special till next Friday I know it converts I didn't have to create the product I don't have to deal with customer support I don't have to deal with split testing the sales copy they handle all of that I simply promote what I'm using and it works and I can track my income there is a direct correlation my income looks like a heartbeat throughout the year and it follows along with a number of emails that I send throughout the year I think with the world of affiliate has gotten a little bit closed-minded on Amazon you know best shoes for wide feet type Niche websites and that is such a poor limited version to look at in the affiliate world because the way our world works and I think Dan Kennedy had this phrase and he said that everybody's walking around with their umbilical cord in their hand looking for somewhere to plug it in maybe stated a little bit more elegantly than that even though it's brutally true people are looking for helpful guides we all use the internet we search for answers we search for solutions to problems we search for ways to make our lives better and yes we're looking for a blog post yes we're looking for information possibly a tutorial video ultimately the next layer of order of thinking we're looking for a helpful individual who can guide us to the promised land literally like everyone in the world is looking for their Savior and I wonder where that idea comes from okay so we have this savior complex in our culture but you get to be the Savior for that little world could be World of Warcraft could be a specific game could be crypto investing could be any and all of these things and what it allows you to do and what I love and I'm passionate about affiliate marketing done the right way is it allows you to grow the audience grow your brand grow your list and make money while doing it without the [ __ ] of making your own courses without risking burning your reputation by putting out a course too early that doesn't actually work for people maybe set the hell out of the thing but has a huge refund rate and you burn your reputation and that is the absolute worst thing that you can do I think if most people looked around in their world in their home whatever their life is if you've got kids and you're trying to live in a chemical free home I guarantee you you know of Window Cleaning Solutions dish what like there's all these little things in your world that you know enough about that like these ones are nasty like toothpaste got all this nasty stuff and toothpaste but you know that this tooth powder is super clean and you're not putting fluoride in your kids kidneys because they're using whatever those things are for you whatever you have that domain knowledge about there's other moms who want to know that if you're in the gamer and you know the quick way to get this sword on this clan whatever that is man there's other people who they want the shortcut to that and yes they want the shortcut yes they're looking for the shortcut But ultimately they're looking for The Helpful guide and you get to meet them with a piece of content blog post ad YouTube video podcast whatever it is piece of content and then you invite them for more on your email list and that's where the relationship goes and as the world changes and as things go on you get to recommend the new products you're using the new things you tested etc etc um it's a it's a brilliant way to start in this game build the brand and the list and then once you have the brand in the list and the trust what do you want to make what do they want you could survey them you can make a box of the Month Club bingo you have a list to send out to your box of month club you can make a newsletter Bingo you have a list to send out to your newsletter you if it's time to make a course you have that list you have the brand you have the trust selling is going to be a whole lot easier at that point in time um I don't know uh did I miss anything I'm gonna hop off the soapbox I could go for a freaking hour on that uh I would just say that there's affiliate programs for lots of things so you can you can be an affiliate for software tools which are very sticky like I uh there's a there's a a software where you can build uh sales funnels with it that I'm an affiliate for and I make more money as an affiliate than the software actually costs me per month and that's honestly probably the reason that I still subscribe to it um I I don't think I even have to be a subscriber to be an affiliate but I do just sort of as a reciprocity thing um so that so there's lots of things there there's Affiliates for things like uh as crazy as um uh concert tickets or you know it doesn't it's not as narrow as our internet marketing and course world like almost everything has the ability to be an affiliate for it these days so you could be someone who has like a real sort of um uh commercialized type Niche and audience and expertise or or interest or curiosity hobby whatever and and be an affiliate so that that's um you know something to think about it doesn't have to just be selling courses to people who want to Market better you know um there's a lot in fact you'll find way less competition and way more opportunity when you get into the deeper niches like do you really want to get in the ring with Mike Tyson is a question you should be asking yourself and people who think I'm gonna get to make money online space and I'm gonna get in the affiliate marketing space like go for it but you're competing with me I got 18 years plus experience in this I've failed so many ways that you can't imagine I am hardened I am strengthened you cannot break me at this point in time and the path and process will break most people but if you go into the crocheting space where there is no one how many beginners wanted to learn how to crochet recently how we can find this data out and like there's all the little bits and pieces there's a different there's all kinds of things you can teach if you don't give a damn about crocheting obviously don't go that but I'm just I'm using a really specific example raising Turtles um bird watching bird feeders backyard like like it is the widest most interesting world and it allows you to really kind of get into motion to get the cash flow going to get the brand going um with like zero output right you need what hosting right an email list we're talking uh you know 15 20 bucks a month type overhead to get started throw some paid ads on top of that you could be growing a list right away You're testing your ideas super quick without you're going to build the course I got to build a copy I gotta figure out fulfillment for my crochet of the Box Club no you don't you find a vendor who has all that dialed and you just partner with them you teach how to stuff over there to build brand and you let people know that this is the best beginner kit in the world that thing sells six seven eight nine ten times at some point you might think okay I'm selling a lot of their products as a 50 affiliate what if I made my own course Bingo you've just doubled your margins but now you got customer support you got sales copy you got conversion rate optimization you have to deal with at some point it makes sense some point it doesn't but it's a great way to kind of um start on the path with with minimal uh requirements minimal Investments very low risk way to get going yeah the other thing the last thing I would say about affiliate we'll go just so you know we're gonna do video individual videos about each of the these areas and go deep deep on these but the other way to do this is if you do have a course that's selling especially one that's selling at volume there are oftentimes great uh um affiliate programs that can be that can you know be non-competitive but can work really well to help your your person who bought your course right so like if your course is something like from my world say I was teaching a course on traffic and somebody else had a great course on you know sales and I you know I could I could refer to them and just write an email and say hey this guy has a great course on sale some of my people buy it I don't have the the power of it is that you can still make great money and not have to either become the expert on something that you're not already the expert on or try to be the One-Stop shop for everything for everybody like being that trusted voice that's not going to steer them wrong and curate like good stuff for them to buy like once you've entered that paying relationship with them is a valuable way to use affiliate stuff as well um you know so I think that's enough about that uh productized services you have anything to say about that I've got some stuff I'm gonna let you run with this um I I didn't thrive in the services world and I I jumped over to the Affiliates of the digital side of things um but I know it's a wonderful model yeah so the idea of service business is it's definitely not an oil an oil well service business is the farthest thing it's an active needs to be managed type business however what you can do and I've done this um uh a good bit is you can take a very specific piece of maybe the overall service that you offer and productize it and what I mean by that is is make it so that you can do just this one thing for people and you don't personally have to do it you don't have to have employees that do it you can create the process have an outsourced worker like a virtual assistant and have the whole thing automated and all you're doing is is capitalizing on the demand of this thing that you have um based on your uh following of people like in other words if you're running a business and you have people that follow you uh you know for a thing you can offer a productized service that takes zero active work once you've built this process out and there are softwares where you can have va's hooked up to the things so the order happens it drops in goes to the VA they do the work they fulfill it and once they fulfill it then you pay them you've already been paid and the whole thing happens without you touching it we have one of these called um premium lists which is a Facebook advertising thing where we build a list of potential customers for people and we use all these different pieces of software to scrape these these names emails and phone number person addresses off of many different websites and then we have a process of cleaning that list multiple times testing that list to make sure these numbers are right and so on and so forth and we come up with this very very high level contact rate list that you can use in Facebook advertising as a custom audience to build a group of people to advertise to the process to figure out that thing was me doing it for myself and then I have my team doing it and now we have an outsourced team that does it right and so when someone wants that list you know we're not in the middle anymore all we do is we have people who know we sell it and they know my reputation that I'm not going to sell them anything that sucks and so they buy it and then once they do we have an outsourced team that does all the work of it and then they deliver it and we just watch it happen and then once they deliver it and it's you know QA to buy someone inside our company which takes like 10 minutes and then they get paid and the process is done so it's a very hands-off way to sell a specific service that um and and there are people that do a version of this like there's a girl who was helping people name their babies in China and the giving them American names are western names and she was doing it as a service and was helping them research what the names meant like they wanted someone that had the name that meant fortitude or something and so she would research and give them the options for that and eventually she productized this service by by creating an algorithm that did it for them and so a service is still happening but it's happening by the fact that she productized it and you can call that a sass it crosses over to a simple SAS in some ways as well but you can you can productize it with with with human labor you know like it's Pro like it it becomes a a passive activity for you if you're not doing it and you're not managing it right and so that's what you want so people are buying outcomes okay they want to the result and at first you build the entire machine that makes a result and in the in the last video or in the first video um we talked about like starting with the unscalable and following that path to see where it leads you so sometimes you're in the dirt and you're literally scraping this and you're cleaning the list and you're scrubbing the list and it's absolutely painful because it takes so many damn hours but you know that once you figure this all out you build a standard operating procedure another person some IFTTT few zapiers a few things out there maybe a little bit of custom PHP code or something and voila you can actually remove yourself and the the result happens without your input who cares how it happens right like you build the system build the machine and that's that's the core idea here is the user is still able to buy the result that they want you just ain't delivering it no more because you're out enjoying your life and that's um sometimes we're doing the unscalable four times paying really close attention to what we're doing what the steps we're doing what they want what their needs what their objections are and all of that can lead to these types of services yeah and in some respects sometimes many times uh productized service is the bridge between service and SAS right so many times it's like it starts off as a service and then it becomes a productized service which is very passive but then it can become self-serve which is SAS which is even you know more automated and and uh whatever and so it's a it's a it's a very interesting thing I think it is one of the best if you have a service business where you're delivering a thing now it's one of the best first ways to get this is your way out well going Yep this is your way out of that world you get enough of these going get enough scale Behind These and you can actually breathe and and uh that cash flow keeps coming and you're not hitting a feeder bar every day that's right and and like I give you one more example we have a process that we do for Facebook ads called the introvert selling system which has like these six different areas in it and one of the areas was making a survey and people just you know do a terrible job making these surveys and so we made that a productized service for a while and I had someone else doing the we I I came up with a series of questions for them to fill out the answers to and they would fill out a survey to make their survey right and I had a person who would take their answers and would just wordify it you know just help make the words right survey fi yeah and and and so it was a great thing and and we were charging people 1500 bucks to do something that really they were doing all the work by answering the questions I asked them and and it took the person who was making the words right like maybe 20 minutes to to clean it up and and so if you know uh 20 minutes for 1500 bucks is pretty good and it's your magic in the process that you built through all those years of doing this you know relentlessly on your own that's what they're actually buying that's what the fifteen hundred dollars was it's not for the 15 minutes work it's for the it's for that little met piece of magic to sprinkle it with your magic to make it worse because that's the negative survey that works because the last surveys they did didn't work and they they know that you held the the gap between here and there that's right that's right so ad revenue is next um I think ad revenue is simple man it's the easiest thing in the world you got traffic you turn on ads period um I have a YouTube channel I've run tests where I put ads on for about 10 of my videos three grand a month showing up right that but I now have all the fake gurus and some of these scammers shown ads to my people so I think the ad World works on my wife's website when we turn ads on the top of our sidebar and on every single post we make four or five grand per month but then we're distracting our audience and on that moment there's always a give and take and you just need to ask yourself is that really what you want to do do you really want to potentially distract your people and create more exit points from the moment so as a standalone business Building made for ad type websites that answer questions that are full of value the wiki House of the world it's a great business model it works it's absolutely proven but are there Higher and Higher and better uses for that space on your website if you're going to have a call to action we can only have so many calls to action in our world are there higher and better uses for those calls to action to get them on your list so you can own the relationship so you can craft better offers or find more relevant offers an affiliate I guarantee you you'll make a whole lot more money I make way more money with ads off on my YouTube channel to build brand and get people on my email list and then to offer them the things I know for a fact that they want and that they can trust in versus had I just turned ads on and walked away it goes beyond that but but like from a really high level that's you know my two cents what do you got Kevin and I would say the only thing I would add is like my daughter has a Blog that has a decent amount of traffic not tons but it's to the uh teen audience it's a music blog and she makes money from you know advertisers that want to advertise to that audience and you know it's it's not necessarily always easy to monetize the audience that you choose because maybe they don't buy or or whatever but if you do have traffic then you can you can always monetize with ads if you have traffic and that's a great point if you don't know uh if you don't have a better way to monetize if you haven't been able to figure out uh to crack that nut like then turning ads on it's pretty much always going to work because retargeting ads will immediately show up and people just click you know where everybody's getting followed around the internet so that's a really good point um it is on the lower level but it is you know it's the zero to one it's better than nothing if you have traffic if you have pages on your website they get a ton of traffic they don't convert leads they don't convert to sales and you still have this this massive Bank of traffic this is your opportunity to monetize said traffic yeah the the only other thing I would say about ad Revenue if you really wanted to go for this as a model is I would look into areas that are against the terms of service of the ad platforms for regular advertisers and create uh assets that will generate traffic in those niches and you can charge significantly higher rates for those like for instance my daughter's blog they The Vape companies reach out to her every month and offer about 10x what other apps pay for her to do it she doesn't do it because she feels like she doesn't want to get teenagers vaping but they The Vape companies can't advertise on AdWords or Facebook or any of those and so they're looking so things like gambling cannabis crypto any of those things if you build out Assets in those niches you're going to make a lot more money with ad Revenue so so absolutely yeah all right absolutely games um I've got a few apps up and running to be honestly to be honest with you there was a huge boom in the app world uh five six years ago right everything's going app everyone's going app I want the user whose viewer right now I want you to ask yourself have you purchased in the last year a 10 app and I want the user and the viewer to ask yourself have you purchased in the last year and I'm talking mobile apps here have you purchased a 50 app for mobile um there are some out there it is a model that works I have repurposed some of my mp3s I've repurposed some of our other products in app format it's never reached the type of cash flow and velocity and iOS keeps updating things keep updating and I gotta keep going back to the gall darn people who developed it because I'm not the developer to keep updating it because the the way the iOS keeps going so for me from my perspective um it became a little bit more of a headache than it was worth the juice wasn't worth the squeeze I'll leave it at that yeah I would say this is one that is um user specific right so like for instance my son loves games he's 14 he loves to code he he does coding class multiple times a week and he does it on his own and he's built multiple iPhone games himself and it is a passion thing and the reason that I included this even because there's a lot of work to it is that there is this passive nature of building something that can pay you for long periods of time he makes money from a game that he built when he was nine years old so that you know I mean it's not a lot it's only like 10 12 a month but as time goes on that Trends towards Infinity you know like the return on that and that's the power of of uh the this market and so I don't I don't love it as an oil well but it but it is one and we're not coders you know you and I were definitely strategy guys we're not necessarily in the code for people who are in the code and I think it's another way to think of what res what have you coded for yourself what have you created for yourself that saves you time that saves you energy that gets a result man other people might want this result um there's there's absolutely and the scale behind the iTunes um App Store that Marketplace is massive right um the Outsourcing an idea and really running that that can be challenging like we no one's going to deny that Instagram isn't a valuable app that was coded and created um but that's a little Beyond where we're actually at um so I think you're right I think people who are really interested in code they love coding and that that's their passion it makes sense because then updating it you're like oh yeah all right I get to update this right like you're on top of that versus me I'm like Oh my app broke damn okay I gotta go fix this thing again yeah it's definitely a specific oil well broke I gotta go fix my damn oil well it's a user thing and I would say for the nerdy Among Us who do really love to dig into all this stuff this is a great oil well right but for most people I I wouldn't say getting into apps or games and having someone else building them is the idea the idea is unless you have just a killer idea that is going to serve an audience that you already have right but but even then I I think like Miles said it's going to be more of an albatross for you than than a joy you know um but guys do like the guy who did the the million dollar home page also did the calm app and you know like how crazy is that he built it as a desktop app for himself at first and then it became the Calm app and now he's like worth hundreds of millions because of that so you know who knows right um royalties licensing and certifications um the idea here is that you might have some content that other people want to use and you can get paid a royalty for letting other people use it a licensing fee or you can certify them to use your content like I have advertising methods that I have invented that other people want to use in their agencies and excuse me I just let them use it but if I wanted to I could create a certification program and have a Kevin certified agency to do introvert selling system or our Hydra or whatever and people have offered to pay me for that but I you know I don't really necessarily want to be like there there's a yin and yang to it but it's a very passive thing right like you can um you can charge licensing uh there's uh people that make content just for licensing they know that they can you know have people using it so any thoughts on that yeah so my wife and I we have a couple of books that have been picked up by International Publishers and they have translated our books and we earn fees for that and we do nothing like literally they're like we like your book we think it'll sell in our country we think it'll sell in our language can we license it from you and we sign a licensing agreement with it and we are an income for all the sales generally there's an upfront end for the sales so it's something that can plug on to what you're already doing right big companies are known to license recipes uh so you know there's there's small beverages that have been bought out by major companies what do they actually buy the intellectual property of the the recipe itself um so there's a lot of ways these kinds of deals can can work out but generally you you have to have something of value so it's usually like a later in the oil field type of a scenario and on the certifications um you look at someone like Brendan burchard who certifies life coaches he he's a life coach he loves life coaching it is you could just tell um it's like his favorite thing to do he he loves it to a huge depth me I would not I've asked for certifications on my way to do SEO and I've just I don't want to deal with it I don't like that kind of uh I there's something about it that doesn't work for me so it's it's kind of a for the right type of person who has the ability to get or create a specific type of a result it's an option and for the international book royalty Deals they found us right so we we focused on Crafting great products and moving our way up to the top of our categories on the Amazon rankings through basic optimization and running countdowns and doing some some simple simple marketing on those platforms what do you think the book publishers in other countries are looking at they're looking at the top U.S books in their Niche and when they find one they think that that would work they just reach out and it was actually a really simple deal to do so to me it was almost like a byproduct of something that popped up um kind of out of left field for us and make sure you have some contact information in all of your books yeah so it's again this is one of the more passive um ways to to make you know money as an oil well it's it's usually unless you just hit the jackpot not going to be life-changing money but but it's it's great I mean this is like you know something that could make your car payment or your house payment or whatever you know I mean it's it's real money and uh and there's usually no work on your part which is the nice part found money it's just found money found money so tools um so so I know that some of these things we could probably group together but I just felt like you can make them simpler than having to group them together so tools could be SAS yeah but what I'm thinking about with tools and these are things that we've sold uh we have little tiny simple uh things that we use in our business every day that we use um and people want right like calculators that we build um uh you know worksheets that we use um you know like processes that we have um uh um so on and so forth I don't want to cross over into templates because that's the thing too but like we have all sorts of little tools that we use in our business and people you know they're like hey can I buy that you know and so they they want to buy it we usually sell them for cheap but what what we use them for is a way to get a new customer in the door many times you know which is great and but but I think building tools and selling tools is a great business model as well and it's often a byproduct of what you're doing uh so I think the big example that's probably more of an a SAS example is base camp I mean he literally was just fed up with project management softwares that were out there they built an internal tool for themselves to keep project management on on track for their I believe it was a web design company at the time and that tool has made just gazillions more than their web design thing because it was the tool itself to simplify it down to something that's probably more in the grasp um I I think of spreadsheets spreadsheets that run certain types of calculations spreadsheets that do certain things that you just punch in your p l your this and your that your XYZ and the spreadsheet so it's essentially kind of almost buying an algorithm it's buying a mathematical equation that is preset in a way that enter numbers that you have accessible and you get the output over here and those types of spreadsheets sell um everything from CPAs and business Builders all the way to how to pay off your debt type stuff and budgeting type stuff you can even see on Etsy if you type in budgeting on edge Etsy or like a budget spreadsheet on Etsy they sell on Etsy not to mention that they sell from Individual people's websites and you know is that technically a software it's kind of in the gray area but it's it's a thing that gets a result that was useful for me right because me and my team needed to get this specific result over and over would other people like to buy this and I think think that that base camp proves that that idea can actually be way way way way bigger than most of us uh possibly had previously thought um personally I have I have tools in the SEO World um I'm building my own SAS but like um pulling data out of keyword uh out of Google Search console is notoriously difficult monitoring and managing uh percent changes on on click-through rates and things like that is notoriously difficult so I'm building tools that my team uses to help us analyze our SEO would other people like to buy this tool from me absolutely um is it the highest on my roadmap no but that's another story yeah so a couple of other examples the reason that I didn't put this in with SAS I just remembered um is so I had a script that we wrote years ago that would rotate a link and it's not something that somebody's gonna pay me a monthly subscription for right but people pay me 19 for it and I wrote that script so that I could rotate at different points in one of my funnels I would want to test I was sending a lot of traffic right and this was before some of the built-in tools for Facebook and Google that are there now but I wanted to rotate the shopping cart and part of it was I there were two reasons I wanted to rotate the shopping cart first off I was testing different versions of the cart to see which one converted the highest when you're sending 10 000 clicks a day to a site it makes a difference if your cart works right or not you know 12 to 16 conversion rate makes a big difference at that volume that's right and the second thing is at the same time I wanted to do a thing called load balancing with my Merchant accounts and ClickBank was one of them and and so what I wanted to have is once I once the cart went out I wanted to run three carts at the same time and each user get the different cart as it's as they visit the site and there was nothing there's no way to do that and so we wrote a little script and installed it on our server and did it and uh and so that was a tool that people use you know so I think scripts and little clips of software that you are little Crypts of code that you write that like there's scripts for Google AdWords that we've written for ourselves that that I don't sell them but if if I did people would buy them you know things like that so those are great oil wells um for tools site rental and Lead gen the world right now yeah it does and I call it I call it the rank and rent and as a search engine optimization guy as a keyword research geek um the theory here is that you go build out um chiropractors in tulsa.net and you rank it number one in Google so it gets all the traffic you start generating leads you send a few leads to your local chiropractors be like call them up three days later hey I've sent you five leads did anyone converter they're like yeah who are you like oh I own this site would you like to rent it from me for 500 bucks a month thousand bucks a month it's another one of those ideas like courses that's really easy to explain so it sounds very enticing and the devil is in the details and there's a lot of pains in the necks and there's a lot of risk and there's a lot of BS that you have to deal with in this world um I personally would recommend people go in the direction of build your own brand build your own list based on helping people get results uh whether that's through Affiliates it's a much better longer path but if you a have a portfolio of sites already that are ranking that you don't want anything to do with them anymore that can make sense and B if you just happen to be a local SEO you know the Google my business platform you know citations like the back of your hand and you have a team and systems that cranking these things out I think there's a potential of this working but you're always going to have massive platform risk with Google's algorithm changes which are Non-Stop and they've been non-stop for 15 years now and they will always be and the day that you have 26 of these things ranking and you're making 500 bucks a month from each of them and you think you're a boss and Google goes and makes one change of their algorithm and that [ __ ] all disappears and all your clients call you and your income disappears because your sites went from number one to number seven uh boy that that is potentially a bad day so there is a risk on the other side of that that is outside of our control which is why it's not a business model that I've gone after even though I technically have all of the skills to dominate in that kind of a world yeah I would say that so I had um a business doing this back in the like 2010-ish time and we had um hundreds of sites and and um what we were doing that was interesting is we were um under charging for them on purpose um and the idea being that these were like my my thinking on it here here's the pro of it people say that real estate investing is passive income I've owned at 1.0 on 23 houses at the same time there was nothing passive about that business it was the worst business I've ever had being a landlord is rough it was the worst ever and the idea if you don't own them outright which I didn't is you you can make 200 a month um per house you know and yet you go into all this debt or you have other people in debt or there's many ways to do it I don't want to go there's leverage somewhere yeah and uh whereas with these sites you can you can build a monster that will build sites that you can rent out for a hundred dollars a month or two hundred dollars a month and and the the value of the sites as much as the the leads they're getting is that it's there's a lot of reasons to do it but I think that thinking like you're thinking on it has to be right and and the reason that your thinking has to be right is you have to understand that it's like a get rich slow type thing and you're building this Snowball Effect that the longer you have these sites and the longer that you do the work on these sites not you maybe maybe as someone who you're paying to do that stuff like a an outsourced worker or something they get stronger over time and and so there's there's there's value to that but it's a very it's a very you need to be patient and if you if like what miles was saying if you're renting them out for 500 a month I know a guy who rents rents them out makes these amazing sites and rents them out for 2500 a month um if you're doing that it's very active and it becomes an active business if you can rent them out at a price point where it's a breakage model for the end user yep got it and if they get one call a year that it turns into a client it's worth it for them then it can be I think a useful uh oil well so there's there's a ton of data so I think if you're a SEO geek if you love the idea of keyword research and putting up you know you don't have to put up huge websites to rank for chiropractor Tulsa right you're targeting uh you know medium-sized cities uh but really ultimately it takes a certain personality type I think there's more value for most people committing to an audience and committing to that audience helping them solve problems and go on a longer Journey versus the chiropractor site the yoga site the restaurant site like all of these so what you're doing is you're creating a wider base versus going deeper with a single audience and it's just a different Choice um I just wanted to dispel there's a lot of hype around how uh or yeah it is yeah and so the average one of the data point I have is the average website ranking on the number one spot on Google is like four years old it might have been the top three was like four years old you're gonna be starting all brand new websites so so you have to have that that I'm building assets I'm going to build a lot of little assets over long periods of time it absolutely is a doable workable proven model um just not necessarily my first go-to yeah agreed and and and the person who wants that business is a grinder right 100 so that you don't want to talk to people you want to just do your work and do the thing and and but there is a a true oil well nature to it in that the the work that you do on these sites once you get them done because I've I've got in my test prep stuff you know we get a lot of traffic to those sites organically and it's because they're old and we did a bunch of work at the beginning and wrote 200 articles that were each a thousand words long when we started the sites those you know over time they get love you know and and uh so anyways um I I just wanted to say that the way that people tell you at work works is not necessarily the truth of it but there is a model there and they're giving you the Glimpse not necessarily the full story also real quick so on your um on your test prep website uh you're also selling leads from a part of that the the quiz that's in there correct so so this is so the the selling leads part it's kind of like what is the output of what you're doing and how can that maybe value someone else a really good example of this is if you're you're in the real estate space if you have a bunch of traffic coming for real estate and you're selling leads to a local um mortgage broker right like uh those leads are extremely valuable you don't offer that service yourself um it can it can just kind of position you further as being The Helpful guide in that space and that kind of um call to action embedded in your content is going to be way more valuable for you and your relationships locally with the other vendors than putting up a freaking ad that's going to be that thing they looked up on Amazon so there's other ways to incorporate lead gen into um more of what you have going on and is that kind of like where you have traffic there's there's always opportunity if you just start to think a little bit yeah and it crosses over in the JVS and Partnerships there 100 which is actually why I put JVS on here is and I'm remembering a lot of this now as we're talking but um you know universities by my lead because the people are trying to pass career tests and so um it's it's excess but it's excess capacity for me like I don't I don't I'm not doing anything else with these leads and so I'm able to sell them to them and it's found money for me and it's in the course of what I'm already doing so this is very simple and straightforward it's a question of like are you interested in uh how do you wear that question it was it was brilliantly worded yeah are you open to going to going to school yeah yes or no and if they tick yes that whole lead from that lead capture system goes it just gets split off and sent out to another place and somebody pays yeah what we do is we add in uh we drop in an extra couple of questions if they say yes and then it gets sent to the school and if not then that never happens and it never doesn't get sent yep all right next up is templates and I think templates are brilliant um we all have things we're doing from standard operating procedure type templates to flat out copywriting templates and one click upsell script templates and I've seen Facebook ad templates and um oftentimes templates don't work as great as advertised as someone who's purchased a snot nose amount of them that's supposed to be a large number I spent a lot of money on templates and um you know a few ideas good here it helps to maybe not have a blank page to start with but they rarely work as great as they sound but from a vendor perspective as the person selling the templates it is one of those really really powerful ideas that's really exciting to your audience member because it just feels like the absolute shortcut it's the absolute easy button I could put together a package I've sent to probably a thousand emails to my list I could package up my 10 or 100 most valuable emails my most valuable subject lines the subject lines that I have the data that says these are all my subject lines that got over 30 click-through rate these are my best subject lines 9.97 I could sell all my subject lines I could even go farther than that so the the idea for you as a business owner is is where are you kind of leveraging templates or where are you leveraging things that are working really well for you that other people would love to have um you know Doberman Dan who's a copywriter that you probably know he's there in Florida he sells the 60 Minute copy cure it's it's a pack of like 10 or 12 uh templates um Terry Dean who's also in Florida um he sells his email templates and on and on and on it is it's an irresistible offer a lot of times position correctly one of the best offers to me I would buy your email templates in a second right I mean I I you know it's like that that's the kind of stuff that that it's it's I I it like you said it's an irresistible offer and when you know the person has put in their 10 000 hours it's a shortcut it's a it's even I don't usually use the template straight out when I buy them I I tweak them a little bit to put my my voice in their idea generator it's like oh like you're looking at the hook it's more about like like so that's we look at it we understand how to use them it's like why did this work is what we want to know and then we we under we extract the essence of it and we we make it ours versus literally like fill in the blank um quick shout out to Roberto Blake who has half a million subscribers on YouTube he teaches YouTube um I've bought his YouTube thumbnail templates because God I gotta keep coming up with thumbnails right and here's the Easy Button Photoshop files I just put my picture in and put my text on and voila my thumbnails are done and he has so many more subscribers than I do I just trust that his thumbnails work better than mine because obviously look how many subscribers he has it was a like 97 bucks boom I was like where's my credit card let's do this um well the nice thing about templates too is that you many times get a really good customer from that which is useful for all your other stuff right like because they get results yeah well and and it's someone who's looking for a very specific thing in many cases which is usually like a really good customer like if someone is looking for email templates then that presumes that they probably have someone already on a list to email to they've got traffic they've got a site they've got a landing page okay I got you so so you're saying that by selling the templates it's actually identifying segments of my audience who are farther along the path therefore they're more willing to invest in other things too that's right right good customers right and so that's that like the the nice thing about templates is that they are good offers on sites where it's hard sometimes to like YouTube where sometimes it's hard to um to find the very right person because the audience is very broad even Facebook in some ways with the bigger audiences but if you have a very specific template the person who's going to buy that is going to you know they self-identify like if I if I'm selling a a Facebook ads template and somebody buys it then odds are there's someone who's already running Facebook yeah it's not someone who is about to set up their account right and there's just a lot of value to to identifying that that buyer so makes sense cool list building data Arbitrage this one's you yeah so so there are traffic businesses and there are people that run businesses that the whole point of the business is the list and there are guys who do this in the JV world as the list owner um but what I'm getting at is that there are ways there are bigger companies smarter companies and and I think on a smaller scale like I've done this in some respects with my test prep stuff um when you're when you're building lists that have other value you can rent the data from that list to other people and make money just from the rental fee you don't have to be the affiliate there are people that will pay you a thousand dollars to send out an email to your list or five thousand or fifty thousand depending on who's on that list and what you know how many people and how many opens and all that sort of stuff very good passive business because all you got to do is solve how to get the right people on that list one time and then just run that and and it's it's it's it's sort of like this Niche traffic strategy but that I think personally it is going to be more and more important in the coming years with all the stuff that's happening with gdpr and all the the different uh privacy things on the platforms I think that ad platforms like Facebook are going to become less and less uh able to do the targeting that they've been doing and so if you own a list of people that's my ideal audience I'm gonna have to pay you to put my message in front of them and we're almost full circle back to I would say like the origins of direct response marketing the direct mail world uh the list was everything right and the list Brokers manage the list and you can get lists of people who subscribe to certain magazines and they have all these data so some of the data he's talking about is like the recency number right are these customers from within the last 30 days are these people who bought something in the last 90 days the more recent the better and this is literally this is the roots of our industry is it came down to these lists I think um what is it next list uh and then USA list next Mark is one you can still go look at nextmark as a list broker to see how kind of the old school is still working to this very day but this is why I think you and I both Focus Kevin on on building our list so I'm building our our lead list and our uh our customer list because the customer list is more valuable but what I'm saying on the the rank and rent one I'm like I can go build your own list go get your audience it's because the inherent value of that asset that is the list has so many directions that it can spin off cash flow um not that person I would ever like rent out my wife's list by any means but it's like it's that that feather it's like the the if all else failed it's always there if we needed to um it's a powerful model if you if you needed to make a quick hundred grand to get to flee the country you could you could send out 20 emails and make that 100 Grand renting that list or selling that list or whatever right I mean that's that's the thing so so it's a it's a it's an interesting business it's certainly probably more of an advanced strategy but the people who own those lists have massive oil wells that are you know there's not a lot of work involved in in it at this point but they but they're going to spit out money forever so yeah simple sass um I can give you two examples of ones that I um have and am working on I know you've got one too like I think SAS is one of these octopus type things you can have all the tentacles wrap around you and it become a monster or you can make it do one thing super well and charge a cheap price for it and have people use it right so we're working on one that is a survey software here that is simple and easy to use like I think everybody makes their survey software way too complex and they put in like 50 000 options and make it unusable so nobody can ever actually make make one that like like you don't need like all this predictive node stuff in a simple survey all you need is five good questions right so so we're making one that will be like you know less choices less flexibility and all that stuff and we're going to charge like 20 bucks a month for it but it's going to convert leads which is what you really want right so so that's one and it's and and and the reason I call it a simple size is I don't want to have something where I've got to have a Dev team of 20 people working on it all the time and all this sort of stuff it's an oil well it's going to be something that I can sell to the people who already follow me who are frustrated with all the crappy softwares that are out there for this thing the second thing that I'm doing with this with this survey tool is it's going to be mobile first so the the idea is most of these survey softwares are crappy on mobile and ours is going to look and work really well on mobile and that's the two thing things I know that I need so that's why I'm building it and I've got I'm I'm personally am subscribed yearly to probably eight different survey softwares and none of them are great and they all have their own problems I've tried like five or six of them and like every time I'm like this is this is way more confusing than it needs to be like yeah it's like how am I still in this it should be live that's right it should take you 10 minutes to set it up Max and and they make it so that you've got to like go through 20 videos to figure out how to do it it's ridiculous and so there's only a few things you need the second one that we're doing is this thing called the ad Vault and it is just all the ads I've saved over you know years and years of saving ads that I saw that were good on digital things like Google AdWords YouTube Facebook and now we are building our own repository of those that's searchable and it's going to be simple like the whole use of it is for you get inspiration for making your own ads on Facebook or YouTube or Google or Instagram and and it's going to be like just a one simple use case again low price point like 50 bucks a month we could charge a lot more and add a lot more bells and whistles to it but we don't want to right and uh because I think the value is is the data that's going to be in there and so that's just two simple sasses and those are very passive like it's taking a lot of work on the front end to build these but once it's done because of the Simplicity of what we're willing to offer people a la base camp our our development is is going to not be crazy going forward right and I think it's interesting to think about so the adult right um you could have made an ebook right there could be a an ad um swipe Copy Type ebook there there's the potential for templatizing all of those and the software so yet again we have this kind of like you look at a lot of ads it's a byproduct of your of your professional kind of uh commitment and Endeavors and how does that byproduct manifest for you and I think the the SAS is something that's going to be able to be updated by it's going to be simple it's going to be elegant it's gonna be very easy it's probably gonna be the most functional version of all of that um but yet there were all these other options and ways to leverage this kind of insight that you have or even just just these these hours of research um that you have into a number of different ones and you made a conscious decision that this is the right oil well for this kind of little section of what I'm doing because nobody's doing that well um so I'm working on a keyword research tool right now uh the keyword research tool I promote as an affiliate I've promoted them I've sent them thousands of customers I've earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions from this company and their price point is pretty high I'm gonna be honest with you at night at 49 per month starting out I think that's if you pay yearly I think it's actually even higher if you pay monthly for a huge segment of my audience um who are maybe starting their first blog who are bootstrapping it just like I did that's a lot of money right and that money could be spent uh very very intelligently in other places so my theory is can I create a simpler version that has a simpler UI that still gets the data and the results that they need but can I do it for 20 bucks a month I'm so confident that I can and once this code base is there we're buying data from a few sources um my integration guy's son just graduated college with a computer science degree so I've got literally he's free I like he's fresh out of college and he's very inexpensive for what he's doing I'm mildly in over my head on this I'm gonna be perfectly honest I'm going I'm doing something that's a little bit more complex we're pulling data from five or six different API sources blah blah blah but I am such a keyword research geek keyword research is what has made my wife and my success what it is it's why my wife's websites reached 40 million plus people it is like a part of the miles Beckler ethos and brand and I have 175 000 subscribers on YouTube right now many of them know me for blogging content marketing driving traffic from Google and keyword research so it fits and it's it's actually a challenge that I'm enjoying right now I don't code at all but I'm I'm doing these weird mock-up things so I find it to be very fun I would not recommend somebody goes this far down I have created other simple things like title tools that allow me to type in a title and type in a description and look at it next to the top 10 results on Google just because I want to see what my title and what my description would look like sitting on Google compared to the actual results on Google so I started started very simply on some of these and I added them to a membership okay so my first software tools I just tacked them on to a membership so I was making twelve fifteen thousand dollars a month from my membership and I decided to take a portion of that money and put it into creating software tools for them so I could stop answering the same questions because I knew there was a mechanical way to do that so that was kind of how my path into software happened and now that I have experience working with this guy we've created a few other tools um like how to SEO publishing tools Etc I'm like let's take on the Cuba research world now I know that it's a multi-million dollar a year potential in the right tool but I'm gonna have to get deep into the weeds of UI and ux and it's going to be beautiful I don't really want to do that so I'm going to make it cheap and super useful and promote the bejeebas out of it as a better simpler less expensive alternative because most of the tools are 99 50 to 100 bucks a month and if I can come up with a tool that gets the result I want for 20 seems worth it to me um obviously there's a risk in that and I'll obviously keep you updated on how that well that works but it's it's a little bit of a passion project for me at this point in time um I think software is great especially for coders as well uh if you're into code if you're if you love it if you love The bootstrap and the Ruby and the PHP stuff um I think WordPress plugins are there's such an opportunity in the world of WordPress plugins and helping people um get specific results off of their WordPress websites I think it's a huge area if I was a coder I would I would think of plugins as a tool but yes because there's not a subscription to it but got it but but I I would say two things one is the best sasis I believe are when you're solving your own problem yeah and you're in a in a work environment where you just are bugged by something all the time totally and like both of the ones that I'm doing it's like these were this was my own work right so like the the ad vault is it I had a spreadsheet with a thousand plus of these ads on it right and I just would use it when I was thinking about how what what ad to write for a client or myself and and so and and people started knowing that I had it and wanted it and I didn't really want to share my spreadsheet you know because it's kind of like I don't know um so this is a way to do that right and then the second one with the survey I I gave you all the problems I have with the survey software out there I will say that I think that a great tool that does one thing well like really well and right is is is a way better thing than a Swiss army knife something that's trying to do everything and that that I think would be the the mistake that a coder or someone who like loves the code who is who is looking for ideas versus the person who works in the field and is and is solving their own problem you know the one thing that you um I'd say most of the time for software tools people only use less than 20 percent of the functionality of the software tool and so if you could build one that only does the 20 then they're never going to be able to compete with you on price and your customers are going to use it and when they're using it they keep it yep I 100 agree with that and so I'm not a SAS trainer I'm just telling you as a user right so I don't use in my business I have very specific tools for each part of my business right so my I'm putting on my consumer hat right now my shopping cart is not a funnel tool it's a shopping cart that's right what it does at the shopping cart level is perfect it is excellent at being a shop cart my landing page software is a landing page software and that's just what it is and that's what it was built as and it is bulletproof my WordPress site that drives traffic is completely optimized for that one task I don't let my WordPress site run my f write everything in my business my my learning management system where I deliver is different from my WordPress website they're all super special and what happens when I've built my business this way they're all wonderful they all create a wonderful user experience for my people and they're freaking bulletproof and as long as they directly they don't break because they don't they don't break right because when something tries to be it's not doing a million things right when they're when they're not trying to be everything they don't they're not full of bugs they don't break and they can handle we run thousands of transactions per month from them right and I need them to be I they cannot miss a day they can't miss an hour because um that means missing out on money and so I love buying specialized tools I 100 agree with you I think too many people are like well I can I could hot glue some some crystals on it I could be dazzling over here I could be duel it may end up putting a bunch of half-assed things on it and it actually dilutes the value even though the core is still there but now that it's got all this other stuff I'm like I don't really like this thing I just wanted to do one thing do do that one thing perfectly and I say in the kitchen I got a chef's knife it was I paid I paid a bunch for the chef's knife you bust that thing out it ain't no Chop block can do this that the other it is it is it is a wonder and a beauty to use in that moment yeah you're not cutting limbs off the tree outside right yeah right um cool so last one is physical products uh we're going on two hours here so I'm I figured it's good for us to close out with the lengthiest one that's it um so physical products again Um this can be like you can make this as big or small as you want it can be as simple as print on demand t-shirts being sold through Etsy that you never touch anything to as as you know complex as you have your own Warehouse full of stuff um obviously your own Warehouse full of stuff is not going to be more much of a digital oil well but what I've found through the years is that many times something that starts off as a digital oil well might end up morphing into a real active business for you because there's so much you you discover demand in a market and a business right so that's the the yin and yang of it but I think that physical products is actually one of the easiest and best ways to go from being a a buyer to being a seller from consumer to Creator it's it's one of the quickest people buy man I wish it was like this 20 years ago um it was so much harder back then but nowadays people are conditioned to buy off the internet and they'll buy off hundreds of different platforms anywhere from Amazon to eBay to Etsy to all the print on demand sites they'll buy from from almost anywhere and and all you gotta have is a good idea right so that's the power of it and Shopify remembers my checkout information even when I go to a different Shopify store now right so like I think I think we are absolutely in a golden era of physical products online and I think it is a better time now to be in that space than it was when we were both getting started because trust we've we've we've crossed the bridge of trust and people are just yeah I put my credit card in online and I just buy things online that's just what I do Apple pay Google pay PayPal if I don't want to put my credit card information it's all there um well I had I had the largest airsoft gun site on the internet in the early 2000s and it was just cracking seven figures in sales you know I'd say the biggest one now probably does 20 times that or something maybe even more right and it's part of the problem was people didn't want to buy stuff off the internet back in 2003 you know so it's uh it's just a different day and age and era so people it is their conditioned now which is great yeah and and you got to be you know cognizant of the margins right the cost of goods sold there's there's more levels to it at this point but humans we humans Americans uh westerners are more comfortable buying physical things than we are digital things okay somebody's gonna buy a Airsoft gun or a thing that fills a need a new kitchen knife I'm gonna buy a new kitchen knife before I buy a how to cook class online in some modulated learning management system we we buy physical things a lot and if you go way way way way back in history of wealth wealth has always been created by buying and selling things so in the physical product world you don't have to invent things you literally can buy things and sell them in different places you could purchase used things from one place and you could sell them in another place you can purchase large amounts of things and he's showing off his uh Hustler secret which is uh there's there's a yeah yeah like literally so he's having that created and made it was originally packaged in skull chewing tobacco cans and now it's all in its fancy own can it's been a process I know people who have purchased logs of soap these are like full big bar huge not bars they're logs and soap and they cut them up into bars and they put their own fancy little wrappers on them and then they take them down to the farmer's market and they sell their seven eight nine dollar soaps that they bought off at Etsy from a log so they're buying a big amount they're doing a little bit of in between work slap a brand on it voila they have their own product buying you flipping used things is huge as he was saying the print on Demand right creating a a meme following a trend creating a meme running ads to those kinds of things it's easier than ever before it's noteworthy that a lot we've seen a lot of digital product people shift into supplements uh Brendan burchard has his own you know tropic line which is like brain health stuff we've seen um bosses in in the world go from how to lose weight stuff to actual supplement stuff and even on ClickBank there's some really really high-end products not high-end um they're they're expensive as hell some greens type products these people aren't making these products they're fulfilled there's companies out there that specialize in giving you a white label formula and filling your all you do is supply the label Frank Kern even recently started a skincare line for his wife they literally contacted a company that already does skin care that it's probably one of the three companies that makes skincares for all the brand names that you know of they gave them a logo they said here's the recipe we want voila and do you know how much skin care stuff is sold I mean to the tune of tens of millions from our uh Cindy Joseph uh our friends over at smart marketer uh with Ezra Firestone and they're selling tens of millions of and it's like chapstick skin care stuff so the world of physical products is possibly the most interesting it can overlap with a lot of them it's got a few nuances but remember shifting into becoming a merchant and ultimately helping people get what they want what they need what they feel they need it's going to be easier in the physical product world than anywhere else and I like leveraging with my email list that we build we sell physical products some of them are our own products that we create and have fulfilled by third-party companies the Fulfillment game is easier today than it ever has been some of them I sell as an affiliate and I'm like these physical products are the absolute best one my wife sells a ton of jewelry and other things that her audience loves so so the physical products can fit in your business business in a number of different ways stay open to that idea and start to think if you are interested in this go looking on the different platforms on the etsy's the ebays go look at what some of the best sellers are in the worlds of things that you're currently interested in um as I mentioned my lady who does quilting stuff selling Fabrics left and right across the country we live in that age and I think that that the the physical products are something we're going to talk a lot about in future videos right like I think this is really that's what kind of I think we saved the best for last in some regards because it's it's the easiest to help you shift the Gap bridge the gap to get into I'm selling things I'm a vendor I'm a merchant I'm not just a consumer I'm now on both sides of the equation and that even though it might seem small to make your first few sales of of something through the eBay app that you found that you know has value uh but that is actually a transformational uh step on your path to being a successful long-term entrepreneur yeah I would say the the problem with physical products is there's a cost of goods sold associated with having a physical product so it brings your margins down the the power of having a physical product is that there's there's probably no easier way to transition from consumer to Merchant I would say you could sell um you know like like in our first uh beta group of the digital oil wells program you know we had a girl who there was a crypto meme going around about Dogecoin she made a T-shirt and made sales the like like had the idea from idea to money in her bank account was the same day yep there's there's nothing like that you can't do that with a course you can't do that with the newsletter but you know like that that you can't write a book or an ebook that fast that that is the power of this and the the you know at the highest level people like Kylie Jenner are are making billion dollar companies and you know she's she's cap capitalizing off of her audience that she already had but she's not selling them like ebooks she's selling them lipstick you know and that's that's the power of it we're in a in a consumer driven economy and world right now and selling them what they want first is a great way you might end up selling them things that have better margins as you develop as an entrepreneur but I I think there's always a place for physical products I think that is if I could make people start with one thing in this thing I would say physical products would be the thing because you're gonna you're gonna make sales and you're gonna deal with customers and there's there's like getting that that that first Alchemy is the hardest one finding the first gold nugget or are getting the first drip of oil right that's the that's the hardest one and then once you get that then you get addicted to it and that's part of what you want is that being addicted right because then you're always looking and seeing and thinking and all that sort of stuff so that's pretty synthesizing new ideas and thinking about well if I took that and I I branded this different I did that and I sold it over here and so there are countless people who are buying something over here and selling it over here they're buying something at Goodwill and they're selling it on eBay they're buying something on Etsy and they're selling it at the farmer's market and so this it's it's mildly an Arbitrage thing but they're they're repurposing they're transforming they're rebranding hell they're just listing things straight away I've got one friend who literally lists products from Home Depot onto eBay and when they sell on eBay he logs into Home Depot and he drop ships them why would anybody be interested in that because eBay will sell it internationally and people in Australia can't buy a Ryobi impact gun unless they buy it on eBay and eBay pays the shipping to go International just literally middle Manning things because there is a gap in the marketplace that he found from being observant from being aware of what's going on in his world um any last comments before I wrap up and and tell people what their what their homework is yeah I was just gonna say the the the the the last thing that's powerful about this is once you go from um once you go from consumer to Creator or Merchant than what you one of the big shifts that happens is you become a better noticer is what I call it like you start to see opportunity everywhere and you start to realize like how amazing that this world is that we're in right and that there's a there's this ability to be walking down the street and get an idea that could mean millions of dollars for you and your family I mean that's pretty powerful and you see it in that Facebook ad that pops up randomly you see it on a billboard and then you have I call it a DSX right and you've been seeing all this different stuff and those ideas are mating in your brain and something new pops out you're like what if I took that from there and that and I wrapped it and I branded it like that Bingo now today we have the ability to take these ideas get prototypes together and test through ads lickety-split that's and that's that's the game

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