$15,000 A Month With This ONE Product! [I Tried Affiliate Marketing]

this is a screenshot showing how the contents of this little box generated over 30 000 sales last month alone and since the retail price is around fifty dollars that's 1.5 million dollars in sales from whatever is in this little box right here and today I'm going to show you how to use the contents of this box to make tons of money with affiliate marketing wait did you just say affiliate marketing yep contrary to what many gurus think affiliate marketing is a very profitable business model when done correctly and the benefits are it doesn't cost a lot of money to start it doesn't take a lot of skills or effort you don't have to keep a bazillion boxes of product in your garage you don't have to spend a bunch of money on Alibaba you don't have to deal with customers in fact all you need to do is take a link share it on a web page and get paid yep that's right what you're about to see is going to seem very very simple however it works like crazy for those willing to do it which is why you're going to want to watch this video at least one time all the way through because what you're about to learn is exactly start to finish how I find a product like this get some traffic and make tons of money oh yeah and did I mention we're going to be using AI to sell tons of these products you're going to learn everything right here right now in this video but first a story I know a lot of gurus talk about Drop Shipping and they talk about Amazon and FBA and Shopify and all kinds of things like that and it could be kind of confusing if you feel confused type show me the way as a comment below and back when I first started affiliate marketing it was around 2004 and everyone was talking about different ways to do affiliate marketing and there were some people that paid ten percent five percent twenty percent and on software maybe sometimes you'd get 50 however I remember one day going through the affiliate Network and I found this product it was called The Slap Chop you might have seen it it's that little thing that chops up vegetables and all kinds of stuff and I noticed that the product cost twelve dollars to sell to a consumer and I noticed that the web page said the product was twelve dollars however the affiliate network was paying 25 for me to sell that product yeah I sell a product for twelve dollars and I get 25.

And you might be thinking well Marcus that doesn't make any sense and I want to point something out to you very important and that is that things aren't always what they seem take Amazon for example for the first couple years of their business they didn't make any profit why because they were buying customers early now they're one of the biggest companies on planet Earth or carvana I mean let's face it it doesn't make sense why would they buy my car for more than it's worth and then go sell it and lose money well I think we need to understand that carvana is actually a loan company so when you see all those advertisements and big car vending machines and the fact that they're losing money they actually have a long-term plan now the cool thing about this is we don't need a long-term plan because these companies out there will pay us more than the product cost to be an affiliate and back when I first started with these offers in 2004 I noticed that these were the as seen on tv offers and the first one I started to promote was known as the Ab Roller it was this thing designed to help people exercise and get six-pack abs and washboard abs and look really buff unfortunately I only have one AB but that's beside the point this Ab Roller paid 68 dollars per sale and it wasn't even that expensive I think it was 45 or 50 for the customer to buy so essentially I was getting almost like 130 percent to me as an affiliate which was crazy and I thought to myself well getting 68 all I would need to do is sell three or four of these a day and I'm making a hundred thousand dollars a year off one little product and I only needed to sell like three or four a day which is like one every eight hours that doesn't seem too difficult type eight hours in the box if that seems like something you can do so fast forward to today right that was 2004 Marcus that's almost 20 years ago does this work today and the answer is emphatically yes because this box right here if you were to sell this as an Amazon affiliate it would cost the end user around forty dollars but you as an Amazon affiliate would only get 40 cents yeah that hardly seems worth it or let's say you were gonna do Drop Shipping and you were gonna go and drop ship this product you get it on Alibaba or whatever it is for about nine dollars you ship it to the customer which will cost you another 10.

So you're in at 20. and you got like 20 dollar profit margin and that means you have to set up a shop you have to take orders you have to do customer service everything yeah it seems overwhelming for just 20 bucks however what if I told you that as an affiliate marketer you can get paid thirty four dollars when someone buys a one pack of these for just twenty five dollars you don't have to store them you don't have to have a fancy website that takes orders you don't need to learn Shopify you don't even need that much traffic because these sites known as as seen on tv offers sell like crazy sometimes I've averaged more than 10 percent of the people who click my link buy the product so today I'm going to show you start to finish where to find the product how to get paid lots of money to promote the product and also how to use AI to get tons of traffic and put this in front of people who are ready to buy and if you're excited smash that like button because we're going to dive in the computer and I'm going to show you the whole process step by step so if you haven't guessed it yet we are talking about selling the smart plug-in light socket security camera it looks something like this it's swivels it goes into a plug it twists into a light socket it's pretty darn cool in fact you can get a two pack for like fifty dollars now the question is how did I find this product and how are we going to use it to actually turn a profit online well I'm glad you asked actually I found this product on offervault over here when searching for As Seen On TV products you can see that As Seen On TV products pay really well and the products aren't that expensive and down here I found the light socket security camera light bulb system where someone can buy this for fifty percent off and I get 34.50 per lead now whenever you see it say per lead that means per sale regardless of whatever the offer is that means that if this thing only costs a dollar to the consumer plus shipping I still get thirty four dollars or if they buy a one pack for 25 I still get thirty four dollars and fifty cents per lead this is what's known as CPA affiliate marketing where they are paying for an action rather than a percentage of a sale basically what they're doing is buying customers early like we talked about in the Amazon example a few short minutes ago but now when we have this what are we going to do first of all I can see here that this is promoted on Tick Tock pretty widely I can see that the average cost to Consumer is 29 which means I'm getting an entire five dollars and fifty cents more than the product actually cost and this looks like a pretty good one now what I'm going to do first and foremost is I'm going to go and see what this product is all about if I go to Google and I search for light socket security camera I can see Amazon YouTube YouTube digital camera world and then there's a couple of other interesting things on this list that we're going to talk about in just a minute that you might not see at first glance trust me you're going to want to pay attention to this and probably watch this video two or three times so it starts to sink in we got a lot to cover we got a lot of things that are going to put money in your pocket if you're willing to pay attention and learn exactly what I'm talking about so we can see here the product is there we can also see that if we look on Amazon what the price of similar products are and in fact what the price of this exact product is it looks like this this is a two pack full HD with a speaker on the back and we can kind of find the product and see exactly what this price is now it looks like this one here 2K 3MP looks very similar we can take a look at the Box make sure it is in fact the same product now it's very important that first before you do do anything we find the product on Amazon and we can see it actually cost more on Amazon and it's got some Alexa stuff and whatever with it so what we're going to want to do here once we find the exact same product is we're going to want to scroll down and see how many reviews the product has some of these are going to have like 1200 like this one here some of them will have like 5 000.

What we want to do is get a snapshot of the reviews this is where AI is going to come into play we're going to take Ai and we're going to extract the reviews from the product where we just scroll down click on see more reviews and basically just copy and paste all the lists of reviews into a txt file this is Method number one it's pretty simple but it is time consuming because you're gonna have to go next page copy and paste next page copy and paste until all the pages are exhausted and if you don't have time for that you can use a program like amplify right here which will actually scrape the reviews for you I can go over to a program like amplify then we just click Start Right like this and it's going to go ahead and scrape all the reviews from that Amazon listing now this is super important because what we're going to do is we're going to is go over to the chat GPT number four and we're going to choose code interpreter once we're here we can actually drag and drop this file right into chat GPT right like this and say please make a FAQ out of the questions and reviews for this product make a simple outline please boom it's going to go through and it's going to extract all of this information it's going to get me all the details on what people liked or didn't like about the product it's going to make a simple FAQ page and now I can use this on my website and use this to sell the product this is super important keep watching this is about to get really good and this is something very few people talk about when it comes to chat gbt utilizing chat GPT to extract data from reviews products and compile it in a way that helps us get tons of sales we can see here it looks like it's taking the Spanish reviews which we can convert into English if we want to and we can see here that it says what the questions are about the product it's answering them talking about the sizing how to hook it up different things like that which is pretty cool looks like it does need some kind of app to work with the product and it's just going to go through looking at these reviews to find all the good stuff now I can actually say Now using Nat then I can say now using the info from the file please make a little sales page on the pros and cons of this product along with a nice little table talking about price comparisons with other products like ring ADT Security ECT boom now it's going to go to work looking at the pros and cons of the FAQ page and the reviews and everything and this is completely custom based on my information alone and I can even put several different Amazon products and different things like that I could tell it to come up with a better product and as you can see here it's making a nice little price comparison which is pretty cool but I did see the price comparison didn't have anything so I can say let's use the price of this product at 29 for a one pack and the price of ring at 149 and the price of ADT at 99 a month or more now it's going to go to work and make that table right like this and now we can see the table is looking very very nice what I can do now is use this content on a one-page website and if you don't know how to create a one-page website check out the video in the description it's going to go into the detail and show you exactly how to do that we're going to create this one page website and then we're going to drive a ton of traffic to it to make tons of sales now what we're going to do here is first get a domain name I went out there and bought the domain name buysafety cameras.com it was only thirty dollars and it had a couple of backlinks with it which will help me get ranked a lot faster than if I was just to buy a domain that I just thought of today and it did have some backlinks from different cctvs and stuff like that so we can see it has something it's not like a Zinger or anything like that it's just a placeholder that we can use to make this work in a very simple way now once we have our one page website set up what we're going to do is we're going to start to drive traffic and look at what we have so first what we need to do is go to offervault.com click on the camera and then in order to run this a lot of people miss this step they think that offer vault is actually an affiliate Network when in fact it's nothing more than a search engine for affiliate offers so what we would need to do to run this offer is actually go over and sign up at the affiliate Network here right over here like this we fill this out become a member of the network and ask them to give us the link for this product now the link they give you for this product is your custom link that is going to pay you 34.50 every time someone buys this product so then my goal is sending a bunch of people to this product I mean if I get 10 sales a day that's over a hundred thousand dollars a year promoting one simple link and it's actually not that difficult in fact we can see here that the term light socket security camera is looked up over 6 000 times each and every month now what we need to do is we need to do a little digging and find out where the best place to get traffic is and again let me tell you right up front the best thing you can do not investing in Guru courses not buying another training program just go to Amazon buy the product again this only cost me fifty dollars it was delivered the very next day but now what I have is something I can actually test out and use and I can document what happens here's what came in the Box here's how it worked here's how to set it up here's how much the app cost here's how to make it swivel and turn and whatever it is get the point yeah spending fifty dollars on this product is one of the best things you can do for market research and of course talk to your accountant because since this is a business you can probably write this off as a business expense but again I'm not an accountant so talk to whoever your accountant is so we got the product we can test it out we got all the info about who's searching for it we got the reviews and the data we put it in chat GPT we got our one page website and our domain name which is which is buysafety cameras.com now what we need to do is ask ourselves well how are we going to get in front of all these people that are looking up this that are looking up this light socket security camera what are we going to do here well ladies and gentlemen I would like to tell you that I'm a lot smarter than I seem to be however we're just going to go to Google and we're going to search for light socket security camera and we're going to take a look at what's out there first of all we can see Amazon of course that's where I bought the product next very important we can see YouTube wait a minute this is on YouTube yeah let's check it out what we want to do is see how many views this product has and this one has over 1 million views imagine if you had a million people watching your video where you test out the light socket security camera and you are able to drive them to your one-page website the pros and cons and links to buy the camera heck you could even take it a step further and also offer home security leads that pay fifty dollars five hundred dollars and on and on we go and it's very simple all you got to do is say if you don't want the light socket ones you can have someone come out and install a security system for free for just 99 a month and of course you get paid on that as well so our one page site is going to be multifaceted and we can quite simply create videos about the product and make sure that our videos are in fact keyword driven as you can see here there's lots of people reviewing light socket security cameras and they're getting quite a few views and as you can see here this person is actually selling the camera as an Amazon affiliate yeah remember how I said some people get like one to four percent per sale as an Amazon affiliate that's why we want to do this separate method which is promoting this stuff on offervault that pays us a lot more money because one percent of a fifty dollar camera is like 50 cents and we are getting as much as fifty Seven dollars a sale fifty six dollars a sale 55 are you starting to see why CPA affiliate marketing is much better than what other people are teaching about go out there and get a bunch of sales on Amazon and get 50 cents because I sell one of these and get 50 bucks that's 100 times more money for selling the exact same product so hit number one we're gonna make some YouTube videos then we can see over here that outlookindia.com which is a press release website is actually listed as well so we can promote this with press releases and as you can see this stuff works over here I did a press release for web hosting deals for Black Friday I got over 12 000 views to that press release I also had one for chat GPT that got over 25 000 views and as you can see here this is still ranking at the top of Google right here for chat GPT hidden opportunity and right down here for chat gbt affiliate marketing this stuff works like crazy and as we can see here from the regular old Google search results outlookindia.com and sacb.com are showing up these are both press release news sites here are the results for Outlook India we can see it ranks for almost 88 keywords and it's getting over 800 visitors a month for this specific light socket security camera here's the release right here and you can see they're actually selling the camera right here in the links in the press release this is almost too easy and if we look at Sac B you can see the same kind of thing ranking for all different types of keywords and again they're listening to the various cameras and linking to the affiliate programs for each and every one I mean does this seem like something you can do type yes I can in the comments below it's actually very simple and when we pair it with our website this is going to be unstoppable as you can see here this one web page is getting over 4 500 visitors a month for this specific light socket security camera and we can see he posted the press release less than a year ago and it looks like it took off instantly as press releases often do again I'm going to have some videos in the description about this method in detail but imagine if you had almost 3 000 people a month looking at your one-page website about this light socket security camera how much money do you think you'd make well let's do some math if we had 3 000 people that were interested in this product and we got a one percent conversion rate that would be 30 sales times fifty dollars or fifteen hundred dollars now one percent is the average rate across the board for generic traffic however this is very specific traffic so if we can draw a line straight we can go in and say well maybe I'll get a three percent conversion rate that is now going to bump you up to forty five hundred dollars a month with the same amount of traffic however if you do even better you should be able to reach a 10 conversion rate on some of these products on some of the keywords which would be over fifteen thousand dollars a month selling one product with a one-page website some press releases and a couple YouTube videos you can see here there's even people on Tick Tock making short little videos about how this product works and it's actually super simple in fact Tick Tock is exactly how this product became a sensation overnight and if you can start making videos and talk about the pros and cons of security systems products like this and how much they cost and how to set them up and everything like that you can make a ton of money again it only cost me fifty dollars to get this product I can make all kinds of videos utilizing this and make it work in a very simple Way Drive people back to my one page affiliate website with all my disclaimers about being an affiliate and where they can buy the products and I basically get paid on whatever they buy whether they buy this and I get 50 bucks whether I link to one on Amazon and I get 50 cents whether they sign up for ADT or some security system and I get five hundred dollars or whether they click some ads on my site and I get paid for each click on the ads the sky is literally the limit and if you want to start doing CPA affiliate marketing to make tons of money smash the like button subscribe and check out the videos in the description

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