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today I'm going to show you a very simple way that you can put as much as a hundred and seven dollars in your pocket each and every day using a simple AI image creation strategy but no it's not what the other people are talking about posting on Etsy endlessly making stickers t-shirts no none of that stuff in fact this has nothing to do with selling anything at all that's right I'm gonna show you how to get paid just for posting these pictures online but first let's get comfortable this is going to be a fun video and if you do the stuff that I teach you you can make some good money now unlike a lot of the other videos that talk about spending lots of money on AI Image Creators and AI tools and all this other stuff that cost thousands of dollars each and every month we are simply going to use the free Bing tool that you can get from Microsoft Bing over at bing.com simply type in bing.com then click this little chat icon in the top left corner this is going to take us to the completely free Microsoft Bing AI chatbot tool and a lot of people don't know this but we can actually create images using this tool I can say something like create me an image of a realistic looking 3D chair let's also put furniture that looks like a bear and this free tool is going to go to work and do the same thing those paid tools will do only it's not going to cost you a dime now at first some of these might look a little weird let's say now please make these look more like furniture and less like the bear and Bing AI is gonna go to work and now we have some things we might be able to work with kind of like this one here although it's a little creepy but don't worry I'm going to show you how to make money with this in just a minute but before we get to that have you noticed how AI is getting kind of weird creepy and out of control I mean people are generating all kinds of weird pictures from whatever this is here to interesting little Villages some kind of painting over here and all kinds of interesting stuff and we could see here that a lot of these look like they're actually created with AI and some of these Pages actually have quite a large following I mean take a look at this house design one here with over seven million followers and lots of interaction on their posts Garden seating area some kind of weird tent interesting fence designs that look like this and even weird looking motorhomes or this one over here just doing bedroom designs you can see all kinds of interesting Furniture and Things that they're using and a lot of this can be created with AI but how is this making them any money first what we need to do is take a look at all the monetization methods this is how you are going to get paid now of course we have the obvious ones which is like put these on Etsy as a digital download maybe you can even sell the plans to the chairs if they want to build a bear chair build a bear chair yeah that's kind of weird but these are ways you can make money now the problem with these is how many people want to order a picture of your bear chair yeah not that many so that's probably not going to make that much money and how many are actually going to buy the plans to build the chair again not that many so what we need is a way to make money for free it needs to be free for the user to be able to use it and we get paid while they use it for free and that's where this method gets really good actually Facebook pays for engagement on a lot of these different pages so what they're doing is paying for likes comments posts shares views and all kinds of different things and if you get enough of these it starts to add up really quickly in fact one of my students we showed in a previous video made over fifty dollars his first day monetized on Facebook I have another friend who made like seventy thousand dollars a bunch of people making thousands of dollars a month so the money is there but this is not going to be your only source of income No in fact you see that little thing right there that's a website he's also got a Pinterest and lots of other stuff so what he's doing is essentially using a little post like this to get people to his website where he's going to have different things that can make money this is where it starts to add up because not only are we going to use the free method to get paid by Facebook but we're also going to create a blog and one of the cool things about this is when you create images using Ai and different things like that we can actually go out there and have ai create the image and then we can even ask AI to create a description of that image so if I wanted to say something like create a cool image of a dolphin themed baby crib that is light blue we can have it create an image right like this and then say now please write a small product description about this image it's going to go to work and create a little product description that we can use on our blog to start getting traffic in a super simple way then I can say now please find some related products on Amazon it's going to go through and find some related products on Amazon this is extremely simple smash a like button and type simple as a comment below if you see how easy this is and we could see here it found a nautical crib set an ocean mobile and a dolphin themed crib set hey this is pretty cool now I can say now please write an article about those products and the product you made the image for above this is going to make a nice little blog post and all the people who are interested in this dolphin themed crib thing can actually click the link to go to my site and then we can link them to Amazon and have all the different products that are related so as we can see here AI created all the content for us and it's actually very very simple and since these are eye-catching and kind of weird because they were created with AI this is going to get a lot of people to click wondering what are these things so first we made money simply by posting these on Facebook we're gonna get paid for the engagement the interaction and all that cool stuff then we're going to link in the comments to our blog post and on the blog post we are going to run ads which you can use like mediavine you can use a zoic AdSense any AD platform that pays you when people click on the ads then we can actually go a step further and add the Amazon affiliate links yep then we get paid by Amazon as well so if I'm signed up as an Amazon affiliate all I need to do is go to those pages that the AI recommended click on one of the products like this and then use the Amazon site stripe to get the text and image code for that product I simply copy and paste this code onto my blog and when they click on the little image like this and buy from Amazon I get paid and not only that but if I stay very Niche specific maybe I'm doing Nursery Furniture maybe I'm doing animal Furniture dining table designs that means all the people that go to my website are going to be looking for very similar stuff which means I can go over to an affiliate search engine like offer Vault and type something in like baby life insurance there we go it's listed under Gerber it pays 161 dollars a lead for life insurance for your baby and it's actually a very good product it's actually used as a child College savings plan and as we can see here over on Max Bounty this pays 161 dollars a lead which means they don't even need to buy anything and make sure you stay till the end of this video because I'm going to teach you my flip the click method which is the same method that I use that you're gonna learn that takes a simple little three cent click and makes it worth over three dollars and fifty three cents this is something that's going to put you in the big leagues so that you can earn more money for every person who visits your blog from your simple AI generated images and if you type something in like baby you can see all kinds of different offers related to baby stuff or if you're doing something like animal Furniture you can probably link to furniture stores credit cards layaway plans Amazon Furniture pretty much anything the sky is literally the limit and if you were to go to Facebook like this and type in Furniture designs you can see here's one with mid-century furniture has over 39 000 members 25 000 almost a half a million members and you can see they are posting all different kinds of interesting things and driving people one to help them make money through Facebook monetization and also to their blog to get paid tons of money here's examples of table designs and different things of that nature that get all kinds of Engagement and traffic hey this mushroom one is pretty cool I'd probably get that for my yard and on and on we go and while this is a super simple way to make money I want you to remember that the results are not typical implied or guaranteed so while I did say you can make up to a hundred dollars a day or more the average person trying to make money online makes nothing remember this is a business it is going to take some work and you are going to have to post repetitively until you start to get traction but at the end of the day what are you really posting something that AI made in about three seconds and if you take a look at some of these examples here twenty thousand followers this one has six thousand followers 92 000 followers and of course some of them have millions of followers and I actually have a friend who has over a million followers and he's making a very good living simply posting things on Facebook and he's literally only using the free method method number one if we were to look over here on spyfu and type in baby crib ocean theme we can see there's not that many people searching for it and the amount that it pays per click is actually extremely low however if we were to look at something like college savings plan we see a little bit more searches and a cost per click of three dollars then if we go even deeper and look at 529 College savings plan we could see that this one is at 3.53 cents per click which means you and your blog are gonna make a lot more money if you talk about college savings plans versus just talking about cribs let me show you how this works so you have your blog over here that is getting traffic from Facebook posts for the different things related to baby stuff cribs nurseries curtains mobiles whatever it is and they are coming here looking for all kinds of different baby stuff what you're going to do is you're going to have ai strategically write a blog post about 13 things or 10 things or nine things that you need to do financially when you have a baby think click bait style articles only we're going to provide good content so it's not going to be clickbait but we are going to try to sensationalize it enough to get a click so it'd be like 13 things I wish I knew when I had my baby 10 years ago and we can have a picture of something like parents that are broke please make a picture of two sad parents that are broke and whole so we have ai create this image for us and hopefully it does a good job this one here actually looks pretty good and the fact that their faces and feet are really weird is actually serving the point because people are going to want to click on it then I go back to my Bing free AI tool and say now please write an article about seven common money mistakes new parents make and why having a child a baby life insurance plan is a good idea to save for college it's going to go to work and create the article for us right like this and you can see it's actually doing a really really good job and since this article is in the finance Niche this is going to pay lots of money and all we got to do is have something really good on our blog that points to it so I could quite simply take this picture turn it into a little Banner ad that says 13 things or seven things I wish I knew before I had my kids that made me broke or whatever it is then that's going to lead to this blog post which is about financial stuff and college savings plan that is going to trigger much more expensive ads and put more money in your pocket now back to our show so imagine what happens when you start to stack all this up and use the other tips that I'm going to share with you in this video right here and in the in the videos Linked In the description

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