$1000 a Day: Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas to Start in 2023

here are three YouTube channel ideas where you can make a thousand dollars a day or more and the best thing is you don't have to show your face first faceless YouTube channel idea is top 10 lists such as this channel here watchmojo.com they get hundreds of thousands of views on many of their videos very quickly their estimated earnings are up to 200 000 a month second idea is Tech tutorials like this channel over here you can see a lot of their videos have had millions of views their ad Revenue earnings are estimated to be about 11 000 a month third faceless Channel ID is motivational videos like this you can see these very simple videos get millions and millions of views and here is another example of a channel in this Niche that will also get millions of views just the ad Revenue earnings of this channel are estimated at 42 000 a month you can download my free guide to learn how I make over 25 000 a month on YouTube just go to contentdo.com or click the links in the description or comments below or by above don't forget to subscribe and follow for more

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