☆ suffer with me – animation meme?? (flipaclip) ☆

edit: felt like making this public again. please do not associate me with the fnf community in any way. im a madness fan, not a fnf fan. comments and rating are now disabled because of this, sorry.
i have also cut contact with a few ppl featured in this, if u know who they are please do not associate me with them either. thanks

old description:
madness au thingy-
so uh
me and some friends made this au thing and basically we just put ourselves as the madness characters
theres only like agents n shit in here but the main characters are also different idk

madness combat is owned by krinkles go watch it rn https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4F761764995C5F15
original meme https://youtu.be/YaSIY9egOAg
song https://youtu.be/OgmMJGEhwxw

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